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Operation: Crustacean
Average Rating: 2.5 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 21
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Rate3Stars.png not bad a party By Carlay6187

this party not bad at all and I love the aline puffles.

Rate1.5Stars.png Where do I even begin.. By Captain Pinkbeard

The worst party of Club Penguin? DefinItely not. But it's still bad.

Expectations vs Reality First of all, the U.F.O. abductions have to be one of the coolest additions in CP. Other than that, the party itself disappointed me a lot. Why is it even called Operation: Crustacean? I was expecting weird aliens who would be trying to experiment with penguins and crabs (which would explain the abductions and Klutzy being missing). What we got wasn't exactly as exciting as I thought it would be. The Area 501 is the best room (and a clever parody of Area 51) and the Spaceship looks like a classic Space Saucer. The aliens on the other hand..

NEW PUFFLES! Seriously? Yes, that's right, more puffles! They're more like jewerly now than pets. Why do we need so many and why ANOTHER party focused on them! Alien puffles, ha! As if the Olaf, Dog, Cat, Unicorn, Rabbit, Raccoon and Blue Crystal puffles don't look like aliens! At least they have an original design (well they do look like rejects from Monsters Inc. but whatever). But really, those are the mysterious aliens? Oh wow, I'm so scared, what a twist!

Worst EPF Operation ever! I wouldn't even call it an operation, it's more like a mini-mini-mini-mission. All you have to do is take Herbert Pee Bear to the space saucer. And that's it. That's your mission. Wow, um, how about, I don't know.. Figure out why there's a darn alien ship on the Dock? Doesn't that sound like a better adventure? Is discovering ultra-super-cute Puffles from outer space the EPF's job? Speaking of their role..

Jet Pack Dumb Guy and Herbie the Friendly Bear! WHY, oh, WHY are we helping Herbert? If Jet Pack Guy is supposed to be the stereotypical, cunning agent, why did he act like Rookie there? Why did he not put Herbert in a cage? In the old missions you could argue that he was sympathetic.. But after "Operation: Blackout", when he attempted to freeze everyone to death, you would expect the agency to take some measures. But nope! We love criminals! Long live Herbert! Let's save your partner-in-crime, old friend!

This party could have been awesome, but they ruined it with their Herbert-cliches, lack of decorations and puffle obsession. They rely so much on puffles that it's nearly pathetic.

Rate2.5Stars.png Operation: Crusta... more puffles By Green N Cool


  • The decorations look amazing!
  • The UFO abductions were a nice build up to the event.
  • The music is awesome.
  • The storyline was okay - Random abductions and tinfoil hats - Klutzy gets abducted - Herbert asks for help.
  • The alien puffles look great.
  • It was fun to work your way around the maze in the dark in order to get the keys. (It's slightly harder to do so on the Club Penguin App so you have to spend more time playing.)
  • The backgrounds we get after completing each challenge are nice.
  • The party emotes are good and match the theme of the event.
  • Herbert took the power supply and escaped leaving us with the question, what's he going to do next?


  • So the EPF leave Herbert ALONE on a UFO. One question: Why? Why not keep Herbert in a secure place and get Klutzy for him?
  • No replay value.
  • More puffles.
  • The Operation is more like Operation: Hot Sauce, a mini EPF event.
  • There's not a lot of rooms decorated.
  • Where's PH, the EPF agent who is the puffle expert, at the start of this mission?
  • Although okay, the storyline is not perfect.
  • Rookie is the a mascot because he can "Speak crab" and possibly "understand alien". He's alright, but I'd rather have PH be the mascot and see her conquer her UFO fear in order to meet the alien puffles.
  • 1: Alien Puffles come to Club Penguin 2: They become adoptable straight away. That escalated quickly.
  • We helped save the alien Puffle's UFO and our reward is... four similar backgrounds.
  • Why is the UFO in area 501. Why did it land there?
  • If area 501 has a puffle detector, why hasn't PH ever used it? That would make her life so much easier.
  • Operation: "Crustacean". Klutzy is there for about a minute and then leaves.
  • CP Times issue 527: Jet Pack Guy says in the feature story "Now the spacecraft is in danger of crashing" and "The EPF Plans to stabilize the vessel before it falls to Earth". But the UFO is a few meters above Area 501's roof. It's hardly going to fall far or crash badly.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate Operation: Crustacean a 2.5/5!

Rate5Stars.png Awesome! By Phineas5501

I love EPF missions! On this party, I loved the actions of the mascots, really, Herbert and the JPG talking in a room was awesome, and was funny some things, for example, when he said the meteor of beautiful, or something else. And the missions, cool and we can make many times. So, 5 for Operation Crustacean!

