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Rate0.5Stars.png The movie Zootopia is WAY better than this party By Mrdave921

This is my review on the Zootopia Party. Here goes:

Before I logged on, I THOUGHT there was going to be a quest. But there ISN'T! It's practically just like the Descendants Party — zero quests at all!
The clothes look cool, and they look like they came straight out of the movie! But just like the past three parties, there are little items for non-members!
The decorations look cool. But I think it would've looked better-er if the island was divided by regions, instead of just the rooms in the southern shore (e.g: one quarter is Tundra Town, another quarter is Savanna Central, the main city is in the center, etc.).

So, I'm giving this party ½ a star. Mrdave out. Revenge.gif—Mrdave921 (talk/contribs/editcount) 21:43, 19 May 2016 (UTC)Me as member.png

Rate0Stars.png Too old for this By Captain Pinkbeard

Years ago anyone could enjoy CP, just like how we all enjoy watching cartoons. The parties were creative, the island felt alive (Save the Migrator project, Rockhopper's visits, Creative party ideas (that also made sense) ). 2016 has been the worst year of Club Penguin so far. There's Z-E-R-O content. And the Project: Secret thing is going to be lame. Basically it's just an improved mobile version of CP. What made CP famous in the first place? It was an easy-to-play, easy-to-access flash-game, where you could meet new people as safely as possible. It was never about the puffles and the ridiculous take-overs. And now, they plan to take that all away, so that they can have kids on iPads.

Back then, you felt you were mature, that you were part of a community. Now, CP has become Dora the Explorer, or Teletubbies. PUFFLEZ PUFFLEZ, SO KULL - Can'tdance <3

They treat you like you are a little baby. I don't feel that I'm biased at all. They really don't care about their fans anymore. What they see is a big, fat bag of money. "KIDS PLAY ON THOSE GOSH DARN iPADS, WELL, IT'S APPLE TIME Y'ALL! $$$"

The results? Terrible parties. No new items, furniture or igloo. But puffles..? Ha! Wait until they release the Silver Puffle!

You go online, and pop! Two ugly anthropomorphic animals give you a brief description of what is going on. How did they get there? Well, you dumb kids just want to get Zootopia items, so you're probably too immature to ask yourselves such questions! NOW TELL YOUR PARENTS TO GET YOU MEMBERSHIPS, WE NEED OUR MICKEY MOUSE PAYCHECKS!

It's garbage. This is the game's 11th year and the parties are worse! Two months for this??! Oh, I will rate this one 5 stars for sure!

Rate0Stars.png Um By Star kirby12




what am i looking at here exactly...?

Honestly when I heard "zootopia party" I really thought it was a joke. But- seriously? What even is this?

After the garbage of sasquatch and puffle creatures, do we REALLY need more furries?!

Oh, you're telling me to review this? Oh no. OHHHHH NO. You'll get nothing from me. You're getting nothing but THIS PICTURE OF GODZILLA FACEPALMING!




...and now I must find something Japanese to cure this American wound.

Rate0Stars.png no By Towerofyikk

When I first looked in the mobile files last month, I knew this would suck. That thought holds true to me. CP could not even update properly when it (should have) started. Guess there will be two years in a row with no June party. On the bright side, one less party that would suck.

yiff yiff uwu :3 :P xD

Rate3.5Stars.png Good Takeover By Du Rockhoper

The party is not amazing, but also is not bad. It has only four more rooms in June will reach more 4 new rooms. And these 8 rooms are new and not repitidas. As the items are really cool and beautiful, but it's a shame that only to subscribers. And do not have missions, but the good old parties of the club penguin had no missions also and were still wearing imagination.

Rate0Stars.png Extremely great party, better than Operation: Blackout! No hope in CP anymore. By Sillybudz

Wow! I'm amazed that Club Penguin can pull out a party this amazing and original! It's full of so much story that everyone's adding more and more to the wiki page! Everyone gets a chance at items, no matter of how many flies they have in their wallet! And with two months of adventure, there are thousands of quests to do and roleplay along with! I would rate this a 10/10, 5 stars!

