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Inside Out Party
Average Rating: 2.6 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 17
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Rate4Stars.png i guess it is the best takeover By Superalvi400

After 1 entire month bored without a party, we have this takeover. And no, i'm not going to complain (a lot), this was actually fun

Decorations: 8/10 After all, we don't need decorations everywhere even when we visit a guy's mind... I would have given this a 5-7, but as the decorations are well made and very cool, i raised it to a 8.

Storyline: 10/10 This was the best takeover storyline ever. Though i feel sorry for Gary, he worked for m1 week in that big thingy, he must have worked for like 24 hours a day :P

Items: 7.5/10 I liked the items this party had, but i feel sorry for non-members. They should have at least stayed with the head and feet items of the emotions. Actually, i AM one of them :P²


Transformations: 10/10 In my opinion, transformations aren't actually annoying. Even if they return everytime, they add a lot to this party, and roleplaying gets easier & better.

Minigames: 10/10 (As this is the first icejam game i play out of swfs unless you count the mineshack one from a psa mission, im not gonna complain about repeated minigame) That game was challenging and hard. Harder than the original Ice Jam that has the boat and icebergs

Quest: It was like the Puffle Party '15 quest, but HARDER this time. In fact, it toke me 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish this quest.

Non Member fairness: 5/10 read the items review

Mascots: 7/10 Gary is visiting because there are always people going to Rockhopper's mind, so he stays in the chair.

This was the best takeover from 2015, and i don't care if some spoiled brats are never happy with what they have and just want what they expect, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Though it made me change my point of view of everyone in the CP Island :S

Rate4Stars.png Rockhopper's Mind is Well-Put Together By Chucker321

This party was very cool and better than the usual Club Penguin parties. I find it to be one of the best takeovers of Club Penguin. I'm going to have to deduct a point for lack of decorated rooms, but other than that, everything was great and worked nicely.

Rate1Star.png Not good By Nando144

The idea of a party based in the Inside Out movie was good, but it was misused. According to the movie, each Core Memorie creates an correspondent personality island, so if Rockhopper's have five Core Memories why didn't he have five Personality Islands? Another terrible party for 2015.

Rate2Stars.png An unexplored world By Gatuti789

Agreed with Nando. Where are the other three personalities islands? Also, the movie offers so many things to explore in the mind... The train of thought, the Long Term Memory, the Abstract Thought, the Memory Dump. It's an unexplored world. The rooms are too simple: no animations, the Subconscious has only flamingos and a shark, nothing to do in the Loot Island, Dream Productions and Imaginationland. I also think that there should be more memories (not core memories) to see.

Rate0Stars.png I'M DONE. I AM SO DONE. By Star kirby12

The Fair and the Festival of Snow were two throwback parties that actually gave me a bit more trust in the new guys that were working on CP. They had the chance to actually impress the users here... guess what. They butchered it. HARD. Let's break this down.


  • The puzzle-type minigames from Operation Blackout are back.
  • I will admit: Subconscious was an interesting idea, what with it being hidden away.


  • Once again, CP has decided to leave every room but the Dock untouched, and only gave us six rooms to compensate.
  • The member transformations look like crap.
  • I don't care if it's because their movie counterparts are like that (and they aren't), the characters are one-dimensional and are legitimately worse than the Megaforce characters.
  • The giveaways are dumb. The only one I like is Anger's head.
  • One of the areas is literally named "Imaginationland". ToQger, anyone?
  • Said area recycles an igloo item from the old Medieval Parties. They just don't have any more ideas, do they?
  • Although Subconscious was a nice idea, this is bad for your target audience since it's possible kids won't be able to find it.
  • Why not just take Dream Productions and change the Stage to it?! Oh, I know. You don't like touching the island.
  • It's a freaking crossover.
  • Some of you may have seen some of Club Penguin's promotional videos. One of them is "Meet Rockhopper"... which says that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS ADVENTURES ARE FALSE. THIS IS BULLCRAP AND YOU KNOW IT, DISNEY.

