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The Fair
Average Rating: 4.0 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 13
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Rate5Stars.png It was a FAIR decision to make this desktop only By Brookelas

In a way, the fact that The Fair didn't go on mobile and hold it back is almost a sign that Club Penguin is STARTING to get the idea that we are getting fed up with a lot of things. So, let's analyze The Fair 2015!

What Worked

  • The prizes were good as always
  • Inexpensive prizes
  • Rooms were amazing (I don't mind that rooms returned, all the 'Old CP' Fairs were like that)
  • Music
  • Transformations work for The Fair
  • They took out items outta the Daily Spin :D

What Didn't Work

  • So much Superhero related stuff, but not a Superhero Park? There was only one new park :(

Conclusion 7 pros, and 2 cons! I didn't expect THIS much awesomeness from The Fair this year. I think this is my FIRST PARTY this year I am giving a 5/5 to! Congrats CP! You were able to score a 5/5 by reusing rooms from last year :D

Rate3.5Stars.png Fair-ly decent By Chill57181

I must admit, I was impressed with CP. This party proves that mobile was holding parties back so much, so now we finally get a decent party because CP didn't feel the need to port it to the app.

With party features, it's The Fair so you know what to expect. All the games from last year are back. One huge problem though... remember how last year, Lunar Launch stopped giving you tickets? Well this year, tons of games don't give you tickets AT ALL. Puffle Paddle, Puffle Soaker, Puffle Shuffle, Memory Card Game, Lunar Launch and Feed-A-Puffle don't give you ANY tickets, which limits you to Balloon Pop, Super Hero Bounce, and those snowball throwing "games". Thankfully this glitch was fixed pretty quickly, but Lunar Launch still doesn't work. Oh well. At least the prizes are easier to get this year.

Also, Super Hero Bounce from the Marvel Superhero Takeover returns this year, which I'm pretty happy about. Another thing returning is the dreaded Daily Spin. However, this year they decided to remove items from it, which is AWESOME. Silver tickets still give members 1000 coins though which is stupid, but oh well. The new snowball "game" for the medieval area, Medieval Monsters, is pretty boring, and all you do is throw snowballs at cardboard cutouts of trolls and other monsters. Basically a clone of the Wild West snowball "game". Why couldn't we have the Hydra or something cool like that?

Transformations from previous parties return, and we get a Werewolf from Halloween Party 2013, the Ultimate Mega Dragon from Medieval Party 2013, a Robo from Future Party, and they also made a new transformation - a Crab Pirate from Pirate Party 2014.

Rookie is visiting, but I would've rather had Rockhopper... but Rookie doesn't have anywhere else to go so I'll cut him some slack. Also, just like last year, the Penguin Band performs but doesn't waddle around. Why not? This could've been a perfect opportunity for them to visit after the glitch made them not show up during SoundStudio.

The decorations all return from last year's Fair, but there's a few new ones this year. The new medieval area of the Amazement Park is... really not that great, and it's basically CP's excuse to not do a Medieval Party this year. A few rooms are changed slightly to accommodate the new area. Unlike SoundStudio Party, Club Penguin actually made an effort to put the sky in EVERY room. While this is mostly just copy and paste, new rooms like the Puffle Park, Skate Park, Puffle Wild, and the redesigned Ski Village, Ski Lodge, and Ski Attic have the night sky as well.

There's a lot of cool new prizes this year, including a DONUT! LMGT would've loved this... Anyway, it's a mixture of new items and old items from previous Fairs, and even stuff like the Gold Bell which isn't gonna be rare anymore but oh well I don't care that much.

None of the music is changed from last year, except the new medieval songs. Those are just... eh. They should've used some music from the Medieval Party instead.

While this party certainly wasn't "AMAZING!!!!!!!", it didn't slip by with a "well, at least it's decent" like 2014's best parties did. It's actually a pretty good party. Also, sorry for the giant block of text :P

Rate5Stars.png better than the last one By Superalvi400

I know it is mosly reused from last year, but it was the improved version! I understand that Rookie came, he fits more in the new futuristic park theme of the Fair.

DECORATIONS = 7/10 - I am giving a 7 because CP ACTUALLY did the dusk setting in new rooms that were not on last year's Fair, unlike some things... Also a party don't needs lots of decorations on main places to be good. CP did their best, and i appreciate they work.

