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The Fair
Average Rating: 2.6 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 17
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Rate2.5Stars.png Okay, I guess? By Yoshi11

The only reason why I played CP at 5 A.M. before I leave for school is because The Fair was going on. Was it worth it? Kind of. Instead of this fun, open atmosphere you had with the 2011 Fair, all the games are crammed into a theme park. The sky is dark instead of blue. What can I say about the games? They are nicely re-themed, but otherwise they are the same as before. There's at least one new game, though.

How about the rides? Members only. Dang it, Club Penguin! Even if I had a silver ticket, it wouldn't be worth it. The rides seem quite boring, anyway.

Overall, the fair is okay. One major problem is the unlock every day items. No one likes waiting. I'll give it a 2.5.

Oh, and the red arcade? Some kind of silly pixelated world thingy.

Rate4Stars.png Fun, new change. By EpicSwagger

In every party for Club Penguin, one of the most interesting things is looking at how each room is decorated and what to do in them. This year's "The Fair" is good, and a nice change to what we are used to. Non-members will find that they can still play the carnival games and earn tickets, but their selection of prizes is small. Members can ride rides and enter their igloos into contests. What makes the party bad is that you have to come back every day, or you will miss out on prizes. I think that it is a good party, but more for members.

Rate0.5Stars.png Horrible. Makes me wanna cry. By Penstubal

This party is a DISASTER! This isn't even a Fair! It's more like a carnival packed up in one party room, which has all the space, western and pirate stuff. This party is just HORRIBLE. Non-Members can't even ride the rides! The only decoration outside the party room is the night. Nothing else! I am only giving half a star because of Rookie being the mascot and the fair games being back. Otherwise, this party is PAIN TO MY EYES. Another pain to my eyes is that stupid RETURN TOMORROW TO GET THE NEXT PRIZE THING! Seriously, that crap SUCKS! For me, this is just another terrible party like the Fashion Show and Medieval Party 2013. Seriously, Club Penguin, if you wanna return a party, don't change it too much and add this silly "return tomorrow" nonsense!

Rate0.5Stars.png ok but is this all we get By Super Miron

Miron fair review image.png

Rate2.5Stars.png FAIRly improved since 2012... By Brookelas

Well, we get a party room fair. How can it be a fair now? It isn't AWFUL, but it isn't great either.

  • Decorations - 1/5 - CP isn't decorated, and if I am correct, the party room areas are where the wilderness was in 2011... but at least they changed the sky, so I will give the section a 1.
  • Storyline - 0/5 - There is no story. All I got out of it was NO CLOWNS...
  • Party Rooms - 5/5 - Why not? They are nicely done, especially the rides. And this whole party is made up of party rooms...
  • Transformations and Party Games - 5/5 - OMG THE FAIR GAMES <3
  • Music - 4/5 - Yes for nostalgia. I just don't think the music totally works in some places (PENGUINS THAT TIME FORGOT IN PUFFLE SOAKER...? Should have been the Pirate Party song...)
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 4/5 - It's pretty decent, but has a few flaws. At least there are new items. unlike in 2012.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - They were cool. I liked some snowball features, and the animations for rides were amazing! PLUS PENGUIN BAND AND ROOKIE!

It was alright. I was expecting CP to be decorated. It definately tops 2012 though! (2007 - 2011? Nah)

Rate5Stars.png Very Good Party By Enricc1

Guys you are VERY critical i know it the penguin band is'nt meetable chracters i know it too that the Dock is the only decorated room but im really happy with this party sine i thinked the pixeled glasses are no member if you get a silver ticket you can still go on member rides i know is hard but i know another game called Animal Jam that is more harder to get a diamond u-u.Penguin band after a year is performing and guys when a party only is ONE room decorated and there is there is'nt party rooms you guys start to critic a lot the only party that was saved was the Phreistoric Party 2014 the only bad thing for me on this party is that is very high prices since is the only thing i don't like i won't rest any points since is the only tht i dont like i wont rest any points

Rate1.5Stars.png Why change it? By LordMaster96

People loved the old version of the Fair, including myself. While I can agree the decorations and background look nice, they do not contribute to the party's success. First off, the prizes are way too expensive that it's unreal anymore. Second, with the spike in prices, games do not award more tickets than before. While there are more ways to earn, it doesn't save players any time at all. Third, what is the point in that wheel. People want prizes, not coins or a low number of tickets.