Overall the Inside Out party is complete crap and you should avoid it like the plague. The Fair and Festival of Snow were great parties, but Disney was just sooooo eager to advertise their new movie that they decided to ruin this streak. Good job, Disney. You suck.

Okay, rant over.

Rate5Stars.png one of the best takeovers I'v been too By carlay6187

I have seen the movie and It was awesome and this party is loads of cool I think the next takeover will be the good dinosaur :)

Rate3.5Stars.png The Inside Scoop... How Emotional This Party Is By Brookelas

Another takeover, another review! Yay! Inside Out was a FANTASTIC movie (definitely one of my favourite Pixars... right up there with Toy Story trilogy) How did the party hold up? Not that bad... but... let's see...

What Worked

  • The Music -- perfect blend of olden Pirate-themed music and
  • The storyline - byfar the best storyline for a takeover.
  • The items from the emotions!! Yas!
  • The transformation animations are VERY well done.
  • The party itself feels like a mix between a Pirate Party and an EPF Party... can't go wrong there.
  • Even though its an Inside Out party, all the rooms were unique to Rockhopper, therefore CP did get creative and didn't copy and paste storylines and rooms out of movies (coughstarwarscough)
  • The room designs were very well done!
  • The designs of the emotions to make them represent Rockhopper was AWESOME... and the characterization too!

What Didn't Work

  • Only 7 rooms - they could have added a Long Term Memory Bank maze or something
  • VERY LITTLE REPLAY VALUE (see above note)
  • The emotions are just standing in the Headquarters... very awkwardly... and it makes me uncomfortable...
  • There are no new tour guide things or jokes... seriously??
  • The item package at the end is items from the Pirate Party 2014... why?? They couldn't have been rare items or NEW items?
  • The new emotes look kinda weird...

Conclusion I am giving this party a 3.5/5. There wasn't anything technically wrong with the party.... there just should have been way more. Nevertheless... I still enjoyed it quite a bit

Rate3.5Stars.png Okay party. Could be worse By Rocketicewave

First, why does it seem Club Penguin doesn't like Rockhopper anymore? He comes only twice a year, only for parties. Cmon, where are the times he came for no parties? And where's the migrator? I think it really should come at end of party... but lets get started.

- decorations: some rooms were pretty nice, like the food island, loot island and imaginationland. I love them. The dream production is bleh, the other room is not too special. Party reminds me Rockhopper's Quest. Not much rooms, but okay. Could have the town decorated somehow...

- Storyline: Good. When there's a takeover, do something to match it with CP. I like stories with Rockhopper

- Music: pretty nice job here. Music used from Underwater Expedition and Rockhopper's Quest. Liked it. Also liked the music in the food island. Nice.

- items: there are a lot of items, I liked the pirate items given at the end of the quest. But I have a complaint about the bing bong and puffle unicorn costumes: WHY are they members only? Members got trannsformations of literally the same things, why make costumes members only?

- member/non member fairness: look at the items section. Also, good that non members don't get only head items and have full access to the party.

- Quest: nice quest, it's quite tricky to find all things, scavenger hunt. Things are very well hidden here, nicely. Also the ice jam game is nice too.

- Transformations: nice. I really like that parties involve transformations, they add more to the party.

- Mascots: Gary and Rockhopper. Perfect. But seriously, Rockhopper needs to visit more.

- Stuff hype/sneak peeks: Club Penguin, please don't provide a video walkthrough of the party. Just post screenshots and quick videos of rooms.

Rate2.5Stars.png Not as good as I expected. By Captain Pinkbeard

Normally I would have given the "Inside Out Party" a rating of at least 3 stars, but there are still a lot of things that bugged me. Let's start off with all the things that this party did right:

  • Excellent Backstory: I'm glad it wasn't just : "Oh hai Elsa and Olaf" like the awful Frozen Takeovers but instead there was this whole cursed stinky cheese mystery. I also like the idea of Gary building a machine to go inside Rockhopper's mind, it reminded me of the "Save the Migrator" project.
  • Excellent Party Rooms: The "corridors" of Rockhopper's mind are really creative and colorful. The flamingos at the "Subconcious" can really creep you out!
  • Excellent Quest: Simple yet fun quest, that doesn't require you coming back everyday to collect the items.