TRANSFORMATIONS = - 10/10 One of the things that make this the best fair ever. They are, actually, very funny. Lol that robot dance, the crab with size of a bean (XD) the werewolfs acting like they are dogs, the dragons jumping are priceless too! bahaha

MUSIC= N/A - Well my computer has no sound so i will have to leave this blank

PARTY ROOMS = 9/10 - Another reason to why this is the best. The medieval one also is amazing! I like how each transformation matches with one of the areas. This will not have 10 because Medieval Monsters is a different version of Bullseye.

PARTY GAMES = 10/10 - The good old games...

COMPARISON TO OTHER FAIRS= 10/10 - What was so great about the 2007-2012 fairs? Just a penguin waddling to some booths to get tickets and buy prizes, coming back everyday. That may sound enough, but how is this better than a WHOLE FAIR, FULL OF TARGET GAMES, ROLLERCOASTERS, FERRIS WHEELS AND PARKS, DRAGONS, WEREWOLFS, CRABS AND ROBOTS, MORE PRIZES AND THIS AWESOME DUSK SKY... Also the "come back and get the thing" already existed on all Fairs. The difference is that you know what will be the future prizes.

If you are a crying nostalgic, sorry but kill yourselt. You need to accept that all things change. DEAL WITH IT. 8l

Rate5Stars.png The Amazing Fair 2015 By Frozen Puffle

The party is amazing! The most of the rooms returned from 2014 but I don't care because I missed them! Also the new area is awsome! And the items of course! I love the new Shadow Guy's costume, the donut and the Monkey Stuffie! Also the new game Super Hero Bounce is awsome! And the transformations! But there are bad things also. The items are too cheap. If there were more expensive, it would be more interesting. The Medieval Mosters is like the Bulleseye. It would be great if it was the Hydra or something like that. But it's a great party!

Rate3.5Stars.png The same fair as last year's, but BETTER this time! By EmberPrismDX

I don't know where to start, but I loved this year's Fair! One of the problems were that there was only 1 new room AND THE STUPID ANNOYING GLITCHES. The pros were the items, transformations, and cheaper items. Nice job on this month's party Club Penguin, keep up the good work! ;)

Rate1.5Stars.png Fair-ly overated By David231099

The Fair was always a time of excitement in Club Penguin, an event to beat the back to school blues, one of the highlights of the year, one of the biggest parties of the year. This one? Not nearly as big but still kind of fun.

Decorations (0/10)

Well there were... no decorations in the main rooms (night sky doesn't count). So I have to give it 0.

Party Games (4/5)

Perhaps one of the few items remaining from the original fairs, these are my favourite and are one of the few highlights of the party. However some have been changed slightly and others just don't feel the same without the classic music.

Music (0/5)

I'm sorry but the music at this party sucked! Why did it have to be all future or western music, I can't stand those! What happened to the classic, irreplaceable fair music? To add insult to injury the fair games music was even worse. None of the music suited the games (perhaps except Feed-A-Puffle) so again 0.

Party Rooms (4/5)

I guess the carnival rooms were well designed with some cool new features like the ride. Most of it is exactly the same as last year but I don't really care. Points deducted for not bringing back the Bonus Games Area or Great Puffle Circus.

Items (3/5)

The items were decent enough, although some are quite similar to past ones. Also its a return of the "Come Back Tomorrow" scenario...

Member to Non-Member Ratio (2/5)

While non-members get a fair amount of prizes, members can transform, go on rides and enter certain areas exclusively. So I give a fairness ratio of 1:3.5 (where 1 is non-members and 3.5 is members).

Mascots (3/5)

Rookie suited the party but the Penguin Band weren't meet able.

Comparison to Past Editions (1/10)

This party doesn't even touch past fairs. They used to be one of the largest, most anticipated time of the year and now its all been squashed into one area where the Wilderness was in 2011. It was almost identical to last years fair which equally sucked. One point for retaining the classic fair games.


This section deals with any other business.

  • There were no quests, but tbh one wasn't necessary.
  • The emotes were ok, but none that were memorable.
  • The ticket system and prices have HUGELY improved since last year. Like 2012 and 2014 you keep your tickets when you log off.
  • The sunset sky was a nice touch and for the first time this year they do it to the whole island. But that still doesn't replace the old fair decorations...
  • If they were going to have a fair this size, they might as well have included the Rainbow Puffle Celebration from the App.
  • This party wasn't confirmed until late April/early May which is perfect timing.

