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SoundStudio Party
Average Rating: 1.4 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 14
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Rate1Star.png ... By Radykiel

Rooms - I don't want to use my keyboard to do this review... - 0/10

Items - Cute, but many recolors. And, as usually, nonmembers get only one item, to wear for every day. - 3/10

Music - Great - 2/10


Sound Studio - Did they do something with Sound Studio for this party ? It isn't Keyboard Party - 0/10

Games etc. - ... - 0/10

5/50... 1/10

It means it's nothing important.

Rate1.5Stars.png One sixth of the year and not so good By Towerofyikk

This party... where do I start... well, first of all, my initial impression was not at all good. CP was in the process of updating way too early, causing many, many bugs. Many still persist. The interface still does not even work, for gosh sake. Way too rushed. The party itself is less than decent. Room designs are reused, even the two party rooms from the Hollywood Party are COMPLETELY copied over, but serve no function at all. The sky is completely silly, it just slowly fades between rooms (Dock and Forest). Is there some wacky solar eclipse? What is happening? And there is even LESS rooms decorated this time. Soon, only the Town will be decorated, I bet.

The free items are okay, except the totallynotSkrillexhair bugs me. At least the items (for the most part) are fresh and not recolors of existing items, and some are actually kinda nice looking. That is really all I like about the party. However, CP lied, claiming Cadence and the PB would be meetable, even saying so in the newspaper, but today, it has been announced they will not be waddling around, which I imagine would be disappointing for many. Such a blatant lie is pretty low, although it arguably could be worse.

The concept for the party's tasks in playing music are fine in theory, but when played out, they are very simple, require no effort, and are very monotonous. Nothing but clicking buttons over and over, waiting for a while for the song to finish, and doing it seven more times. At the end you are supposed to receive a cool looking hoodie, but of course, CP glitching prevented this from being obtainable in the first place, as when you perform for Cadence in all genres, nothing happens. Good job, Club Penguin...

I could go on and on on why I dislike this party, how it is purely to advertise an app that probably will be quite lackluster, and more, but I will end this for now. All in all, the only thing I really like about the party is some of the items. The "guests" got a chuckle out of me though, but that does not make up for much at all. We are already one sixth through the year, and Club Penguin is not looking too good. The Puffle Party is probably going to be an excuse to release more unnecessary puffles, too...

Rate5Stars.png Cool By Goums

Great name! I like the sounds of it. This is too awesome!

Rate3Stars.png 60% = D- Party By Chucker321

The SoundStudio Party has started. I like it, although there are a few things that I am unsatisfied with.

Music: 7/10 - It's cool. I like it, and I like that you get to make your own music for Cadence; but you have to be a member.

Rooms: 6/10 - Only 4 rooms are decorated; Town, Stadium, Snow Forts, and Plaza. I like that they brought back the limo and the award room for the Plaza.

Decorations: 8/10 - I like the decorations. I like the separate rooms for the styles when you make music.

Items: 6/10 - Non-members can get 4 items and members can get 8 items. Non-members can get head, face, and hand items. Members can get head, face, body, and hand items. They aren't exactly the best-looking items. Clothing items: Eh... Furniture items: They are all recycled items that keep getting used over and over.

Mascots: 0/10 - Cadence is there, but as a robot...?

Theme: 9/10 - Overall, I like the theme of this party.

36/60 = 18/30 = 9/15 = 3/5 stars

Rate1.5Stars.png Why so many bad parties? By Juca

It's sad that Club Penguin is having so many parties lacking quality. Once again, few rooms of the actual Club Penguin Island are decorated. Party quality is being sacrificed for the mobile app, and that's not good. I mean, it's important nowdays to be available to phone/tablet users, but the main, desktop version of the game is getting a lot worse. Now only the rooms of the app are changed, and that means we won't be seeing the whole island decorated again, like it used to happen in many parties. Why not offering "complete" versions of parties on desktop and "limited" ones on mobile? It could be made in a way app users could still get the items, but the desktop version would have more decorated rooms.

Not even the dark sky was changing for all rooms, which is really ridicolous. The Dock sky makes the Club Penguin team look lazy. Other thing that makes it look lazy is the fact that most decorated rooms are the same as they looked like in Hollywood Party.

