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Our wiki follows a strict policy on images. Images can be very useful, but also inappropriate and unnecessary. Uploading pointless images can result in deletion of an image and a possible block of the user who uploaded the image depending on the content of the image.

Basic rules

  • The image should not contain any offensive content, such as swear words or sexual references.
  • The image should not contain any pornographic content.
  • It should not contain anything that is meant to harass other users.
  • The image should not contain any pictures of yourself or others.


These guidelines are meant to protect the safety of our users and the rights of our users and other people. Some rules are meant to keep the wiki clean and organized.

What if I break these rules?

  • Offense 1: Warning
  • Offense 2: 1 week block
  • Offense 3: 1 Month block
  • Offense 4: Indefinite block.

Userpage images

You may upload unrelated pictures for your user page, as long as they are appropriate. Please do not upload too many though.

Reporting images

If you see an image that violates one of the above policies, report it to an administrator, who will delete the image if nesessary:

  • Report the image at the RV page.
  • Add a message concerning the image at an administrator's talk page.
  • Add a "Speedy Delete" template to the image's page.