Rate5Stars.png One of the best Operations so far By Sparklord5

Alright, now that the hype train has got to it's destination I would like to review this party! First, the idea of it taking place in space isn't original, but hasn't been done that much before. I liked the idea of using the Extreme Paint Festival as a cover up for the EPF's workplace, we haven't had that since the Great Snow Race in 2011. The room designs so far have been pretty nice, supplying some EPF roleplaying and overall just look good. So, here's what I think: Music The music for this party is mostly reused, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Music has returned from the Future Party and Operation: Puffle, and both parties had good music. But this gets a 9.5 for not much original music. Non-member fairness Holy crud, this party is VERY fair to non- members! From the EPF Gear they can get an EPF Helmet, and even adopt an ALIEN PUFFLE! WOW!! That is awesome that non-members (like my friend) can adopt a new puffle! Sadly, the max for puffles has not been risen, so non-members can still only have 2 puffles. And that is a bummer if you've already adopted a blue and red one, because you'll have to release one :( So 9.5 here, but better than most parties of 2015. Also for completing the first task non-members can get a background but most backgrounds are for non-members anyway. Gameplay While the party so far is not much of a challenge (Review published on November 19, 2015) there are going to be more released every few days! That was a good idea by Club Penguin so you don't just go on, beat all the missions, then leave. The first mission is to get 3 keys in a dark room to get the back-up power running. Easy, but fun. Over the next few days more tasks will be released, so players can complete them. Plot The plot is that Herbert could not get Klutzy because he was in a UFO. The EPF has to help him get Klutzy, but once he does he steals the power source, a purple meteor. After that he then goes through the escape pod with Klutzy and gets away. I think it is interesting that he was looking for Klutzy, because I don't think that has been done much before. Overall good plot, good party.

That wraps up this review, when the Holiday Party 2015 comes I will review that too! - Sparklord5

Rate4Stars.png Good Party! By SquidKid3015

Another party calendar done right? Nevermind, let's get back to the review. (Also I'm sorry for not finishing my Halloween Party Review) The party is pretty good... but it has some negatives... SO, LET'S START THE PARTY! Positives:

  • A well done calendar again. The Fashion Festival and the Halloween Party did the calendars right so you couldn't progress through the whole party in two seconds (*cough* Puffle Party 2015 *cough*), and the 10th Anniversary Party wanted you to wait for the items because of their old feel. This did the same thing as the Fashion Festival and the Halloween Party, and I like it!
  • The story. It is a little bad, but it has that old Club Penguin story element, it gets better and better every piece of dialog you encounter, and I like the UFO setting also. Also, it may just be me, but the malfunctioning Garybot made a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the party RIGHT AFTER the Halloween Party was spaced theme? Nevermind, I might be looking too deep, let's move on!
  • The puzzles. FINALLY DECENT PUZZLES IN CLUB PENGUIN SINCE THE CAVE MAZE! This should be a recurring theme in Club Penguin puzzles, don't make a silly puzzle possibly made by Papyrus! Make it dark and have 3 keys!
  • The rooms. Though there aren't really that much main rooms decorated (seriously, the only decorated main room is the Dock), the Dock, Area 501, the Engine Room, and the Observatory are very detailed. Club Penguin Team did a good job with them.


  • The lack of main rooms decorated. The Halloween Party, Fashion Festival, and the 10th Anniversary had so many main rooms decorated. This one how ever? Only 1. Only 1! ONLY 1! MAIN ROOM DECORATED! That's all I have to say!
  • The rewards for completing the puzzle. Yeah, the first one was pretty cool until you get the others. They are just carbon copies with different colors!

So, I like the party. Good work Club Penguin Team!

Rate2.5Stars.png Better than some parties, but far from good. By Calder

Warning: This review was made when the party was in its early stages. So not everything is correct.

Club Penguin has recently made a new Operation party after 2 years since Operation Puffle. Does Operation Crustacean live up to the previous ones? Well let's find out.

As with most cp parties, it doesn't have any real replay value. It uses the now standard "wait til' next day for more stuff" thing. What can we do on our first day? Let's find out. Plot: Herbert apparently needs our help to get his buddy, Krusty, with him. We basically give him access to a "UFO" where Krusty is being held. Herbert breaks something from the ship and then brings Krusty along with him to an escape pod. Gameplay: Apparently, the thing that Herbert breaks is really important somehow. And has broken the entire ship's things to make the ship being a working ship or whatever. So we have to fix it, yay!

A plus is that this is the closest thing to difficult that I've seen Club Penguin give us in years, we have to go through a dark maze, like 2012 and before. Unfortunately, the maze is extremely easy, and you just get three keys and then "BOOM" that's it.