Also, this is more like a Theme Park party rather than a Fair. I'll always see the Fair as a carnival and not this junk. RIP Ring the Bell, Puffle Paddle, Feed-A-Puffle.

Rate3.5Stars.png A pretty nice party By Dps04

Overall speaking, this is a pretty great party, and probably better than the Prehistoric Party earlier this year.


  • New Decorations (Not reused from 2012's)
  • New rides
  • New ways to earn ticktes
  • Cool Daily Spin


  • Prizes are slightly too expensive (I am okay with that. Afterall, prizes are meaningless if everyone can get them easily)
  • Some people may be unable to get prizes from the Daily Spin (Again, it is meaningless if everyone can get all the free prizes with the click of a button)

CP Team has put quite a lot of effort in this party instead of reusing decorations like they did in the Prehistoric Party, so all in all I would say this is a good party, though nowhere near the best.

Rate2.5Stars.png A different Fair By Gatuti789

This Fair is the most different Fair on Club Penguin. Here are my pros and cons:

  • Pros:
  1. The free items and the members items are amazing.
  2. The awesome animation on the Wagon Wheel and the epic Space Squid!
  3. The new rooms are incredible!
  4. Penguin Band's shows and Rookie's visits.
  5. The old and classic minigames returned.
  • Cons:
  1. It's like an Amazement Park Takeover.
  2. The items are too expensive (4000 tickets on a puffle hat?!).
  3. The island is not decorated.
  4. Penguin Band is not walking around on the island.
  5. Where is the Great Puffle Circus?
  6. It's a bit boring.

Rate2Stars.png NO. By Mario Rk

Just... NO. First off, there's NO new games at all! Club Penguin PROMISED new games. I don't count rooms where we throw snowballs at targets "games". The prizes are expensive as heck, everything is crammed to the side and NOTHING (save for sky) is decorated outside of them. Also why do we need a sunset sky? The other Fairs could live without it. Not that I'm complaining about that, but really? It bothers me that Club Penguin spent time retexturing all the old games to match with their surroundings and yet they COULDN'T add Gold and Rainbow Puffle sprites. The Band isn't waddling (the last time they waddled around was 2012, and that was RARELY) and they only perform Anchors Aweigh and nothing else... Rookie's okay I guess but honestly... Also all the prices are ridiculously high and... it's just not right. At first, I was pretty excited for the Red Arcade's game, now its just a room that turns you 8-bit and you waddle around and eat food for 10 tickets. This doesn't really seem like a Fair either, it's more like an amusement park. The best part about this party that's new is the Ferris Wheel. That's pretty sad... Either way this party was pretty horrible compared to older parties. It's not the WORST but it's not the best either. Also Club Penguin PLEASE, just give the band a CHANCE... I hope this isn't how Club Penguin is gonna do things now. Not decorate rooms and shove all the party stuff into party rooms. It's not a bad party, but it just wasn't what I expected at all.

Rate3.5Stars.png Ummm... By MaraLuvSong

I think it's a bit boring because there are some games that really don't inspire me to play them and I really don't understand why that rides are for MEMBERS???!!! They are really booooring and there is nothing you can do. The prices for items are really BIG! I go to school everyday and then? How can I get so many tickets??!! Club Penguin is coming boring. I even can't imagine I will say that but this is it!! Try something for everyon, not only for Members, it will make someone smile. :)

Rate3.5Stars.png Good party if you are a member By JucaSLP

Not a bad party, but it would be better if the normal rooms were decorated instead of party rooms. I liked the idea of having a theme park, but there's not much to do if you aren't a member. Actually, you can enter the rides if you get a silver ticket in the Daily Spin, but it is still not enough. The good part is that there are many items to collect. The Fair 2014 is not excellent, but it's not a disaster like people are saying in the reviews above.

Rate4Stars.png Come one, come all, to the Great Fair! By Captain Pinkbeard

This party is probably one of the most fun in a very long time.

