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Star Wars Rebels Takeover
Average Rating: 2.5 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 7
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Rate1.5Stars.png "I find your lack of party quality disturbing." By Penguin 985

So we start 2015 in Club Penguin with a let down with the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. However, it's improvement on the previous party held in Club Penguin - The Merry Walrus Party.

Decorations - The Star Wars Rebels Takeover has some good decoration, which is at least unique and original unlike previous parties in Club Penguin. This party sees 7 rooms being decorated in the style in a planet where Star Wars Rebels is set, don't even talk to me about that Space room. The decorations are reasonably detailed and outline what life on the planet in Star Wars Rebels is like. However, one thing which let the decorations down is yet again how spread out they are. The decorations are in 7 rooms on the island, which isn't very far if you ask me. For future parties, I would advise Club Penguin puts some decorations in other rooms like the Ski Village and Iceberg rather than leave them blank. One more bad thing about the decorations is that the sky isn't consistent in the rooms in Club Penguin. For example, the Beach has a pink and purple sky but the Ski Village has a plain blue sky. Is it too much for Club Penguin to change the colour of the sky in all of the Club Penguin rooms? This factor would improve my rating as it shows some decoration in rooms which aren't decorated as much.

Mascot - The mascot for this party was... NONE. Wait, did I just get that right? For the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, there won't be a character wondering around the island. I know I've criticised their use for previous parties, but you didn't have to get rid of them. I would have been alright with Gary with a new playercard and giveaway background. I would suggest to improve this party, Club Penguin should include a mascot to make it seem more interesting at least.

Tasks - Guess what penguins? The repetitive tasks returned for the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. However, the tasks for this party were slightly different and individual in their own way. They did involve throwing snowballs, but it did take me a longer time to complete the tasks then previous tasks for other parties. *cough* Merry Walrus Party *cough*. An improvement I would suggest to Club Penguin for future parties would be to create more interesting tasks like at last year's Halloween Party. This party also saw the return of the Light saber Duels, which were an interesting new concept at the time of launch in July 2013. However, as Club Penguin has reintroduced this feature for the Crab Battle duels in November 2014, it kinda ruined their concept. Another bad thing about the Light saber Duels is that they can lag Club Penguin a lot if on busy servers. This could be improved by using a fresh, new concept instead of the same old ones. One task which really let its self down for the party was the "Challenge The Inquisitor" task. I thought that this task looked promising and hard, but it was completely different to what I expected. This task took four moves and 30 seconds to complete, which really isn't challenging or good enough. An improvement for this task would be to make it harder, which would make it more realistic as Club Penguin seems to forget battling a sith lord shouldn't be as easy as pie.

Story - The story for this party was also quite a let down. The story for this part involved the Empire arriving and the Ghost arriving after. This story didn't sound very complex and I wouldn't be surprised if it took all but 10 seconds to think of. To improve this, I would actually involve a storyline like previous parties in Club Penguin like the Star Wars Takeover in 2013. This involved Darth Herbert taking up on his revenge on Club Penguin by teaming up with the Empire, we then destroyed him similarly to what the Rebels did in Stars Wars - A New Hope.

Free Items - As always it's important to consider the non-members of Club Penguin who don't have access to membership features. For this party, there's several free items which allows penguins to dress up as the characters from Star Wars Rebels which I commend Club Penguin for doing. This is probably one of the only things that Club Penguin got completely spot on for the Star Wars Rebels Takeover.

Rate2.5Stars.png Lack of non-member items By Revern

This party was really bad. There was few non-member items, there was even no non-member Lightsaber, however in the Pirate Party, they gave a chance to non-members and made a wooden sword. There was no mascots in this party. Why not Darth Herbert or Princess Cadence? I give this party 2.5/5 stars.

Rate1.5Stars.png The Force is not strong with this one By Juca

I dislike takeovers. Despite being a Star Wars fan, I don't want it on Club Penguin. If I wanted Star Wars Rebels, I would be watching TV, not playing CP. Anyway, it would be better if the party were good, but it isn't.

Few rooms are decorated again, probably because Club Penguin now only changes the rooms that are in the App. A thing that annoys me about it is that the outdoor rooms like Plaza and Town are decorated, but not the indoor ones, such as the Coffee Shop and the Pizza Parlor. Also, another aspect looks very poorly made: some rooms have a dark sky and some don't, which looks very weird. Is changing the sky of all the rooms too much to ask for? But I like the secret space room, though.

The tasks are easy and boring, as always: throwing snowballs and clicking on some objects, once more. Even free item boxes would be better than this. The Inquisitor "battle" is pointless, since it's impossible to lose. What is the point of a battle if you will always win?

The lack of non-members items is also worth mentioning. Why isn't there a non-member lightsaber, like the Wooden Sword from the Pirate Party 2014?

Overall, it's a weak party. In 2015, I hope we get less advertising parties AKA takeovers, more decorated rooms and better tasks.

