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Below is a list of all time Penguin of the Month winners. Users are sorted by most titles and then by alphabetical order.

Penguin of the Month Winners
Image Winner Description Titles
Hat Pop1.png
Hat Pop Hat Pop is the one of most experienced admins of all time and is continuing to provide a lot of help and support to the community. Her encouragement with the to-do list by spreading the word has really been noticeable, as well as her kindness to other users! She has also been putting a lot of effort when she is available - by stopping vandals, contributing, and more. In March 2015, Hat Pop was inducted to the Global Wall of Fame and continues to be one of the wiki's greatest Administrators of all time. 5: 08/2009, 02/2010, 10/2010, 10/2012, 03/2015
Dancing Penguin Dancing Penguin was an administrator and bureaucrat of this wiki. He is known for his community interaction and editing. 4: 06/2008, 09/2008, 12/2008, 04/2009
Sharkbate Sharkbate was the staffer in charge of the wiki's media. He originally joined the wiki in 2008, and was once a bureaucrat until June 2010. He rejoined the wiki in 2011 and since have been planning to make the wiki a fun place to be. Sharkbate is also on the Wall of Fame for his effort, ideas and edits. 4: 03/2009, 12/2009, 07/2011, 05/2012
Barkjon Barkjon was a user that joined back when the wiki was young (2007). He stayed until 2010 and during that time, was an amazing editor and administrator. 3: 01/2008, 04/2008, 07/2008
LordMaster96 LordMaster96 joined the wiki in 2009, and was an administrator for over two years. During his time here, he has edited almost every single page to make it follow the Manual of Style. He has also created over 500 articles for the wiki. 3: 09/2010, 08/2011, 02/2012
Seahorseruler Seahorseruler is the organization's current executive director, who oversees mainly what goes on. He started out on the Club Penguin Wiki in 2009, and became an administrator there in June 2009, and a bureaucrat in June 2010. He is still a bureaucrat/admin of the Club Penguin Wiki, but now is also a network staffer. Seahorse, Tigernose, and Tux moved the CP wiki and its sister projects hosted here off Wikia and to this newly created network in November 2010. He and Tux were the first staff over the network. 3: 01/2010, 12/2010, 10/2011
ClubPenguinMaster ClubPenguinMaster has helped the wiki since 2009. He is known for being one of the first users to be taking large, high-quality images of all sorts of things on Club Penguin and uploading them to the wiki. On the wiki, he was a former rollback and admin. He once also was a checkuser throughout the network. The wiki has really appreciated his help. 2: 08/2010, 03/2011
Cp kid Cp kid joined the wiki in 2010 and since has been a helpful user to our community. He submits great ideas to the wiki, such as the idea of a wiki awards ceremony for 2012. He works hard on improving articles by adding missing sections and categories, and even comes up with numerous suggestions for wiki improvement. His true leadership qualities are well appreciated by the users of this community. 2: 06/2012, 09/2013
Gatuti789 Gatuti789 has been making a lot of useful contributions to our articles. He created the wiki's 6000th, 6500th and 7000th articles. He also introduced SoundCloud widgets to some of our articles on Club Penguin songs. More importantly, he tries his best and his dedication to making the wiki a better place is appreciated. 2: 08/2013, 12/2014
Nando144 Nando144 is one of the few users here who edits on a daily basis. He has been busy helping with wiki projects, and is well known for the item article galleries and names in other languages projects. Without him, the wiki would have taken a long time to update its articles every time the game has an update. He also manages the logo submissions. 2: 05/2011, 08/2012
NickelbackFan37 NickelbackFan37 has been helping out the wiki since 2009. She is well known for the number of edits she made back on the old wiki. She has previously been a rollback, but despite her efforts, never an admin. Although she is not an admin, she continuously worked hard to get our wiki into shape. The wiki has really appreciated her help. 2: 11/2009, 02/2011
Tigernose Tigernose has given very helpful tips to new users on how to edit better. In 2009, he was a big part of the wiki reforms by introducing the Manual of Style, item articles, our current skin and much more. In 2012, he organized what probably is the largest and most important council meeting to date by reforming the council page to include an agenda. What would this wiki be like without him? 2: 06/2010, 07/2012
TurtleShroom TurtleShroom was a bureaucrat and a regular contributor during 2007 to 2009. He was a huge personality during his time as the now obselete 'Webmaster' and was loved by many despite the backlash he received after the position was abolished. 2: 03/2008, 05/2009
Tux Tux is a network staff member that mainly works on the technical team. He played a crucial part in the wiki's success as he has worked endlessly on the technical foundations of our independent wiki, and without his work we wouldn't have an independent wiki. Furthermore, he also paid the bills for the wiki's hosting. 2: 09/2011, 02/2013
