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You are on the party reviews page for the Holiday Party 2015. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Holiday Party
Average Rating: 3.8 (Good)
Total Reviews: 13
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Rate3Stars.png Good enough I guess. By Captain Pinkbeard

I don't think any Christmas/Holiday party will ever be as bad as the Merry Walrus Party. In fact, the newly introduced character doesn't even appear this year (which is a good thing!).

It's an average party. Newcomers will probably love it. However, there's nothing new or innovative for the older players. They brought back old items, old rooms and old features (magic sleigh and trains). Coins for Change is back again, but we were all expecting that anyway.

Also, Rockhoppper, somehow, returned with his OLD ship. I thought they'd redesign it, but nope! It came back from the dead (the Migrator was sunk in 2014). Still, it's better to have Rockhopper than Merry Walrus.

So, I give the Holiday Party 3 stars, as it is not a bad party by any means, but at the same time there's nothing new. I wish for more creativity and new ideas in the future.

Rate4.5Stars.png Merry Christmas! By Brookelas

Well, right off the bat I will say this is WAY BETTER than Merry Walrus 2014!! Let's get right into it...

What Worked

  • The decorations were perfect -- including rooms with sky changes, there are more than 30 rooms decorated!
  • The aurora sky is back! YESSSSS!
  • I want to make this a seperate note... but the fact they decorated the UFO rooms actually makes me BEYOND HAPPY!!
  • Rockhopper is back alongside Merry Walrus! Best of both worlds.
  • I was debating whether this should be a pro or con, but the app literally reuses last year's Merry Walrus decorations to the point where the SCAVENGER HUNT loads as well - I am OK with this as the app is as crappy as the party last year :D -- they focused on new party for the WEB which makes me so happy!
  • Advent Calendar :D
  • The music! They have the largest selection of music, and I LOVE IT!
  • They don't force you to donate coins you earn from the 'mini games' around the island, which is nice.

What Didn't Work

  • Having furniture and clothing catalogs donate automatically to Coins for Change takes away the whole fun of being GENEROUS!!
  • There aren't that many new items, and the ones that are are recolours. This is kind of a shame as I look forward to Christmas items more than any other items. Honestly I would have liked red and green recolours of the Merry Walrus items!
  • The bakery got scrapped. They literally still have it in the swfs and it actually really ticks me off it didn't return.
  • I would have loved an Emerald or Ruby Crystal Puffle... like it owuld have made sense!! Also, the final prize is an igloo that was already available before. I wish it was a new puffle :(

Conclusion Definitely a MAJOR step up from last year's Merry Walrus Party. It has a FEW flaws, but nothing big at all. The decorations in the Night Club and Ski Hill are probably my favourite of the new decor. So yeah, a great way to end the year on CP with a 4.5/5 :D

Rate4.5Stars.png AMAZING! By Green N Cool


  • The decorations look fantastic!
  • Lots of rooms are decorated!
  • The UFO and Area 501 got decorated.
  • The night sky returned. It creates a great atmosphere.
  • Rockhopper is the mascot.
  • Merry Walrus makes a brief appearance on December 25.
  • The Migrator returned.
  • There's a larger emphasis on donating coins for change.
  • The advent calendar feature returned!
  • The music is great!
  • The party emotes fit the party theme.
  • It's great that we can transform into frostbites.
  • The snowman and crystal puffles returned.


  • Although almost all the decorations look amazing, the Snow Forts is a little plain and doesn't have that wow factor.
  • Rockhopper's ship was destroyed in 2014 by pirate crabs and in the Club Penguin Times, Rockhopper mentioned he was building a new ship. There wasn't really an explanation as to how the old Migrator is intact and there's no signs of it ever being sunk and destroyed.
  • The idea of the bakery was scrapped because the team "couldn't get the functionality to work in time" which was a shame. However, the team could have just returned the cookie shop room where we had to donate to transform.
  • Most of the items are recolors.
  • The final prize Merry Walrus gives to us is one that some players will already have.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the Holiday Party 2015 a 4.5/5!