The features (playing music at the Stages) are better than the ones of the previous parties, but still are boring. There is no challenge. Matching symbols with the ones displayed on the top of the screen looks like a preschool activity. Overall, SoundStudio Party is better than Music Jam 2014 (which was probably the worst party in the history of Club Penguin), but there are still a lot of things to improve.

Rate2Stars.png Is This Party As Good As It Sounds? By Brookelas

Ok! The second party of 2015! Let's see what worked and what didn't!

What Worked

  • The member-non member ratio was perfect! They didn't overdo it for members, but they gave us a nice little addition without letting non members miss out on anything special.
  • The items look amazing, and yeah!
  • The music is nice and catchy... unlike some previous musical party.
  • It was nice to see the limo and awards show from Hollywood Party make a return.
  • The Party Stages looked awesome.

What Didn't Work

  • No new emotes... they were all reused from the dreaded Music Jam 2014.
  • The dark sky was only in the decorated rooms... why? Just WHY?? And how??
  • The 'quest' was WAAAAAAAY too easy
  • They advertised Penguin Band coming, and they never did. Would it hurt to log them in every once in a while?
  • Why is the Stadium the backstage? They could have made the Stadium and Mine Shack stages and the School a backstage area.
  • Another thing that bothered me is that Cadence didn't even perform her new song, which was released for this party... WHY? On top of that, Soundstudio wasn't updated as promised.

Conclusion With 5 pros and 6 cons, I rate this party a 2. A party based off of a minigame worked for Card-Jitsu, but based off of Soundstudio? Really? I would have changed Snowball Records into an actual like radio station, and put the four stages in the Beach, Dock, Forest and Cove. Cadence could have performed at the Stadium, and the Mine Shack could have been a dance studio thingy like it was in the 2012 Ultimate Jam. I mean, at least its better than MJ 2014, so yeah... I guess that's all I have to say.

Rate0Stars.png yes hello By Penstubal

i don't know what to say

this is so

... poo

Rate0Stars.png wut By Superalvi400

Two puffles and inanimate objects as guests? '______' I have to admit, the MJ14 ones were better.

Rate0Stars.png Crappy By Ninja Penguins

Bad experience, for both members and non-members. The party is so glitchy, members can barely do anything. Non-members can only look at rooms, and that's about it. This party is just sad. Super sad. This party will get rekt.

Rate2.5Stars.png The SoundStudio Party. Good or Bad? By Green N Cool
  • It was great that they had added construction before the party to show that there was going to be fully decorated/overhauled rooms (Snow forts), at least we then knew that they were working on fully altering the rooms for the event, not just one minute they're normal, the next they're totally different.
  • It was great that the limousine and awards show had returned.
  • The Town, Plaza and Coffee Shop weren't totally altered (overhauled) when the party started.
  • The 'Stages' were designed well and I like how they were separated into different genres.
  • Why did the stadium become a backstage room for a building placed in the snow forts (Snowball Records)? The room looked great but couldn't the stadium have stayed as it always is (soccer stadium) but had a concert or even a large tent with the backstage things in the center of that room so it's less overhauled?
  • Although it was nice, what was the point of the awards show returning to the stage? There were no awards being given out and the stage was overhauled. We couldn't even go into the room on the Club Penguin App. The room basically had no purpose other than a small role play opportunity.
  • It was a shame the limousine only dropped you off at the plaza and like the awards show, it wasn't available on the Club Penguin App.
  • I disliked how the rooms decorated had a night sky whilst the non decorated ones were in daylight.
  • When opening a door in some rooms such as the Pet Shop, Pizza Parlor and Puffle hotel you would see daylight but outside in the plaza, it was dark.
  • Cadence said in the 487th Club Penguin Times issue that “There are EPIC stages all over the island for U to perform on”. So where were these stages? They weren't anywhere around the island, just in 'Snowball Records' (/the party rooms).
  • If this party was suppose to be about the SoundStudio game, why wasn't the dance club, the location of the game, decorated.
  • It was nice earning the items by clicking on buttons to play some music. They did take a little longer to do.
  • I'd have probably found it more fun if it was like 'Simon says' were we had to memorize the music and then play it and if we got it wrong we'd have to start over.
Replay Value
  • You don't earn anything else after you've got all the items. There's no replay value.
  • If the game was like 'Simon says' were we had to memorize the music and then play it and if we got it wrong we'd have to start over, it would likely take longer to do and more people would replay it to get the items. However, if the music track was played wrong, we still had to start over, but it was still easy and quick.
  • I like some of the new items, they fit the theme of the party well.
  • A couple of the items are copies of past items, just recolored.
  • The music fitted the party well.
  • I loved the music that played after we had completed copying a track.
  • There wasn't the best storyline for the SoundStudio party. Having a party just because an out-of-game app is released is not a storyline.
Mascots and “Special Guests”
  • It was nice to see Glitterpants the puffle and Dubstep puffle make an appearance with cadence as a special guest, but why a rocking horse, a lamp, a buoy and some modern art?
  • Cadence wasn't waddling around until she 'briefly' did a few days before the party was due to end and although it was mentioned in one of the Club Penguin Times issues that they would visit, the Penguin Band didn't.
  • The party emotes fit the theme of the party nicely.
  • Cadence stated that “Members can try out for the talent show”. How was it a talent show? We weren't judged by anybody, we didn't earn anything for doing it, and we all had to copy the same type of music.
  • There was a lot of bugs.
  • Even though the party was about it, the SoundStudio app wasn't even released when the party began nor was it a week into the party.