  • Cool decorations, it really feels like you are at a Fair.
  • New prizes and fair rides.
  • Penguin Band is back.
  • The Daily Spin is a great addition.

The only real problems are that the prizes are too expensive and that the island is not fully decorated. Overall, however, it's fun and that's what really matters.

Rate2.5Stars.png Fair-ly disappointing By Chill57181

At first, I liked this year's Fair. I really did. But then, the more I looked at it, and the more I actually played, the more flaws I found.

First of all, while the prizes are cool, they're SO INSANELY EXPENSIVE! I counted, there's 28 prizes. Only 8 of those cost under 1000 tickets. The Memory Card Game and Lunar Launch are absolute GARBAGE for tickets, at around 80/25 tickets everytime you play. Lunar Launch even has a glitch that makes you not earn tickets after playing a few times. Puffle Paddle, Balloon Pop, Feed A Puffle, and Puffle Shuffle net you some big tickets, but they get boring after playing them a zillion times. The "rides" only give you 10 tickets when you hit something, it should be like 50 or 100. You earn too little tickets to be able to pay for these prizes.

Don't even get me STARTED on the Daily Spin. There's two pins and a background on there, and it's entirely luck whether you get them or not. I missed the background because of bad luck. Most of the other prizes are garbage, like 25 coins or 75 tickets. Woohoo. And the Silver Tickets should give you 1000 TICKETS, not 1000 COINS. Coins are useless at this party and you can earn them ANYTIME anyway.

The main island isn't decorated at all besides the sky, everything is crammed into a hub and three branching rooms, and then the rides. It doesn't feel like a fair anymore, it just feels like they built something.

Rookie is here, which is nice, but WHY IS THERE NO PENGUIN BAND?! The Penguin Band is performing but they aren't waddling around. The last official time we've seen them was the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, and that was rarely! I would've much rather had the Penguin Band here.

The Fair had a lot of potential, but they ruined it by taking it out of CP and using party rooms. The prizes are also way too expensive. Maybe 2012's Fair doesn't seem so bad after this?

Rate2Stars.png That idea is just, the worst. By Green Ninja

I bet you read that title in a Morgan Freeman voice, didn't you? While returning The Fair seemed like a good idea, Club Penguin stuck to their plans of only half-trying for every new party recently. The prizes are too expensive, the actually island isn't decorated, and it just ended up being boring. Better luck next time, Club Penguin.

Rate3Stars.png Pretty good, but has some issues. By Sillybudz

The Fair 2014 was not as good as 2012's Fair, but it is still pretty fun in the same way.


  • It seems the games that RETURNED are the only fun games-plus the 8-bit.
  • Penguin Band and a new background.
  • They give spectating spots for non-members to watch members do the ride.
  • Actually placing TWO rides in each place (8-bit counts as one), which is awesome.


  • Daily Spin always gives you coins, and silver ticket does nothing except 1000 coins.
  • 2014 is gonna be The Year of Wait for tomorrow to get your butt kicked! The Retro Joystick is the only cool item there.
  • Overpriced coffee prizes, I only managed to get two prizes.
  • Space Squid and Wagon Wheel got boring... Marooned Lagoon was fun because you got tickets for that.

Anything more to say?

Rate4.5Stars.png Great idea of innovation. Not so great application. By Grande Yoda

The Club Penguin Team tried to improve an old party as they did with the trashy "Fashion Show" in 2012 which became the great "Hollywood Party" in 2013 mixing Fashion Show and Penguin Play Awards. The same occurred now with that new version of "The Fair". Unfortunately, it didn't please that much.

I fully agree with Chill57181 about "At first, I liked this year's Fair. I really did. But then, the more I looked at it, and the more I actually played, the more flaws I found." You know, when I first saw the exit screen about it I thought to myself "That will be the best party ever!" It really looked like a fair/theme park and in this point I can't complain. The Team has put a great effort in it and I really appreciate it. But as Chill said, the more you play, the more you realize it's not that perfect.

