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You are on the party reviews page for the Halloween Party 2015. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Halloween Party
Average Rating: 4.4 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 13
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Rate4Stars.png Pretty Good! By SquidKid3015

Huh... Robots having seizures? Doesn't that sound familiar? Ok nevermind, back on Topic now. The party is pretty fun, but I wish you could dress up you're penguin as the robot and you could make you're robot self or something. Now, the pros and cons of the party:

Pros: 1. Alot of rooms decorated 5/5. TO BE CONTINUED

Rate5Stars.png Very Great Party By Superalvi400

Even though there are some notable references to FNAF (see the newspaper and you will understand) this party is still good. In my opinion, it is tied with last year's halloween as best halloween.

Decorations: 9.5/10 i like how CP decorated even more rooms, i don't care if they recycled most as some were new, the puffle park was decorated for 1st time ever and this party was right after the throwback anniversary, so it doesn't matter. I just wish they decorated more rooms like the book room, clothes shop, pet shop and underground. Still, very cool decorations.

Mascots: 8/10 even though herbert is not meetable, gary and AA are not bad.

Quest: 10/10 I like how we have to get stuff that fear the original characters to get the bot off and then play mini game.

Non/Member Fairness: 5/10 Even though i renewed my membership, i think most items for non members are kinda bad. just hand items... who walks around with a sweater instead of wearing it? at least the clown face item is good. Also, i know the mystery item at the interface... If you dont want spoiler skip this now.. IT IS A HERBERT BOT HEAD

Transformations: 10/10 i like the robot transformation it is good for members who want to find a new way to be spooky

Comparison to other parties: 9/10 even though it doesn't feel like old halloween parties, it is still improved. i was getting tired of ghosts! candy ghosts, uncle ghost, bellhop ghost, ghost hunter... finally this is gone! glitched bots are way more scary!

minigame: 10/10 yes it is a different version of PSA mission 8's boiler fixing game, but i played the full party on cove penguin and the game gets harder, and when it comes to the last one it's very hard

i hope the november party will be just as good as this one and 10th anniversary party, and after it all parties are good, or at least most of them are satisfying.

Rate3.5Stars.png Getting warmer By Star kirby12

As great as the 10th Anniversary was, I can't help but feel it got worse over time, mostly because it started becoming blatantly obvious that CP was pulling an FNAF on us. And while that's very annoying, for the most part it's pretty good.


  • Many rooms have been decorated, recycled or not.
  • The Coffee Shop is obviously a destroyed 10th Anniversary room. We haven't had destroyed rooms since Operation Blackout, so that's very welcome.
  • The robot deactivation is a welcome twist to the regular "daily quest" formula. It's not as good as, say, fighting them, but considering the source material (if you know what I mean) didn't have stuff like that either, we'll have to live with it.
  • As much as I hate that FNAF CP edition is happening, this is the first "evil scheme" in a while. If it's not Herbert, Protobot or Skip, I'm going to be very disappointed.
    • UPDATE: Herbert was confirmed several newspapers ago, guess I kinda derped.
  • "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" from CP's golden year is back!


  • The whole concept, as I've mentioned multiple times already. FNAF was an interesting horror game, but now it's basically been ruined by its own fandom. I'm seeing images of those freaky animatronics everywhere, and I don't want to because of their creepiness. The evil MascBots basically look the part, with various damaged areas, evil eyes and teeth.
  • The items, are just... ughhh.
  • The robot transformation makes absolutely no sense in context. Sure, there have been several transformations that make no sense before, but why would you want to make a machine that turns penguins into the current threat?!
    • Not to mention that they're all just generic zombie robots.
  • As cool as the destroyed Coffee Shop is, the lack of anything done to the Book Room activates a really bad moment of anticlimactic. One moment you're walking through a lightless, destroyed room... and then right upstairs is a perfectly fine newspaper room.

I can definitely say that CP's getting better. Just don't let me down on the final boss, Disney.

UPDATE: -0.5 score nerf. While it was Herbert again, the final boss was very lackluster.

Rate4.5Stars.png Just this. By Amigopen

Logged in and saw this on the party screen.

A real typo in the game.PNG

Putting that aside, the party looks authentic and completely matches with the theme it should be following. It also is a good aftermath of the 10th anniversary, too.