With seventeen out of fifty I round this score down to 1.5 stars. Maybe this is because of my nostalgia factor kicking in but this party was a huge disappointment. Just like last year, no main room decorations. This party should NOT be getting the good reviews it is getting.

--David231099 (Talk) (Contribs) 08:38, 23 May 2015 (UTC)

Rate5Stars.png This is Fair-ly good! By Green N Cool


  • The decorations looked stunning.
  • The new medieval room looked good and the new 'Medieval Monsters' game was fun to play.
  • The prices of the prizes were lowered. I liked how the Club Penguin team admitted that earning prizes last year was "tough" in the Club Penguin Times.
  • The daily spin was much more fair.
  • The transformations matched the different themed rooms well.
  • The party wasn't on Mobile so the team didn't have to remove features and rooms.
  • The Fair games had returned!
  • The 'Super Hero bounce' game had returned
  • Rookie waddled around the island!
  • The penguin band performed. They created a great atmosphere in the main room.
  • There was a large replay value.
  • The emotes matched the theme of the party well.
  • The party appeals to a range of players - those who like the pirate theme, those who like galactic theme, those who like the cowboy theme and those who like the medieval theme.


  • The Penguin Band didn't waddle around.
  • All the normal rooms weren't decorated (with the exception of the Dock), only the sky was altered.
  • Some items were old ones that were re-coloured.
  • There were some glitches.


Overall, with a lot more positives than negatives, I will rate The Fair 2015 a 5/5

Rate4.5Stars.png "Fair"ly Good! By Chucker321

I love it this year, so I'm giving it a 4.5! :D

Rate3Stars.png Welp, it's a Fair improvement By Mario Rk

Finally, after so many months, Club Penguin has created a party that is slightly above average. Which is a little disappointing seeing how this is the FIFTH party this year and TWO out of those five parties have been takeovers. Much like the Frozen Fever Party, this party also recycles the previous year's ideas with a few added features and slight modifications that just make this year's Fair better.

To start off our review, let's talk about the Fair's baseline; to play mini-games and earn tickets to exchange with prizes. Last year's Fair had some ridiculously high ticket prices that took forever to grind for, because of this I wasn't even able to obtain all the prizes since I didn't want to play mini-games five hundred times to earn three thousand tickets. Luckily this year they've reduced the prices and made them reasonable again. This year's Ticket Booth is full of new prizes with some veteran items.


This year's Fair also returns all of our favorite fair classics such as Feed-A-Puffle, Puffle Shuffle, Balloon Pop and more, although of course they kept their 2014 appearance, which I'm okay with. This year they brought a favorite from the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013, Super Hero Bounce. I'm pretty satisfied with this decision since Club Penguin decided to not make a Marvel Super Hero Takeover this year. Club Penguin has also removed items from the Daily Spin, another improvement that doesn't force me to come back daily because of those two dang pins! There's also the special Silver Ticket areas that add the amusement park/carnival feeling to the Fair. In my opinion, Bulls Eye and Medieval Monsters are probably my least favorite areas since they're practically enlarged versions of the Arcade/Dance Lounge's Target game. They just don't feel as special or as fun as the other Silver Ticket areas.


This review is already a giant wall of text, but I still have more to review! Because this Party returned the concept of the Amazement Park, everything takes place in party rooms. This does act more like a real-life fair, although I kind of miss the concept of having the fair on the island itself. A giant celebration around the Island with decorations and games at the Dock, Snow Forts and Forest. I still enjoy this party, even if Club Penguin could have done a lot better with it. But hey, at least Club Penguin bothered to color in the entire sky this time! (I'm looking at you SoundStudio Party…)

Overall, this party was (unfortunately) THE best party of 2015, and it still has a ton of potential to be better. The ticket system is no longer flawed, the games are still fun as ever, decorations could've been better although there's one detail I disagree with, this party's mascot. Rookie is a good representative for the Fair, although I think I'd rather see Rockhopper returning as its face. Rockhopper may not be the same as he used to be, but in-game he created the Fair, he deserves to be its mascot. Rookie could stay too, although Rockhopper deserves the main spotlight of this event. There's just a nostalgic touch to Rockhopper, probably because he was one of Club Penguin's first characters ever.

