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10th Anniversary Party
Average Rating: 4.5 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 19
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Rate5Stars.png Wow! By Hat Pop

Let me be the first to say... wow! The idea of bringing back old rooms for this party was a great one. I only wish that there were more. Happy Birthday to a great game!

Rate5Stars.png Amazing! By Penstubal

Well, the party isn't at all on 24th October but I guess that's the price you pay for A ROCKING PARTY! Amazing!

Rate5Stars.png Great Party. Despite some cons, still most awesome party on CP By Rocketicewave

Alright, here is the party we expected most this year, which was a huge hype. Let's start. I'll start with the cons. - The coffee Shop looks a bit simple to me, reminder of 7th and 9th anniversary, but bigger. It's not even a creative thing like the 3rd anniversary, 5th one or the 6th one. But still okay for a design. The party hat is great and different, althrough the colors are the same colors of the 7th anniversary party! But still good with the new design with the fireworks.

- the biggest con - The Yearbook. I expected the yearbook a lot, and when I saw the yearbook, my reaction was: "What the heck is that?!" I expected a 2014-2015 yearbook, not a recap of all of the years. For that we have the rest yearbooks, which are much more elaborated in things. That seems really pointless to me. Unless another 2014-2015 yearbook comes out, the yearbook category gets a zero.

now for the pros, and there are a lot, and that's why I gave 5 stars:

- items: There are a lot of items, and it's really good. Althrough the daily items - I have almost all of them. Mostly because I'm at CP since February 2008. But nostalgia factor... You also can get more items from the sled.

- Rooms: Awesome work! I love when CP brough us rooms from the past. So much nostalgia and great memories... Book room - Wow, I missed the scret lab. Good job. Iceberg - Good. Cove - I don't like this design, prefered the prehistoric one but ok. Forest - love how they brought back the tree fort. Also nice that also the highway and epic wave came back. Really nice. The forts - Awesome! That was one of my favourite things in the puffle parties. Also the puffle feeding area. Also I love how the sled and toy workshop are back. These things bring holiday spirit, in colors of red and green, with night sky. I hope it will be like that in 2015 holiday party (REALLY hope it won't be a merry walrus one). Ice rink - Wow! From 2005! Dock is also nice. Village - yay casa fiesta! So much memories from this... that's what music jam should have. Beach is nice, lighthouse too, beacon too. The mine shack is also nice. The school... well it's from the dreaded 2013 medieval party with the extra room, but still good.

- Music: I like the anniversary music, and all the other things give me a lot of nostalgia :D

- Replayability: Really good job on this. There are a lot of mascots (all of them), and there are many things to do at this party: puffle feed, santa's sled, casa fiesta and more!

- Also, I like that you can adopt prehistoric puffles on the party, but I wish there were transformations too...

- Misc - the emotions fit very well.

- Party hype/sneak peeks: Well, I know this would be good, but I expected A LOT more for the yearbook. I mean, Seriously? But it's a really minor thing, I still give the party 5 stars.

Rate5Stars.png A Big Bowl Of Awesome salad By Carlay6187

the title is what I call this party totally epic I can't wait to see more parties like this Happy 10th anniversary club penguin.

Rate5Stars.png 10 Years of Awesomeness! By Sebapilka

You can tell that Club Penguin is bad and has ended e few years ago. But not during an occasion like that! IT'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY! Maaan!

That party is AWESOME at every point. It's full of nice and free items (22 total - 21 each day and Party Hat!) from past ten years. So now you have a chance to get an item which you missed! I think it's a good idea and I don't mind that few of them are really rare.

Decorations? EPIC! Almost all rooms have decorations, mostly from random past parties. There are even rooms from 2005, 2006 and 2007 year! It's really nice and nostalgic to see Camp Penguin's Dock. That party was my first on the island!

Music? Same thing like with decorations. Music from past parties came back and are really fantastic. Isn't that cool that you can listen to some sounds from parties like Summer Kick-Off Party or Water Party?!

