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The Club Penguin Wiki wishes to have a database that is helpful to visitors and safe & easy for editing. In case there is any inappropriate behavior, we will have to take action and enforce it. This policy lists all the rules of editing on this wiki and the consequences of breaking these rules. If you have any questions, take it to the talk page or ask an administrator.

The 7 NO Policies (Section I)

  1. No vandalizing or negatively changing articles.
  2. No inappropriate language, content, links, or discussions
  3. No harassment, intimidation, or bullying other users.
  4. No abusing your available powers.
  5. No abusing multiple accounts.
  6. No advertising external services, websites, entities, etc.
  7. No revealing personal information

Formatting, Layout, and Article Guidelines (Section II)

User Accounts (Section III)

Other Policies, guidelines, and Procedures (Section IV)

Global Policy (Section V)

  • Global Policy - Network Global Policy applies to all CPWN wikis, including the Club Penguin Wiki.


  • Have fun editing here!