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Operation: Tri-umph
Average Rating: 1.2 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 14
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Rate1Star.png NO. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOO By Star kirby12

Ninninger is over and the finale was really good and tearful, the exact opposite of what I was expecting from such a fun series. Why do I bring this up? Because it's no longer there to cheer me up about what Club Penguin, the old game I used to enjoy, has become. Let's get through this...


  • Well at least it's an "EPF party" at all... even though it doesn't have ANY of the epic proportions it used to have!
  • I actually kinda liked the cave maze... even though some <12 year old girl was laughing at my complete and utter failure to guess the correct routes!


  • Why has Herbert been reduced to such a joke character?! I mean, come on, Disney! He used to be an actual threat!
  • The idea is just dumb, really.
  • I'd actually like this more if we could actually do something.

There's nothing left to say, it's just bad.

Rate3.5Stars.png It's okay By Sparklord5

Okay, logging on to Club Penguin and dancing in the snow forts was fun. But it got boring quickly. The Town was a fun place because of the mini sized penguins. But there was nothing to do, unless you count roleplay but with all the people advertising their igloos and the stupid army bots you can't really do that. I'll just make a list Things I liked

  • Fun decorations
  • Good music, re-used or not
  • Free item boxes, although all the items are members only
  • Decent looking items

Things I didn't like

  • All items are members-only. Seriously?
  • The party gets boring after a while
  • We need more decorated rooms
  • Waiting a week for something new to do is not fun

Conclusion When the final phase of the party starts I will definitely have to either lower the score or bring it up, because the final boss is either going to be a hit or a miss. I did like the items and the rooms are good looking but it gets so boring after a while. That's my review. 2016 is looking like 2015 all over again, with the January and February parties getting low scores. I'm thinking that the Puffle Party 2016 will be good, because I've seen item previews and there is going to be Puffle Parades which sounds interesting. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Puffle Domains will return, because I loved those. I think that the Town, Plaza, and Dock should have the "celebrate every puffle!" feel, and the rest of the rooms should be puffle domains. I also want the puffle dance party to return inside the Pet Shop this year. But back to this party, I'm giving it a 3.5

Rate3Stars.png It's Okay but not a triumphant party By Green N Cool


  • Nice and simple decorations for each room.
  • The cave maze returned.
  • The music is good.
  • The items are okay.
  • There were free item boxes each week and two items for completing the maze and stopping Herbert.
  • The storyline is good. It continues the events of Operation: Crustacean when Herbert stole the power source.
  • Rookie's the mascot.
  • The emoticons fit the party theme.


  • There wasn't a lot of party rooms.
  • The cave maze was re-used. That's fine. However, the pathway to the end was exactly the same as well as the disco room and ufo markings room, despite the fact the maze began in a completely different place this time.
  • There wasn't a lot to do. You just go online, look at the rooms, and get the items.
  • It seemed a bit anticlimactic in the end. Herbert goes to the trouble of stealing a power source from a UFO, we get to his cave, he's not even there (he's just on the machine screen from an unknown location), and we just click to unplug his machine. Done.
  • Unplugging the machine doesn't stop what is happening to the rooms. (They could have done what they did with Operation: Hot Sauce were the rooms change back when we finish the mission)
  • Only one non-member item.
  • You're telling me that a polar bear that kidnapped EPF agents and blocked out the sun in Operation: Blackout, and kidnapped and hypnotized puffles in Operation: Puffle cannot actually prevent penguins from unplugging a machine.

Conclusion: Looking at the positives and negatives overall, I am going to rate Operation: Tri-umph a 3/5!

Rate1.5Stars.png uhh, What is this? By Rocketicewave

What is this? It seems CP was very lazy with this. When the party started, there was only one room. A week passed, only one room. A week passed, a cave maze. Why CP couldn't release in a smaller gap and make a daily calendar? Why all the items are member items? The cave maze was very reused, I thought the Herbert thing will be hard but no... Just unplugging the machine. Seriously?! On Operation: Puffle it was much more complicated and fun. overall this party is pretty bad, but not as much as operation Crustacean. I hope the puffle party will be much better.

Rate0.5Stars.png Lazy Party By Captain Pinkbeard

It's funny. We used to think that Operation: Puffle and Music Jam 2014 were bad parties. And from now on , when we look back at them we will think "well, they were not as bad as Operation: Tri-umph!"

Star Kirby is right, not only is Herbert not a threat anymore but also his existence is no longer a secret. Why won't they let the Herbert story end? No "Operation" will ever top Blackout, so there's no point in trying. Introduce another villain and start a new EPF chapter.

And calling it "Operation" this, "Operation" that, doesn't make a party any good. There isn't even an operation to begin with. They should have called it "Laser Party".