Overall, I think the SoundStudio party was okay. I'm going to rate this event a 2.5 (Could be better).

Rate0.5Stars.png SoundStudio Party - a poor performance By Penguin985

Positive Points

  • Some of the decorated rooms had a unique design.
  • Nice sky design in decorated rooms.
  • Tasks were a little more enjoyable.
  • Party included nice features.
  • Nice free items fir doing tasks.
  • More of a story to the party.

Negative Points

  • No characters visiting for the party. e.g. Penguin Band, Cadence.
  • Little rooms were decorated for party
  • Dark sky was only in decorated rooms. Lazy sky change used at The Dock.
  • Not much replay value to the party and its tasks.
  • Tasks were too easy and didn't much time to complete.
  • Some old room designs were recycled from other parties. e.g. Hollywood Party in 2012.
  • Not much to do at party.
  • What was the point of The Stage?

From the positive and negative points made about this party, I can conclude that this party gets a 0.5.

Rate1Star.png Another terrible party disguised as something better By Chill57181

I wasn't too excited about the SoundStudio Party, considering how much of a letdown CP's Music Jam revivals (and pretty much all of their parties in general) have been for the past few years. As usual, the party starts off by you THINKING it's going to be good - when I logged on and saw the Coffee Shop was finally decorated, I got really excited. And then I was very, very disappointed.

Let's start with party features. The auditions are really boring. Like, really boring. Then, you can do the same thing for Cadence, except you don't get any rewards. It's sad that in this point of CP, the activities are so boring that if there's no reward, it's pretty much pointless. Once again another quest falls victim to the "designed for teenagers to enjoy, but to be easy for little kids" virus of doom. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's weird that CP uses so much dubstep even though the game is pretty much for younger kids now? In terms of mascots, Cadence and the Penguin Band visited... oh wait, THEY DIDN'T. CP claimed they would visit, but apparently due to a glitch neither of them came online at all during the party. And then Polo Field claimed it would be fixed, but guess what happened? It never was.

Next up, the decorations. There are very few decorations, although inside rooms have been decorated for the first time since... yeah I forgot. There's also a night sky in the decorated rooms, but get this: it ENDS. Club Penguin couldn't have even bothered to decorate the whole sky, so no, it just ends halfway through the Dock and the Forest. I guess they were too lazy to edit out the night sky from the Hollywood Party rooms? And don't get me started on how there's no transition at all between the Plaza and the Puffle Park. Also, the Limo from the Hollywood Party returns, but it doesn't do anything... when you get in, it drives, but it drives to nowhere. The whole point of the Limo at the Hollywood Party was to take you to different rooms, but now I guess it's just yet another roleplay room that nobody uses.

The music at the party wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't memorable either. Like most recent parties, none of the music stands out because it's quiet, repetitive and bland.

The items are, simply put, terrible. The only ones I wouldn't consider COMPLETE garbage are the Dubstep DJ Outfit, Six-String Axe, and MAYBE the Glow Bracelets. Also, the coolest item (the SoundStudio Hoodie) ended up being scrapped, along with four pins which presumably would've been prizes for the "Play for Cadence" thing. Great job CP. *slow clap*

At this point, there's no hope for Club Penguin anymore. There hasn't been a party I've thought was awesome since 2013's Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, and the best parties of 2014 just slipped by with a "well, it's not terrible" or "at least it's better than <blank>". It's funny going back and seeing how horrible we thought 2012 was, but if we knew how the years to follow would be, we would've thought it would be amazing.

