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Frozen Fever Party
Average Rating: 1.5 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 21
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Rate1Star.png Should CP Let It Go? By Brookelas

I must admit, as much as I love Frozen, when the party got announced, my first reaction was... WHY? We don't need a party based off a short 7 minute film, especially one that already got a party 8 MONTHS AGO! Let's see how this works...

What Worked

  • The FEW new items!
  • The Dock and Royal Chamber
  • The snowflakes are smaller... that's nice!
  • The follow the string idea!

What Didn't Work

  • Why the bleep would they do a party they just did 8 months ago, especially without changing anything!!
  • The music was... random? Why did they change the songs from last year??
  • Why were ALL last year's items reused? Seriously?
  • Why were ALL last year's rooms reused? Seriously?
  • Why is Elsa performing Let It Go???? That wasn't in Frozen Fever!
  • All transformations were reused. They couldn't have added a Sven one? Or a SNOWGIE one??
  • The follow the string was only in one area, unlike the movie. I would have loved if they did it island wide!!

Conclusion 4 pros (which were hard to find), and 7 cons! That means, with a heavy heart, I am giving this party 1/5. Djf and I were talking of a million ways to make this a FANTASTIC PARTY, but the opportunity is gone now :(

Rate0Stars.png Going down... By Rabone

It's totally awkward. Almost every room, excpet Dock is reused. And there are tons of unnecessary pins. The pin with Anna & Elsa? Seriously? The party is completely the same as it was 8 months ago! Almost every free item is back again! Where are the parties we got used to? Fun parties, climatic parties, creative parties like old Music Jam, Festival of Flights, where are they? CP, this is not a good way!

Rate2Stars.png Some Frozen Hysteria Madness By Yuri102212

(Since I was on a penguin hiatus on 2014, I won't be complaining about reusing... stuff.)

Oh, here it is. The fourth party from Club Penguin this year. So let's get straight through my review.


The rooms aren't bad, but it needs work. I see that the rooms are from the Frozen Party, but I wasn't available during the party, so I wouldn't let my score suffer for this one.


The music is brand new; it came from Frozen Fever which probably made Cinderella a box-office success. Other than that, some were (I guess) from the Frozen Party last year.


The party ain't keeping me from playing CP until the party ends. There should have been a daily quest, the "hidden snowflake" quest ain't for me. And I don't care for pins either, unless it's a hidden one, which I would totally look around the island for, not some three snowflakes in a room...


Elsa's Castle will open soon. I will review it when it opens.


The items from the so-called "quest" are actually good. A sled? A frozen penguin? A FREAKING IGLOO? Yes please!


The party sucks. Let's admit it, the short may be good, but the party isn't. The string isn't even leading to something! What is this chaos? The only good thing I reviewed from this are the items.


Satisfaction: 18%

Grade: D-

(0-10= F, 10-20= D-, 20-30= D, 30-40= D+, 40-50= C-, 50-60= C, 60-65= C+, 65-70= B-, 70-75= B, 75-80= B+, 80-85= A-, 85-90= A, 90-95= A+, 95-100= S)


Overall, this party sucks, but not TOTALLY bad. My rating may change when the Ice Palace opens to the public.

Rate1Star.png Recycled trash By Chill57181

Oh boy, THIS party. THIS party. Apparently Frozen was so overrated popular that they decided they should pretty much copy the party and add a few things and use a seven-minute short film as an excuse to do it.

Let's start off with the party features. There's pretty much NOTHING new to do at this party. Freezing and thawing rooms, kind of cool, but we've seen it before and it gets boring after ten seconds. The overhyped finales which we saw multiple times last year and thought were gone are back with the return of Elsa's Ice Palace. Well roll out the red carpet and make to balloons because she's probably going to lose her voice again. Olaf and Marshmallow are back as transformations as well, again nothing new. At least when the Puffle Party brought back the same transformations year after year after year there was always a new puffle to try out. Snowman Puffles are back again, which is nice for newer users/new members who didn't get a chance to get them before, but for users who already have one, you know how boring the Puffle Creatures are and you're NOT going to want another one.