You can also add a new yearbook, all mascots waddling around the island, some special party rooms and awesome atmosphere!


Rate4Stars.png Nearly Perfect By Captain Pinkbeard

This is the best party of 2015. It's one of the biggest parties they've had in a very long time.

The question is, though, why can't every party be like this? Everyone says that they worked "hard" for this party, but really, all they did was bring old rooms back. They didn't have to design anything new.

Is this a sign? Maybe the sign that the CP team needs to improve the game? Nobody praises the new CP anyway.

I'm not a fan of bringing old items back, since that makes them common and their "rare" status is gone. The Penguin Band is missing.. oh, and Rory too (remember him?)! Also, why is the Dojo not decorated (exterior-interior)? Or the Underground? The year-book is disappointing too (they didn't mention the Save the Migrator project, seriously?!)

I was expecting more.. They could have done more.

However, I can't deny the fact that it is a big party. The greatest anniversary party ever! Happy 10 years of Club Penguin to everyone!

Rate5Stars.png 10th Anniversary-10 Times better than every party!! By Olaf Puffle

BEST PARTY EVER! SO MANY OLD ROOMS AND COOL STAFF! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! The Coffee Shop is awsome decorated! Snd the hat is AMAZING! Only the Yearbook is a little bad. They could have both Yearbooks for 2014-2015 and for 2005-2015. AND THE MASCBOTS ARE SO AWSOME! AND THE TOUR BOTS TOO! I'm playin CP from June 2014 and I love all the past party rooms! Good job CP!

Rate5Stars.png Happy 10 Years, Club Penguin! You Deserve It! By Brookelas

WOW!! I am SHOCKED on how EPIC this party is. 10 Years of Club Penguin... wow! Let's see the pros and cons of this party.

What Worked

  • That party hat!! WOW! Animated, different, epic!!
  • They were SUPER generous with free items... and they didn't feel overused
  • The rooms were nostalgic and it was a good move by CP to bring old party rooms back
  • Speaking of, special exclusive party rooms returned too, so that proves CP put a LOT of thought into this party.
  • The music, and the new song Gonna Be Epic!
  • The app content is perfect... not the whole party on there, but Gold Puffles are exclusive. Another good move by CP.
  • The nice touch of having bots explaining history of the party. Wow.
  • Even though it doesn't go through the 24th (they did confirm the Coffee Shop will remain decorated), it was a SUPER smart move by CP to not coincide the 10th Anniversary with Halloween.
  • Don't wanna spoil yet... but according to the files... there will be a storyline soon ;)

What Didn't Work

  • The Yearbook. :(

Conclusion 5/5! That's all. Happy 10 Years CP! Here's to another 10+ years!

Rate5Stars.png Nostalgia Overload! By Chill57181

When I heard they were bringing back old rooms for this party, I knew it was gonna be great. But it was REALLY great. Even with a few minor flaws, this party is probably the best party in YEARS! Definitely the best of 2015, and it's way better than anything 2014 had.

The biggest problem I had with this party was the yearbook. Unlike the others, which summed up each year, it just kinda gave brief snippets of every year. Oh well. There's also a boatload of mascots, so if you wanted to meet any of them, now's your chance. Even Herbert is here :P

The decorations are AWESOME. The Town and Coffee Shop have brand new decorations (duh) which are pretty cool. Every other room is an old room brought back from earlier parties. There's something for everyone who's played CP! They even went the extra mile and added a few old party rooms, which was awesome. Unfortunately a few rooms weren't decorated that easily could've been. I would've loved it if the Sports Shop and PSA came back for an ultimate nostalgia punch, but it didn't. :\ I would've liked it if they at least tried to make the tour guides drawn in the style of those rooms, and they really stick out bad in the old rooms. Also, some rooms could've used better decorations. (Pi Day? Really?)