Wboys14 Wboys14 originally joined the wiki in 2009 and returned in early 2012. He is known for his help with articles and images, and is one of the more experienced editors of this wiki. When the wiki is slow at updating articles, he is here to help. Imagine the wiki without his help! 2: 11/2012, 09/2014
Wolfgangs Wolfgangs joined the wiki in 2011 and has recently been creating guides for help our users with images. Wolfgangs also helps with the weekly updates on Club Penguin, creating the articles and uploading the images. 2: 09/2012, 08/2014
4th hale 4th hale was one of the most important users in the early days of the wiki, and was an intelligent presence among the community. 1: 01/2009
A7XRev A7XRev is a user that joined the wiki in 2011. He is a great editor and always helps our wiki as much as possible. Currently, he is a rollback on the wiki. 1: 04/2012
Alxeedo111 Alxeedo111 was a former administrator. He edited the wiki until 2010. 1: 10/2010
Ced1214 Ced1214 was a former administrator of the wiki and will be remembered for his hard work and influence during the 2009 reforms. 1: 07/2009
Chriskim98 Chriskim98 joined our wiki no more than two months ago and has already improved many of our item articles by completing their release history sections. Within two months, he has already been promoted to rollback. On top of his regular editing, he is also on our IRC channel and continuously keeps our users entertained with ongoing conversations. 1: 01/2015
Dunklebug Dunklebug was once one of the top editors of the wiki. He was formerly on the wiki's Wall of Fame until 2009. 1: 02/2008
Flystar55555 Flystar55555 was a user of the wiki. 1: 06/2009
Grande Yoda Mascot Playercard.png
Grande Yoda Grande Yoda joined the wiki in late 2012 and has recently been adding quality content to our articles. He is also a very social penguin and a very talented artist. He is by far one of the kinder users on the wiki and we are pleased to have him around on the site. 1: 06/2014
HF HF (formerly known as Happyface414) was a former administrator for the Club Penguin Wiki, until around 2010. He worked as an administrator on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki after his departure from the Club Penguin Wiki. 1: 11/2008
Lisured Lisured is one of our newest editors. Since joining the wiki in the middle of 2014, he has contributed a lot creating articles for the puffles of Puffle Wild and templates for use in all articles. 1: 10/2014
Lm34gt45 Lm34gt45 was a rollback on the wiki after the Funkid attacks. Prior to that, he has undone many vandals and unconstructive edits to help maintain the articles in its current quality. He also has a great, positive attitude on the wiki, which contributed to his first POTM win. 1: 04/2011
Mario Rk.png
Mario Rk Mario Rk joined the wiki in 2009 and has recently been adding quality content to our articles. Mario did an excellent work in revamping several of the wiki's articles - one of them being "Teams". He also created articles about the Club Penguin's old comics. 1: 07/2014
Metalmanager Metalmanager's legacy is still felt to this day thanks to his contributions to the 2009 reforms. In fact, his forum post which tackled the problems of our insular community laid the foundation for the dedication our community has had towards making the 'readers experience the most important one. 1: 02/2009
PenblooeR PenblooeR is a user who was a brilliant editor since joining. As a new user, he surprisingly started a new task, the "Names in other languages" project! He is also a worthy editor here on the wiki and the network. He also manages the Portuguese Club Penguin Wiki. 1: 06/2011
Pingali Moi Pingali Moi was a former administrator of the wiki. 1: 09/2009
Refractor Refractor was a former administrator of the wiki. He introduced the ambox, ombox and the navbox to the wiki, which is widely used throughout the wiki today. He also worked hard to keep the wiki neat and clean and his technical expertise was invaluable in seeing us through both the reforms and our move from Wikia. 1: 03/2010
Robbsi Robbsi was an important figure in the history of the wiki. After V-Rex left the wiki, his work kept the wiki alive while at the same time, was an excellent role model as an admin and bureaucrat. 1: 05/2008
Super24daisy Super24daisy was an editor of the wiki. 1: 08/2008
V-Rex V-Rex was the founder of the wiki. He was also one of the greatest editors, keeping the wiki alive until more users arrived. 1: 10/2008
Weegeescarves Weegeescarves was a rollback on this wiki and was one of our active users. He joined the wiki back at Wikia in August 2010, and since then, he contributed with many high quality edits, and while at it, added a little bit of humor to some of his edit summaries. 1: 01/2011
Wonderweez Wonderweez joined the wiki in 2010 and was previously a rollback on the wiki. He had a lot of dedication to cleaning up the wiki last month, which earned him the votes to be January 2014's Penguin of the Month! 1: 01/2014