What else, oh you get another one of the many puffles. This time it's an alien puffle. One of CP's problems, which started in 2014, is that they give you puffles. To the point where's it's not even fun. In fact at the end of 2014, Cp had released 24 puffles. 24! What else you may ask? You can look into another room, besides the engine room which has the maze. The Observatory is an interesting room, except there's no way to get out once you're in. It's as if Club Penguin tries to just "copy and paste" swift images without giving them any functionality, like getting out of them. It's also kind of sad that you can't play the "UFO versions" of games like Pong. Cool but somewhat off topic fact: Jet Pack man is in this party, yay. And what's kind of weird is the plot. I have a feeling that we will find Herbert and Krusty at the end of the party. But the fact that the opening day of "OPERATION" Crustacean has barely any Herbert and Krusty at all, is disappointing. I mean, when you think of "Operation" parties, you think Herbert. And this party sort of threw Herbert out of the picture.

Overall Pros and Cons:

Pros: - Jet Pack Guy returns

- We get something close to difficult in Club Penguin (Hint, hint, the maze.)

- We finally got an Operation Party after two years

- So far, Herbert and Krusty have appeared.


- More puffles (Why?)

- Not a lot of actual plot (Aka, no Herbert or Krusty.)

- 1/4 of the party (Because you have the area 501 outside, the actual area 501, the engine room and the observatory, hint hint the observatory) with no functionality to get out.

Overall, I don't think I can give this a 3, but I'm not giving it a 1 either.

Club Penguin, fix your parties please. Or unveil your CP "whatever" to us already. - Calder

Rate0Stars.png what is this i don't even By Star kirby12

2012: Operation Blackout appears- the best party Club Penguin has seen with a 4.9 review score, which is almost a perfect 5/5.

2013: Operation Puffle appears- although people agree it wasn't as good as Blackout, it was still a spectacular party.

2014: Nothing like that. CP instead used Herbert for the television special of "you know who".

I'll have to admit, I was pretty stoked to hear that another EPF party would be coming after getting disappointed last year (okay, so maybe I was a little distracted watching these two, but you know what I mean). But this... this is just stupid.


  • At least we got a UFO. That's something. Had they made it look like this guy, they'd have gotten two pros.
  • The paintball canvas is back!


  • This just... this makes no sense. You want me to go CinemaSins on this one?
    • How did Herbert convince the UFO to stay at the Dock? *ding*
    • You're telling me no one from the EPF went into the UFO to check? *ding*
    • Where did the landing station come from? *ding*
    • Herbert is huge! Does no one remember the scaling from Blackout? *ding*
    • Speaking of which, can you please just use his Blackout model? *ding*
    • So the alien puffles just let Klutzy stay, even though they had absolutely no idea what he was? *ding*
    • Why are we immediately able to adopt alien puffles? *ding*
    • Why is the entrance to the UFO even open? *ding*
    • At some point the director said "here Herbert, steal this power source conveniently located at the entrance. It'll make you look even more of a jerk." *ding*
    • Are the alien puffles really that clueless about the situation? *ding*
    • Wait, so alien puffles do nothing but sit around in the tub? How does the ship stay floating and how does it do so after 80 years? *ding*
    • The Time Trekker is there, because... reasons? *ding*
    • How does the observatory reach space? *ding*
    • Why is the meteor exactly like the Marvel one from 2012? Is every meteor exactly the same in CP? *ding*
  • The entire existence of "Alien Puffles". CP, can you please just stop making puffles? No, they aren't cute, or cool, they're just ugly!
  • As mentioned already, this doesn't make up to its two predecessors.
  • Soooo why are all the alien puffles monocular?
  • Also: the puffles stay until JANUARY 6TH?!
  • "Area 501"? Stop ripping off my ideas!
  • The handbook has a ton of issues...
    • They were too lazy to even make sure the paycheck photo was the newer one...
    • The Director's identity is just thrown out there for those who joined after Blackout...
    • Looks like that crappy new design for Dot is permanent...
    • What the- where did this "new recruit" come from? Don't add another member to the five-member EPF team!
    • "Destroying PSA with the Popcorn Bomb of 2010, and once again during Operation: Blackout in 2012." Uhh, no. Blackout destroyed the EPF facility.
    • Why are Tusk and the Snow Minions listed as EPF enemies? Those are for Sensei and the ninjas to deal with!
    • Why is Scorn listed as an EPF enemy?! Medieval Party 2012 was great, but no, he shouldn't come back.
    • "Tactical Class: The Swords and Shields"... no. Unless the Range Finder is a laser gun like 10-year old me thought it was (which I doubt it is), "The Swords" is a lie.
  • The dreaded "only 1 room decorated and everything else is in a different dimension" is back.