For the items, I gotta say, I was disappointed with the party hat when I saw it in the newspaper, but I actually really like it now. There's also a TON of items from over the years coming back. I've been playing since 2009 so I have most of them now, but there's STILL some in there I don't have which I'm pretty hyped for. It would've been nice to have those sparklers though.

For the music, it's obviously all recycled except for the Town/Coffee Shop song, which is an instrumental of Cadence's latest song. What happened to the classic Anniversary theme? :S Also, CP updated some of the old songs and added new parts, which I don't really like. The Summer Party theme and the April Fools' indoor theme are two songs I can think of that did this.

Anyway, this party was really awesome. It's definitely fitting for the celebration of a whopping 10 years. Happy anniversary, Club Penguin!

Rate5Stars.png FANTASTIC! By Green N Cool


  • The party hat is amazing!
  • The decorations were great.
  • The items we got everyday are good.
  • Cadence's new song 'Gonna Be Epic' is awesome.
  • The Mascbots telling us information about a party room were great.
  • The music in the decorated rooms was good.
  • There's a great replay value - Come back everyday for an item.


  • The Yearbook isn't very spectacular. I hoped it would've had the usual 2014 - 2015 layout, but unfortunately not.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the 10th Anniversary Party a 5/5!

Rate5Stars.png Outstanding Work, CP By Chucker321

Best anniversary party ever! Happy 10 years, Club Penguin! :)

Rate3Stars.png It's great, but it's not perfect By Star kirby12

Let's face it, last month's Descendants Party is officially the second-worst party of Club Penguin, only followed by Music Jam 2014. In that review, I told everyone to "GET ON THE HYPE(er Ressha Tei-Oh) TRAIN" for the Gokaiger of modern CP. Was this justified?

Yes. Let's go over this, shall we?


  • Rooms are actually decorated.
  • We get old rooms!
  • We get old items!
  • I get to see what pre-2008 parties were like in person.
  • I get to slightly relive some memories.
  • We get some old minigames, like the sleigh ride and Feed a Puffle.
  • We get a party hat that isn't a recolor of the original.
  • All mascots are available!... even though you'll never get to meet them because the rooms with them will be full
  • We get daily items instead of "here have all this crap" during Descendants.
  • It's an actually decent party, unlike everything else this year (other than Festival of Snow and the Fair)
  • It's an anniversary party that isn't 1-3 days.


  • Some of the room selections are just stupid.
    • Pi Day: While I have nothing against the holiday, I can't help but wish the Recycling Plant came back just this once. That way, you'd have a lot more options to pick from.
    • Medieval '13: Really? Out of all the Medieval Parties out there, you picked the worst one?
    • Puffle Party 2014: Because you must include that since it's when Club Penguin officially entered the furry community.
    • Teen Beach Movie: Well at least it wasn't Fashion Festival or- Bill Gates forbid- Frozen, but that movie's long gone, why bring it back?
    • Merry Walrus: I even have to say it? Was it really that hard to just use the Stage instead?
  • As awesome as it is that we get old rooms back, it kinda feels lazy with only two rooms newly decorated. And then if we count all the minor changes to the old party rooms as a third decorated room... *gasp* Descendants 2 confirmed
  • Undecorated rooms. Don't tell me you couldn't have just used THIS for the Mine.
  • The new Tour machines and mascot robots, being done in CP's newer style, contrast sharply with the rooms they're in.
    • Speaking of which, the fact that there's mascot robots at all instead of penguins you could just walk up to and click. Or is this CP just trying to win over the FNAF crowd?
      • UPDATE: FNAF club penguin version confirmed. The robots are going crazy.
  • No EPF parties included? Operation Blackout and Operation Puffle were two of the best parties ever! CLUB PENGUIN, DOES A 4.9 SCORE MEAN NOTHING TO YOU. and apparently a 1.7 is good enough to retry a fashion theme
  • The yearbook. Club Penguin realized what they've done for the past year SUCKED and decided to just do a full lifespan recap.

