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You are on the party reviews page for the Puffle Party 2016. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Puffle Party
Average Rating: 3.5 (Good)
Total Reviews: 10
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Rate4.5Stars.png Puffletastic! By Green N Cool


  • The room decorations are good
  • The music is good.
  • The items are good and there's lots of them.
  • PH was the mascot.
  • The emoticons fit the party theme.
  • Members could transform into a variety of puffles.
  • The puffle hide-and-seek challenges were fun.
  • All previously adoptable puffles could be adopted by members.
  • Each day of the party, a new coloured puffle was celebrated in the Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza


  • Non-members did not get a lot of items.
  • Non-members could not transform into puffles. Not even the blue and red ones.
  • Rooms that weren't decorated but were used for the hide-and-seek challenges such as the Pizza Parlor and the Dance Club could have had some decoration in them.

Conclusion: Looking at the positives and negatives overall, I am going to rate the Puffle Party 2016 a 4.5/5!

Rate5Stars.png I love it! By Sparklord5

Things I loved

  • Transformations came back!
  • The hide and seek minigame is completely new, you may argue it was easy, but remember this is a kids game we're talking about
  • The riddles that gave hints to puffles was a nice touch, it reminded me of the old egg hunts
  • Most rooms are decorated
  • The name of the party? Puffle Party? It celebrates each puffle, which is what it SHOULD BE!
  • The items look good, although I didn't like the hoodies all that much
  • Fantastic music, re-used or not.

Things I didn't like

  • EVERY SINGLE DECORATED ROOM WAS RE-USED. I know they were making the minigame but seriously? Couldn't even decorate one new one?
  • Transformations are members-only.
  • Lack of non-member items

I love this party. I really do. Although I wish more rooms were decorated (ski village hmm hmm) the transformations came back and the hide and seek minigame was completely original. While puffle domains didn't return like I was hoping, I'm happy with what we got. The first decent party of 2016! I'll see you again in April for the Wilderness Party! For now, the Puffle Party 2016 gets 5/5 stars!

Rate3Stars.png Not Bad! By Mr Cow2

Wow. My first positive review. Never thought I'd see the day.

Anywho, I'm just gonna go over the pros and cons list.


Every puffle gets a mention. ALL OF THEM. Even the animals.

It was nice seeing the classic puffles again. Always was.

Some of the items are actually pretty cool and kind of creative? I dunno. I don't mind their choice in hats, though.

The hiding minigame kept me at least halfway entertained. It's no Halloween Candy Hunt, but I'll go with what I can get.

Puffle Transformations, aka seeing how depressed my puffles are.

It doesn't fall flat on its face, to say the least. I didn't really insult our intelligence either, if you look at the hiding the right way.

Overall, a very decent and balanced party.


The hiding minigame was sort of easy and became more mundane than fun after a while.

I know I said some of the items looked cool, but THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM.

Not a lot for the non-members, but personally, if my membership had expired, I wouldn't mind the pins.

The rooms are all generic. No snowball fight or Feed-A-Puffle, or even Puffle-specific rooms, per-se!

The party seems kind of boring. Not a lot going on. While the older puffle parties didn't have a lot going on either, I still loved it because of the interesting visuals and fantastic music, not to mention the puffle movement. The high point of the Puffle Parties, though, was the puffle spa room. I remember waiting in that bath line for hours and becoming a puffle was revolutionary at the time!

The music was not my cup of tea.

Rainbow and Gold puffles. I long for the days when they were myths.

So in the end, did I think this was a good Puffle Party? Not entirely. I personally lost interest in this party very very quickly, but it isn't bad either to be honest. The hide and go seek was actually creative, and they did shine the spotlight on all the puffles at once after all, that's what the puffle party is here for, right?

This isn't a good puffle party by any means, but in my honest opinion, I just can't say it's bad either. Mostly just stagnant. This is not the best puffle party by far, but it's better than the Sasquatch hunt last year and it is a step in the right direction.

But in conclusion, the other reviews gave this party way too much credit. It's far, far from perfect.

Rate2.5Stars.png Bad By Quackerpingu

The Prehistoric Party 2016 was possibly the last party where non-members got anything (i mean last until forever, not until now), and the items were old items, except for pins. The Puffle Party is the third party in a row of bad parties, and the second party in a row of parties where non-members get only pins. Still, the hide-and seek was a good idea.

Rate3Stars.png It wasn't terrible. By Syllanthrope

Well, let's see. A puffle party! Sort of a generic concept, but if done well, they can be a real blast. I'm gonna go the organized route this time around and split this particular review up into PROS and CONS. Becauseeveryoneelseisdoingit!