Rate4Stars.png Spooky and fun! By Captain Pinkbeard

This year they finally decorated MORE rooms. About time!

The items look cool too (I can't wait to get the clown make-up).

I wonder what Herbert is up to? We know Gary told him how to manipulate his Robots in the newspaper. This is the second time he falls for that. The last time it happened, he got kidnapped and the whole island went through Herbert's very own "Operation Hibernation".

Gary's foolishness takes us on a quest to deactivate the rogue robots across the island. This is one of the few times that the "come back each day" thing works. It really helps build up the mystery (even though we all know who's behind this). A fun quest overall!

This is one of the few parties this year that actually feels like a party. It's nice to see little pumpkins everywhere.

It is, however, lame that they brought back the ghost puffles (hey kids, get a puffle!!$$$$).

The items, as I said, are cool, but members might be disappointed as their exclusive free items are kind of ugly.. If you like FNaF (obviously they were inspired by the game) then you will appreciate them. But if you aren't a member, I'd say you aren't missing anything.

Also, we shouldn't forget that they recycled some of the rooms from last year's party. That's ok, as they blend in nicely, but who doesn't want some newer designs?

In conclusion, it's a very entertaining party. I give it 4/5 stars, hoping that they will improve their parties even more in the future.

Rate5Stars.png BEST PARTY EVER By Carlay6187

I totaly remond you go to cp now or else this party is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rate5Stars.png AWESOME! By NooblyNob

Even though the rooms are pretty much the same as last year, the storyline is awesome. The MascBots from the critically acclaimed 10th Anniversary Party started malfunctioning and became evil for this party! Lots of cool items to collect, Ghost Puffles being available again, there's just so much to love about this! Not to mention OLD MUSIC COMING BACK! I love being able to transform into Penguin Robots also! I think this is even better than the Halloween Party last year! This is actually pretty scary, like it should be. Maybe I should make a list

Pros: Ghost Puffles coming back for anyone who missed out last year. Good storyline. New transformation!. Great music! Non-members can still participate in most activities. Actually something to keep coming back for instead of checking out the rooms then leaving. Cons: Mostly same rooms as last year.

I really think this party is great and I love decorating my igloo for Halloween. Lots of fun roleplaying rooms and of course the traditional Night of the Living Sled playing at the Lighthouse!

Rate4.5Stars.png ERROR 404 <bzzt> haaaaaaaaapy hallowww....n bzzt good party alert By Brookelas

I gotta say, I wasn't expecting much going into the Halloween Party this year. The Anniversary Party was great, and I didn't think ANY Halloween Party could beat last years or 2012. How does it stack up? Well let's see...

What Worked

  • The decorations in the indoor rooms. I had to put this at the top of my list!! The Dojo, Puffle Park, Pizza Parlor, Ski Lodge AND MORE are decorated with SIMPLE decorations. I love it SO MUCH!
  • As always, Halloween music was amazing! I really loved the new song in the Town/Plaza too.
  • The ghost puffle return! I especially like how they got a 'domain' at the Dock... instead of just being shoved into the quest interface.
  • AN EPIC storyline! Holy moly... was that ever awesome. On top of that, we got to see the return of HERBERT as well!! WOW!
  • Robot transformations! Yaaaaas!
  • This part is so awesome I had to make it a seperate point... a DESTROYED Coffee Shop! YES! It works with the storyline SO WELL!
  • The game was a little challenging, but nothing non-handle able.

What Didn't Work

  • The worst part of the party was the AWFUL free items... so uninspired and DO NOT match the theme of Halloween. I am actually genuinely disappointed :\
  • The same rooms have been reused for three years now... while it doesn't bother me TOO much, I still feel like it is worth mentioning.
  • Wasted opportunity to launch a Robot Puffle at this party... they should have done it... would have made WAY more sense than SOME puffles they have launched for no apparent reason... -_-

Conclusion I am, once again, blown away with the epicness of CP's Halloween. While it doesn't match the awesomeness of 2012 or 2014, it comes fairly close. And for the reasons previously stated, I am giving the party a 4.5/5! Great work, once again, CP!