Oh my god. Did someone at the Club Penguin staff seriously think this party was a good idea? This party is so horrible that nobody wants to even land a finger on the party page. I remember finding out about and joining Club Penguin in 2010. I remembered the closing of the Sport Shop and the replacement by the EPF, the epic Card-Jitsu party and the snow race, Rockhopper's Quest (I found out about the wikis here!), the final April Fools', the Marvel Takeover and the Music Jam, OPERATION: BLACKOUT, Card-Jitsu Snow, the Future Party and Penguin Cup, the 10th anniversary party, and more. And Club Penguin had made this all come to a complete stop. I'd rather have member prices go up ten dollars higher than deal with this horrible downfall. I'm just done with Club Penguin now. They've rejected their last chance at redemption, and I'm not touching this game ever again.

Congrats Club Penguin, you've made this the lowest rated party in the history of the wiki.

Rate0Stars.png ... By Mr Cow2

Rate0Stars.png Double furries all the way across Hellscape By Syllanthrope

Ohohohoho myyyy gahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAW. Club penguin. When I said pick up a computerized pen and draw some new stuff, I sure as bloody freakin' mary didn't mean whipping up a batch of these absolutely hell-horrifying creatures I witnessed upon logging in to-day. Look at their soulless eyes and their wonky facial anatomy! These aren't "NICK WILDE" and "JUDY HOPS" for heaven's sakes. They're freaking JUPITARIANS with abominably terrible anthromorphic disguises. Also the freakish penguin rabbit fox hybrids smirking their horrific way across the website's front page aren't any less disturbing. Club penguin. Stop this. Stop. It's time to stop. Stop.


There are absolutely no signs of intelligent life behind this "party". No. A bunch of rotten wood statues shaped like the tacky club penguin staff and remote controlled by tree frogs spat out this crapshake. RIBBIT RIBBIT, CA$H FOR FLIES IN OUR SOUP. DUM DUM KIDS CLICKY OUR PIXAR ADS, WE MAKE MOOLAH NO EFFORT. -A freakish smile made entirely of quarters and dimes- Also, now they're doing this THING where they extend the eventless and excruciatingly boring [no seriously, even the MUSIC in that single room sounds bored with the whole deal] dumpfest to go on for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT? And then they point twenty fingers at the fact that HOOOO MY GOSH WE'RE GONNA ADD TWO OR SO MORE ZOOTOPIA ROOMS AFTER A MILLENIA OF NOTHINGNESS HAS PASSED! WOO! WOO! NEON ARROW SIGNS EVERYWHERE! GET HYPE! DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF MEMBERSHIP MERCHANDISE! Like come on, it's not like you're holding a legitamate operation event or introducing an actually creative party concept or anything. Like you used to do in the good ol' days. Remember those good ol' days? I don't. They're obviously long gone now with a three digit negative number chance of returning. But in any case, club penguin, there's nothing actually THERE to hype people up over, and the fact that you're dancing around holding a car wash sign in an uncle sam suit trying to promote the laziest and most cringeworthy content I've seen from any "professional" company this year makes you cheesy and a quite frankly bunch of tryhard wannabe exploitationists.

And heck, here I thought this party was gonna be at least adequate, you know, judging from the fact that the sasquatch thing was generally an underplanned copypaste glum and blah? So that might've been a clue-in to the fact that they were busy planning and predecorating for the next party to come so it could be incredible despite the fact that it was copied over as a favor to their own franchise? But no such luck, it actually managed*much...much...worse.*

Fire any and all staff members that are working on Club penguin right now. Fire the lot. I don't care. Give all those airheaded talentless hacks pink slips, clear 'em outta the Disney offices. They don't deserve to still be lugging their lazy cow arses there and earning paychecks. And please, please please please, hire some new people for the team that have ideas in their heads, creativity in their fingers, and better plans for the future of this game. Watching this former and potentially still entertaining game go kablooey like this pisses me off.

Rate2Stars.png meh? By Green N Cool


  • The rooms looked great and there were eight of them. (Although they could have potentially returned the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 beach, pizza parlor, lighthouse and cove (with some alterations) for more city like rooms.)
  • The emotes fit the party theme well.
  • There's tour guide messages.
  • The items are good.
  • Aunt Arctic was the mascot.
  • The music is good.