Good news before the bad, amiright? Okay, PROS.

-WOW! See, THIS RIGHT HERE is the amount of rooms ya need to decorate in order to make up what most folks call a party. I am PROUD of you CP.

-The puffle transformations added a whole load of replay value to this party. For once I saw something being "adopted" in the pet shop besides all them infernal POOKIES.

-Players are having dang lot of fun actually hanging around and interacting with each other for once, something I haven't seen in altogether too long. Seriously, for a while, Club penguin might as well have been another bucketbrained virtual version of Chucky Cheese, where the half zombified kids lose all perception of reality and social norms and just plaster themselves to the crappy token-eating games before leaving. But today? I saw a sign of life in the form of a yellow puffle player chasing around a crowd of penguins n' pretending to paint them if he caught them. (While an orange puffle followed close behind, trying to eat the yellow puffle.) 'Twas actually hilarious.

-Updating the town and the plaza every day to celebrate a different puffle color shows dedication I haven't seen in a looooong time! Last time they updated things multiple times within one party was all the way back in the days of the Operation Blackout. Hey CP! Great job! You should do this more often!!

-The fact that they had a puffle to find for each and every day of the party gave the players something to come back to. Nice change from having to wait an entire week and a half for things to move their arse updatewise.

-Literally every piece of music they used except the ones I listed in the cons are catchy as heck, CLASSIC, and well-placed. Well, actually, ALSO except the bakery. But never mind that.

-Huh, what? The rooms are mostly re-used? Psh, I didn't notice.

And now, onto the LONG LIST of nitpicky CONS!

-So, uh, what exactly were they going for with this whole big PUFFLE PARADE deal?

-For some reason, and maybe it's just the current artstyle I'm seeing here, a lot of the rooms seemed very stiff and untouchable. Like, I don't know, plastic-y and fake and too smoothed over. Especially the town and the plaza. Like you just couldn't be part of the scenery. Just a personal opinion here, but Club penguin should try to make its rooms a bit more homey-looking and interactive, like their previous artstyle. Or maybe just more navigatably cluttered with little details. See the puffle hospital and the snow forts for examples on what the hell I'm talking about?

-Repetitive items. VERY repetitive items.

-If players can click on the upper right corner icon to ADOPT A RARE PUFFLE, they do not need an additional little shack in the middle of the Plaza and the Town where you happen to "also" be able to ADOPT A RARE PUFFLE. No offense, CP, but it seems as if you're pushing things into our faces a little...TOO...vigorously...nowadays...ouch, please back up a few steps.

-If you're gonna decorate the indoor rooms, you gotta also decorate their upstairs counterparts! NUDGE NUDGE, coffee shop/bakery!!

-If you're gonna include a room as a hiding spot for a puffle in the party, maybe at least decorate it up a little! NUDGE NUDGE, pizza parlor and dance club!!

-It reeeeally annoys me how unbelievably lazy club penguin is with talksprites nowadays. Have y'all ever tried comparing PH's various poses after you finish each of her puffle hunt deals? All she ever moves is her right flipper and the direction in which she's sightlessly staring, usually at the puffle. It doesn't even seem natural sometimes, the way her eyes, and only her eyes, are moved around via a quick photoshop edit. Look, Club penguin, if she's going to motionlessly stare BACKWARDS at that puffle on her shoulder, could you at least turn her HEAD and the POSITION OF HER BODY to match that? I'd like them to look alive for once, please, and not like terrifying statues.

-BLATANTLY reused music from Operation Doom (only one party ago! wow!!) can be found in the TOWN, PLAZA, STADIUM, *AND* THE MALL. Sheesh. And for some reason they were re-using music from the Muppets World Tour at the dock and the pizza parlor? Ahahahaha...strange.*Shudder*

-The hint-riddles that club penguin wrote out for each puffle were kinda wasted, to be honest. All you needed to do was click around at the various obnoxiously twitching furniture and you'd find the puffle you were looking for in a few seconds flat, easy. No reading of riddles needed. A better way of handling this would have been for PH to tell you the hint-riddle herself before taking you to the room. You would then have to actually REMEMBER what she told you and use your brain (gasp!!) to figure out the thing the puffle was hiding behind. No obnoxious twitching furniture needed. Sounds too difficult for younger children? Well, those kids would probably get cheats and youtube walkthroughs from people like CPWorld within hours anyway.

-The furniture would keep on distractingly twitching around even after you finished your quest-find nonsense. Also, the fact that the certain sound effect that played once you found a puffle would play again every time you entered a previous hide-and-seek room was kiiiiind of annoying.

-So why exactly didn't they decorate the puffle park or the puffle shop or the puffle hotel? Why do they NEVER decorate the puffle park or the puffle shop or the puffle hotel under any circumstances whatever nowadays?