There's nothing original. A dance party at the Snow Forts (Night Club), a shrink-ray (that Norman play that nobody liked), black and white (Ruby and the ruby).. And then the maze. Oh boy.. did they have one guy design this party?

As the years go by, Club Penguin seems to be getting worse for some reason. Have you noticed that in every newspaper and catalog the penguins and the puffles all have the same poses? There are no new furniture, no new clothes.. they even used the exact same artwork for some Year Book covers. They are that lazy.

This party sucks.

Rate0.5Stars.png Rsnail is rolling in his hopefully unfinished grave. By Syllanthrope

So! This is what it's all come down to, huh? Huh, club pingu? Huh?! See, when I first heard that there was gonna be yet ANOTHER Operation come February, boy was I excited. I thought, HEY! So what if Operation Crustacean was a bit of a crashing screaming grinding roaring sound-of-glass-breaking train wreck? Here's club penguin's chance to redeem itself with a BIG FINISH of sorts! A GRAND FINALE that will blow us all away with its incredibly creative use of Herbert's stolen power source! Perhaps we'll get an enormous underwater motor attached to the back of the Club Penguin Island that Herbert will attempt to use to propel it to a tropical location, thus almost melting the entire place and forcing the EPF to dive down to dark, unseen and uncharted depths to disable it! Or, off the top of my head...maybe he'll use it to build an oversized and highly unstable clanking INDUSTRIAL CLIMATE GENERATOR in the core of the island that will gradually grow more and more shoddy and damaged as time goes on due to neglect, eventually threatening to blow the entire island to smithereens? Or there's even a chance there a.....

Herbert: MUAHAHAHAHAHAAARRRRGHH! My generic looking laser of DOOM is ready! Ohhh, OoooOOOOPS?! Apparently I, in all my intellectual genius, I who brainwashed many swarms of puffles using remote controlled helmets, I who created an entire bada** fallout-type environment complete with ACTUAL THREAT OF DEATH just by sucking the sun's energy down through a satellite, ...couldn't even manage to do that right for some reason. I've just singlehandedly dropped the game's age demographic down by five years. Blargh.

Oh yeah, and then over the next few weeks I'm continuously met with the sore sight of a single-room dance floor, Herbert's three painfully re-used talksprites, a single-room thing that honestly looks like a miniature McDonalds play area, Herbert's three painfully re-used lines, a pointless decolorizer that takes up a whopping HALF A ROOM, AN ENDLESSLY SMILING ROOKIE, and a hole in the snow. That leads to a maze. That leads to you unplugging a machine. Oh, and did I mention that the game insultingly shoves the fact that you DESPERATELY NEED TO UNPLUG THAT MACHINE in your face about twenty seven times? DO NOT UNPLUG AT ALL COSTS, says the frowny-face sign directly above the outlet! "AS LONG AS THIS INGENIOUS MACHINE KEEPS BEING PLUGGED," Says Herbert on his unidentified hologram screen, "IT WILL CONTINUE TO RUN FOREVER, YOU WOULDN'T **DARE** UNPLUG DAT CORD RITE DERE, Y'PESKY PENGUINS, MUAHHAHAHA!" And once you inevitably unplug the thing, that's that. And literally nothing else happens and literally nothing else is expected to happen after that because it's over. Yeah! Yeah. Believe it. That's IT. That's ALL. THAT'S THEIR GRAND FINALE, FOLKS. Y'all can go home now and--

Come OOOONNNN!! Is it really, truly possible for an entire team of grown adults ranging from their twenties to their thirties to be so downright LAZY and UNCREATIVE?! STEP IT UP, GUYS!! A couple of six year olds could come up with a better storyline and concept than this absolute rubbish. What does all this laser-shrinking-decolorization even have to do with Herbert's ultimate goal, anyhow? Sure, he's evil, but he's evil with a purpose, and that purpose has always been to get himself warm. Club Penguin, if you've really, truly run dry with ideas on this Herbert fellow, like Captain Pinkbeard says above me, IT'S TIME. TO INTRODUCE. A NEW. VILLAIN. Either that or you honestly need to introduce a new creative team. I'm sorry, but your so-called Project Super Secret is in no way an excuse to put out content this minimal.

...I'll give this party half a star for its interesting choice in music and items.

Rate3.5Stars.png I don't have a title By Mrdave921

The party was gr8, but here's a few things I didn't like about it:

The quest was okay, and I liked the cave maze. (I think they held the Cave Maze event so we can get ready for this.) But I think the highway mini-event should be expanded to the whole island instead of just the Town. Also, I think they should let us go into the cave maze until AFTER Harbutt Herbert zapped the entire island. However, if THAT happened, when we go to Herbert's base at the end of the maze (hey, that rhymed!), he would say, "MUAHAHAHA! You're too late!" Then, you would play a game where you tried to create a tower of penguins to reach the plug. And, when you finish the mission, the Director says, "Good work, agent."
I like the items, and even though I'm a member, I'd like to speak for non-members when I say THIS: out of all the items, 96% of them were for members, and the remaining 4% are for everyone. There should be more NON-member items than member items, so it'll be equal! (I'm pretty sure it looks like CP is getting carried away with member-only items.)