Rate4.5Stars.png A Spooktacular Party! By Green N Cool


  • The decorations, especially the simple ones, look amazing!
  • There's lots of rooms decorated; around 30 online.
  • The music was awesome
  • The storyline was great and links with the 10th Anniversary Party. Plus, Herbert returned!
  • We could adopt ghost puffles again!
  • There's lots of replay value. We had to come back each day to play the game and get items. We could even replay the game if we wanted to.
  • We could transform into robots!


  • I dislike the items that were given out; most don't match Halloween well and are horrible.
  • Some rooms were recycled... again.
  • There were noticeable things the Club Penguin Team could have easily fixed.
    For a recycled room, I would have expected them to at least fix this.
  • There could have been an explanation in the CP times about why we could transform into the robots we were trying to deactivate.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the Halloween Party 2015 a 4.5/5!

Rate4Stars.png The third best Halloween in CP By Enb 11

Alrighty, now this is what I call a good party! Hey guys, I am Enb 11, and this is my first review in a long time! Okay, in a big summary, 2015 has been awful, with only 3 out of 9 parties being good at the very least (The Fair is excluded from here because, although it fairly nice, had almost nothing new to offer). So, if you never read any of my reviews before, I split it into: Rooms and Music, Content (or lack thereof) and Items (this includes the occasional puffle). Okay, let's go.

  • Rooms and Music: Alright, so the biggest letdown of this year's Halloween Party are the rooms. Although a BIG quantity of the rooms is indeed decorated, they are well known by us, since it's the third time they are used. Also, some of the rooms like the Dojo and the Puffle Park are very poorly decorated, with the only props being pumpkins most of us have for igloo decorations. All in all, it's great to see almost the whole island decorated but the decorations themselves could be more original. However, as pointed out in other reviews, there is one room that stands out from the others, and that is the Coffee Shop. In usual CP Halloween decor, we can expect to find pumpkins, bats, candy, funky ghosts and usual Halloween colors. But the Coffee Shop is “decorated” is a new form: it’s totally run down. The 10th Anniversary Party decor is there, but destroyed. It looks like someone invaded it and wrecked the whole place. There’s something uneasy and truly scary in that. Music-wise, there is pretty much nothing new, just a few new versions of old music. NEXT TOPIC!
  • Content: So, this party follows the lead of the 2014 and 2012 versions and has its story to begin earlier on the game. This Halloween Party follows the premise that the Mascbots that were used in the Anniversary Party to provide information on the rooms went haywire, and that actually happened in the last week of the party. When the Halloween Party starts, they already went full Freddy-Fazbear-Animatronics mode, and are spooking everyone. Gary, however, has a card up his sleeve, and says that the Mascbots can be scared into malfunction, if exposed to the same things that their penguin counterparts are afraid of. Then, you are exposed to the “Go fetch this, then come back here for a dumb little puzzle and come back tomorrow” type of mission that Club Penguin has been using for ages now. In the end, it has been known that Herbert will be the mind behind this event, although we don’t know yet, what he expected from this plan (apart from island domination), and how he accomplished it. It’s a cool storyline, but the system the missions are done don’t help the play value, and the party itself has nothing new to explore, turning this party into a boring one after the missions are gone. You can, however, roleplay as a robot yourself, as the party gives you the option to transform into a rogue robot form the Robo Maker 3000. Whether this is Gary or Herbert's work is still unknown. Each mission rewards you with two items (one if you are a non-member): A hand item that represents the object that you used to scare the Mascbot in said mission, and the Mascbot head as a head item (this is a members item). This leads us to…
  • Items: The items are pretty boring. They give you the objects used to scare the Mascbots into malfunction as hand items and the Mascbots heads as head items, but that is it. Although the Mascbots heads are pretty neat, they can’t carry the reward system by themselves, and the party feels kind of empty. This party also brings back the Halloween exclusive Ghost Puffle, in my opinion the coolest of the Puffle Creatures.

All in all, this party fails to be a good follow-up to last year’s Halloween but it’s good nevertheless, and it’s a relief to our sore eyes as far as 2015 parties are concerned.

Rate4.5Stars.png Two Excellent Parties in a Row! By David231099

Club Penguin has done it again! After the huge anniversary party earlier this month, they have produced an even bigger halloween party.

