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Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Rainbow.png
Rainbow Puffle Party
Average Rating: 2.6 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 6
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Rate2Stars.png Failure, now in seven different colors! By Chill57181

I wasn't expecting much from this party. After all, it's on mobile and ONLY mobile, and they had to do The Fair at the same time.

Obviously, the main thing at this party is that everyone can adopt a Rainbow Puffle... BUT most non-members won't be able to do that. On my non-member, I got a membership once so I have all the puffles up to brown, so I don't know if they let you have a third one now? Either way, I wasn't able to get one.

The Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza are decorated, and there's rainbowtastic paths to them at the Dock, Stadium, and Forest. The decorations are cool, but the rooms are entirely transformed. They actually probably aren't even the same rooms anymore, just cloud versions.

The items are... interesting? They're not terrible by any means, but I don't think I'll ever use them.

I was only able to hear music at the Town, so... the music was kind of dull and reminded me of the Frozen Party. So yeah, nothing good there.

Rate4Stars.png iPhone 5c Exclusive? By Brookelas

A mobile exclusive party is a great idea! It shows that Club Penguin actually cares about the desktop version still. Now, as this was a mobile exclusive party, I will be reviewing it /slightly/ differently.

What Worked

  • The decorations were FABULOUS and LOGICAL!!
  • Something for non members
  • The items were unique.
  • The music was cool.

What Didn't Work

  • A little small
  • For a two week party, as there is no quest, it will get boring very easily.
  • I know that they needed to bring Rainbow Puffle to the app, but does this confirm a Gold Puffle Party? Dino Puffle Party? I am counting this as a con as they could have done a Festival of Flight or something as an oppose to calling it a RAINBOW PUFFLE party.

Conclusion For a mobile exclusive party, I am quite impressed to be honest. The only thing I am kind of surprised about is that there was NO QUEST. I feel like quests were made for the mobile, not for desktop. How cool would it be to explore a little more of cloud forest, and maybe discovering rainbow falls by clearing thunder clouds? Anyways, I do hope CP does more mobile exclusive events in the future! I rate this party 1 4/5.

Rate5Stars.png much rainbow puffle. such cloud forest. wow. By Mrdave921
Three words. BEST. PARTY EVER.

Anyway, here's my review:

  • Quest = No quest.
  • Transformations = No transformations.
  • Member/Non-Member Fairness = You'll never belive this, but there was 100% MEMBER/NON-MEMBER FAIRNESS!
  • Items = Great items! In fact, I adopted a rainbow puffle (named Rainbowdoge)!
  • Decorations = Great decorations!

So, I'm giving this party 5 stars.


Revenge.gif Mrdave921 Smile spin.gif 14:37, 23 May 2015 (UTC)

Rate1.5Stars.png Not the best mobile-only party. It's a start though. By Green N Cool


  • The decorations were good.
  • Non-members could get the Rainbow Puffle.
  • The items were good.
  • The music was okay.


  • There was no quest.
  • There was no replay value.
  • There was not a lot of rooms decorated, the ones that were were slightly overhauled.
  • I thought the Puffle Hotel's original purpose was to be tall enough to reach the Rainbow Puffles. At the party we could launch from normal rooms to the Cloud Forest. There was no 'go to the Hotel Roof to launch there', it was just a quick 'click the cannon in most of the decorated rooms to launch there'. It reduced the amount of time playing and made the cannon on the Hotel roof pointless.
  • The music's not very memorable.
  • Not a good storyline.
  • No mascot waddling around.


Overall, with more negatives than positives, I will rate The Rainbow Puffle Party 2015 a 1.5/5

Rate3Stars.png Not Bad By Yuri102212

I still haven't opened desktop CP because error c10001 keeps appearing. I tried using another browser, updating my laptop- everything. Still having problems. And it's almost my birthday!

But, there is another party in the mobile version. I tried using the mobile to escape the escapades of the desktop version.

First of all, the rooms. The decor isn't bad, it's actually good. But it's too overdone that the staff has basically forgotten some of the rooms.

The Rainbow Puffles for members are pretty cool, and they're free, but I already have a Rainbow Puffle.

Items are colorful, but why no hoodies for non-members? There's always the famed "code hoodies" but I think we need more hoods for non-members. They already have a rainbow puffle, why not clothing?

The party lasts as long as the Fair, but what would you do in the time? You'll just play for one or two days for the puffle. and that's it.

Satisfaction 52% (or a C)

(0-10= F, 10-20= D-, 20-30= D, 30-40= D+, 40-50= C-, 50-60= C, 60-65= C+, 65-70= B-, 70-75= B, 75-80= B+, 80-85= A-, 85-90= A, 90-95= A+, 95-100= S)


There are good and bad parties, and the Rainbow Puffle Party falls in between. It's not good, nor it's not bad, but the party can improve if they have decorated the whole island itself, or more items for non-members.

Rate0.5Stars.png What a load of bull. By Yoshi11

If the main point of this party is to adopt a rainbow puffle, then why the heck can't I? Apparently, I have the "maximum amount of puffles" (even though there are only three in my possession). Really?