That's pretty much all I have to say. Mrdave out.

Rate1.5Stars.png Operation Trash-Heap By Minted Pepper

I stuck around Herbert's base for a while to see how everyone else reacted to the anticlimactic end of the party. THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT EITHER. They said things like: "this is so easy" "this is the laziest party ever" "silly mission" "this is it? THIS IS IT? wheres herbert to stop us?!" "this was just too easy" "its not that great" "unbelievable"

What really bothers me is that Club Penguin has so much potential to be incredible, but now? Not even the audience they're targeting thinks it's fun or challenging!

Rate0.5Stars.png Ok, it's time. By Mr Cow2

Where the ---- do I begin?

This isn't Club Penguin at it's stupidest, that would be Music Jam 2014. This isn't it at its overall worst, that would be the alien party. This is Club Penguin at its LAZIEST. This tops Prehistoric Party 2016 BY FAR. The music is reused in a clumsy attempt to bring fans back, the THREE ideas are some of the most overused in the history of fiction.

At first the items look sort of cool and redeemable, until you realize that A FOUR YEAR OLD COULD MAKE BETTER ITEMS. THEY JUST TOOK THE COOLEST ITEMS AND MADE THEM GRAY. The tiny items were unique sure, but they also take absolutely no effort. A spoon, a cup, and a shoe they already have the model to.

The only redeemable factor at all was the maze. I loved the idea of not spoiling the maze for people who want to do it themselves (i.e me) and the music was incredible and actually uniquely composed. It sounded like Something out of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam or Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon; two very recent games which I have grown to love and I hold the latter very close to my heart. They really picked it up at the end. Too bad that they wasted this ON SUCH A STUPID IDEA. And when I say wasted, I mean that they REALLY WASTED IT. Now if they do it again, people will complain about it being done already. They should've used this on Operation: Puffle

But all that aside this is still THE WORST OPERATION EVER. The maze is the ONLY thing that keeps me from letting this sink below Crustacean as the worst party OVERALL.

However, let me just say this: If you gave this party a rating of 1.5 stars or more, YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO TASTE IN VIDEO GAMES AT ALL. YOU ARE SO ----ING BLIND TO WHAT THIS GAME HAS BECOME. THERE USED TO BE GREAT PARTIES, LIKE THE APRIL FOOL'S DAY PARTIES, OR BLACKOUT, BUT NOW DISNEY DOESN'T ENTERTAIN CHILDREN ANYMORE, THEY JUST WANT THEIR MONEY!!! The only reason I still renew my membership anymore is because this game has been such a big part of my childhood. The first Club Penguin DS game introduced me to the wonderful world of the video game. I still have that exact copy to this day and it can still keep me entertained for at least half an hour. That was when Club Penguin actually cared about their audience. This isn't ruining my childhood; IT'S KICKING IT IN THE BALLS AND THROWING IT INTO A TRASH COMPACTER.

I am ashamed of you, Disney. I want RocketSnail back, I want Billybob back, I want Happy77 back, I don't want mods like Daffyodilly and nutMegg who insult our intelligence in nearly every blog post, we want people who care about children. This is the second worst thing that Disney has ruined. The #1 is obviously Pickle and Peanut, but in the way things are going, soon Pickle and Peanut will be more tolerable than Club Crap.

What's Club Penguin's next move, project Super-Secret-but-we-give-everything-away-because-you're-too-stupid-to-know? Yeah, sure, remove the last good thing in Club Penguin, which is the unforgettable 2D background art style and make EVERYTHING 3D. I hope you're pleased, Club Exploit the Children. Because, I'm not, and so are many other people. You've taken something I used to love and hold very close to my heart and lowered the age demographic to embryo.

Thanks a f---ing lot.

Rate0.5Stars.png Is this EPF Operation a Triumph or Doom? By Brookelas

Ummmmm... Operation Doom/Tri-umph happened....... I don't even know what to think....

What Worked

  • Once again, it is nice to see continuation
  • The items are honestly SUPER COOL!!
  • Black and White Pizza Parlor and Snow Forts were cool rooms

What Didn't Work

  • Just a compilation of miniparties
  • Why couldn't ALL the rooms on the west side of the island been shrunken down and all the rooms to the right be black and white? Like especially the Black And White... all they had to do was add a filter :\
  • No. Tasks. Whatsoever.
  • The Cave Maze returned -- that's OK... but why the heck did they not change it up at all????
  • The ending was very anti-climatic.
  • Everything felt super unorganized and nonthreatening.
  • There is NOTHING for Non Members whatsoever!! No items or ANYTHING!! Argh...