Rate5Stars.png Good work, CP! By NooblyNob

Well, as we all know, the Holiday Party was replaced with the abomination Merry Walrus Party last year. Club Penguin didn't make that same mistake this year! Alright, so, let me say what was great and what wasn't so great. What Was Great

  • 28 decorated rooms. Nice, CP! Not the most they have had before (Christmas Party 2008 had 31 rooms decorated) but still very good.
  • The music. Christmas Jam was brought back with a remix that is super awesome! But what really nailed it was Candy Cane March returning from the Christmas Party 2007. Also, the new igloo music called Maybe Baby is pretty good too. Not as good as the others, but a nice song.
  • The activities. So much to do here! There are 3 ways to earn coins, one at the Forest, one at the Beach, and one at the Plaza. At the Forest you throw ornaments on a tree, at the Beach you throw food into food drive boxes, and at the Plaza you throw snowballs at bells on the buildings. I found every activity fun, but my favorite was the Beach just because it was fun to watch other people throw food with me and also there were some people roleplaying. It was all great.
  • The Migrator. This was so amazing I had to make it it's own spot. The Migrator returns and so does Rockhopper's Rare Items. First of all, the Crows' Nest is decorated once again (re-used or not) and we can go up there and see that little Snowman Rockhopper :D Treasure Hunt is back! Treasure Hunt is such a fun game that one time every single Treasure Hunt box was filled up with players! I will talk some about Rockhopper's Rare Items in the next one.
  • Non-Member fairness. I count the Advent Calendar as a part of this party even though it started before the party. Every 2 days, an item for Non-Members is unlocked and everybody can obtain it for free. The pattern started with 1 non-member item and 1 member item, and went non-member item then member item, non-member item then member item and so on. That is a very nice thing for people who don't have membership. Usually non-members either get hand items or head items. Now beside the Advent Calendar. The new free item in Rockhopper's Rare Items is actually pretty good looking. I see a lot of non-members wearing it but it looks as good as a member item, too. In the Ski Lodge, once again, the Big Cozy Chair background is available by clicking on the camera. It's available for everyone, as usual. Finally, the Coins for Change pin is available to everyone just by donating to Coins for Change. I would say this party is pretty fair.
  • Decorations. Instead of the amount of rooms decorated, I will be looking at the room designs. First, the new Ski Hill design looks awesome. Complete with a table of Coffee, a Hot Chocolate stand, and an Intothemoat snowman, it looks amazing. I also like how the Sled Racing signs were held up by Candy Canes, that was a nice touch. The Cove design returns from the Holiday Party 2013, much like many other rooms. I can't cover every room, but some of my favorites were the Ski Hill, Toy Workshop, Beach, Arcade, and Night Club.
  • Santa's Sled. The Santa's Sled returns from the Holiday Party 2009. The prizes this time were lightbulb head items, available for everyone but were also available 2 MONTHS AGO at the 10th Anniversary Party. Oh well, I guess they're back for people who missed them. But anyway, Santa's Sled is super fun to do! Even when you got all the prizes, I love to drop presents into the houses. I get to make little penguins happy for Christmas :3

What Wasn't So Great

  • The Mall design returns from the Merry Walrus Party. This seriously annoyed me.
  • The Snow Forts could have had a little more effort put into their design.

Otherwise, this year's Holiday Party was awesome! I loved most of the room designs and activities, and of course the music. So this gets a 5 out of 5!

Rate5Stars.png Everythings ok By DJ3K

This is a special holiday, but not-members! can't adopt puffles, transform and more

This is a cool party! Holiday items are XD!!

Claps for CP!!! This is a HOLIDAY PARTY, but and the Prehistoric Party?

Can you call this a holiday party that it is decorated like a Holiday Party, i wonder why the Merry Walrus Party still a bit.

  • Decorations:

The decorations are very very good, but the Mall is decorated like the last year and the Snow Forts, this decoration not is very good.....

  • Music:

Very cool and cute music. but.......... I like HOLIDAY LIGHTS

  • Miscellaneous:

Coins for Change with a penguin playing skate??

  • Non-Members/Members presents:

No all the presents are could be better but some presents. The calendary is bored.

This is a Prehistoric party: This is a pre-historic party but is the decorations of 2015 and 2014, only the snow forts is a 2015 decorations (i believe).

CALIFICATION: 2.9 (Could be better).

Rate5Stars.png THIS is what you call a holiday party By Superalvi400

Why do people think Rockhopper did not rebuild the Migrator after 1 year? Actually he rebuilt it at the Merry Walrus Party and the special is canon because it was mentioned ingame. Also this is better than last year.

