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Rate0.5Stars.png Nice reused rooms By Towerofyikk

There is little I find interesting about this party. Especially when one already experienced what 90% of this party is composed of five years ago. A-at least we have the Z-Zootopia Takeover to l-look forward to, r-right?

Rate3.5Stars.png An okay event By Green N Cool


  • The wilderness maze returned.
  • The sasquatch village was nice as well as the Dock. I especially liked the interactive elements such as the barbecue lighting up when stood near it.
  • The daily hunt through the maze was fun.
  • We got to learn a little bit more about Sam the Sasquatch.
  • The emotes match the party theme well.
  • We could meet Sam during the event.
  • The items were good and related to the event.
  • The music was good.
  • Tour guide messages returned.


  • There were no non-members items.
  • There were not a lot of (new) party rooms. (The wilderness maze was reused as well as aspects of the Dock.)

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the Wilderness Expedition 2016 a 3.5/5!

Rate3Stars.png Good enough By Hat Pop

I'm alright with the reused stuff. I was pleasantly surprised at the party's tasks and interactions (like the grill that turns on when you walk up to it or the bell on the climbing wall that rings). But this and the last few parties have left a lot to be desired with the tragic lack of items (I can't get any of these since my penguin is a nonmember). At least it's a comfortable change of pace from the exasperatingly-long Puffle party.

Rate3.5Stars.png It's a good party, but could be better By Du Rockhoper

It's a good party for an expedition. It has the maze back, and a new beautiful room. But I think I should have more rooms, one for each activity. And only have items for members but are very cool.

Rate0Stars.png CP Staff = morons By Quackerpingu

Until there's a party with 0 member items, I'll rate all the parties 0.

Rate4.5Stars.png Are We Out of the Woods? By Brookelas

Yeah yeah yeah, it's no secret I'm like IN LOVE WITH TAYLOR SWIFT. Anyways, when I first logged into the party, I was super impressed. However, there were some small things that started to bother me, which usually doesn't happen. Usually right away, I can tell if I will love or hate a party. Let's see how the pros and cons stack up.

What Worked

  • It was nice to see a new room in 2016, and I must say, I am in love with it. It is so well designed and has so many small details that really stuck with me.
  • The items were SUPER WELL designed. They really capture the Wilderness feel of the party.
  • It was nice to see a maze that you had to explore more than once in order to complete the tasks.
  • There were new emotes, and the Sasquatch came back to visit and we got a LITTLE MORE on his story, which is always nice.
  • There were interactions at the Dock room, and it was a modified version of an Operation Puffle room.
  • That new song that plays in the maze... WOW!!

What Didn't Work

  • Once again, non members get NOTHING! Despite being a member, I feel bad for the non members. The guitar, party hat and fishing rod all could have been non member items.
  • There was no storyline or motive for this party, which kind of bothered me. Why are we trying to find the Sasquatch? There should have been like another Sasquatch, and we'd learn that there was a species of them on the island or something.
  • The tasks -- they were cool, but we should have had a little more... interactiveness with them. Especially when compared to the Wilderness Expedition 2011, there should have been a FEW NEW rooms to explore, maybe that could have gone in sync with the items, like Sasquatch Lake, Sasquatch Camp, and Sasquatch Bushes.

Conclusion Overall, this party was a great way to bring Sasquatch back to the island, and for the most part, it was pretty fun, despite a few flaws here and there. However, there is nothing MAJOR stopping me from liking this party, and thus, I am giving it a 4.5/5. It was almost like a...


Rate3Stars.png Could have been better By Mr Cow2

Hey, this isn't all that bad either! Not much to say on this one because 90% was reused. This party wasn't bad nor was it good. Just lackluster.

Rate1.5Stars.png By Syllanthrope

Okay, it's damn obvious club penguin's using this thing as an in-betweener kind of thing to tide the kids over until the Zootopia party. I mean, I HOPE. Because that's what they tend to do now, they tend to give themselves a nice traditional lazy arse break every other party. This time by making a one-room copy over from Operation Puffle and a re-used maze idea and the like. But HECK, someone finally found it within themselves to edit the tour guide track for every single one of the rooms! Kudos to that particular person for thinking below the surface for once. Next step would be to pick up a computerized pen and draw some new stuff.

Rate4.5Stars.png It's time for an adventure! By NooblyNob

Okay this party is actually pretty decent. Here is what I liked!
What I liked

  • Items looked fantastic
  • The new music was actually pretty good!
  • Quests!
  • Tour messages! That was a pretty good detail.
  • New party room! And may I say, it has a nice design

What I didn't like

  • While the Dock was decorated, I wish they could have at least put something at the Town. Hey, at least there's actually a decorated room unlike the 2011 Expedition!
  • Speaking of the Dock, why is everything taking place there nowadays?
  • The mazes were completely reused, which is fine, but I kinda wish that the paths were changed more.

And that's it! I love this party, so it gets a 4.5/5! Next party is the
I haven't actually seen the movie, so I'm anxious to see the party. That's my review! Thanks for reading!

Rate0Stars.png CP is going down By Rabone

Nothing to do at all. Reused rooms, reused quests, no free items. It's just for login and then log out.

Rate0Stars.png Too old for this By Captain Pinkbeard

Years ago anyone could enjoy CP, just like how we all enjoy watching cartoons. The parties were creative, the island felt alive (Save the Migrator project, Rockhopper's visits, Creative party ideas (that also made sense) ). 2016 has been the worst year of Club Penguin so far. There's Z-E-R-O content. And the Project: Secret thing is going to be lame. Basically it's just an improved mobile version of CP. What made CP famous in the first place? It was an easy-to-play, easy-to-access flash-game, where you could meet new people as safely as possible. It was never about the puffles and the ridiculous take-overs. And now, they plan to take that all away, so that they can have kids on iPads.

Back then, you felt you were mature, that you were part of a community. Now, CP has become Dora the Explorer, or Teletubbies. PUFFLEZ PUFFLEZ, SO KULL - Can'tdance <3

They treat you like you are a little baby. I don't feel that I'm biased at all. They really don't care about their fans anymore. What they see is a big, fat bag of money. "KIDS PLAY ON THOSE GOSH DARN iPADS, WELL, IT'S APPLE TIME Y'ALL! $$$"

The results? Terrible parties. No new items, furniture or igloo. But puffles..? Ha! Wait until they release the Silver Puffle!

You go online, and pop! Two ugly anthropomorphic animals give you a brief description of what is going on. How did they get there? Well, you dumb kids just want to get Zootopia items, so you're probably too immature to ask yourselves such questions! NOW TELL YOUR PARENTS TO GET YOU MEMBERSHIPS, WE NEED OUR MICKEY MOUSE PAYCHECKS!

It's garbage. This is the game's 11th year and the parties are worse! Two months for this??! Oh, I will rate this one 5 stars for sure!