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Rate0Stars.png A party that's awful for a new reason. By Star kirby12

Alright, I'm gonna try a new format.


This is Shinobimaru. From here on out he'll be helping me as I wade through the trash known as modern Club Penguin.

So... the Finding Dory Party is out. At first glance, it looks like an okay party, and even looks like it makes sense if Dory is looking to find her parents, maybe she came to Club Penguin to search, right?

Well... no. Not 20 minutes into the movie,


So once again, we have a takeover that makes no sense at all because the actual characters are there, not the penguin versions like some of the older parties.

As soon as you enter the game, you are greeted with an introduction that's just insulting to the players.


It's not even subtle about it, it immediately tells you what the game wants you to do. Yep, another quest system. Not to mention this Dory is dumber than the actual Dory.


I think the developers are confused as to how to make a party. Going to a room and clicking a few of the same object is not a puzzle.


A puzzle is something like the Medieval Party 2011, where you throw snowballs at targets, deflect attacks with items, go through mazes, and actually play some neat little flash games with your mouse.

Once again, any item that is not a background or pin is for members only... and this time they're completely blatant in their Finding Dory promotion.


The rooms just barely resemble anything from the Finding Nemo universe, no thanks to the fact that that's a 3D Pixar movie. Really, this party just recycles stuff from Underwater Parties plus that one Back to School party.


The decorations are sparse, if anything. Out of all the rooms in Club Penguin, only five rooms are decorated and one room is added, with a glaring lack of anything in the northern portion of the island.

Finding Dory Map.png

Of course this is better than, say, Inside Out or Crustacean, but that's not how we should be rating these. If we rated parties based on what other parties have brought to the table, aka curve, CP's just gonna make a few trash parties and then throw one mediocre one in there so that people think it's kinda good.

But then comes the worst part of this entire thing.

This time, Disney screwed up in a brand-new, horrible way.


(Click the picture to see the spoiler. I made it a bit of a mild one, but it's still kinda important to the movie's plot.)

That's right.

This party spoils major plot points of the movie.

Honestly, I could forgive basically anything else in the party, but this? This is just terrible.

It's obvious that Club Penguin is Disney's money-maker now, and they like to abuse it to advertise their latest releases. But this won't draw people to the movie or the game, it'll repel them completely from both!

The reason why this happens is basically because of how the plot is set up. Dory, being an amnesiac, spends most of the movie remembering things in short bursts, while nothing else (well, maybe Gerald, but he's not even in this party) actually sparks any interest. In other words, this was a bad pick for a takeover.

This could've been completely, and I mean completely avoided if we just had a streamlined Club Penguin party, or even if we just had an original character like the Destructobot. But nooooo, the new staff has no idea what CP players want!

...even the characters that Disney actually uses are geared to not even question what the crossover characters are doing on their island.


20160711 164139.jpg

20160711 164239.jpg

It's okay Shinobimaru, we know someone who sometimes needs to bury her face in her hands sometimes too.

I don't think we all expected CP to stoop any lower, but it just did. How...? The movie was amazing, how did this even happen?

As it stands, Finding Dory gets a 0/5, plus this picture of Shinobimaru facepalming.


Rate3.5Stars.png Meh. By Spark2207

I know, I know, this is ANOTHER Disney promo party. But to be honest, It's atleast decent. The items, although most are members only, they look good enough to be excused. The music in the rooms that are decorated (there's only 5 rooms decorated, but I don't mind) are pretty nice, and the decorations....well....they can use some work. ESPECIALLY the Town. The quest is the worst part of this party. Really?! ANOTHER quest where you just click some bull****?! REALLY?! That kinda ruins my score for me. I give it a 3.5/5. It's atleast so-so.

Rate1Star.png I agree with Star Kirby 12 By Captain Pinkbeard

This is the Sub-Marine party Part: II : Disney Sell-out. The only reason this party gets a star is because the rooms (although there are not many)look nice. Everything else is terrible. Yet people are paying real money to play this awful game. Club Disney sucks.

Rate5Stars.png Best Party of 2016! By Chucker321

I'm really enjoying this party so I'm going to give it a 5 star rating. :)

Rate0Stars.png It's dead for real now. By Mr Cow2

Club Penguin is nothing but a Disney marketing ploy now. I'm not even going to log on for this one...

Rate0Stars.png I give up... By Boidoh

I was feeling nostalgic for Club Penguin... I remembered all the great parties and amazing times I had... then I remembered Disney and their obvious marketing... Didn't they promise in 2007 when they bought over Club Penguin that Disney wouldn't be turning the game into this type of thing? Haha. Well, this party is absolute GARBAGE! I don't even want to rant. I give up. Club Penguin will never return to it's glory days. The music isn't good, some areas are ugly. This party isn't even fun. I played Club Penguin since August 2007... and I never thought my favourite MMO would turn into such utter trash.