Now, what was wrong with the party:

  • Club Penguin is not decorated: Not really a big problem, but at the same time, the Club Penguin team gives me the impression that they are either too lazy to care or focus too much on their "secret" project. The "Inside Out" party doesn't feel like it's a party. You can tell that despite the effort, it's nothing more than an advertisment for the movie. Club Penguin's favorite pirate has brain damage and the only one who seems to care is Gary the Gadget Guy. There's no rally for Rockhopper, there are no "mini" pirate parties to support him. But this is just a minor complain really, it doesn't affect the rating that much.
  • The Transformations make no sense: Those two creatures are from the girl's mind, not Rockhopper's. I don't think the Captain thinks about imaginary elephants and unicorns.. or does he? Either way, it's an odd choice and honestly I think it'd be better if they didn't have transformations at all. You can get the costumes anyway so what's the point? (They also didn't include other costumes like the Clown)
  • Not as good as other Take-overs: The Star Wars take-over was brilliant. It had everything from the film, any scene could be role-played, it was a great party for any Star Wars fan. As for this party.. with all the hype behind it.. it feels rushed. Like I said, the Quest is fine, but if you had seen the movie you would have expected a lot more rooms at the party (such as the Train of Thought or the Abyss).
  • Make it stop!: What? This party is on until August 5, are you kidding me? One week would have been more than enough! After you are done with the quest, maybe you'll play around in the rooms for a little while (it feels like a Pirate Party) before you get bored and just log out.

It is, however, without a doubt, a major improvement from the Frozen parties.

Rate3Stars.png Mixed emotions By Chill57181

I honestly don't know what I was expecting from this party... it's not really a pile of trash, but it's not great either. It's just sorta a big bag of meh.


Right off the bat, a major flaw with this party is that while it's Rockhopper's mind, because they want to advertise Inside Out, they have stuff from Riley's mind. When it comes to the transformations and some items, it's painfully obvious.

One thing that was great about this party was the plot. Rockhopper sent messages in a bottle for weeks leading up to the party, even before CP confirmed it. It's a lot better than "oh hey, people from this movie are visiting Club Penguin because we want money" or "plot from property shows up in Club Penguin and it makes no sense here but hey, advertising".

When you go into Rockhopper's mind, you'll meet Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear. The thing that's terrible about these guys is they're basically pulled straight from the movie. The only thing that makes them Rockhopper's emotions (besides the penguinification) is that they all wear a variation of his hat and beard. Joy, Sadness, and Disgust are still female (which makes their tie-on beards especially weird). It's basically still Riley's emotions but in costumes. Also, in an attempt to keep them like they were in the movie, they end up having really, really weird body shapes. Sadness and Anger got sat on apparently, and Fear is really tall and skinny. Joy and Disgust are the only normal ones. Before this, every penguin in the game has the exact same body shape, which makes this a pretty jarring change.


The quest at this party is Rockhopper's memories are missing in his mind somewhere, and you have to go get them. I enjoyed the quest a lot. Unlike pretty much every quest for the past few years, it's not walk into a room, click something, and leave. Looking for the memory orbs actually took me some thinking to do, except the one in Subconscious which was painfully obvious. Then again, the room itself was off the beaten path so I guess they get a pass on that one. When you collect the memory orbs in each room, you bring it back to Headquarters and watch them. Some of the memories are... meh. The joyful and anger memories seem fine, but the fear memory could've easily been the Giant Squid kidnapping Yarr in that one short, and the sadness and disgusting memories were obviously them trying to squeeze something in there. Also, when you get the memory of him adopting Yarr, CP decided to retcon it so that he has his coat, even though when he first got his coat he told different stories about its origin! Your players aren't stupid, CP. They can remember what happened a few years ago.

Also, when you finish the quest, you unlock two transformations. A Rainbow Unicorn and BING BONG. FREAKING BING BONG. I hate Bing Bong so bad. I know he's apparently the best character in the movie (which I haven't seen btw) but he just looks so stupid and out of place to me. Also, the transformations showcase the "stuff from Riley's mind in Rockhopper's" thing.