Rate4Stars.png An imporovement over last year but it's not perfect By Civsa

The Fair is one of my favourite parties. This is a quite good party, the transformations seem to be matching everything. But I miss how the fair had the ringmaster music (the fair 2011 if anyone remembers). Would be happy if some acual parts of the island were decorated. To be honest, the prizes are way too cheap. It is way too easy to earn tickets, for members the daily spin seems a bit useless. On the wheel there should be more than one silver ticket at a time, to give more chance for non members. Last year I was a non member, Marooned lagoon was the only thing worth it. I give it 4 stars because it's an improvement of the last Club Penguin parties this year.

Rate3Stars.png Actualy fairly decent! By Yoshi11

Unfortunately, this year's Fair seems to be almost completely recycled from last year's surprisingly meh party. The Amazement Park is back, and I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Good because it's nicely themed, but bad because everything in the Fair is confined to this tiny little space. This means that the rest of the island is dead, and it made protests pretty hard to set up (*cough* The Plaza *cough*)

Anyways, how are the mini games? They are the exact same things as last year, and that's a good thing. All of the games have fun gameplay and good theming, which is awesome. New this year (which I was told was from a few years ago) is Superhero Bounce, and it's a quick mobile-style game that's quite fun at the same time. The Amazement Park is still pretty much the same thing with the exception of the Medieval section. It's pretty much useless for nonmembers like me, so oh well.

This year's prizes are pretty cheap, but that unfortunately means that I really don't have to earn anything. The prize selection screen is also quite easy to use. There's both new items (#TheDonutIsALie) and some old classics from what I've heard.

Overall, because of the lack of party atmosphere outside of the fairgrounds, I'd give this party a solid three stars. It's still a meh party, but because of the added features, it's only slightly better. If this really is the best party of 2015 so far, I wouldn't be surprised.

Rate5Stars.png My revew on the fair By Carlay6187

this is how awesome the fair really is I just love everything about it my favrate thing about it is the 8-bit fair game it is just so cool.

Rate4Stars.png The 2015 Fair might be the redemption CP needs after all those horrid parties By Star kirby12

As we all know Club Penguin has been failing to impress us for quite some time. From the Prehistoric Party 2014 to the Frozen Fever Party 2015, only four out of SEVENTEEN parties were able to surpass the 4.0 mark, and most that didn't were terrible (with the Music Jam 2014, despite finally bringing back the name "Music Jam", holding a record low of a 0.7 average). The Fair, however, as of this review, holds a 2015 record of 4.0. So let's break this down.


  • The items were great this year. Along with throwbacks to Stage classics Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal and Battle of the Ancient Shadows, a well-made recolor of the coveted Winged Viking Helmet (that I've wanted for SUCH A LONG TIME) and the return of the Bucket Helmet made the selections rather great, even for non-members.
  • All the old Fair games are back, albeit redesigned.
  • The Super Hero Bounce from the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 returns. Although there isn't much incentive to do it this time, it's still fun to play. (Please disregard the fact that I mentioned it was a Mega Jump ripoff way back in 2013.)
  • Returning transformations from the Halloween Party 2013, Future Party, Pirate Party, and the dreaded Medieval Party 2013... although it was the dragon one, so it's forgiven.
  • A new Medieval area that's actually about knights this time around. Probably the closest we'll get to another Medieval Party. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  • They took the liberty to actually decorate one of the main CP rooms. (It's the Stage though.)
  • The return of Anchors Aweigh, a song from 2012 aka the CP Golden Year.
  • Desktop only. A HUGE pro that breaks down the mobile barrier, which makes the quality even better.


  • Amidst all the great items, they made more wigs. Weeeeeee.
  • Ridiculously slow escalators. Weeeeeee.
  • Can we really call this a Fair anymore? It's an amusement park by this point with all the rides!
  • Although it's not as bad as Frozen Fever, it's the Fair 2014 Rebooted. Weeeeeeed.

It's definitely not enough to bring me back to the game, but it'll be fun for CP's young target audience. The Pros outweigh the Cons, and therefore this gets 4 stars out of 5.