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Fashion Festival
Average Rating: 3.7 (Good)
Total Reviews: 15
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Rate5Stars.png Didn't expect to be that good By Rocketicewave

This is indeed a very good party in my opinion. What makes it good is that the main thing of the party actually requires some thinking and based on fashion, going back through items and looking what needed, it's quite fun. it also that it changes, making the length a reason. Very Good. I don't even remember a party when it required to think a lot that weren't the old medieval parties. The music is also good, and I really like the room designs. Also the wave room from teen beach movie party. It seems that this party is also a summer party, and it works very nicely. The items of this party are penguin style items, which a lot of them is for members, which is good. Actually, when CP Said there will be a fashion party, I didn't think it will be that good, but I'm surprised, this party is really good.

Rate5Stars.png best party in a while By Superalvi100

I don't think even the spoiled brats will have a huge blah blah blah with this party. AA talks like her old way, decorations are nice, and etc.

Decorations: 8/10 they were cool, but there should have been more

Storyline: N/A There was no specific storyline for this party, just Dot that got a love for fashion and decided to finally become a mascot after 8 years. Jet Pack Guy may still have a chance one day. NOZTALGEA

Items: 10/10 The items on the catalog were AWESOME! This isn't Club Rarity, there are items from all ages, it was something like 100 rare items then there are only like 50. I NEED TO RENOVATE MY MEMBERSHIP but non-members still have cool stuff. NNOOOZZZTTTAALLGEEEAAAA

Music: 10/10 No, i didn't get my music back, but i have heard the party's musics on my tablet and i like them. It brings NOZTALGEA and they fit the party.

Transformations: N/A this party had no transformations, and one wouldn't even have been necessary either.

Minigames: N/A No exclusive minigames, and none were necessary either.

Quest: 10/10 I will consider this as the voting thingy. Non-members can vote too, and it is a tough decision but after all you get something good. Wouldn't have been true without the old and new items coming back together. NOZTALGEA

Non Member fairness: 9/10 i already explained that.

Mascots: 10/10 DOT? FINALLY SHE IS VISITING! I have waited 4 years for her to come since i joined CP in 2011. IMO, CP should have got this idea back in 2012, in the Fashion Show, instead of putting Cadence.

I would say this is a great upgrade for the Fashion Show. The only problem is that the Clothes Shop wasn't decorated, other than the sky :\ Other than this, it was a great party! :)

Rate5Stars.png Club Penguin really outdid them selves here By SquidKid3015

Best party in Club Penguin in a long time, mixing igloo likes and making it into a Funny Hat Week like party was clever, and I like how they made it update frequently, so we didn't get bored. This is a pure sign that Club Penguin is getting better and that the 10th Anniversary will be golden. You know what they say, don't judge a book by it's cover, the Fashion Show like idea was stupid but they managed to pull it off well, great job Club Penguin!

Rate3.5Stars.png AMAZING PARTY By AustinD3

Great Party, but non members really hit rock bottom, they cant really wear ANYTHING related to the themes.
UPDATE: This parties voting is dumb, people are wearing things not even related to the theme and got like 80 votes, but I did the theme and only got like 6.

Rate3Stars.png Fashion Festival Review By Callum Fawsitt

The party was relatively good. Some of the rooms and decorations were really good but the main problem was the lack of decorated rooms, they only decorated the bottom half of the island rooms and keep the top half the same. The same goes for the rooms inside such as the Coffee Shop, Dance Club, Clothes Shop, Pet Shop, Pizza Parlor etc. There were no free items which was dissapointing but it was made up for by the biggest Penguin Style catalog that they released. I was expecting them to release the Clothing Customizer which has been mentioned several times to be part of the Project: Super Secret. Though it's not a very good part but not a very bad party either.

Rate0Stars.png no By Penstubal

This party is an absolute disaster; it is too girl centered, too purple, too glittery, and too glitchy = everything wrong about modern Club Penguin put in ONE! This party is the absolute worst; even the Fashion Show of a few years ago and the Frozen Fever COMBINED are better.

Rate5Stars.png Awsome party By carlay6187

it's like the fastion show but 100 times better this got to be the best party of 2015 yet

Rate5Stars.png A pretty good party! By Green N Cool

Decorations: The decorations were amazing! Hardly any of the rooms were overhauled to the point were they looked nothing like their original design and shape (With the exception of the Stadium) and the decorations were nice and simple. However, because they were nice and simple decorations, there should really have been a few more rooms decorated. There could have been rooms with balloons and arrows pointing to the main event rooms. For example, the beach having a few balloons and arrows pointing to the Dock.

