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You are on the party reviews page for the Prehistoric Party 2016. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Prehistoric Party
Average Rating: 1.5 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 10
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Rate3.5Stars.png Could be better By Rocketicewave

Honestlty, the party could be better. Just digging fragments? It's quite boring when we're given already the transformations and puffles... why don't we dig for eggs and puffle eggs like we did in 2014? It gives a lot more replay value... What fragments give? Not very that much... Also all puffles and transformations are for members. There are not new rooms, just minor redisgns. Why the volcano is closed? Why?

Rate0Stars.png err By Superalvi100

They removed the pteranodon's hability to fly, didn't return the prehistoric mod badge and toolbar, etc.

EDIT: raised score because of PSS

Rate3.5Stars.png It's alright, but not as good as the others By Sparklord5

This party is not as good as the other prehistoric parties. Here are reasons why.

What I liked

  • Dino Dig is back
  • The interface looks very good
  • This party is pretty fair to non-members. There are lots of hats and hand items that they will be able to obtain
  • Dino Puffles returned
  • Reasons to keep coming back instead of getting the items and leaving *coughcoughDecendantsPartycoughcough*

Things I didn't like

  • It would have been better to dig up the Dino Puffle eggs instead of shoving them into the interface
  • What is the point of getting fragments?
  • The Volcano didn't return

Overall, this party is okay. I expected more from this but we've still got 11 months to go in 2016 so we could get some cool parties. In my opinion this party is around a 3.6 or something.

Rate1Star.png Not as good as the previous Prehistoric Parties By Green N Cool


  • Dino dig returned.
  • There's a good storyline that continues the events of Operation: Crustacean.
  • The party rooms are good.
  • The emoticons match the theme of the party well.
  • Dino puffles returned.
  • Dinosaur transformations returned.
  • The music is okay.


  • We couldn't choose what colour dinosaur to transform into like the previous prehistoric parties.
  • Most items are from the previous prehistoric parties.
  • Unlike the previous prehistoric party, we just click on a dino puffle to adopt it instead of finding an egg and taking it to the volcano rooms.
  • The volcano rooms didn't return. (The pathway is blocked)
  • During construction of the event, the Time Trekker 3000's interior windows did not show the Dock.
  • Can the Time Trekker flip horizontally when we travel back in time now?
  • The Prehistoric toolbar and moderator badge did not make a return.
  • The pteranodon could not fly like it could at the previous prehistoric parties.
  • Most dinosaurs did not have a sound.
  • The prehistoric map didn't match up with some of the rooms.
  • Why did they remove the door from 'Tricera Town' to 'Yum Yum' that was there during the previous prehistoric parties?
  • They had removed the puffle areas for increasing puffle's stats that were at the previous prehistoric party.
  • Where's Garugg the Ugg Ugg?
  • There's no new rooms.
  • There's no new music.
  • What time period is this years Prehistoric Party? Did we time travel to a different one were aspects of rooms from the previous years are removed and some rooms are inaccessible?

Conclusion: Looking at the positives and negatives overall, I am going to rate the Prehistoric Party 2016 a 1/5!

Rate0Stars.png Unless they add something new to this party... let the Prehistoric Party stay in the past! By Brookelas

Whilst January is never a HUGE month for Club Penguin, there have been some awesome parties (i.e. Winter Fiestas, Wilderness Expedition, Underwater Expedition, Star Wars Rebels), and some lackluster parties such as... argh... Cave Expedition 2010. I personally loved Prehistoric Party 2014 despite not liking the 2013 edition. Is this party as good as the 2014 edition of the Prehistoric Party? Or is it more on the mediocre side like the 2913 edition?

What Worked

  • I loved the Good Dinosaur tie ins in the catalog... heehee
  • It was nice to see the storyline continuing from Operation Crustacean (despite it being a horrible party -- it is nice to see continuation).
  • The login animation is cool I guess...