Before the party started, Rockhopper was waddling around as a mascot, but once the party started, it was Gary. What would be a really cool bonus is that after you complete the quest, Yarr shows up with the Migrator, and Rockhopper starts waddling around again for the second week. I mean, he barely visits nowadays, and you're gonna make him pre-party material?

Unfortunately, the only room that is decorated is the Dock, where Gary set up his Minderizer 3000. Rockhopper's mind consists of six party rooms. Headquarters and Dream Productions are sort of meh, and Subconscious is really boring. Food Island, Imaginationland, and Loot Island are pretty cool though. Food Island reminds me of the April Fools' Party and all the different dimensions. Rockhopper's emotions just stand around in Headquarters the whole time, and unlike Rockhopper back at the Dock, they're drawings and not sprites, which makes them look really out of place.

The items are, simply put, takeover items. You know, those items of the characters that will become irrelevant once the party ends, except for the weird fans who decide they want to be Joy all year. Also, if you're a non-member, you can't dress up as any of the Emotions in any way. Aside from the costumes, there's a few others. Stuff like Riley's Helmet and Hockey Stick, Bing Bong's Hat, and the Rainbow Unicorn Costume are more examples of Riley's stuff in Rockhopper's mind. Also, for some reason, the Emotions give you the items BEFORE you retrieve the orbs, not after... and Sadness gives you the Happy Memory for some reason. After you finish the quest, you get a background with the Emotions, and if you return to the Dock, Rockhopper gives you some pirate items from the last few years and a few hundred coins. Whoop-dee-doo.

The music was decent, there's two new tracks and the rest are recycled. None of the songs are really bad, so that's a thing.

Despite being hyped up a lot, the party was incredibly short. There's nothing that makes you want to come back, and while I'm glad they didn't force it like "get a new memory orb every day!" it's still disappointing that there's no incentive to come back. The only thing that was good about this party was the quest, and everything else was kind of blah.

Rate3.5Stars.png A decent takeover By Green N Cool

The music was great

For the Inside Out party, the Club Penguin team brought back some lovely old music as well as bringing some new tracks that perfectly fitted in with the pirate theme of Rockhopper's mind.

The rooms were brilliant

The Dock wasn't overhauled and each of the party rooms looked amazing. They were all beautifully done. The vibrant colours and the small touches such as players being able to slide down the bottle of cream soda and the emotions making noises when clicked after finishing the quest were fantastic. Each room of Rockhopper's mind gave us a little insight into what Rockhopper thinks about. The food and drink he has, the amount of 'booty' he wants, how he loves to go on great adventures, what he is scared of, and how one of his dreams is to fly. (They did however, copy parts of the gold mine for the 'Subconscious' room.)

There was not a lot of rooms for the party

The Club Penguin Team could have decorated a few more rooms. Seven isn't a lot. Maybe two rooms with a few streamers and balloons for a 'Welcome back' or 'Get well soon' party for Rockhopper would have been nice.

The storyline was amazing

The story of how Rockhopper managed to lose his mind was told in the Club Penguin times. It was great how we could read what Rockhopper was doing and how he ate, despite the warnings, the wheel of potent stinky cheese and then became cursed. There was definitely a good storyline for this event especially for a takeover.

The items were okay

Players could get items from each of the emotions as well as get their background and a large gift from Rockhopper. However, Rockhopper's gift, although giving us some coins, contained old items which some players may already have.

There was no replay value

We couldn't replay the hunt. Therefore, we could not replay the puzzle. After the quest there was nothing to do other than admire Rockhopper's mind. The Club Penguin team could have added an extra scavenger hunt to find lost items that Rockhopper had lost when he'd lost his mind around CP or something like that.

The quest was okay

The hunt was okay but it was obvious that there would be a core memory in each room. Maybe if more rooms were made it would have made the hunt a little harder as they could have been spread out with some rooms having them and some not. It was more of a "go to a room and click the core memory" than a hunt.