Items: Although there wasn't a party catalog, the Penguin Style contained a very large variety of new and old items. The Club Penguin Team brought back a ton of rare items in order to show players that being rare isn't what the game is about. The non-members page in the catalog was updated with new items and non-members got two pages of old items to buy. Dot's giveaway background looks rather nice.

Fashion Challenges and Voting: The fashion Challenges were brilliant. You could enter a range of different categories and to enter more you had to vote for other players clothing. Everyone could vote between two players ten times and earn likes.

Storyline: For the Fashion festival, there didn't need to be a big storyline as it's an original CP party. Dot discovered after many many years that she had a new passion for fashion, decided to have the civilian cover 'Dot the Design Gal', became the islands fashionista, and finally became a meetable mascot.

Replay Value: There was a great replay value at the event. Every 3 days, three new fashion challenges were unlocked and players could yet again create an outfit and vote. There was a great incentive to keep voting as you earned coins.

Mascot: Finally! My favourite Club Penguin character, Dot, became a mascot. She was a great mascot for the Fashion Festival. At least it wasn't the slang loving girly girl Cadence.

Miscellaneous: The party emotes matched the theme of the party well.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the Fashion Festival a 5/5!

Rate5Stars.png Fashionably Decent By Brookelas

This is one of those parties similar to Teen Beach... they announce it... you expect it to be the worst party... and then it turns out to surprisingly exceed all expectations. I will admit that I wasn't expecting much from this party (and that's saying something... as I always dream big), but WOW did CP impress me for the first time in forever (frozen2takeoverconfirmedjan2018kthxbai)

What Worked

  • The music was... superb... to say the least. Gives off a Fashion Competition in the Summer kind of feel.
  • There were technically no free items at the party (sans the two Dot backgrounds), which actually made this party better. I wouldn't want some stupid hair-do for free and have everyone where it in Everything Squid. They chose to focus on the Biggest Penguin Style Ever!!
  • Dot became a mascot -- YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS -- I actually like her new design too, especially as CP confirmed on the What's New Blog she will eventually visit in her classic EPF attire... this is just her civilian cover up.
  • An original party -- that isn't a takeover... when was the last time we had that?? No SoundStudio and Merry Walrus don't count xD School and Skate then.
  • The actual competitions, voting system and tickets.
  • Replay value is great here!! :) You WANT to log in every day to vote and check out how many likes you have
  • Epic Wave and Stadium were nice additions that had absolutely nothing to do with the main party quest -- something you don't see very much anymore.
  • Non Members got to participate for once -- sure they have a disadvantage against the members, but Club Penguin RUNS on membership money. They aren't being greedy at all!

What Didn't Work

  • I can hardly call this a con, but I need to have at least one. There are only 7 decorated rooms. Truth be told though, you don't need TOO MUCH decoration for a Fashion Festival, but they could have decorated Pizza Parlor/Coffee Shop to become a fancy restaurant and cafe respectively, and they could have opened up the Gift Shop Second Floor as well.

Conclusion I am giving this party a 5/5. There are 8 more pros than cons here, and to get a 5/5 rating, the party needs at least five more pros than cons. I hope Club Penguin can continue to make parties like this -- fun for everyone!!

Rate5Stars.png AWSOME PARTY!!! By Olaf Puffle

The party is awsome!!! And I'm a nonmember and I enjoy it so much! Awsome decorations and music!! And Dot is a mascot!! We missed the first 3 challenges because of bugs but the new are awsome too!!! The party is just awsome!!!

Rate4.5Stars.png Super Enjoyable Party! By Sebapilka

Fashion Festival is one of these parties which you really like and enjoy taking part! In my opinion three things are the best during this party - music, decorations and voting. Music fits perfectly! In each room! Usualy I turn off the music in game because it's annoying (in newest parties, old were epic!) but at Fashion Festival? I really like listening to them! There is only a few rooms decorated but every looks fantastic! I really feel like it is a true fashion event. And voting is the most enjoyable part of party. First you submit your own style and then you can vote for your favorite of other players. And every time you log in - you are super curious about how many likes YOU got! Only thing I don't like is a fact that there is no free items expect Dot's Giveaway Background. BUT! There is a HUGE clothing catalog in Clohes Shop where you can find even some items for free players so... It's okay! And that bugs with voting at the start of the party were really annoying. And they weren't fixed for about three days! But now - PARTY IS SUPERB!