What Didn't Work

  • There are... NO. NEW. ROOMS. WHATSOVEVER!
  • There are... NO. NEW. ITEMS. WHATSOEVER!
  • There are no colour options for dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs cannot fly, stomp and roar anymore :(
  • Dino Puffles are easy to get... they should have at least have made a room for them (the volcano?) instead of just simply putting them on an interface. (I like it when you have to walk up to a stand to get a puffle like the Alien Puffles in the UFO)...
  • Dino Dig literally had no purpose here... you collect power fragments, but it feels so.. unrewarding.
  • Speaking of power fragments, on the app, you literally see them just standing out. Even less rewarding than on the PC.

Conclusion I think what makes me angry about this party is there is legit nothing new. This is the second time I am giving a party a 0/5. It is literally a way more boring and less rewarding Prehistoric 2014. Even item recolours could have been better than no new items at all. There should ALWAYS be SOMETHING to do at a party... and this party had NOTHING! Not even roleplaying (it was hard to do with dinosaurs not being able to do anything)

Rate0Stars.png Bad By Quackerpingu

There are NO new items for non-members. Only the returning ones.

Rate0Stars.png Nothing as it seems!! By DJ3K

The party is terrible but the (Enjoy or Positive) is the Dino Dig but, thinking good this is not "Dino dig" this is "Frangment Dig" (Mi review!) Fragment Dig?? For the UFO?!! That's not right, but.... in the past have Fragments?? i think Club Penguin have a BUU with This party, [Holiday Party 2015] it's good oh, and the Prehistoric Party 2014 and 2013. Bye! Oh, that's NOT for January, but.... Holiday Party Excelent and Prehistoric Party 2016 Rotten? Oh, But we're want Operation: Doom/ Tri-umph with 4.9 or 5.0, Operation: Blackout that's not best than this... Want the best party... and Prehistoric 2014 is cool!!


Oh, nothing change with this.... 2.5 -Could be better!


The so-so music is: Jungle Ambience!

Gifts and Articles:

2014 Presents?? oh, NOTHING CHANGE WITH THIS!!

Ok, have a musical DAY!!

Rate5Stars.png pretty bad, but not as bad as crustacean By Star kirby12

screw the formalities, i'm not gonna even do my usual list thing.

apparently disney thinks everyone loves the party-that-shall-not-be-named, because they stretched it to four months(?!) when it should've just lasted a week...

the prehistoric party was recycled, but they did that with the fair too and that was pretty okay

but the fact that the main objective is to get fragments for UFO power is just ridiculous. Let the aliens die.

So, why am I rating this a 5/5? To skew the overall rating, because there's no way this party is worse than the feast of Voldemort (if you know what I mean)

Rate0Stars.png DUMB AND STOOPID By Puffle Escape

wat have I done

Rate2.5Stars.png Boring By Mr Cow2

There's making horrendous parties, there's making completely pointless parties, there's making stupid parties, and then there's making just plain boring parties, and this takes the cake for boring parties. It's literally just recycled content FOR THE WHOLE D--- THING. The digging process is completely mundane at this point, and I am appalled that there are so many penguins who are blind to how awful Club Penguin has become that they can make a new meteor out of just shards. In fact, THIS IS ALSO POINTLESS! Spoiler alert, but in the upcoming disaster area EPF Operation, YOU JUST TAKE THE ALIEN POWER SOURCE BACK FROM HERBERT, SO THERE WAS NO NEED TO REPLACE THE POWER SOURCE, in fact the aliens seemed to be JUST FINE without it. If they didn't just fly off like the cowards they were and took it to the --- for about a few more weeks, they'd have their original power back!

The very least I can say about this, is that there's so little content is that there's absolutely no room for it to get worse. That being said, THAT'S NOT MAKING IT BETTER EITHER. Get yourself together, Disney. I only go on Club Penguin about once a month now and that's just to keep my account active! This is far from the worst part, but it's also VERY far from the best.