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Descendants Party
Average Rating: 0.8 (Disgusting)
Total Reviews: 17
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Rate0Stars.png The party is rotten to the top By Rocketicewave

This... is not even a party. It is just a filler party to get the 10th anniversary party ready, Which I hope will be good. Let's get on the list: Rooms - Only 3 rooms decorated? Really?! At least the iceberg is decorated... and the rooms are overly transformed, especially the iceberg. I didn't even recognize the iceberg on first look. And NOTHING to do on the rooms except for tic tac toe on the school!

Items - The member items are terrible, I liked the non member items more.

Member/non member fairness - members get items that seem terrible IMO, so this time, there is a lot of non member fairness here.

Storyline - no storyline to this... just "here are the descendants" thing, no even bothering explaining how they're related to CP, AT ALL.

Replay Value - Zero. Just log in, get the items and done. This party is totally not special, even music jam 2014 which was horrible offered more things.

Music - eww! Rotten to the core sucks. I can't stand it. Other music is pretty meh and nothing entertaining at all.

other - no emotes, no mascot, no quest, it's LAZINESS at it's finest!

well, I didn't expect much from this party, but still didn't think it will be that bad.

0 Stars rating? Deserved.

As for the pirate event, it's a lot better. 3.5/5. Good music, nice item, good decorations, nostalgia.

Rate0.5Stars.png Who thought this party was a good idea?! By XkimoCP

One of the worst CP parties ever, there was literally nothing to do except to roleplay! I haven't logged in, but I looked at it and I already know it's horrible. The room designs are nice, however. At least the hype is saved for the 10th Anniversary Party...

Rate3.5Stars.png Little Cozy Party Before Anniversary By Sebapilka

Everyone is yelling "Only three rooms decorated? That's unacceptable!". But stop complain for a moment and think. Two HUGE parties are coming in October (10th Anniversary and Halloween) and CP Team didn't have time to make also this party an awesome celebration. Descendants Party is just a little and cozy party to fill somehow last two weeks of September. Only three rooms decorated and yes, this isn't good, but you have to understand why there are only three rooms decorated! Items are okay, even very good. Something for Nons and Members. Music is perfectly matched to the theme of this party. So I can't complain that much as you all. Do you remember old Club Penguin's parties? Small, cozy and everyone loved them! There were only 3 things - decorations, music and free items. Descendants Party is just the same! So I give it 3.5 note. It's really funny in other way than your expections. Not the best party but still not the worst ;)

Rate1.5Stars.png "Be rotten to the core" - More like 'This party is rotten to the core' By Green N Cool

Decorations: The decorations were great, especially the university building's exterior, the tic-tac-toe game, and the changing statue. However, the Iceberg didn't look like it's original shape and design, nor did aspects of the Mine Shack. It would've been nice if there were some construction boxes to show that it was getting overhauled for the party or something about the overhauling in the Club Penguin Times, but unfortunately there weren't. Three rooms isn't a lot, especially for a two week party. The team had the opportunity to bring back rooms from the medieval party, even if they could only be for the online game only, but unfortunately that didn't happen.

Items: I'm not a fan of most of the items that were available at the party, nor do I like the fact they were free for such a small event. If we had to spend some coins to get them it would've have given the party a little more replay value. (For example, we'd keep playing games in order to earn the coins to buy them and therefore we'd spend more time online).

Music The music is okay. However, it's basically just been copied from the film.

Storyline: There was no storyline for this party. The Descendants just appeared with no explanation as to why and how they got there. Just Aunt Arctic randomly saying they were coming.

Replay Value: No replay value whatsoever. Log-in, get the items, check out the rooms, and log-off. Done

Mascot: No mascots for the party. (Unless you count Rockhopper who visited for the Talk Like A Pirate day).

Miscellaneous: No party emotes.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the Descendants Party a 1.5/5!

Rate0.5Stars.png This one takes the cake. By Captain Pinkbeard

I honestly can't believe people are still buying memberships for this garbage. Is this what they call a party?

Disney closed down all their other websites (Pirates Online, Toontown, Pixie Hollow) to "focus" on Club Penguin. Well, if that's the case, why are the parties getting worse? Just look at all the older ones (Medieval Party 2008, April Fool's Party 2008, Festival of Flight, The Adventure Parties (not counting the "fruity" one), Operation Blackout). And that was back when CP wasn't the only online Disney game.

What happened? Do they just don't care anymore? "Just give them some Descendants items, great, that's a good idea". What happened to their number 1# rule "NO ADVERTISMENTS"?