Rate0Stars.png really? By Star kirby12

Well, here's the "Fashion Festival". Knowing what happened every other time CP tried something like this, I had low expectations. Were they justified? YES.


  • The island was actually decorated to an extent.
  • The catalog brings back a bunch of old items. Wait, isn't that the jetpack I've wanted for seven years?! NOW THAT I SHUT DOWN MY MEMBERSHIP YOU DO THIS CP, SCREW YOU.
  • At the very least they made Dot a meetable character.


  • Only five(?) rooms are decorated, all others just have a starry sky.
    • Not even the rooms inside the Town and Plaza are touched.
  • The concept of bringing back old items was too late. I know, I know, personal problem. This does not mean it should not be taken into consideration as this entire review is my opinion.
  • Balance. The party is obviously aimed at a female audience, unlike the previous few parties that could be aimed at both genders (well, minus Frozen Fever, but that's not really a party.).
  • Fashion Show - 1.7/5. Hollywood Party - 2.7/5. CP, did you actually think doing it a third time would be a good idea?
  • "Punk Puffle", "Wild Puffle Guide", "Red Carpet Sensation". Further detailed explanation will be omitted.
  • There is something seriously wrong with these new guys. Why is Dot suddenly in a princess outfit? Because that just SCREAMS EPF Agent, right?!
  • Holy crap, these guys are actually genius. They skimped out on decorations to purposely get people to think lowly of them and then release a terrible party, yet they include decorations so people still give it a high score.
  • Other than the Palace Background, and I kid you not, THE CATALOG HAS NO NEW ITEMS.

The Fashion Festival is by this point to be expected from the CP developers. I think the problem is that Disney is now focusing full-force on this game, and those who were moved into the CP office want to do their stuff. Hopefully next month- *hears about Descendants Party* AW CRAB APPLES!

Also, to Superalvi100: Those who have different opinions from yours and think what you like is terrible are not spoiled brats. I know what it feels like to like something that everyone else hates (*cough cough* Ninninger *cough*), but I wouldn't ridicule those who hate.

Rate4.5Stars.png A Definite Fashion Do! By Chucker321

Overall, I love this party, but what made me drop half a point is when outfits that aren't even relevant to the theme are given tons of likes up to 80, whereas I make outfits that go with the theme and only get at least 30 likes. Either way, I love the voting and this is one of the best parties of 2015.

Rate3.5Stars.png insert clever pun about clothes here By Chill57181

I'll admit, I had pretty low expectations going into this party. A Fashion Festival? Ew. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The main part of this party is the fashion challenges, which I didn't find enjoyable or participate in any of them. This would've been the PERFECT time for an inventory revamp (and we all know it needs one), but they didn't, so it's incredibly painful to dress up for any challenges if you've been playing for a while. Missed opportunity, CP.

Dot is also finally a mascot, but not in the way anybody wanted her, unfortunately. Despite the fact that "Dot the Disguise Gal" has appeared in the newspaper countless times along with mention of the EPF, Dot still feels the need to put on a foolproof disguise, "Dot the Design Gal", because nobody will put two and two together. I'll give CP points for adding Dot, but call me once she shows up as the Dot we know. (Also, she doesn't even have a buddy list icon. GG.)

Unfortunately only a few rooms are decorated, the rest just have a night sky (which I believe was stolen from the Fair), but the decorated rooms are actually really good. This party does suffer from the "party music in undecorated rooms" disease though. Also, the Big Surf from Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam returns for really no reason at all, so that's kinda weird.

The only item at this party is a background that Dot gives you for participating in fashion challenges (guess I should've done them... oops) and that's it. I can't really blame them though, considering the huge catalog that came out before the party. *nudges Pilgrim Hat and straightens Cheesy Necktie*

Speaking of the music, it's great. Besides a bad remix of a bad song at the Snow Forts, everything else is perfectly fine.

Overall, this was a pretty good party, but the fact that I didn't even enjoy the main part of this party will give it a lower rating from me. Also, give us spy Dot and more decorated rooms plz.

Rate1.5Stars.png Another poor party... By Rabone

It's not funny, it's not pretty, it's repetitive and boring. It looks like a very poor version of Hollywood Party...