The decorations are almost (if not exactly) the same. The only new room is the Dock and the party room, Anna's Chambers.

The music is just meh and bleh. Nothing much else to say.

There are BARELY ANY NEW ITEMS. The Snowflake Scavenger Hunt from last year returns... and so do ALL OF ITS PRIZES. There is NO reason for people who attended the last party to do the scavenger hunt all over again, besides new members who couldn't get all the prizes last time. The only new items we get are alternate costumes for Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, the Snowgies (which I actually kinda like) and more pins than CP has released THIS YEAR. We also get a new igloo, which is nice although I can't see it being used for many different things.

tl;dr, this party is nothing more than a copy of last year's Frozen Party. While it was decent THEN, you can't bring it back with almost no new content and expect it to still be a good party. If you didn't attend last year's Frozen Party, or didn't have a membership during that time, it's a good party, but for a veteran like me who never misses a single Thursday update, it's just one big deja vu.

Rate1Star.png lol By Sharkbate


Rate0Stars.png didn't even see it By Snowstormer

but I know it's bad.

Rate2Stars.png Another boring party By EmberPrismDX

I like how CP gives us 10 pins at once, the theme is alright and the 2 new rooms are okay as well. But there is hardly anything to do and the items and the party is almost the SAME AS LAST YEAR. CP is getting lazy these days without Polo! What a shame! :(

Rate4.5Stars.png Cool By Mrdave921
Well, I have to say that it was a good party.

Anyway, here's my review:

  • Quest= The quest was a bit easy, but I couldn't find some of the snowflakes.
  • Transformations= In every party I've been to (including this one), the transformations were for MEMBERS ONLY!
  • Member/Non-Member Fairness= Just like EVERY party (except the Fair), there were only head items for non-members! Although, the good part is that non-members can get an igloo!
  • Items= Mainly, most of the stuff from Member/Non-Member Fairness. Before the party, I thought that the non-members would get The Snowgies! But, it turns out that MEMBERS can have The Snowgies!
  • Decorations= The decorations were GREAT!

So, I'm giving this party 4½ stars.

-- 23:26, 23 April 2015 (UTC)

P.S. I KNOW my I.P.'s there, but it's actually me, Mrdave921.

Rate0Stars.png Total craps! By Noone

How can you say the party is pretty good? It's completely the same as in 2014. The same rooms, the same items. They didn't do anything except laying may employees off!

Rate0Stars.png Why? By Juca

Why a full party to advertise a 7 minute long short film?

Rate1.5Stars.png Frozen Spirit By David231099

Following CP letting several employees go and Polo Field departing, everyone's moral has gone very low. This party has done little to help this.

Decorations (1/10)

I'm gonna go straight out and say that the decorations were just terrible. Almost all are directly reused from last years party. In fact the only new ones are at the Dock and Anna's Room or whatever its called. And again we have the problem that the party is not spaced out. Wouldn't it make more sense to put Oaken's shop on the Ski Hill? The Lighthouse as the church? The Forest as a frozen forest?

Quest (3/10)

The quest is essentially the same as last year. Just collect three snowflakes in the decorated rooms that are pretty easy to see. Well at least its better than the "come back tomorrow" scenario, but still there could be a lot more.

Music (1/5)

The music was a bit random. Making Today a Perfect Day at the Dock, songs I've never heard before at the Snow Forts, Town, Plaza and Cove and that horrible music at the Forest. Let it Go returns at the Ice Palace, again with no lyrics! It's worth noting that Let It Go doesn't even appear in Frozen Fever, so why is it present in this party?

Party Rooms (3/5)

I will give credit where credit is due. Anna's Room was beautifully designed, but its the same design as last year at the Ice Palace. I think we could have some more party rooms though.

Items (1/5)

What is CP thinking?! Having 10 pins at once in 2 rooms (that's 5 in each room). Also its the same items as last year that you unlock.