The transformations weren't from Rockhopper's Mind

The characters 'Bing Bong' and 'Rainbow unicorn' are part of Riley's mind from the Inside Out movie, not Rockhopper's. The Club Penguin team just added them as transformations without explaining why they appeared in Club Penguin. They could have said that Rockhoppers seeing strange things like these characters due to the curse or something like that.

Gary and Rockhopper were great mascots

It was good to see Rockhopper in his cursed state as a mascot before the party had started and Gary was the perfect mascot for when the party began.

The emotes were okay

They weren't memorable, but fitted the theme of the party well.


Overall, I think the Inside Out Party deserves a 3.5/5. The party was good, especially for a takeover and although there was a few issues, it was pretty decent.

Rate3.5Stars.png Okay enough By Watatsuki

While not nearly as good as some things seen before, I think this party is good in a way of its own. It is small scale, but with CP declining, budget cuts, and such, I cannot really blame them. I find the party rooms to all be pretty cool, I think the artists did a good job, and some of the items are rather nice. Some neat callbacks too (except for how RH some had his jacket when meeting Yarr). My real gripe is that there is not much to it. The quest is simple (then again I never really found party quests all that challenging, ever) and there is little else aside from RH's mind. I feel like there could have been more, but there has been worse.
Having to recreate the logo by myself from scratch just for a nice wiki picture was not fun though :(

Rate1Star.png Disgust is me, and I'm a guy. By Dubstep 4 Dayz

This party absolutely sucked. I thought that this party would be a good party, like the movie.

Objects/Items: 2.5/10 The items were just silly. Apart from the fact that you can dress up as an emote and/or Bingbong. They were bad.

Decorations: 0.5/10 One room. One room did not do justice.

Gameplay: 0/10 IM DISGUST IN THIS MANNER. IT SUCKED. all you do is click.

How the armies of CP reacted: OMG we can trick noobs into becoming one of us because they think we're official! OMG we should advertise that if you join you help gary!


Worst party ever. The Ultimate Jam was better.

Rate1.5Stars.png Really? By Yoshi11

I have yet to watch Inside Out yet (instead opting to watch Jurassic World), but I do know that the movie is about some girl's emotions or something like that. With something so popular, it's expected that CP makes the usual takeover.


I log in and get a notification stating that Rockhopper is mentally unstable or something. Apparently, I'd have to collect all of the memory orbs from his mind, which reflects back to the source material. The new rooms are actually quite nice, and the atmosphere is pretty inviting! However, the quest itself was mediocre at best. It's the same deal for all five emotions (which, by the way, seem to be taken directly from the source material with little modifications). Collect the orb, complete a puzzle, next. It only took me less than ten minutes to complete the quest. That's it. Some of the free items are taken directly from the movie. Is this a party about Rockhopper's mind or Riley's mind? I don't know.

After that, I started walking around the rooms. It has then occurred to me that the CP team was being a bunch of lazy butts. How? None of the other rooms were decorated. Nada. Zero. Nothing. At least with The Fair, there's a purple sky, but here? Absolutely nothing has changed about the rest of the rooms, which is extremely disappointing.

Overall, the Inside Out party is bad, and it's a contributing factor to CP's slow and deathly demise. There's absolutely zero replay value after taking the incredibly short and monotonous quest, and I'm not that interested in the items at all. Shame on you Club Penguin. Make some quality content instead of ripping off stuff from the source material.

Rate1.5Stars.png Good idea, bad execution By Cp kid

When this party was announced, I was happy to see that it was "Inside Out Party" instead of "Inside Out Takeover", indicating that there would be some Club Penguin elements to the party. It turned out that there were, including the nice backstory about Rockhopper, but I think that the CP team overall had poor execution of their good idea for this party.

The backstory was rather brief, but nice. Rockhopper was out of stinky cheese, so he went to an island, faced his fear of heights and ate a wheel of cursed cheese, I supposed stinky cheese is the only food he keeps on the whole Migrator? Despite the short backstory, it gave an extended in-universe notice, for a few weeks leading up to the party, rather than the CP team just posting on the blog "Inside Out Party in a month get ready".