Rate2.5Stars.png The Star Wars Rebels Takeover By Green N Cool


  • All of the seven decorated rooms don't even look like their original design and shape. The interiors don't match the exteriors at all. It would have been good if there was some construction in the rooms a few days prior to the party starting to show that they were getting a 'total alteration' for the event, not just one day they're normal, the next they're completely different.
  • The space room is okay, but it's pointless because there's nothing to do in it.
  • Why can we access the plaza from the pool (Cave) but not access the pool (cave) from the plaza? The team could have blocked the ladder in the pool (cave) like they usually do in the hidden lake when that entrance is covered.
  • Although most of the decorated rooms were total overhauls, I like the amount of detail that went into them.
  • I liked how at the beach, if a player walked up to the cell door it would open and a sound would play.

I've given some examples of what I mean when I say the rooms don't look like their original design and shape below:

 Example of rooms that are not total overhauls The rooms keep their shape and design but are still decorated to a good standard.   
Example of rooms that are total overhauls They don't look like their original design and shape.
Tasks (Missions)
  • The tasks at the party were okay. It was a bit harder to find the fruit baskets and droid batteries and fun to throw snowballs at posters in order to cover them. It was good to see that as well as the tasks, the lightsaber duel had returned and we could earn new items as well as use the past lightsabers from the Star Wars Takeover 2013 to duel.
  • At least the tasks took longer to do.
  • The 'Save Kanan' task was good and although it involved throwing more snowballs, it took time to complete and was quite fun.
Replay Value
  • This party didn't have the best replay value. Most missions took a longer time to complete and everyone could replay the final 'Mission' which was good. Only members could continue to duel with other penguins in order to earn more items. However, we still couldn't earn anything extra such as coins for dueling after we'd earned all the items.
  • There were a lot of items that fit the theme of the party. It would have been nice to see non-members get something from doing lightsaber duels.
  • The music at the party was okay, it matched the party's theme (Star Wars).
  • I didn't like how eleven non-decorated rooms had Star Wars themed music playing in them, it didn't match them at all.
  • The storyline was ok, the Empire likes taking over planets and tries to takeover Club Penguin. However, this was only first mentioned by Aunt Arctic? How did she know the Empire was coming to takeover Club Penguin? Was she told by the rebels? The story was not complex enough and there were a few questions that needed to be answered.
  • There were no mascots at the party even though there could have been one or two.
  • Gary could have made appearance seen as though he's into science, Herbert could have appeared helping the Empire or even Aunt Arctic as she could have reported on the events.
  • The party emotes fit the theme of the party nicely.
  • Overall, I'm going to rate the Star Wars Rebels Takeover a 2.5/5.

Rate0Stars.png Ew By Chucker321

What else can I say?

Rate5Stars.png I change my mind By Goums

I kinda like it much more. I forgot that I heard of Star Wars. Awesome!!!!!!

Rate4.5Stars.png A Light-year Better than 2013 By Brookelas

For those of you who have been following my reviews, you know two things... that I hated the Star Wars 2013 Takeover, and that I have a strict rating system. It is time to introduce you to my new rating system, and decide if this Star Wars Party was better than the previous.

Just a brief outline on my new review system... I will have three sections: What Worked, What Didn't Work, and Conclusion. The number of stars you will see will be based off of how many Pros and Cons there are. If there are an equal amount, the party will be rated at 2.5. For every more pro, that will be another half a star, and for every more con, there will be a half a star taken away. Enough with the boring stuff, let's get to the cheese.

What Worked

  • The Decorations. They Looked PHENOMENAL! And CP was actually decorated, unlike the first Wars party.
  • We had a secret room. We haven't had a secret room for a LOOOOOONG time in CP. Heck, I don't even remember the last one.
  • The music was perfect.
  • The quests... oh thank you... they weren't super simple at ALL! I actually found myself having to WORK at one of the quests. They were like a MAJORLY improved Merry Walrus Party quest.
  • Lightsaber Battles... the only thing that made the first Star Wars Party good, and Pirate Party 2014 to be decent. It returned with some awesome prizes, and an epic final battle. (Yes... I found that final battle fun)
  • The party was way more visually appealing than the actual TV show. I watched one episode to see what it was about, and I was immediately turned off because it looked awful. Props to you CP

What Didn't Work

  • My biggest issue here is the items. I feel like free items based off of character costumes is a TERRIBLE idea. Costumes should be in catalogs, not as free items.
  • No indoor rooms being decorated. Now the main issue is that there was MUSIC in the rooms, but not decorations. The outsides of buildings looked amazing, so CP couldn't have built on that at all? Sigh.

Only two cons, compared to 6 pros. Congrats 2015 Star Wars, you are better than 2013 Star Wars by a LONGSHOT with a 4.5/5 star rating. Thank you for making a decent party to kick off January that ACTUALLY HAPPENS THE ISLAND!