Member to Non-Member ratio (4/5)

(Ideal ratio 1:1) While members do get several items (including the Olaf Puffle), non-members do get a fair amount of items as well as an igloo and furniture. Therefore I am going to give the ratio as 1:1.25 (where 1 is non-members and 1.25 is members)

Comparison to past editions (4/10)

This party is almost exactly the same as last years one. However it feels a bit of a let down like this, as it is the second time we have had a party like this within 1 year.


This section deals with any other business

  • The emotes were nice but the same as last years.
  • There were no mascots, which is why this section is absent from this review.
  • Hiding 10 pins at once within two rooms is a bad idea and should not be repeated.
  • This party was confirmed in late March. This is an ideal time as it was neither too early nor too late.
  • The transformations are cool but again the same as last year.
  • If this party is about Frozen Fever, then there is little point on Elsa's Ice Palace returning.
  • If CP is going to include Frozen songs, they should at least have the lyrics in them.

Ok with a score of 17 out of 50, I round it down to 1.5 stars. This party was very disappointing. There was no need for a takeover based on a seven minute animated short and I hope that the Frozen franchise will never return to Club Penguin.

--David231099 (Talk) (Contribs) 18:52, 25 April 2015 (UTC)

Rate2Stars.png Not the best. By Green N Cool

Decorations (3/5)

This years Frozen related party had mostly the exact same decorations as the 2014 one. The decoration for the Dock last year had been replaced with a new one and a new party room was added. I must admit, the room decorations were brilliant. However, they are slight overhauls as some don't look like the original room's shape and design. (Also, the interiors don't match the exteriors.)

Tasks (1.5/5)

The snowflake hunt had returned from last year and although the snowflakes were a 'little' smaller, they were not hidden very well. I disliked how we had to hunt for the snowflakes even if we already had the items from last year. Yes, it makes the time playing longer and is good for new players or ones without the items, but it does seem pointless if you already have the items

Party Rooms (2.5/5)

Anna's room was well designed. The Ice Palace has nothing to do with Frozen Fever yet it had returned with Elsa dancing to the instumental of 'Let it go', a song that doesn't appear in Frozen Fever.

Replay Value (0/5)

There wasn't the best replay value as we coudn't earn any coins after doing the hunt.

Items (2.5/5)

There was a lot of items available to obtain at the party. I wouldn't say it was a “party catalog” as there wasn't a lot of items and they were all free. Why was an igloo a free collectable item from the start of the party. That could've been a prize for re-completing the snowflake quest from last year or a prize from Elsa when the ice palace opens. I disliked how there were obvious pins in two rooms for us to collect. The 'Follow the rope' didn't even match the plot of Frozen Fever that well.

Music (2.5/5)

They'd changed the music in the rooms that had been re-used from last year. Non of the music is that memorable.

Storyline (1.5/5)

There wasn't the best storyline for the Frozen Fever Party. Elsa wanted to host Anna's birthday party on Club Penguin because she “enjoyed the last Frozen party”.

Miscellaneous (2.5/5)

The party emotes fit the theme of the party nicely. No mascots were waddling about. The transformations were okay.