Rooms (9.5/10)

CP has finally listened to us and started to decorate rooms simply. The Ski Village, Lodge, Night Club, Lounge, Ice Rink, Puffle Park, Dojo Courtyard and Dojo were all decorated with simple decorations, and they work so well! Some Halloween classics such as the Lighthouse, Beacon, Iceberg, Cave and Puffle Hotel returned as well. The rest of the rooms are complete overhauls from 2013, but I don't really have much of a problem with that. Some rooms such as the Book Room, Gift Shop and Pet Shop still weren't decorated. Also some complex rooms such as the Lodge Attic and Pizza Parlor are barely decorated and can be hard to notice at first sight. A special mention to the creepy Coffee Shop, its abandoned style was haunting.

Music (5/5)

The music was brilliant! Our favourite classics returned with a few new songs such as the ones in the Town, Plaza and Pizza Parlor. Overall the music suited the rooms pretty well and complimented their spooky designs.

Quest (8/10)

The quest was quite fun to do and for once was quite challenging at points. It was great to see Herbert finally return. Defeating the bots was quite entertaining and watching the 'Herbot' turn against its master was equally funny! While it would have been awesome if the quest continues, I suspect it might lead into the events of November...

Items (2/5)

The items were a bit of a let down. Probably the worst part of the party, they are almost all completely unrelated to Halloween. I'm not sure why we need robotic heads of the MascBots or strange props like razors and UFOs. Half the items are for all players and half are members only which is ok, as non-members only miss out on the robotic heads and ghost puffles.

Party Features (8/10)

This section talks about the interactive features of the party. Firstly we have the robots and Herbert as mentioned above. The usual pumpkin iceberg that can be jack-hammered into a design and the trick or treating at the Snow Forts return. An interesting feature is in the Dance Lounge where if you wear an apron next to the green tables you can cause food such as pizza, ice cream and cake to appear depending on which apron you are wearing. This feature is excellent and would be great to see return again.

  • The emotes were good and perfectly suited for the party.
  • Gary makes a good mascot, but it would be cool to see Herbert stalk around too.
  • I would have liked to have seen the Haunted Hotel return from last year, while it would serve no purpose, it would be fun to hang out in.
  • The simple decorations means that CP has finally woken up, and hopefully they will continue this practice at future parties.
  • On a side note, CP hasn't been fully normal (i.e. no party on) since August. There should be breaks between some of the parties. Just saying :|

Overall this is an excellent party! It received a score of 32.5/40, which I am rounding up to 4 and a half stars. Happy Halloween everyone!

David231099 (Talk) (Contribs) 11:12, 29 October 2015 (UTC)

Rate5Stars.png One of the best Halloween Parties! By Sparklord5

I loved this party! There was actually some puzzle to it and it was fun. The puzzles were never too challenging but Club Penguin is targeted for kids so I didn't expect them to be. However, there were some parts where I had to stop and think. I wish there were more new rooms but the new ones that got decorated are simple and great. The old music that came back was really awesome, and the new music made is also awesome. Overall, great party. I wish that you could wear the Old Sweater item but whatever. The items aren't anything special, but they aren't trash either. The ending with the Herbot was fun and I loved the twist where Herbot turned against Herbert. Looking forward to the Holiday Party this year!

Okay so first off, I must say that this is probably the most original Halloween Party in the history of CP. It's not ghosts this time, it's robots. I think tying this in with the 10th Anniversary Party was genius, the destroyed Coffee Shop and the MascBots malfunctioning. It's great to see that CP ended their bad party streak with the 10th Anniversary Party and are continuing their awesome party streak with the Halloween Party. I've gotta say that CP did a great job with the music. Old music was used again but I welcome that. New music was created which is even more awesome! Amazing party, 5/5.

Rate4Stars.png PWNsome! By Mrdave921

Well, I can say that I liked the party. The MascBots looked OK, BUT, for an unknown reason, the mascots have brand-new fears like Dot being afraid of ugly sweaters, Gary being afraid of decaf coffee, PH being afraid of UFOs, and Cadence being afraid of bugs! WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON IN HERE? Anyway, the quest was AWESOME, but I couldn't get past the Harbutt Herbert part! Because of that, I had to log off! So, I'm giving this party 4 stars. --Me as member.png Mrdave921 It's Halloween! But beware the bots! GaryBot-2.PNG 00:53, 1 November 2015 (UTC)