Once the party actually started though... my expectations were not impressed. I like that Gary built his machine to go into Rockhopper's mind, but what other rooms are decorated? There are only two "islands" to see in RH's mind, along with "dream productions", the "subconscious" and "imaginationland". They're all decent decorated "party rooms", themed to fit the pirate whose head they're in. Beyond that though, what is there? The quest was alright, the orbs were decently hidden, but with only 7 rooms decorated, it soon became apparent where the orbs would be hidden. Overall it took me about 15 minutes to complete the quest, including the re-skinned minigame from the past. Like others have said, the decorations were extremely lacking, only a few rooms in Rockhopper's mind to look at then leave. Even if saving RH was a serious issue rather than a "party", why call it a party? It would have been nice if, like others had said, the second week of the party the Migrator was docked, and Rockhopper was waddling around as a mascot- in a "welcome back" sort of event after the whole ordeal. That is considering that the quest certainly doesn't take two weeks to complete.

Also, the free items and transformations were pointless in my opinion. This was supposed to be a "party", not a "takeover", so why were most of the free items directly from the movie characters? All I gained as a non-member was 6 items I'll never wear, and some coins. We already had hockey sticks and helmets, so we didn't need Riley's- though the emotion costumes were nice. As for transformations, it would have made more sense to make transformations out of the 'emotions or things from Rockhopper's head such as the flamingos, over things directly from the movie, not from Rockhopper's head at all.

Overall, I think the CP team's thinking is too limited now, they tried too hard to make an Inside Out Takeover with a Club Penguin twist, rather than a Club Penguin party inspired by Inside Out. There's a big difference in the two- and I think CP should go back to their creative roots.

Rate0Stars.png ... By Penstubal

Out of all serious-ity, this party stinks. Basically I am supposed to go "HAI LET'S COME IN ROCKHOPPER'S MINE AND GET SOME ORB THINGIES FOR HIS BRAIN WITCHES". I would have given it half a star star if they at least TRIED to decorate other rooms, but no, they did not. The quest is more boring than watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis and guinea pig poop combined. The quest is so short; too simple and that so called "anger dude" is right; Club Penguin ruined puzzles. This party was my absolute worst I have ever experienced and I doubt that it is better than the Fashion Show we had last year (btw, apparently ANOTHER crappy fashion festival is coming up).

Rate4.5Stars.png A party came INSIDE Club Penguin from OUT of the world! By FrozenPuffle

This party is awsomeeeee!!

Storyline: 10/10 The storyline is excellent! Very clever!

Quest: 8/10 The quest is easy but it's fun!

Minigame: 8/8 The minigame is awsome but you can play it only one 4 times. After the quest you can't.

Catalog: 9/10 The catalog is very good! But I give nine because nonmembers can get awful items.

Transformations: 10/10 The transformations are awsome! I love Bing Bong nd the Rainbow Unicorn! But Rainbow Unicor's dance makes me wanna puke!

Rooms: 7/10 The rooms are very well decorated! Dream Productions is my favourite! But where's long term memory? Where's that place that the memories are forgotten? Where's train of thought?

Logic: 7/10 The logic is .... First, Rockhopper has 5 core memories. So there should be 5 islands of personality. A puffle island, emty barrel island, a pirate crab island, a slimy and disgusting island and a Migrator island. Also there are 5 lights but 2 islands of personality.

With this ranking I should put the party 3 or 2 but it's fun to play in Rockhopper's mind!

Rate2.5Stars.png No comment. By Mrdave921

Well, I HAVE seen the movie, but my iPad crashed after I got the happy memory orb. A room I THINK should've been added is the abstract thinking room from the movie. And for future takeovers, I agree with Carlay6187. There SHOULD be a The Good Dinosaur takeover. So, I'm giving this party 2½ stars. --Me as member.png Mrdave921 The Inside Out Takeover is here! "Yarr? What be a Yarr?" -Rockhopper

18:43, 10 August 2015 (UTC)

Rate1Star.png Poor takeover as usual By Rabone

Poor takeover as usual. No decorations among the island, only few new party rooms. The plot of a story is quite interesting but it isn't satisfying. Old CP Parties, please come back!