Overall, I'm going to rate the Frozen Fever Party, a 2/5

Rate0.5Stars.png THe Frozen Party 2014 is here and... wait, what? By Enb 11

So, my name is Enb 11 and this is my review for the Frozen Fever "Party" happening this month. This review, unlike my others, will contain no topics, and will be very short, because of null content. First off, go here to see my review for last year's Frozen Party, which is essentially this party minus a few items. Now, let's go to this party itself. It is the party that holds the title of "worst party ever". Yes, even worse than Music Crap 2014 and Soundstudio party. Why? Because this party is a copy and paste of last year's Frozen Party thrown only to promote a small Disney short on the last minute. That's it. They quickly drawn a few new items, pins, two new rooms and SHAZAM, new party. This party offers 10 new PINS (yea, you heard me. 10 new PINS), a few new items coming directly from the short, an igloo and... yep. That's it. Apart from these items I mentioned there's nothing NEW on the party. The scavenger hunt is the same (albeit the snowflakes are smaller but still easy to find), the items rewarded for completing the hunt are the same, rendering it useless to anyone who completed it last year, the transformations are the same. That's it. Shame on you Club Penguin. This month we had horrible news about massive layoffs on CP; Polo Field, the last mod that actually heard to us and responded our feedback left, and now THIS? This shows to us that Club Penguin is downgrading fast. But this month we had great stuff as well, as the incredible Maze Event and the reduced size of pins (This week's pin was incredibly well hidden). Next month we'll have something entirely new on CP: Two parties happening at once. On desktop we'll have a round two of The Fair, which was pretty entertaining, but frustrating, and on mobile we'll have a Rainbow Puffle Party, because, well... why not, I guess? Huh. This shows that The Fair will be big and desktop exclusive so that it doesn't need to be nerfed down. But lower the prices of the prizes, CP, for Pete's sake. This was my microreview for this month guys, cya!

Rate1.5Stars.png Not This Again... By Chucker321

The title basically says it all...

Rate2Stars.png LET IT GO... AGAIN. By jdfr03

Sorry, Club Penguin but you copied last year's party. I know people are going to criticize me for this because that is what they have done in the past. But, nowadays, they actually something new for a returning party. They didn't do much but add in a party room and a few pins. Overall, this party was a waste of time. They could've had an old party.

Rate3Stars.png Repeat By Pingwes

The party is equal to last year same free items, same rooms, just about everything, the party seems interesting, very useful for anyone who was not last year I even took over and created a penguin at the party also had another trivialization 2013 Takeovers were last year were the puffles this year are the Pins, which at the moment are many, even it seems that the game is using them as an excuse for repeated party , if it's wrong for me to imagine anyone who plays in the application have to endure almost a month before the party. This year is looking reprise Star Wars Rebels Takeover worsened rerun of Star Wars Takeover, SoundStudio Party reprise worsened Hollywood Party, Puffle Party 2015 reprise much the Wilderness Expedition is party reprise identical Frozen Party and have images showing that The Fair 2015 will be the same as last year.

Rate5Stars.png The Party Is Making Today A Perfect Day! I love this party! It isn't all that I thought but it is great! By FrozenPuffle

The party is awsome! Even if the most rooms are from the Frozen Party, I like to see those rooms coming back! Also the new rooms are awsome! I loved the following the string idea! And the new items are cool! The snowgies are the best! Also the musicat the rooms are great! I love Elsa's performance too! And the new igloo is great!
I love the party but I expected more. Like a snowgie costume. Also I wanted the places not to be all in one room. I expected Oaken's shop in another place, or to follow the string around the island, no in only two rooms. Also I wanted the pins(Anna's presents)would be items. I tought Elsa would perform with her new dressMaking Today A Perfect Day and with a new background. Also I wanted to climb to the top of the big clock that Elsa almost fell. And ofcourse new transformations like a snowgie and Sven.

Rate1.5Stars.png "Copy + Paste + Add 1-2 new things = PROFIT!" -Thoughts while making this party By Mario Rk

This party shouldn't have existed, and the original party isn't even a year old yet. If it did exist, the only form it should've taken was a mini-party exclusive to the Dock with a few new costumes in the Penguin Style (similar to what they did to Marvel in the May 2015 Penguin Style).

This party brings back almost every aspect of the original Frozen Party excluding the Dock and the Royal Chambers. Like the original Frozen party, I don't believe it should've existed. My opinions haven't changed much since the original Frozen Party, so if you want to you can read my original party's review here, just scroll down a bit. For some reason, the only new features this party features are pins! Pins, pins, pins! Club Penguin felt the need to add 10 pins in this party's honor because... Frozen! They made SO MANY pins in fact they had to split the pins into 2 separate rooms! Why did they want to do this? They also added new Anna and Elsa costumes to the quest interface because if they didn't it wouldn't be Frozen Fever but a Frozen Party.