Rate1Star.png I'm done. By Oshapengun88

What the actual heck? One of my favorite MMO sites combined with one of my favorite movies EVER combined to make this garbage. I've always hated these advertisement parties, BUT THIS IS JUST AWFUL. Club Penguin died after the Holiday Party in 2012. At least the items are good, but seriously, Disney. Just STOP. You're begging to end Club Penguin.


If you want to see my review, look at Starkirby's review. That's how terrible this is. I honestly quit Club Penguin over a YEAR ago, and I have no idea why I'm always coming back to this terrible ga-

Are you serious?

They're making ANOTHER Frozen Party? Jesus christ. Any party from now on will just get an immediate 0. I'm done. 2014 was already horrible enough, don't bring it back.

Rate0Stars.png horrible By Superalvi400

the rooms are cool but it gets boring after u end the quest, actually it is boring since the beginning, the underwater expedition was awesome and much better than this (i think i like that party because i only started playing in april 2011) project super secret better be VERY amazing, there is still all this frozen trash for next month (and problably it will last until october), there hasn't been an actually good party since holiday 2015, and nobody will make me change my opinion, even though- Thetableturnedover.png

Rate3Stars.png It's okay By Green N Cool


  • The rooms weren't completely overhauled and were decorated beautifully. I loved the simple yet detailed decorations in the town and the cove.
  • The quest, although easy still, was slightly harder as there wasn't any bold white outlines on the items we were meant to collect. Plus, they had hidden some behind other objects.
  • The items are great and non-members are able to get a pin and background. I particularly like the Bailey Costume
  • The music is good. I especially like the 'Kelp Forest' audio track.
  • Rookie was the mascot for the event.
  • There were new tour guide messages for the decorated rooms.
  • The emotes fit the theme of the party well and I like how there are sound effects with them.


  • The quest mechanics were the same as usual. We just clicked a button to obtain the items.
  • The party's six weeks, despite the fact the quest only lasts one week.
  • There were only six rooms. Because of the use of nice, simple decorations, there should really have been a few more.
  • There wasn't a good storyline. Dory just appears out of nowhere.
  • I guess Dory is special seen as though, as pointed out by others, she hasn't been eaten or utilized yet:

As a random fish appearing on the island, how is she still alive?


Overall, I believe the Finding Dory Party deserves a 3/5. The decorations were brilliant but there's a lack of rooms, the quest difficulty had slightly improved but it was still very easy, and the storyline is not the best.

Rate0.5Stars.png Review By Quackerpingu

In addition the pin, there were backgrounds. But still, THE NUMBER OF NON-MEMBER ITEMS NEEDS TO RISE.

Rate0.5Stars.png This game has officially nosedived into the diabolical heart of Sellout Central By Syllanthrope

And it is never, ever, ever to return. Heck, if this's gonna be my guess, 2016's gonna be Club Penguin's last year before they finally go bankrupt and roll slowly to their graves in a set of comical barrels, looking very confused indeed. " are supposed to mindlessly ADORE anything related to our franchise! The magic of Disney, it was supposed to NEGATE us from ever having to put even an ounce of real effort into our blatant self-promotion! We're that newfangled thing that's gonna be hip wit' da impressionable exploitable children no matter WHAT we do! Right?! We stiiiiiiilll doooooon't geeeeeet iiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt..."

And that's all I have to say on the matter that hasn't quite been said already by the eleven other people stacked above. OH WAIT, ONE MORE THING. DORY LOOKED LIKE THE MOST OUT-OF-PLACE THING IN THE WORLD WITH HER HYPERDETAILED FISHY FACE ALL NEXT TO ROOKIE'S SIMPLISTIC CARTOONISH SHADING. EVEN THE CP NEWSPAPER'S CHEAP PHOTOSHOP JOBS ARE BEGINNING TO EMBERASSINGLY SHOW NOWADAYS. Now sit back, club penguin, and wait for your unanimous 0.1 rating on the upcoming Frozen abomination part three. I'd HOPED THAT WAS A JOKE.

Rate5Stars.png Club Penguin Should Just Keep Swimming By Brookelas

Club Penguin is getting backlash on this party, when they do not deserve it. Is it the best party they have ever made? No. But it is nowhere near the worst. Club Penguin, as I need to add a Finding Dory pun in here somewhere, should just keep swimmin' along with what they're doing. Like seriously people. Let them do their job, and rate them fairly. Do not just give them a 0/5 for nostalgic reasons. That is the same thing as saying "Nintendo doesn't make good games because they are in HD now." And yes, before you ask, I did see Finding Dory the weekend and came out and absolutely loved it. So cute :D

Anyways, on with my review...