I expected much more, especially with the 10th Anniversary Party and the Halloween Party giving me hope for the future of CP. This party is crap, and just seems like a deja vu of the Inside Out Party, which also destroyed the reputation of the two previous parties, which were actually relatively okay.

If you want my reaction to this... here


Rate5Stars.png Nice job, CP! By NooblyNob

I have to say I have been hyped for this ever since it was confirmed. And it is pretty epic! But there are more puffles.....just why? When I was younger I loved Puffles and the Rainbow and Gold ones were pretty good....then cue the flipping raccoon moose rabbit and unicorn puffles come in.....then dog and cat.....THEN BLUE CRYSTAL......THEN THE ALIEN PUFFLE!!! WHY!!! I like the Ghost Puffle, actually. Every puffle became literal trash after the gold puffle except the ghost puffle. Still a great party, 5/5.

Rate0.5Stars.png Feelin' a Little Crusty... By Brookelas

EPF Events have NEVER really 'hyped me' like actual parties. My favourite one was Operation Puffle, and I knew right away that something with Crustacean in its name wouldn't win.

What Worked

  • The buildup for the party
  • The music was kinda cute honestly :)
  • Alien Puffles are kinda cute
  • That Klutzy sound effect O_O also the emoji things

What Didn't Work

  • Extreme Paint Festival... seriously CP?? You should have made it more of an invasion... :\
  • Same puzzle over and over... why this
  • The beginning of the storyline was cool, but Herbert betrayed us way too soon, and then we never saw from him again. This story is literally all over the place.
  • Alien Puffles are cute - as stated in the what worked section, but they should have been the final prizes. Seriously....... also, they just arrived there.. yea that makes sense...
  • Why is Rookie the mascot? Not Herbert? Not Jet Pack Guy? Not Dot in her EPF attire??
  • The whole party is on mobile but the time limits are on the PC? Yea cuz I wanna wait 3 days to get a background :D Another piece of proof that mobile is RUINING CP!!
  • Why is this even the name?? Klutzy literally barely has anything to do with the storyline whatsoever

Conclusion Very disappointed! The FUTURE PARTY 2014 made a better Futuristic/Space themed EPF Event than this, and that wasn't even the intent of it :\ 0.5/5 for you, CP!!

Rate5Stars.png Quack. By Quackerpingu

A good party :)

Rate1.5Stars.png Not What I Was Hoping For By Chucker321

Sorry but this party literally has nothing to do with it's name. "Operation Crustacean": I thought it would have something to do with Klutzy and then in turn Herbert, but nope. It has to be about Area 501 and UFOs and aliens. Sorry but that makes no sense. 1.5 is my rating, bye.

Rate3.5Stars.png Innovative, Unique, and Alien Puff-filled! By Puffle Escape

Alien Puffles? What? How crazy is that? 1st new puffle of 2015! =D I like the idea of mazes and keys to reboot the systems. While it isn't the BEST out there, it sure is worth seeing. YAY NEW PUFFLE(S)! And also, NON MEMBERS GET GREEN ALIEN PUFFLE? wow. much UFO. many tragic. such sad. And since when do we help HERBERT POLAR BEAR? I mean, yeah- we found Klutzy, but then what? HE LEAVES US AND DESTROYS THE ALIEN PUFFLE UFO. That's sad. What a dumb squad the EPF is. Herbert's got more brains. I think now i'll suffocate in the Gyro Sensors or whatever.

Rate4.5Stars.png Great party! By Mrdave921

But I didn't like the Alien Puffles. They grossed me out. So, I'm giving this party 4½ stars. And that's my review. --Mrdave sig.png If you can't handle it, learn how to handle it. 15:30, 28 November 2015 (UTC)

Rate2.5Stars.png Good build up, bit disappointing By Oringe10

This is my first party review for this page and I must say, I would have liked to review a good party, but it seems unlikely. The announcement of this party seemed exciting, but honestly, it's a bit of a let down. The alien abductions was a cool feature, everyone was going around the island to get abducted. Sadly, the same can't be said for the party.