Once again, I hear myself saying "this party shouldn't have existed". It feels sort of like an urgent attempt for extra profit. No wonder Club Penguin's going down the drain and slowly dying. I can't say that they didn't try, but it still feels desperate. Club Penguin's probably at their lowest right now, seeing how Polo Field left the team recently and how the England Headquarters was just shut down. Club Penguin's going to have to seriously up their game. I'd want to say that Club Penguin's learning from their mistakes, only they aren't learning fast enough. At this rate the company could die, and that's not a good thing for them.

Rate2Stars.png Frozen fever party.[My Review of Frozen Fever] By CPsweety56789
  • Whats wrong with this Party?

Well, there are a lot of problems with this party. First thing is who would create a party for 7 minute short? Medieval Party would be better! The 2nd thing is that everything is same like the old party. The 3rd thing is meet-ups. No Anna,Elsa,Sven,Kristoff,Hans,Olaf or Marshmallow. No one visited the Island. That's one of the boring parts. Only Mods visited the site. They are always there. Elsa and Anna never came and they can only visit on Frozen Parties since they are Exclusive for Frozen only. 4th is decorating the island. Club Penguin need to know they need to change the inside of the buildings too.

  • Whats good with this Party?

Well, very few good things are with this party since we received the Spring Palace Igloo. 2nd is the Dock. Its well decorated and the Palace in was good. Unfortunately I find only these good to me

  • Why did I give 2 star ratings?

I gave 2 star ratings because the party was not that good. The same furniture, and of course mostly everything is related to Frozen not much Frozen Fever. And finally the party seems like it ended in two days. One day for all the quests. The second day to receive free furniture and that 's it! Party over. Conclusion Frozen Fever was not that good. Club Penguin need to further make more differences to make the game more fun.

Rate0Stars.png ...just give it up, Disney. This isn't gonna work. By Star kirby12

Unlike every other video game in the world that's blamed for making rehashes or copypasting, this one is ACTUALLY a copypaste! WHY? And what's the point of making a party about a seven-minute TV clip?! Disney's content isn't that little, you know! These days CP is filled with overused Disney crossovers. Remember when CP was good? Remember when they actually did the crossovers few and right? (Yes, the Marvel Takeover 2012.) I'm surprised we didn't get a Big Hero 6 party tbh, considering the comic series the movie was based off of was from Marvel, which Disney now owns. Does anybody remember the Club Penguin animated shorts? Does anybody remember the Club Penguin DS games? Does anybody remember when Herbert finally took over Club Penguin? Does anybody remember when the Penguin Play Awards was a thing? <-- By the way, now's the perfect time to host another one of these now that we won't see Quest for the Golden Puffle win again because new penguins think they'll get Gold Puffles (which is now a thing). Does anybody remember when there were only generic puffles? Does anybody remember when x happened back in the year y, x=anything that happened before 2013 and y=2005-2012?

...yeah CP, you're screwed. (By the way, please shut down your app. That thing's done more harm than good.)

Rate1Star.png Very Disappointing By Red Krabby

this was not a good party.The rooms were reused from the Frozen party last August apart from the palace at the Dock and the Dock itself.The mission to find the snowflakes same as last year and all the prizes except a few and all the free pins were pointless.Last years Frozen party was ok but this is just a repeat of last years one leaving me unimpressed :( again by club penguin parties

Rate0Stars.png We lose April Fools Party 2015 for THIS?? By Superalvi400

Green Puffles must be very dissapointed with this. Copy and paste of the old one, with dock changed to have a room. I'm glad this ended. Now let's play the ap... WHAT?!! THIS CRAP WILL JUST END NEXT WEEK ON THE ONLY DEVICE I CAN PLAY CP?? NOOOO

Rate0Stars.png This party sucks By Boidoh

LOL This is what happens when I'm away from CP?