What Worked

  • The decorations were hands down the prettiest we have seen in a LONG LONG time in Club Penguin. Especially the Beach and Town, like those are fascinating.
  • The difficulty on the quest was vastly improved upon! Great work Club Penguin.
  • This could count as cheating, but the atmosphere in the party... I have NEVER seen a takeover create rooms that are THIS reminiscent to the movie, while feeling like they are very much Club Penguin original. The closest in my opinion that Club Penguin has come to this is with Teen Beach or Frozen, but the Finding Dory atmosphere is a charming atmosphere.
  • The music tracks are AMAZING! A few older tracks return with brand new tracks! They are all very peaceful and relaxing.
  • The costumes look AMAZING!! Also, there are more than just costumes. Proud of ya CP!
  • The little things in this party... the fact that DESTINY is an emote IIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss ttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee beeeeeeeeeessssstttttt thhhhhhhiiiiiiiinnGGGGGGG EEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRR! (my computer impression of speaking whale, I'm good at in in real life, promise!)

What Didn't Work

  • There was potential for a better storyline, and a more involved quest, with Rockhopper as a mascot as an oppose to Rookie. My only nitpick with this party.

Conclusion 5/5. Get over it. They made a great party.

Rate0Stars.png no By Penstubal

disney please stop you are killing me

Rate1.5Stars.png Please, just stop By Abdul54

It's another takeover, and the only good thing about it is the art, things like this is why I left 2 yrs ago. Please club penguin, stop with the darn takeovers. EDIT: I guess the base party is okay, but it is still drained by the fact it's ANOTHER takeover

Rate0Stars.png LOL By Yoshi11

So apparently the new Club Penguin trend is being lazy by making a "party" that spans two months. I say "party" because, to be completely fair, it's an over glorified point and click game that happens to be sponsored by Finding Dory.

There. That's all you need to know.

Club Penguin is no longer a chatroom/game. It's a meme, a meme that has a subreddit dedicated to showcasing how people were banned from Club Penguin. Given that the "team" is focused on Super Secret or whatever (which looks like a crappy game from the 2000s), I honestly have no hope for this game. Club Penguin could've died when the "team" realized they screwed up, but nope. They're dying a slow and painful death, a death that brings memories of declining quality instead of the unique chatroom it used to be.

Rate2Stars.png Sigh, at least it's better than the Frozen Party 2016 By Cp kid

There were a few decorated rooms in this party, that were actual decorations instead of overhauls, so that's good (though half were overdone in a way, they were ok like the Iceberg). But, they could have and probably should have decorated more rooms such as the town interior, but they rarely do that anymore so whatever. As usual I dislike the point-and-click and interface part of the party, but that's usual as well. While the party itself is average or maybe even above average for a 2016 party, the big kicker is that it's over a month long, and is literally back-to-back with the Zootopia Party and Frozen CopyPaste Party. The quest took me about 25 minutes to complete, only because people were standing in front of the glasses hidden in the whale tank- the party doesn't need to be that long. Some of us actually would like to see the normal Club Penguin (even if only 6 rooms are decorated). I'll give it 2 stars because I'm comparing it to present day parties, and considering the month long timeframe reduced the rating by a lot...

Rate0Stars.png A Bad and Uncreative Party [[User:|By ']]

Finding Dory party is disgusting and I don't like it at all!(But it is better than Frozen Party)

Rate2.5Stars.png Unpleasant. By TheRareWanderer

You know, Disney has the nerve to make all of these takeovers. Just one or two would've been fine, and the rest would be the nice, original parties they made years ago. Now, we have crossovers that can or can't make sense. The Finding Dory Party is an example of something that didn't cut it.

This looks too much like the Water Party to me. I'd rather have a rehash of that than this, though.

Let's start off with the story: Dory got stuck in Club Penguin (for whatever reason) and needs to get home. So you need to go guessed it!...a quest to find stuff so she can get home.


The rooms are actually pretty gloriously drawn, but it falls flat because, as you know, you're gonna be paying attention to that quest. Also, there's a calendar for creepy looking items based off the fishy friends of the movie. okay That's cool and all, but don't we already have a fish costume? OH YEAH!

The other stuff is just mayhem and people go shamelessly looking around for stuff. The thing that creeps me out about this debacle, though? The art style. yes, my penguin friends, look clooooseeelllyyyy into my eyes...

It's like they tried to fit Dory into the "new and hip" CP art style and failed. I liked the sloppy Rocketsnail style, anyway.

Did I mentioned non-members get, like, nothing again?

Overall, it gets a 2.5 for the graphics, but 0 for anything else.