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Rate0Stars.png No By Quackerpingu

I don't even have to log in to Club Penguin to say that the party sucks. I have read the party and party interface pages in the old wiki, and i already can say that it's terrible. There had to be a candy hunt like in the old parties, but instead there is the cursed candy hunt, and all the items are member-only, as well. Even Gary still has the same background as when he last visited (during the Prehistoric Party 2016). This party deserves to be rated 0/5.

Anyway, here is my response to CP for this:

Click here

Rate2Stars.png The worst Halloween Party By Chill57181

Club Penguin is normally pretty good with their Halloween Parties, but I was very disappointed this year. The main problem is that it's mostly recycled content. The rooms are mostly the same, and there are only a few new items. Unlike previous years, there's nothing new or exciting. Every year there's been new rooms and items, and in recent years an interesting new plot, like Gariwald's mansion, Skip and the hotel, or Gary's robots. This year... none of that.

One of the things that bothers me the most about this party is that it started on September 28th, keeping with the trend of one party starting the day after one ends, because apparently the team hates vanilla CP now. Also, they felt the need to make lore for why it started so early - Gary accidentally turned on his Halloween maker. Yep. Keep in mind that a Halloween maker has never been mentioned until now, so it's basically just CP making up crap so they can start it early.

Another big issue, although this doesn't affect me, is the fact that EVERY SINGLE ITEM except the upcoming anniversary items are for members only. Really, CP? Really?

Rate2Stars.png How did they mess up the HALLOWEEN PARTY! By Abdul54

I've been playing this game since about 2008 and every year I've been on, I have at least known Club Penguin doesn't mess up the HALLOWEEN PARTY. But here's a thing club penguin just HAS to mess up again. *sigh* Okay, here's my review

-2 Repeat of 2015 but without the FNAF robots -3 Pointless point and click, same thing as EVERY PARTY IN 2016 -4 NO NON-MEMBER ITEMS +2 They didn't mess up decorating this +1 At least this isn't another takeover -2 Oh wait, how long is this party?



2/10 This isn't AS bad as frozen, but this is as worthless as puffle fart.

Rate0Stars.png No By Penstubal

"I saw, I came, I died"

Rate2Stars.png Not great By Green N Cool


Decorations & Party Rooms

  • The decorations are great and are island wide. However, most of the rooms have stayed the same since 2013 and it would have been nice to have new Halloween ones this year.
  • Most of the rooms are decorated so they look nothing like they normally do and there was no construction prior to the event to show they were going to be overhauled.
  • They could have potentially returned some of the Puffle Hotel's floors from the Halloween Party 2014.
  • They still haven't fixed this and it's been there since 2014's Halloween Party because they'd removed the pumpkin at the spot from the 2013 Halloween Party
    They could've done something like this to it.


  • The task has the same dynamic as most of the parties in 2016, click three objects and obtain the items.
  • Although they did add other floating sweets alongside the three we were meant to click, it didn't make the task any harder.
  • There should have been a proper hidden candy hunt or maybe even something like the fashion festival's task but with Halloween costumes.


  • A majority of the items are old and all are for members only.
  • The new items don't really look like they're for Halloween.


  • The music at the party is great.


  • Gary is the mascot again and he doesn't have a new giveaway background.
  • It would have been nice to see a different mascot for a change. For example, Dot. She likes clothing and costumes.


  • There isn't a storyline. Gary had just “accidentally” turned on his Halloween Generator early.


  • The party has transformations and players can transform into ghosts, werewolves, zombies, and vampires.
  • The party began in September and lasts too long.
  • Despite a hidden message in the Club Penguin Times saying "Skip The Ghost", Skip isn't at the party which is quite misleading and disappointing.


  • Overall, I think the Halloween Party 2016 is not the best. We've got recycled rooms, the same task dynamic from previous parties, hardly any new items, no storyline, and

I'm going to rate this event a 2.