Despite a few issues, it seems that the Club Penguin team finally managed to put what's to be expected in a party in this event. Although I'm not happy with how CP went from 9 to 10, I'm happy that it came to 10 with a bang. This is what a party should be and Disney finally pulled through and it only took them 13 product placement shoe-ins and an unholy load of awful parties to do so! I might have to add new history to the PDC.

UPDATE: Score lowered from 4 to 3.5. I saw the yearbook, and Yuri down below has a point. If I want to revisit old rooms, I can pull out an SWF file from Archives.

UPDATE 2: Score lowered from 3.5 to 3, just because CP's pulling an FNAF on us. This is going downhill real fast.

Rate4Stars.png I am finally at peace. By Mr Cow2

I'm usually a fanon-exclusive user, but just this once, I'll do something on here.

Me and Club Penguin go waaay back. To as long as I can remember. I found out about Club Penguin when I saw the DS game. I just took a view through nearly every room on the island, and I was very pleased, yet disappointed at the same time. I'd usually be disgusted by the newer party rooms (and how many of them there were) but yet, I didn't seem to mind at all with the combination do all the other rooms. This party is art, not just the Festival of Snow, but art.

I was truly amazed to see parties I did and didn't remember. Ok, so here's my secret: I haven't been in Club Penguin since day 1, and I used to be very jealous of penguins with rare items, but it doesn't matter anymore now. The old and new CP clash together to make the perfect melting pot, like the Iceberg (which I really enjoyed by the way)

While this party was magnificent, it wasn't perfect at all. There were still many flaws, such as WAAAY too many undesigned rooms (Dojo, mine, etc.) and the curious absence of both the Stage and the Recycling Plant. One of my biggest fits, however, was that there were no representations from the Halloween Parties or any of the Fairs. None. The Halloween party was my very first party on CP, and the Fair is a timeless party, no matter how much CP tried to tarnish it, it never gets old. I was really sad to see neither of these grand celebrations.

But enough with the bad stuff, there were still some upsides. I particularly enjoyed the tour box guide, and the return of both the motorcycle road, and the giant wave(the best parts of an awful party). I really loved the return of the "Applause" button, the Feed-A-Puffle game, the Snowball Eating Plant and the Sliegh Ride. Overall, CP did a very good job.

And now, for the first time since 2011, Club Penguin has left me satisfied. I am finally at peace, and I don't expect Club Penguin to last for much longer, so I've decided to quit it altogether, only returning once in a while to meet up with people, and to make sure my penguin doesn't "die". I'll always be a part of the CPWN, just not on CP itself.

And with this, I say Goodbye, Club Penguin. You'll always be near and dear to my heart...

Rate5Stars.png AMAZING! By SquidKid3015

I knew this party would be good, but not THIS GOOD! Daily items everyday? 10th Anniversary Hat? YES! The only problem I have is that yearbook, oh god... When I said Club Penguin outdid themselves in my last review, I didn't expect them to outdo themselves so much, that the party IS THIS AMAZING! Disney, you have... redeemed yourselves...

Rate5Stars.png Best party of 2015 By Nando144

Finally a good party in 2015. They could have decorated the Underground rooms and Dojo Courtyard (Boiler Room as the Christmas Party 2008, Cave as the Festival of Flight, Mine as the Halloween Party 2009 and Dojo Courtyard as the April Fools' Party 2009).

Rate5Stars.png QUACK By Quackerpingu

Quack quack.

Rate5Stars.png Happy Birthday CP! By David231099

This is the party we have been waiting for all year. We had faced repeated let downs this year until now. Was it worth the wait? Yes! This party is awesome in every way!