Hahaha. Okay, this is strict as heck, considering who I'm reviewing here. I guess I'm sorta hoping that in the off chance that these guys read this stuff, pointing out specific details like this will give them more of a clue on how to improve their game? I dunno. LE SHRUG. Imma say this was a halfway decent puffle party, considering their history. 3/5.

Rate4Stars.png WOW. Actually kind of good. By Oshapengun88

I must say, compared to the train wreck that the last year's puffle party was, this was golden.


Simple but charming new items.

All puffles are back!


Brings back a mood of an actual puffle party.

Hide and seek!


No puffle domains.

How do you get to the puffle parade?!

Doesn't cater to non-members very well.

We could already get all the puffles in the span of like...5 months ago.

4 out of 5, it's a very good party, despite its flaws.

Rate0.5Stars.png Eh... By Star kirby12's okay... but with all the puffle creatures I've really lost all respect for any and all Puffle Parties to come. It's kinda bland and the hiding minigame is pretty dumb, mainly because almost all of the puffles you're supposed to find are creatures. Oh well, at least they're actually decorating.

Rate4Stars.png gr8 By Mrdave921

The Puffle Party 2016, in my opinion, is a gr8 party!

The decorations are cool. The double water slide is EPIC, and the WHOLE island looks AWESOME, with the puffle-themed decorations and all that.
I liked the quest. It was a good idea for CP to make the quest have a scavenger hunt vibe, with clues and everything.
But there's two small problems...


I thought CP would introduce new puffles, but there were no new puffles, even though this is a PUFFLE party! What's next, banning all the puffles and PH from the island?!

2. Member items (seems ironic, considering that I'm a member)

CP, you've done it again. You make the pins for non-members, but making every single clothing item for MEMBERS only? Back in 2013 (also 2014 to mid-2015), non-members could get the head, face, and hat items! Now, only the PINS are available for non-members! What happened, CP?

And now, I'm giving this party...
4 stars! And that's my review.

Rate4Stars.png Parade of Joy! By Brookelas

Compared to the previous two parties of 2016, the Puffle Party was AMAZING! But, how good was it really? Let's weigh in the pros against the cons in order to give this party a pufftastic score!

What Worked

  • Puffle Colour Days -- made one want to walk a different colour puffle every day. I really liked this feature tbh.
  • The Hide and Seek honestly was so much fun and had a slight challenge element to it. The only thing I would have changed would be the GO THERE button, but, since it wasn't NECESSARY, I never used it and therefore it will not affect my score. It was really cute seeing all the puffles hiding though.
  • Them item bundles are awesome. I love the balloons, hats and slippers especially!! I want more Puffle Hats like that hahaha! (WHY DON'T WE GET A SNOWMAN PUFFLE CAP?? :P)
  • Puffle Transformations Returned
  • The Music is great, despite there being no new tracks, they still chose perfect unique tracks to capture the unique environments of each room perfectly.
  • There were small details within the emotes, and they actually made a new emote for once haha. PH also visited, which is nice!
  • I actually, genuinely appreciated that they allowed every single puffle to be adoptable. Not only that, but they made little booths for them!! :P

What Didn't Work

  • While I really do like the current Puffle Party rooms as they are, there is literally NOTHING new decoration wise. Well, except for the cool banners in the Town and Plaza
  • Non Members only got pins for Free Items... for the third time this year!! I hope this isn't going to be a reccuring trend since 2015 did a decent job with Non-Member Fairness.
  • Why didn't they create Puffle Transformations?? I mean they had all the basic spritework! They could have EASILY done it...
  • A Puffle Parade was advertised, but it is nowhere to be seen?

Conclusion This party was pretty pufftastic! I am rating it a 4/5. While it may not have lived up to the "awesomeness" of the 2015 edition of the Puffle Party, it still is a worthy edition. We will still get a continuation on the Sasquatch, and hopefully his backstory, next month at the Wilderness Party, followed by a Zootopia Party in May (I saw Zootopia in theatres yesterday and it was A-MAZ-ING!!!!! High expectations for this party). So, even though the big update is coming out and the first two parties completely sucked in 2016, I am still hopeful for the rest of the year!

Rate4Stars.png A Great Party! By Du Rockhoper

The party is very cool. The rooms are repeated, but beautiful. But should have some new rooms. And the items are cute, but not members receive only pins :(. My note is 4 could be 5 if had items for non-members and some new room.

Rate1Star.png It's getting worse. By Rabone

It's getting worse and worse. Parties are less funny nowadays, there are a lot of reused rooms and items. No fun at all.