  • There wasn't a quest system. We just clicked a button to obtain the items.
  • No new non-member items. Only Aunt Arctic's old background.
  • The party's seven weeks; a little too long.


Overall, the ZootopiaPartyLogo.PNG gets a 2/5!

Rate3.5Stars.png Has Club Penguin Tried Everything? By Brookelas

This party was really awkward for me. I loved Zootopia, so naturally, I wanted to like this party. There's a lot to talk about for this party.. What Worked

  • There were EIGHT new rooms! And all eight of them looked AMAZING! My personal favorites would probably be the Dock and Coffee Shop!
  • The costumes are very well designed
  • The soundtrack is AMAZING and fits both the Zootopia and Club Penguin feeling, something some takeovers are unable to do. *ahem* Star Wars, Descendants
  • There were BRAND NEW emotes! They look cool! As well, tour guide messages are back again. Aunt Arctic is also waddling.
  • Role Playing! I have actually seen some role playing happening, which is rare nowadays.
  • I do like how they updated the party to keep it somewhat fresh. The pins also looked nice :-)

What Didn't Work

  • The oppertunity for an AWESOME quest was here! A crime scene with the ZPD should have happened, and I am actually extremely disappointed it didn't happen.
  • We needed more costumes! I want to dress up as Gazelle, The Polar Bear Dude, and Mr. Big.
  • Absolutely no non-member items, which is a shame. They could have made some generic Zootopia themed items like a Pawpsicle, a Carrot Pen, heck, even backgrounds for each of the locations!
  • As much as I love Zootopia, is the party worth 7 weeks? Sure it LOOKS nice, but there is nothing to do after a while. As I mentioned, they could have added a quest. They also could have added both Nick and Judy as mascots as they did with Kermit. Actually, come to think about it, they could have taken a lot of inspiration from Muppets World Tour with the generic items and helping out different characters.

Conclusion I am giving this party a 3.5/5. The party just wasn't everything I wanted it to be. I pictured an EPIC Zootopia TAKEOVER, with a crime scene that unveiled throughout the seven weeks. That would have been EPIC!

Rate1Star.png R.I.P. Club penguin 2005-2011 By ID12399

I really disliked this party before it came out because I already knew it would be another 1 month long advertisement for another Disney movie. The sad part is on top of that there was nothing to do and the costumes were horrible. I know this is just a personal preference but I cannot stand those types of outfits I just like to wear a casual hoodie and some Blue sunglasses but we all know Disney will never add anything like that again... I wish Disney would just go back to the good times with parties like Music Jam and Medieval Parties. Unfortunately club penguin is dying and it is only a matter of time before Disney kills it for good.

Rate0Stars.png 2 Months of Nothing By Chucker321

The party was boring. There was no quest. Club Penguin made it last 2 months which was dumb. All the items are for members. :/

Rate0Stars.png Club Penguin.. That's not now, now is "Bored Penguin" :V. By DJ3K

So... I don't have words to "explain" this party. 2 MONTHS... For... ¿This?. ¿Why I pay $30.000 columbian peso, just for 3 months to "celebrate the party's"? ¿Thinking *BEEEP*.

Rate0Stars.png the worst party ever By Fangirl918

the party was so bad there was no quests it was so boring it did not have all of the characters who would add BEAKS TO AN ANIMAL!!! and finally the worst of all it lasted so long club penguin needs to make a 5 star party like make a lion guard party because it will bring most of its people back on the game and it will be a never forgetting party at least make it fun as the halloween party 2014 that was so fun so plz make better parties and it will get a 5 star

Rate0Stars.png ARGH By Penguinpuffdude

I went on this party on a CPPS a few months ago, it was so horrible you just get a shocked looking Japanese lady stranded in space with a mini robot that were both trying to escape from the absolute boringness of CP. (Please click on the pic to see it clearly.)

No comment...

Zero stars, I'm afraid. Now Star Kirby and I need to find another thing Japanese "to cure this American wound".