And an even better question - what's "Descendants?". I haven't watched the movie and I don't even know what it is about. Not every single person on Earth watches the Disney channel, you know!

The only good things are the items and the fact that they decorated the Ice Berg for once.

Truly, this party is rotten to the core.

Rate0.5Stars.png Um... did they even try? By Chill57181

Well then. This party could've been a lot better if it was marketed as a mini-party, but it's the full-blown September party, so it's pretty terrible. I get that CP is preparing for the anniversary, but they could've easily just had no party this month like they did back in June. Apparently, Disney really really really wanted this to have a takeover, and you can tell by how little work went into it. Also, if this was their excuse for a Medieval Party, why didn't they bring back old rooms? Also, there's literally no story here. It has LESS story than Frozen, somehow. "Descendants characters are visiting"? Nope, they're just here for some reason and a small part of the island got merged with their world I guess.

For the decorations, only THREE rooms are decorated. The Mine Shack, School, and Iceberg. The only one that still feels a little like its normal counterpart is the School. I didn't even realize I was at the Iceberg until I saw the Aqua Grabber. The decorations themselves are just... meh.

As far as the items go, it's the typical takeover stuff. Character costumes and random items pulled straight from the movie that if you haven't seen it, nobody will know what it actually is or why it belongs here.

The songs are well... there? I'm sure it's like the millions of other Disney Channel movies filled with cheesy songs, and they just pulled the instrumentals straight from it. No thanks.

This party just feels like a mini-party to me. They could've done a lot better on this one.

Rate0Stars.png What The Hell CP! By AustinD3

Can we even consider this a party, Only 3 rooms are decorated. Also, this may break the record for the lowest score on the reviews, Music Jam 2014 I am looking at you...

Rate0Stars.png What. The. Crap. By Star kirby12

Sooooo... what even is this? I mean, I guess it'd be okay for Disney to advertise their prominent properties, but this? What the heck is a "Descendants"? I wasn't even aware this existed. This is the same situation as Ultimate Jam and Summer Jam: Disney's shoving whatever sitcom-movie-thing-something they had in their backlog into CP just because it's their only game. Sure, these characters are all descendants of previous Disney characters, but that isn't enough to take a DISNEY CHANNEL TELEVISION MOVIE and shove it into Club Penguin because profit. Let's break this down.


  • Uhh..... nostalgia... disney... stuff... yay...


  • No items were hidden anywhere, they were literally just handed out. What happened to traditional "FREE!" boxes?
  • Who even are these people?
  • Only 3 rooms decorated. Uh, at least they did something?
  • There's absolutely nothing to do. Sure, the SoundStudio Party and Festival of Snow had that same issue, but the Festival of Snow was a small party, and SoundStudio also sucked.
  • I can't think of any more cons because there's so little in this party

Pros about other stuff I found today (doesn't affect score):

  • I was actually pleasantly surprised when I stepped into a populated server for the first time in a while. There's still a huge crowd of people, and kids are still roleplaying. Really, nothing's changed for the younger audience of CP... so if only they'd start doing better.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day. Traditional Club Penguin decorations, the old Pirate Bandanna, it's better than all of 2015 combined (minus Festival of Snow).
  • The newspaper is hinting that the 10th Anniversary Party will include elements from various parties in CP history (luckily not 2013-2015 excluding the Prehistoric Party). EVERYONE ON THE HYPE(r Ressha Tei-Oh) TRAIN

Descendants Party is a party that should've been a shorter party, like the Festival of Snow. As Sebapilka mentioned above, the party seems to have had less people work on it to prepare for the 10th Anniversary Party (think Goseiger to Gokaiger, at least in Western Sentai fandom). I wouldn't have minded if there was no party at all (well, that's kinda obvious considering I don't play this game anymore), but it's there if you want.

btw Superalvi100, I'm prepared for your hatred towards us haters (that's still hating)

Rate0Stars.png A party about nothing... By Rabone

You have already said everything about this party. I would like to say I don't even know what is this party about! I haven't seen the movie and I don't know the plot of this crazy story... The party is really boring, there's nothing to do, nothing to see, nothing interesting, just couple of miserable and shameful decorations. Tragedy CP, tragedy. You can see that the best years of this game has already passed.