Rooms (9.5/10)
  • The idea of bringing back old room designs was brilliant! My favourite ones are the Book Room, Night Club, Dock and Dance Lounge.
  • The party rooms were also excellent. It was nice to see the Secret Laboratory and Santa's Sled return.
  • It would've been 10 out of 10 if they didn't neglect some of the rooms (Ski Lodge, Attic, Underground, Pet Shop, Dojo) :(
  • Also, I would've have liked to seen some rooms from the Water Party and Festival of Flight return.
  • Nonetheless, the rooms are still excellent and achieve 9.5 out of 10.
Music (5/5)
  • All the music present was perfect! Cadence's new song 'It's Gonna Be Epic' is great, and well I need not evaluate the classic songs of Club Penguin past! Full marks awarded here :D
Items (5/5)
  • The party hat is cool, with sparklers in it for added celebration!
  • The idea of having 21 classic items, 1 for each day is a great one
  • Everyone can adopt a golden puffle on the app!
  • Members can get the dinosaur puffles on the desktop.

There is something for everyone.

Comparison to previous parties (10/10)

Bigger and better than all previous ones! The only ones that are even close to it are the 3rd and 8th anniversaries. Both had unique features and designs which would have been nice to see return though. It still gets full marks though :)

Year Book (2/5)

The year book was probably the biggest let down of the entire party. I would have much preferred the standard design of recounting the previous 12 months instead of a brief summary of each of the 10 years. I suppose I'm being scabby but its what I would prefer.

Mascots (4.5/5)

The mascots were almost perfect. Throughout the 3 weeks they would appear depending on the timetable and then on the last day, all of them will be on at once! The only bad thing I can say is that Herbert was supposed to be meetable (even appearing briefly on the timetable) but for some reason won't be at the party anymore. Probably just as well too, considering what's happening at Halloween...

  • The MascBots were a nice touch to the party, although I fear we might have some trouble with them soon...
  • The gigantic cake in the Coffee Shop is awesome! :D
  • It is a very fitting and informative party to mark the 10th anniversary of this brilliant game.

Overall it achieves a score of 37 out of 40, which I'm rounding up to make 5 stars. Well done and happy birthday Club Penguin!

--David231099 (Talk) (Contribs) 13:45, 9 October 2015 (UTC)

Rate1.5Stars.png Uhh... By Yuri102212

Seriously CP? The idea of restoring old rooms kill it for me. Don't get it wrong, it has nostalgia factors here, but I want something fresh and throwing a hodge podge of rooms does not make for a good party.

And the party hat? Too overdone. It may be CP's tenth year anniversary, but puffle fur and sparklers and a big 10 on top of a redone 7-year-anniversary party hat? Dayum, son, The 7th Year Party Hat hit puberty!

The most annoying part? THE YEARBOOK ISN'T EVEN A YEARBOOK! It may be ten years, but can you make a new, seperate yearbook just for the ten years CP went through?

Unbelievable. I may be the only one negative about the party, but since I respect your opinion guys, please respect mine.

Rate4Stars.png Thanks for the Memories By Cp kid

I joined Club Penguin in 2007, and played frequently from 2008 to late 2011. Since then it seems like CP has declined in quality, only having a few good events. But, I think this has been CP's best party in probably a few years. Thank you Club Penguin, for bringing back all of the good times. For the first time in a long time, I was actually happy on CP, especially with the book room & lab combo <3

Bringing back some of the party rooms was also a great addition, but I noticed that CP did miss a few rooms that they could have fairly easily decorated- Ski Lodge, Underground, Dojo, but the rooms they decorate surely get most of the credit, my highlights were the Book Room + Secret Lab (I remember that from the original party, then it moved in 2009 to the mine before the cave expedition), Iceberg, and some of the rooms that even I had never seen before like the Christmas Ice Rink. Though, I also had hoped they'd return the Tallest mountain :'( Some of my favorite parties weren't really represented, like the Music Jam 2008-2009 and the pre-2012 Medieval Parties, but I guess that's ok.

The free items were cool I admit (though I had like 2/3 of them already), but the only one that really mattered is the 10 year Party Hat, which I enjoyed (but not as good as my 3rd :3). I like the 10 year recap yearbook, but I think it would have been better if that was a special version, and they had made a 2014-2015 standard yearbook as well. Overall, congratulations on the milestone CP... and thanks for making me happy on cp again :')