{{Rate/0.67 0.67rating.png}} By Towerofyikk

This party is 2015 but without Mascbots and "scary" objects. CP put about as much effort into this party as I put into putting on my pants. Some items returned as part of the half-butted task system, so thats uh... kinda neat... but would have been neater if more than just one item there was last available before 2012. B-but the rest of the year will be b-better, r-right?

Maybe the Holiday Party will be fresh??? And I am sure the Music Jam is not going to be just the Ultimate Jam, SoundStudio Party, and Music Jam 2014 m-m-m-mashed together......... r-right?????

Th-there is still hope for this game....


Rate2Stars.png at least it's not a frozen party By Superalvi400

The spookiest party in Club Penguin has arrived again, for the 12th ti- wait, already? They did make up an excuse, but the island could have been normal before the party. Well, it is still better than having CERTAIN STUFF for a month... Whatever, let's start this.


  • Even though the decorations are recycled, they still feel good man. And i think that error at the Forest is supposed to be a ramp.
  • As i said before, they did explain why the party started so early. And it all makes sense now, rooms are completely changed during parties because it's not a decoration, it's a machine
  • A normal halloween for once


  • Couldn't Gary just turn the halloween machine off?
  • I would be completely ok with the repeated rooms, since they are putting more work on PSS, but Megg said it would be like a classic halloween!!
  • The daytime at the Coffee Shop and Book Room windows annoy me. The CP Times Office isn't ever decorated for parties (except when it turned back into just the Book Room in 2015), now they didn't even care about the sky... This won't affect my score though.
  • Why did they hide "Skip the Ghost" in the newspaper if he won't appear?
  • The hunt is way too easy
  • Another thing that won't affect my score even though it also bothers me, why don't they reuse the 2013 puffle hotel exterior? It made sense in 2014, but in 2015 and 2016 not, because it's just 3 floors again.

If you like this party ok but don't make a review saying "i am loving this party, therefore you must love it as well"

Rate0Stars.png takeru is cringing somewhere By Star kirby12

Ok, so the Halloween Party. Regardless of CP's terrible quality, Halloween is usually one that they manage to pull through with, including in 2014 and 2015 (even with its FNAF crap). There was one exception (in my opinion), however: 2013. 2013 had a bunch of ridiculous crap like zombies and werewolves and stuff when we were already perfectly fine with just ghosts. So following CP's trend of copy and paste, guess which one they decided to recycle.

But before we do that:

I've introduced Shino and Rodeo in my past two reviews, but now that there's two of them, we can't have both of them cluttering up the screen (too much work for me), so I'm going to narrow it down.


How, you ask? With scissors-rock-paper (screw you i'm korean), of course!


~♪Who's gonna be♪~


~♪The unlucky one♪~


~♪That has to deal with the new crap♪~


~♪That CP's put out this month?♪~



And we have our loser!

So before I begin may I mention that this is the absolute worst time you could've started a Halloween party since Kamen Rider Ghost just ended with a really heartwarming ending? ...but that doesn't actually concern this, does-


Oh jeez you people brought Specter into this didn't you.


So ignoring the fact that G is treating the audience like idiots by purposely explaining what he means by "manifest", let's take a look here.



In all seriousness though, how many times in a row have we had this again?


Also, someone on the development team thought it was a good idea to put the anniversary hat in the quest menu. I... I literally don't even.


I've said this time and time again, even though I'm on an unofficial wiki and nobody is going to care, but no matter how gimmicky you make it (like this time), clicking stuff on the screen is not a puzzle. Why is that so hard to wrap your head around, CP?

By the way, the gimmick of having a bunch of fakes doesn't mean crap because CP decided that it was much too hard for the 2 year olds, so they decided to make the real ones color-coded! Isn't that fantastic.


And the decorations... they're just... there. It's nothing special, it's just recycled stuff. And I hate it, with all its goopy disgusting stuff. "Halloween" does not automatically equate to "spooky", and "spooky" does not automatically equate to "disgusting".