  • What everyone complained about: The prices. They were really high indeed. The party was supposed to be fun, but as we played, we started getting forced to keep playing. After some days you didn't play because of the fun anymore, but because of the need of getting all the items asap. And some penguins, including me, endend up not being able to buy everything. What was supposed to be fun ended up being frustrating.
  • The second most cussed thing: The infamous Daily Spin. That little thing caused many headaches to me and many other penguins (it also became a meme on Twitter). The coin prizes should have been removed. Seriously. Coins were totally useless in this party as the other penguins pointed out. And the ticket prizes should have been 100 and up. Seriously we could get more than 50 tickets in almost every fair game. Besides, 50 tickets are no use with such expensive prizes.
  • The third most commented point is the decoration. That's right Club Penguin wasn't decorated and all the decorations were on party rooms. I didn't like it either because of two reasons: The island should have been decorated. Non-decorated rooms = desert. And that's what Spike Hike was/is trying to fight. And the other reason is the rupture with the timeline they created before. More observant penguins noticed that. The Amazement Park is next to the Dock which, according to 2011, is where the Forest of Tall Trees is at. The Team had already made that mistake when the map got a new look in June 2011 and it didn't show either the tall trees, or the Cliff near the Brown Puffle Cave and back then we ALREADY knew about the Forest of Tall Trees. Many years after they STILL haven't fixed it. And now they make that mistake AGAIN... That really bothered me. And it's not the first time they stop following the timeline. The Club Penguin Team does that A LOT, specially with party maps (such as the Operation Puffle one) and refurbished rooms (like the Grey Maintenance Shed disappearing in the new Ski Hill), but not only in those cases. Seriously the Team does that a LOT. And that's sad, because I really like the CP timeline.

But the party wasn't a disaster. There were really good things too.

  • Penguin Band: What almost everyone liked and said so in the previous reviews was the Penguin Band return. We couldn't see them waddling around, but their show was epic! The puffle stage was cute and the room they performed was just perfect! Many crowds were formed in each show and we also could get their new backgrounds by clicking on them. Fantastic! They got more compliments than Rookie and they weren't even meetable! They. really. rock.
  • Rookie: Only not more commented than the Penguin Band, but many people said they also loved Rookie! He's a very friendly character and he was giving a brand new background! Awesome!
  • Space Squid roller coaster: It wasn't very commented, but I see some people pointing that out. And I fully agree with them! The roller coaster is insane! First: the idea was fantastic. Second: the application of it too! It's just perfect! The low and high speed during the ride is just like real life ones and the "3... 2... 1... GO" voice and all the screams were really reaaaally good! And the special effects and and all the animations fit really well! But I would just change the fact that our penguin looked very small in that room! The ride would have been more realistic if the penguin were bigger and if when we went to the roller coaster, our view was like the Cart Surfer! But CP put a great effort in it and I really appreciate it!
  • The old fair games: That seems obvious, but who didn't like to see the old games returning? haha

So according to my review there were 3 most visible cons and 4 most visible pros. So why did I give it so many stars?

Well, each flaw has a good point. The prices were nonsense, but the items were ICE COLD! Specially the non-members items! The Pixel Shades was one of the best items and everyone could get it! And non-member prizes weren't only head items as they used to be! Non-members could get many hand items too! And the Daily Spin might have been a pain, but it was good for non-members! If they earned a silver ticket they could go in a ride that's only for members! I know it's still not enough, but what's the matter? The rides were boring (save the Space Squid) and there's a part of the member room which non-members stayed so they could see what's in the room instead of trying to guess as they used to do! I love how Club Penguin is caring about the non-members much more than in 2010-2011! The rude timeline rupture is hard to accept, tho... But I'll give them another chance since they really showed us that they're putting great effort in every party!

To The Club Penguin Team: Great job trying to improve good old parties instead of trying to push another useless takeover promoting Disney down our throats. But please, don't make us "slaves" forcing penguins to log in each day with the "return tomorrow to get the next prize" thing and raising the prices. We want to play for fun, not forced. Your idea was flawless and I see your effort to make it the best as possible, but you guys need to improve a little bit when applying the ideas to the game.

Best fishes!

Grande Yoda

P.S: Sorry for the enormous comment. I used to post in blogs so I got used to long texts.