Rate4.5Stars.png Descendants Party is very good. By Olaf Puffle

The party is very good! It is small because they are working for the 10th Anniversary and Halloween Party. Everyone should understand that. The rooms are awsome! And the music too! Some people haven't seen the movie and they judge tha party. See the movie first and the judge it. The items are awsome! And it's very good for roleplaying. But CP could make it a success in 2016. September 2015 isn't a good month for Descendants Party because the 10th Anniversary. In 2016 it could be way better. They could decorate so many rooms. The Stadium, Cove, the villains' house in the Iceberg. They could make different rooms for the classroom and Mal's room. The museum and the villains' gallery. And many more. Also there are missing the villains' clothes.

Rate0Stars.png THEY CALL THIS ABOMINATION A PARTY? i know there are better parties coming but that doesn't mean this thing is good. By Superalvi400

Worse than Music Jam 2014.



Rate1Star.png WARNING: Overused Title Ahead: Rotten to the Core By Brookelas

Here's the deal with this party. I totally understand that the Anniversary and Halloween will be HUGE (they better be after this crud...) This party was pretty rotten to the core, and the movie was actually pretty good, not gonna lie. Despite it being bad, there were a FEW pros here I would like to point out.

What Worked

  • The items were really awesome... especially the non member ones.
  • The rooms looked superb and they used the Iceberg for once!!
  • The instrumental remixes.

What Didn't Work

  • 3 DECORATED ROOMS?? What is this? 2005??? That is unacceptable for a major party. They could have reused all the Medieval 2013 rooms and it would have been alright.
  • Collect free items for the quest. I rarely say this... but this would have been a PERFECT opportunity to use the come-back-every-day-for-a-new-free-item concept or a catalog like system. I know for a fact a lot of people haven't seen this movie -- so roleplaying would be SUPER hard to do.
  • No party emotes... SUPER disappointed in that.
  • Absolutely no storyline -- not even the REASON Descendants came to the island. At least with Frozen and Teen Beach, they were invited.
  • Speaking of which, Mal appeared at the beginning of the party and is never to be seen again. She literally has NO purpose in the intro.
  • This is EMBARASSING for a one week party, let alone a two week one.

Conclusion I am giving this party 1/5, and that is being kind to CP. They better WOW me with Anniversary and Halloween. I literally have nothing else to say...

Rate0.5Stars.png Descendants "Disgusting" Party "Pass-off" By Chucker321

I literally do not understand the point of this party. "Villains be takin' over school!11!1!11!!!1" Makes no sense, to be honest.

Only 3 rooms decorated, the "Mine," the CP University, and the Iceberg. Not much and not much you can do in them either. The outfits and items you can retrieve are ugly as usual. The items the non-members can get are all hand items, of course, whereas the OUTFITS the members can claim are head, body, and feet items. Clearly stepping it down for non-members again, I see.

This party is horrible, useless, worthless, rubbish, ridiculous, and a disappointment. That's all I have to say, so I'm giving this a 0.5. Club Penguin should be happy I'm giving them anything at all.

Rate1.5Stars.png this party isnt gr8 m8 i give it a 0/8 By Mrdave921

The party was TERRIBLE. There is no quest. I only like the items because they were okay. I have seen the movie, and it was WAY better than the party. (I've still got Rotten To The Core stuck in my head!) Seriously, Club Penguin? What were you THINKING? So, I'm giving this party 1½ stars. And that's my review. --Me as member.png Mrdave921 If you can't handle it, learn how to handle it. 22:17, 19 September 2015 (UTC)

Rate0Stars.png No party here. By Dubstep 4 Dayz

How I felt when this "party" was announced

How I felt when this event happened:

Rate0Stars.png bad By Carlay6187

this party is really bad it's like the 2014 music jam :(.

Rate0Stars.png 10th Anniversary and Halloween Parties better be bigger than this... By David231099

I will keep my review short, in line with the quality of the party

  • Only 3 rooms were decorated. I know this is small so that CP can spend more time for the anniversary but come on!
  • Of the rooms decorated, only the school was similar to its normal design. You wouldn't realize that you were at the Iceberg until you saw the Aqua Grabber.
  • The music is 'rotten to the core', especially that respective track at the iceberg.
  • The pirate day at the beach is quite lame but is somewhat better than this.
  • The only fun thing to do at this party is to play tic-tac-toe on the blackboard at the school!
  • Not even the town or plaza decorated.

Overall this party was as expected, a major letdown. However I am confident that this years Anniversary Party will more than make up for this shambles of a party.

--David231099 (Talk) (Contribs) 18:17, 23 September 2015 (UTC)