Rate2.5Stars.png Could be better... By Yuri102212

Back from my almost-one-year hiatus from penguins. But what happened here? The party isn't THAT bad, but could use more oomph. This is the first party I had a membership, so I have the ability to rate the Member-ish stuff.

The Good Stuff

  • The games... It's hard at first but it'll be easy after 2 genres.
  • The music is so catchy...

The Bad Stuff

  • The rooms CP... Not many rooms, and even the sky isn't decorated for the whole island... The party rooms doesn't count...
  • Too bored to rate anymore... Let's just say this party sucks.

The Bottom Line

Why is this party made anyway? If you release an app, it doesn't mean you'll make a mainstream superstar concert extravaganza, like if you release Puffle Wild, it doesn't mean you'll already make a mainstream gourmet O-berry food festival of the futurelandia XL xxX0MLG_Pro.noscope0Xxx party... you get the point...

So that concludes my review. For this party, I'll give it a C- which isn't a good score. I hope I'll expect more good parties, and if the Puffle Party isn't good, I'll blow up British Columbia and tell Mother Nature to make a hurricane stronger than Haiyan and hit British Columbia and... you get the point, just forget the bombing and hurricane stuff...

Rate2Stars.png Not as good as it sounds By Perapin

SoundStudio Party


Under-hyped throughout the party

Author's rating: Not satisfactory   38/100

Storyline & Characterization

Cadence didn't hype up the party as effectively as she could have. The fact that no mascots attended made the interest in the party not as wide as it could have been. Sensei, Gary, and Aunt Arctic attended the Hollywood Party last year and their personalities combined attracted players to meet them. Cadence just appears as a sprite judge and you don't get that personal experience with her. The Club Penguin Times told us the Penguin Band would be coming but unfortunately that turned out to be false.

And like Riyita pointed out in his review, "Cadence randomly decided to have a radio station, and for penguins to make music. It all came out from nowhere, and has no 'meaning'".


Like Juca pointed out in his review, "Matching symbols with the ones displayed on the top of the screen looks like a preschool activity". It would've been more fun if you could play instruments each with their own sound that plays when you dance like in the Casa Fiesta of the Music Jam parties. That way you can form bands and the experience is more social. Unfortunately that didn't happen in the SoundStudio party.


Apparently Dot turned out to be one of the inanimate objects as the judge, but the randomness implausibility of such a disguise detracted from that secret.

Decorations & Music

The best designed room is this backstage: Spacious, functional, with multiple roleplay opportunities

Unlike the Hollywood Party, the nighttime is only covering the center of Club Penguin instead of the full island, which is pretty unrealistic. The Limo returned but the "Menu" sign was removed most likely to avoid having to translate it into Russian. Creative effort could have been a lot better as the Limo and other rooms could have been altered to give the SoundStudio party some distinction from the Hollywood Party. Also again, buildings were completely transformed in the Snow Forts. Why not decorate around the Clock Tower instead of making it disappear?

Also the crowds in the "Play for Cadence" stages were just sprites. Why have decorations for an audience instead of a real audience? This doesn't feel very "Club" Penguin at all.

The music overall showed no general improvement. There were a lot of reused music which are simply getting old. However the new tracks played for the Town and Plaza weren't that bad for new music. What would be nice to see is less EDM and more traditional instruments used, because there seems to be an over reliance on electronic music that's not allowing the mixing of potentially amazing tunes.

Catalogs & Items

The items you could earn at the party and the items in the Penguin Style catalog weren't memorable. They're basically variations of items from the past. We've had a guitar before, the Dubstep DJ Outfit is a green version of the Holo DJ Suit. Where's the improvement? I know the Hollywood Party saw the release of the memorable Golf Cart item, but the SoundStudio Party doesn't really have any fresh items iconic enough for the party.

However, the Furniture & Igloo Catalog was a mixed bag, the highlight being the new Talent Show Stage. Other than that, there's nothing much new to the table. It would be cool if Club Penguin gave us the ability to customize igloos (e.g. the color of the Tour Bus igloo) and if more arrow key options were given to furniture.

03:44, 15 March 2015 (UTC)