  • Alien abductions built up a promising plot
  • Cool music, very futuristic
  • Tin Foil hats were a nice touch
  • Area 501 is really convincing, feels very important and official
  • Another cover-up story with the Extreme Paint Festival


  • Puffles, Puffles and more ALIEN Puffles. Yup, new creature, same personality
  • Confusing storyline
  • It's called Operation Crustacean with the most well known crab featured for about 2 minutes
  • Herbert's previous attempts to bring chaos to the island is surely an indication to the EPF not to trust him
  • Why is Jet Pack Guy in charge of this? They could have sent Rookie up there to speak crab to Klutzy first
  • Who's idea was it to let the most wanted villain on the island board an alien spaceship, never seen before, to 'rescue' his sidekick?
  • Alien Puffles instantly ready for adoption? Surely they would rather get their spaceship repaired
  • The Alien Puffles don't even seem in that much danger as they're happy to just sit in the swimming pool
  • Barely any decorations on the island
  • 4 identical backgrounds (except the colours) as rewards
  • No replay value

I would rate this party with a 2.5/5. It was a nice idea to have abductions, but I think I enjoyed finding the next place to be abducted in more appealing than the actual party.


Rate3.5Stars.png It's nice By Penstubal

I personally find it pretty nice. Like usually, the quest is too easy AND too short. The alien puffles are disgusting in my opinion. I like the idea of that dossier for the EPF secret agents and anti-EPF villains; but why aren't the other 2 snowmen in it? :L nevertheless, it's pretty nice. I will give it a 3 and a half stars.

Rate0Stars.png By Mr Cow2

Oh my gosh, Club Penguin. You really screwed up this time...

First of all, this whole part is called "Operation:Crustacean" when Klutzy only appears for ALMOST LITERALLY TEN SECONDS. I was really hoping that the UFO would contain the giant blue crab that never happened from years ago. Plus, more puffles. The puffles at the start at Club Penguin were actually pretty cute and I enjoyed caring for them with their own little player card and even push aside HOMEWORK to do it. With every update, the puffles have just gotten more and more hideous (with the exception of the dog and cat puffles. GG CP) and are just annoying to take care of, so I just shove them all in my backyard and forget about them.

MORE STUPID QUESTS. I don't want to go through all the mazes, plus theonly REAL problem that the UFO has is a red light and an alarm. We don't stop Herbert, we don't save the ship, this whole quest was pointless, and CP would be a better place without it. I hate you, Club Penguin. You're an abomination of something I used to love and hold dear to my heart.

Rate0Stars.png Terrible By Nando144

Terrible event that will last more than one entire month.

Rate0Stars.png This is you can't call a party, Nostalgia! By DJ3K

This party is the terrible of the year, the best party is the Fashion Festival (for me) and the Fair, i'm new on Club Penguin Wiki not like putting on stars.

  • Decorations:

Only the Dock is decorated, baddest are the UFO and the Area 501, but the observatory is good.

  • Music:

The music is very bad and horrendous.

  • Mascots:

The only mascot is the Jet-Pack Guy and Herbert, i wanted Dot, the Director and Gary more Rookie.

  • Visitors and Puffles:

A puffle with one eye, nostalgia! 000 STARTS! This is my review!

Rate2Stars.png Most disappointing operation ever By Chill57181

Oh dear. Well, after an entire year with no EPF activity, you would think another Operation would be awesome, right? Wrong. Operation: Crustacean is the worst of all the EPF operations so far. The plot is incredibly disappointing. While the buildup with the abductions was cool, it just goes downhill from there. Herbert asks the EPF to help him save Klutzy from the UFO. They go on for 3 seconds and suddenly, Klutzy is rescued! But Herbert decides to steal the power source before he goes and nearly destroys the UFO. Also, I could see Rookie being fooled by this, but Jet Pack Guy? Anyway, for the quest you go into a maze and collect three keys. Unfortunately, (at least for me) the mazes are INCREDIBLY LAGGY. The first two are exactly the same, and the last two add a room before the key maze. It was incredibly boring, tedious, and I didn't enjoy it at all. Of course, the main part of this party is, surprisingly, the first new puffle species this year, Alien Puffles. There's not much to say about these guys, they're Puffle Creatures so you can't do much with them besides walk them. Also, they look really weird with the rest of the puffles and don't fit in that well.

The Dock brings back a bit of April Fools' nostalgia, and the party rooms aren't too bad, but nothing really special either. The Observatory is cool though. The items aren't really that great. Once again, non-members get half of a costume that doesn't really make as much sense without the other half. I thought the spacesuit would be cool, but they just looked weird. You can earn backgrounds from the quest, which is really just the same thing recolored 4 times. Also, you can get them BEFORE completing the quest for some reason. You don't even have to complete the quest, you can just grab the rewards and let the UFO explode or something. The music is... okay I guess.

Also, I have no clue why, but it's still running during the Holiday Party? Why didn't it end on the original end date?

Rate2Stars.png Did not like By Jabsolo

I did not like, can you zero in 1 minute(entering the last day), worse operation of CP.