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You are on the party reviews page for the Festival of Snow 2015. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Festival of Snow
Average Rating: 4.6 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 10
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Rate3.5Stars.png okay... By Civsa

Ehh... it's okay. I haven't expected much from this, can't really be the perfect party of the year. The music good, it's also nice to look at the sculpatures, but they did bring out very rare items... I don't really know about it. The good side is that the whole outdoors is decorated, which wasn't at lastest parties. I think last time iceberg and ski hill were decorated were at the 2014 Halloween Party. Downsides to this party is no quest, nothing to do really. But what was last time things were on the island with boxes? Very long ago... okay, so this is kinda good, but can't be perfect.

Rate5Stars.png Old idea + fresh look = AWESOME! By Sebapilka

What can I say? I just LOVE it! It reminds me about old and good Club Penguin where parties were simple, original and very attractive. Now, they brought up one of they most amazing ideas of all time - changing players art in to ingame snow sculptures and holding an cool, funny event around the island! FESTIVAL OF SNOW IS BACK, guys! And they released two very very old items - Snowflake T-Shirt and Snowflake Tiara. And I'm really happy about that, because I didn't have those items and I was dreaming about them. Now - the dream came true with this fantastic event! Club Penguin - this event is yours best decision this year! :)

Rate5Stars.png Fantastic event! By Green N Cool


  • The decorations at the Festival of Snow were nice and simple and non of the rooms were overhauled. The sculptures really showed off the talent in the Club Penguin community.
  • It's a community inspired event. The community could get involved (especially with designing sculptures).
  • Two old items had returned so newer players and players who haven't got them can enjoy them. They were in free item boxes!
  • Aunt Arctic waddled around.
  • The music was nice.
  • Lots of fan art was featured at the cove.


  • No quest (But it was a one week mini-event so that's not really a bad thing).


Overall, I think the Festival Of Snow 2015 was a perfect event. I'm going to rate it a 5/5

Rate5Stars.png the festival of snow more like the festival of awesomeness By carlay6187

first of all this is my first festival of snow I been to and it's just so awesome I love that they brought back 2 rare items and I love getting rare items :D so all of all this is one of the best parties I've been too.

Rate4.5Stars.png A very COOL party By Chill57181

This party was AWESOME. Club Penguin is finally doing something right for a change! It reminds me a lot of the old parties, nothing flashy, no rooms completely transformed, just a cool celebration... no pun intended.

The decorations are nice and simple, mostly relying on the snow sculptures, which are (for the most part) well made... that penguin with legs though, ew. I'm glad they decorated nearly every outside room. One thing I liked was the fan art board at the Cove, so even if you weren't one of the few picked, your art was still featured.

The items are the Ice Crown and Snowflake Shirt from way back in 2007 that have never been re-released, not counting Treasure Book. You really can't go wrong with classics like these. Also, FREE ITEM BOXESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

The only thing I don't really like about this party is the music. There's two different songs that play at the party, and they're just sorta... eh. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but when I hear them, it brings back bad memories of Frozen. :S It would've been better if they reused some of the classic music from the old festivals.

The boring, Frozen-esque music aside, this party was amazing. I can't help but feel that CP was catering to pre-2010 players when they made this one. Great job, CP!

Rate4.5Stars.png Cool Cool By Brookelas

What I said in my Fair review: In a way, the fact that The Fair didn't go on mobile and hold it back is almost a sign that Club Penguin is STARTING to get the idea that we are getting fed up with a lot of things. So, let's analyze The Fair 2015!

And they proved me right. The Festival of Snow... community interactions, and SIMPLE decorations! WOOT WOOT!

What Worked

  • The Simple Decorations
  • No quest... and not 14 full days!
  • Community Interactions
  • Rare Free Items -- In BOXES!
  • The Iceberg and Mountain were decorated... WHAT EVEN??
  • Not held back by mobile

What Didn't Work

  • Dat music :'(
  • No new free items (I forgive you though CP)

Conclusion I am giving this party a 4.5/5. Congratulations CP, you made a WONDERFUL Party!

Rate5Stars.png An n"ICE" event By Superalvi400

This is a cool event (in the two meanings) and it was good to see it back. GOOD:

  • No completely changed rooms.
  • Most sculptures are very creative and well-made! (dat penguin in the Forest tho)
  • What is wrong with the brain of you people? Now even a freaking event with drawings re-made as sculptures needs to have a quest? GO FIND YOUR BRAIN AND GLUE IT IN YOUR HEAD!!
  • 96% of the outdoor rooms are actually decorated. The last time Iceberg and Ski Hill had unique actual decorations was like... 2 years ago. Actually, the only outdoor rooms not decorated are the Beacon, Puffle Wilds, the two Parks, Dojo Courtyard and Ice Rink.
  • Who cared if the rarest body item and a rare Ice Crown returned? It makes everyone look good and not fat. Also, 5 years ago they said every single item will return, unless it is a pin or a party hat. I don't even see what is so great about rarity... No one even cares about rare ppl anymore, unless they have the Party Hat or Hawaiian lei, most of them not obtained in the real way.
  • Some people without a sculpture got their fanart at the Cove

BAD: umm nothing

Rate5Stars.png Best event of 2015 so far By XkimoCP

Great job CP team, I loved everything in this party, EVERYTHING. I was pretty disappointed that my art didn't win to get a sculpture, but I don't mind. At least I got a honorable mention in the gallery at the cove! That made me very happy! :D

Rate4Stars.png Honestly? This could be worse. By Star kirby12

There isn't much to say to preface this so let's get this started k 3 2 1 go.


  • The island was actually decorated.
  • I'm impressed with some of this art. Penny2415, Adewilsom, ChillyOne, and Opal2004 in particular are very well-drawn.
  • The Cove holds a load of runner-ups. There are some like ChristanchrOs, Plog12, 007 Bond 50 and Guywithapie who've made some really impressive drawings.
  • 1999bloo made a drawing and it was accepted as a runner-up. Yes, that gets its own spot.
  • Throwback items from 2007. They need to do that more often.
  • Actually bringing back an old party instead of a stupid crossover.


  • I'm gonna be completely honest here. A lot of the drawings aren't that good. Granted, I made really bad drawings back when I was a kid, but seriously. Don't tell Bristevo, Nellora, Tsveten 1, Concorio 100, Waddles5626, or Right Angle... but they're not the best.

Overall bringing this party back was great, but the decorations, of course being made by the target audience, aren't the best. It'll still be nice for these guys to see their artwork on the island, though.

Rate4.5Stars.png Sometimes less is more By Juca

Simple, but really nice-looking, the Festival of Snow shows that CP doesn't need to recreate every room to have a party – they can just add some simple decorations. It looks like the game is starting to give more attention to the players' demands, which is really positive.