Good stuff:

  • The Migrator is back!
  • The decorations were nice, even the ones from old parties.
  • One of the December parties with most decorations, even though there was not a lot of coins or Concert for Change at the lighthouse, the Christmas Party from 2008 and previous ones did not have that either and seem cool.
  • The aurora! Even though 2005-08 did not have it either, the party was still very awesome, like the 2005-08 parties seem.
  • Holiday Parties are not about storylines or these stuff. They are about being nice and caring for the world.
  • The Advent Calendar. Penguins like to come everyday to get a gift, and even if the calendar was not there, (see the previous one and complete this).
  • I like how every HP since 2012 (the walrus thing does not count) had dinosaur toys at the Gift Shop, and then there is a Prehistoric party in january of the next year.
  • Merry Walrus returned, people are all hating on him even though he has not the fault of anything other than coming at december 2014, but he didnt just dissappear with an explanation like "hey kids, remember the walrus, a whale randomly jumped off and ate him, bye"
  • Very good music
  • The Ski Hill is awesome because it is original, has the original shape, there is a snowman of that old man who got a record in sled racer, and the tube shop now also sells hot chocolate and coffee.

Bad stuff:

  • The light show at the Dojo courtyard did not return unlike the halloween decorations at the courtyard... :(
  • the dock decoration is stupid
  • nothing else

Rate5Stars.png Amazing Party! By Sparklord5

This party is simply awesome! Better than the Holiday Party 2013, and 800000000 miles better than Merry Walrus! So, let me get into my review!

  • My favorite Club Penguin song of all time, DJ Christmas, came back and it plays inside Area 501.
  • The Migrator is back!
  • This party did not release a new puffle thankfully
  • Great new room designs! (Ski Hill, Night Club, etc)
  • So much to do!
  • Coins for Change!
  • Fair to non-members
  • Santa's Sled is back!


  • Snow Forts should have had better decoration
  • Dojo Courtyard isn't decorated
  • Underground rooms are completely forgotten

So, that's my review!

Rate1Star.png Dissappointment By Sydney Night

When I logged into ClubPenguin today I expected to feel nostalgia, hear awesome christmas music and see beautifully decorated places. Instead I hear random pop music for most places, see players promise free membership and heard random pop music(seriously, that was really annoying). There were only two things that stopped me from rating this event with a 0 and those were: 1. The forest - because that was the only place i got a real Christmasy feeling with the music and i really liked the idea of decorating the tree with throwing snowballs. 2. Santas sled - ahhh the memories and luckily they didn't ruin the place by changing the music. Overall I'm glad they did the Christmas event, but it's not really worth visiting ClubPenguin again this year.

Rate2.5Stars.png It's fine By Star kirby12

Well, to be honest after the garbage, gomi, suregi, superultragreatdeliciouswonderfulbad crust operation, I was willing to take in any party. The Holiday Party is a nice change from that piece of trash, and considering the last Christmas party was the unbelievably awful Merry Walrus party, this is acceptable.


  • Breakaway from that terrible crust operation
  • Breakaway from that terrible walrus party
  • The Frost Bites return from CP's golden year
  • Rooms are actually decorated
  • Some furniture is given to all players (that's always nice)
  • The Migrator came back
  • Treasure hunting came back
  • The sleigh ride is back


  • Looking around made me see the awful new rooms again (Puffle Wild, Park, Skatepark, Mall...)
  • The differences between newly made items and old items are too noticeable
  • That walrus is back (are you kidding me?!)
  • The Coins for Change traditions are channeled through simple activities and purchasing items as well instead of just proper donations, because last time Club Penguin had to cheat to reach their goal.
  • The mall is decorated blue. I swear, they're trying to keep the walrus around.
  • The crystal puffle is back, and THE OLAF IS BACK.
  • A lot of the rooms are ripped straight out of Holiday Party 2012. I wish they'd start making their own decorations instead of lazily slapping some used ones into the game.

It's not the greatest, but I've kinda lost hope after the crust, so I'll take it.

Rate5Stars.png Amazing By Chucker321

It's amazing. 'Nuff said.

Rate4.5Stars.png Awesome Party! By Olaf Puffle

It was an awesome party! So many rooms! I loved it! But the Snow Forts decorations were very bad...And the Dock's too. And EVERYTHING WAS BASED ON COINS FOR CHANGE! 2012 WE HAVE COOKIES, 2013 WE HAVE TRAINS, 2014 WE HAVE MERRY WALRUS AND 2015? NOTHING! EVERYTHING WAS FOR COINS FOR CHANGE!

Rate2.5Stars.png I agree with Star By Mr Cow2

Title says it all.

Rate3Stars.png Until it was good By Jabsolo

Until it was good, the Migrator he came to the island whole and no crabs, without Merry Walrus. We had good parts and bad parts.
Good parts

  • The Migrator turned around

Bad parts

  • Repeated rooms
  • Repeated items