That monster generating thing looks as bad as ever and still defies all logic. Why would you want to become an eldritch abomination? Back in Halloween 2012, we went ghost-hunting to find Gariwald and tried out the ghost machine because 1. we needed to survive the real ghosts, and 2. we wanted to find Gariwald himself. This party has neither of those reasons.


And yes, Living Sled is back, which is nice, but it's basically a requirement for CP Halloween parties. If you're going to take the time to put it back, why not actually spend the time you're wasting on Re-Mix and make that fourth part that you had in development?

One thing... confuses me though.


So the Coffee Shop is apparently made of mr skeltal decorations and bones. This is where the Anniversary party occurs.


Then explain to me: how is this going to work? Is the place just gonna be a bunch of bones plus a cake or are they going to be lazy again and just have the regular coffee shop?

And lastly... sigh...


Ok literally nobody loved having Frozen back a third time and you people know it. Stop being in denial.

Also I see you snuck in the words "on her next big year". If you bring Frozen back I swear I will- *bricked*

So hey, they actually managed to screw up a Halloween party. Fantastic.

You people get zero stars and a Shino facepalm.


Rate1.5Stars.png Just... no. By Puffle Escape

Okay... here we go. First things first, in the SWF file for the Cove, you can hear the Dot-Bot. That's just absurd. Anyways, getting into the important stuff... First of all, no. I don't like the Frozen Fever party, but it's BETTER THAN THIS EXCUSE FOR A PARTY. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THEY COULD HAVE BROUGHT THE MASCBOTS BACK, but no. We get a stupid click-this-here's-a-reward-for-no-reason thingy hunt. Of ALL the things... They could have the puffle hotel floors back, the trick or treat of 2013, the ghost mansion of 2012, or even candy hunts. Nope, just a dumb hunt of NOTHING. So you're getting a 1.5/5 and this blue puffle trying to enter the Box Dimension... Puffleinabox.jpg

Template:Rate/1/5 The train wreck that is 2016 is bleeding into the quality of this game By Syllanthrope

You know, if anything else, I would have logged into this party just to hear the wonderfully nostalgic halloween soundtracks, but UN-FORTUNE, those soundtracks managed to be as bland and tasteless as the replay-ability of the party itself. Come on, people. What happened to "NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS", or "MONSTER MASQUERADE", or "HAUNTED DISCO"? Those were CATCHY! USE 'EM! And the fact that the party jumped us out of nowhere WAY UP In THE MIDDLE OF SEPTeMBER with Gary all giggly and like KehHEEHEhEHEH I ACCiDENTiSH BOOTed UP THE GeNERATOR WHoOEEEEE leTs SCHELEBRAUTE ...kiiiiiiiiind of made it sound like Club Penguin was attempting to rid themselves of the shame of Frozen Party the Third as quick as possible. And hell, that whole "CANDIES THAT MANIFEST IN OUR REALITY" could've been great! If it had been anything other than a lame arse point and click fiasco with reused concept garbage.

Unfortunately, Club Penguin has created its first haunted holiday FLOP. THAT EVEN I couldn't find it within myself to forcefully enjoy in the spooktastic spirit o things. Booooooooooo.

Rate0Stars.png WHAT?!? By Penguinpuffdude

Ok, I haven't been able to log on to see this party but judging from all these other reviews, it sounds TERRIBLE. My opinion is again the same as Star Kirby anyway.

Rooms They are low rate. And like Star Kirby mentioned, surely the mr skeltal coffee shop would have mr skeltal stuff inside it? The rooms are 0/10.

Quest There is no objective in the quest. Find-candy-click-get-members-only-award and it's finished in half an hour.


PS - You get a Japanese lady with an orange-haired weirdo in front of a passing train dropping their recording camera in a bush that has a really weird-looking human hiding near it with his arm inside it.