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Rate5Stars.png Good last party By Superalvi400

This is the last party in CP. Sadly, it will close, but time goes on... I like the decorations, and we finally get to tip the iceberg! also there is trivia. i think this is enough. goodbye, it was fun while it lasted, CP. also, this is the last party review and last party ever. Goodbye.

Rate3.5Stars.png Au revoir, adieu, ciao, goodbye, bye... By Penguinpuffdude

You want the good news or the bad news first? Ok, good news.

Good News - I discovered updating to Windows 11 lets me log in to CP, so I now no longer need to base my reviews on Star Kirby12's, and you can now actually tip the Iceberg! Yay!

Bad News - I didn't update early enough to gather up my memories of my favourite game, CP. Ok, this isn't exactly the best party ever, but at least CP is trying. This gets 3 and half a star.

I just wish CPI is available on desktop too. Au revoir, Club Penguin, adieu, ciao, goodbye, bye.

PS - There are words written on a stone underneath the iceberg. Here's what it says -

Together, we can
Build an island
Create a community
Change the world...
And even tip an
Iceberg. Waddle On.

Rate5Stars.png It's over. By TheRareWanderer

2017 is the year of goodbyes, isn't it? We've said goodbye to President Obama, the Krabby Patty (presumably temporarily).....and now Club Penguin.


Since 2007 this game entertained me, and now the Waddle On Party captures that joy and molds it into the recent times.

Good job, Club Penguin. Waddle on, now, and meet new friends.


Rate5Stars.png Goodbye Club Penguin... By Boidoh

Instead of reviewing exclusively this party; I'd rather just talk about my experience with Club Penguin itself. I joined Club Penguin way back in August 2007, a little before the Camping Party. Ever since that day I was completely captivated by this extremely charming online world. I eventually caved in and got membership sometime in 2008 and I was just completely in love with this game. That was around when I was 7/8 years old. I played extensively until around 2010 or so when, in my opinion, the game began going downhill. Though I don't want to extensively talk about the downfall. This was my favourite game growing up and it holds a special place in my heart.

I am deeply sad that Club Penguin will be leaving us. Though this party isn't the best; it certainly taps into my nostalgia. The trivia questions bring a tear to my eyes as they revive old memories. The tipping of the iceberg also made my sad; as I remember my days of trying to tip it. I've Been Delayed was even playing at the Dock; which reminds me of when I used to love learning about Penguin Chat 3. The only thing missing is the old Tutorial music playing.

I'm sad to see Club Penguin go. But all good things come to an end. I'll probably start playing Club Penguin Island simply out of my sadness for the game leaving us. I'll probably buy a membership since that's easier to do now than in the past, though the game seems nothing like vanilla Club Penguin.

I'll remember everything. The main game. The missions. The EPF DS games. The Wii game. That mediocre app game thing. The CPIP. The community. This wiki. Everything. I'd say the Club Penguin community shaped my childhood, and maybe shaped who I am today. Club Penguin invoked a lot of creativity into me. Of course, I could go on for much longer, but right now I should probably end here. This party, though the last and not very good, is quite the contrary simply because of nostalgia. It makes me sad the game is leaving, and it makes me wish I played it more between 2010 - 2017. I always remembered to come back for the party hat every year (except the 10th anniversary because why have the anniversary party NOT on the anniversary date?) and I guess I'll miss coming back every year for that.

Anyways... There is nothing more left to say but that I am sad for this. It's sad to see it go, but I guess we can't do anything except... to waddle on.

Rate2Stars.png Higher Expectations By Flippy

I truly had higher expectations for the party, I thought the team would work on something extra special for us, not just trivia questions. The only good thing was the iceberg tipping, after many years.

Rate2Stars.png I suppose it was okay By Megurine Luka

It was okay but the things that're missing the other 3 stars are that You couldn't always get the free jacket, it was really laggy, and sometimes you couldn't get all of the non-member items without getting a popup message saying Sorry, only members can get this item or something like that. It just Disney trying to rip you off before the 29th.

Rate3Stars.png ehh... By Wikipenguino45

Wasn't as bad as what CP was coming up with in the past 3 years, but wasn't great. Welp, 'least we got to see what it was like to tip the iceberg. Though, I would have thought, they would have let the non-members in on the fun and make one tiny exception for this party, but noooooooooooo, of course they wouldn't. I still find it a real shame that Disney wants Club Penguin to shut down, yet they didn't ask a single person other than their own about their opinion on it. Alas, the end is nigh, and there's probably no stopping it. I know there are petitions to try save it, but what's to stop Club Penguin from shutting down their site if they had the strength and ruthlessness to blink both the Stage and Recycling Center out of existence? R.I.P. Club Penguin (and my penguin, 2011-2017) ;-;

Rate5Stars.png Goodbye Club Penguin By Du Rockhoper

It could have more decorations, but only the feeling of turning the iceberg is already worth five stars!