Conclusion I am giving this party a 0.5. Dont wanna talk about this anymore :\ Hopefully Puffle 2016 will get CP back up on its party-feet.

Rate0Stars.png Review By Quackerpingu

Cons: Member items, slow computer (the fast one broke).

— TCPS100

Rate0.5Stars.png Is Club Penguin a hospital now? By Amigopen

Because there seems to be only operations going on. (I haven't actually seen the party yet, but from the info I've been provided, it's probably not even good enough to even be checked out.)

Rate0Stars.png Further Thoughts By Mr Cow2

There were a few things I left untouched in my earlier rant. Ahem.

Tiny penguins? Colorless pizza? NO PROBLEM! Just go to another area of the island, because everything else is set in a different f---ing universe. Seriously, it's funny how they treat the tiny penguins like it's a worldwide epidemic.

Even Rookie doesn't give a crap at this point.

Every single items is exclusively for members. Cool/Lazy or not, this shows an extreme lack of respect for people that cannot afford regular memberships.

Herbert clearly had 90% of his brain cells freeze during his hibernation imprisonment. He told us that the machine could just be unplugged, had a sign that literally said "DO NOT UNPLUG" and manufactured the biggest plug I've ever seen, and yet in the blog, he STILL thinks we just got lucky. Seriously, does he WANT us to foil his schemes? He's just a neko Dr. Doofenshmirtz!

But let me touch on that topic, and we're going to have some spoiler alerts here. You CAN do the "I like being the villain" schtick right, but YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO HIDE IT. Seeing Doofensemirtz (and later Herbert) go from a legitimate threat to society to a joke villain was not easy to watch. During Season 4, I noticed that he COOPERATES with Perry more than trying to actually take over the Tri State Area, but it's extremely hard to see. How does this effect our topic? Well, let's have a look at Kirby: Right Back at Ya. Once of the best video game-based cartoons and one of my personal favorite cartoons of all time, and I watch the dub! Towards the end of the series, there's an episode where Kirby supposedly dies, and cappy town holds a huge funeral for him. Only NOW do we see Dedede actually enjoys being Kirby's nemesis. This is a beautiful moment. Want to know why it works and Doofensmirtz doesn't? Throughout the series, we've see Dedede try his hardest to destroy Kirby with his monsters, he tries to exploit Kirby's weaknesses and tries to attack when he's most vulnerable. His plots include draining Kirby of his energy and sending a giant snake after him, hacking into the monster delivery system to avoid paying hid bills, and flat out trying to blast him into space. We saw that he'd stop at nothing to get rid of the pink pest, but he wouldn't succeed. Nevertheless, he still persisted and showed no signs of stopping. A moment like this should come out of the blue, like it did. It was completely unexpected and it was on the LAST NORMAL EPISODE OF THE SERIES. Doofensemirtz lost his touch around the halfway mark of Season 2, and we progressively see him becoming less and less of a threat and not putting much effort into his plans anymore. By the time where he starts asking Agent P for help, we could see it from a mile away.

Now get this: Herbert hasn't done this yet, and he's already done it the worst possible way.

Blocking the sun, the main energy source. Pure Genius. Stealing our puffles to get filthy rich, not as good, but still a very good idea. Hot Sauce? Ugh.

See, there IS no room for a character like Herbert to have character development. He has appearances that are so far apart. That's why you always have to keep characters like him a constant threat since they have such little screen time. Herbert's stupidity comes out of nowhere and demolished him as a threat entirely. Not only that, but he can no longer correct his mistakes nor see what they are. Hence the plug. UP10K is a better villain with even less screen time. This is because in every appearance he's had, he's been a formidable and oftentimes even lethal threat.

I have lost all hopes for Club Penguin. Any hope for a party with a perfect rating of 5 is gone forever. If I knew this is what would be coming in the future, I would've set my computer clock back just to play Blackout more.

Rate0.5Stars.png Horrible. Just horrible. By Sillybudz

I can't believe that someone looked at the "storyline" for this "operation" and thought it was good. When it was first teased, it felt like an Operation: Blackout-level operation. February 10 marched around, and all we got was a disco party. Like, seriously? Do something better than make a character fail horribly that nobody on the island even cares.

After that, I didn't understand anything. An unfunny name change, more fails, and most of all, they turned Herbert into an evil villain who poses as extremely dangerous, to a bear with the mind of a dog. And, all member items? What's next, Puffle Party 2016 will have a puffle leash item for members only? I have no trust in CP anymore. Too much terrible storylines. Everything is turning into all CGI.

Oh look, March has ANOTHER puffle party? Give us a break.