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School & Skate Party
Average Rating: 3.2 (Good)
Total Reviews: 10
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Rate5Stars.png SCHOOL :D :D :D By Brookelas

Here in British Columbia, Canada... school hasn't started yet because of a School Strike. We have been off since June 12th, and schools are reopening their doors on MONDAY! However, more than 3 months is WAY too long for me to be away from school, so when this party was announced, I WAS BEYOND EXCITED! Did the party live up to my hype though?

  • Decorations - 4/5 - The decorations capture the school life perfectly!! Not too many rooms are decorated, but the ones that are are probably the best this year. I would have suggested maybe a few more rooms... Stadium could have been a football field? Snow Forts could have been like a playground? They could have added in just a regular classroom party room? But they did to great with what they had, so I am only docing one point off.
  • Storyline - 5/5 - Sharks won! Coins for Change Like charity! September = school... no story needed really.
  • Party Rooms - 5/5 - YES! YES! YES! The gym and art/science room are FANTASTIC! They are exactly how the party rooms should be! They aren't random/useless either. And technically the Skateboard Park shouldn't count here, but its worth mentioning that it is also AMAZINGLY DESIGNED!
  • Transformations and Party Games - X/5 - There are no party games/transformations, so no score here :P
  • Music - 5/5 - Obsessed with the Start Fresh Elevator Edition... nuff said.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - Obsessed with the slushie hat... nuff said.
  • Quest - 5/5 - This is actually amazing! They took the EPIC Frozen Party Quest, and made it harder. I LOVE IT CP! LOVE IT!
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - SNOWBALLS IN THE GYM, ART/SCIENCE ROOM, AND STAGE ARE ALL EPIC!! :P And there are emotes which relate as well as other things.
  • Party Hype - 5/5 - Not overhyped at all, and it was a great party!
  • Non Member Fairness - 4/5 - I think Non Members were a little spoiled here with a new igloo. Yes, this happened for Frozen.

Um... 49/50...! 5/5 :D

Rate3Stars.png Meh By MondayOfCP

I like the skate park, and the shopping,and the rest of the rooms.But I feel in another music jam, Other Rooms Decorated Was Good.

Rate2Stars.png So this is what parties are bound to be now? By Enb 11

So, this party is in it's first day and it is already completed. I am writing this in September 18th, right after getting all the items. I already know that this is it, and so I am writing my review. Let's start, this review will be separed under 3 aspects: rooms, content and items.

  • Rooms: And they did it again didn't they? Once again only a portion of the island is decorated, this time being the east side of Club Penguin, more specifically The Plaza (Stage and Pizza Parlor and their insides), Forest, Mine Shack, CPU and the new room, the Skate Park. The decorations, are very well done, the new design of CPU, and the additions of new rooms made it feel like a real school and I hope it is permanent, the new Pizza Parlor is also amazing, it could be permanent too, and the Mall is also equally amazing, though they could use more floors like the Puffle Hotel or something like it.. But here's the thing I found strange. I like the Mall more than the Stage. Yep, to me it would make no difference, as I rarely visit the Stage even more now that I got all of it's costumes. It would surely tip a lot of players off, but for me it would be a nice replacement, or the Stage could even get INSIDE the Mall, like a Cinema. The Skate Park is nicely done, with the graffiti of puffles, and the animations of skateboarding BUT it's pretty boring for a high point of the party.
  • Content: Aah, content. The thing Club Penguin doesn't remember to put in a party. This party's mission is basically a copy/paste of the previous party, the Frozen Party. Get a backpack, get three things in a bunch of rooms, get items, get final igloo, and then what? Guess you close the tab once again and just wait for the Halloween Party to come so you can probably do the same thing again. And the thing is not even hard, it takes you less than two minutes so you can find all the stuff. Agh. Oh, and this party is also a donator for poor countries. But you CAN'T actually donate, soo... Also, why is everything Sharks related? I know they won the Penguin Cup, but I think we needed more teams in the School to create competivity so more could be added to the party
  • Items: The items are pretty well themed, but not that special, not even worth talking about it. The skates are cool and well designed, and one of them, the Rainbow Board, is a real board you can get at Zazzle so kudos to that. The final item that simbolizes you completed the mission to help the children in some countries to have schools, is an igloo, that looks to me is a remake from another one. The Schoolhouse Igloo looks pretty similar to the Train Station Igloo we had last year, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the igloo looks pretty cool, and if you want to build a little school it's perfect.
  • Veredict: A boring, content-lacking party, that is really out of place, considering that many players don't even like school. Oh, wait, is Rookie in this party? Guess I didn't see that coming.

Rate2.5Stars.png Well then... By Sharkbate

We knew very little going into this party, but people rightfully had low expectations. I mean, even the title "School & Skate Party" is a turn-off. What did I think of the party? Let's get into the details. Note: All scores are rounded DOWN.

Decorations: 2/10

There were about 6 rooms decorated... less than half the island. Pretty much the Plaza and anything to the right of it... except the Iceberg, Cove, and of course, the underground rooms. But visually, how were they? Well... first, how and why is the Stage suddenly a mall? I get the "school shopping" thing, but you can't do anything in that room but ride up and down an escalator. Nothing to buy and no other "stores". Would have made more sense to make the Clothes Shop the mall instead. The rest are OK, but why did Club Penguin put grass in the Forest? It's Club Penguin Island! There isn't supposed to be grass there! The Pizza Parlor is okay. Overall, the decor for this party wasn't that great.

Member/Non-Member Fairness: 6/10

Members have access to 20 exclusive items for this party, while non-members have access to 8. Yikes... Members get 12 more items than non-members... that's more than double the amount non-members get! That's way too much. The upside is that non-members get another free igloo to add to their collection. They can take part in the scavenger hunt as well and do the main things of the party (not counting the Skate Park because it's now a permanent room).

Music: 3/10

Most of the music is recycled from previous parties, such as the Monsters University Takeover. The songs that were new, however, were not that good. I don't know... this music just isn't Club Penguin. It sounds way too generic and modern. Oh, and this is something I say at almost every party they have now... Stop with the sounds in the music!

Originality: 9/10

The party is definitely original. Having a school party in September seems pretty predictable, but it's something Club Penguin has never done before. Plus, I'm sure nobody expected it to involve skateboarding, right?

Party Rooms: 9/10

This party had 2 party rooms, which is just the right amount. They were the gymnasium and the classroom, which obviously fit in with the "school" theme. They are well done in my opinion and not overly complicated, but the classroom seems a little clustered to me.

Games: N/A

No exclusive mini-games were present at this party.

Transformations: N/A

No transformation options were present at this party.

Items: 9/10

Most of the items make sense with the "school" theme, except for the Brain Freeze hat. Has nothing to do with school, or skating.

Mascots: 2/10

Rookie is the mascot for this party. Yeah. That makes sense. So much sense. Aunt Arctic would have been a much better fit for this party. Rookie is too goofy and irresponsible to be celebrating going back to school.

Comparing to Past Editions: N/A

There were no previous editions of the School & Skate Party.

Staff Hype/Sneak Peeks: 8/10

The party was announced a little early (due to Club Penguin's lack of security) before being officially confirmed on August 29, 2014. There weren't many sneak peeks published and the team didn't spoil much (then again, there's not much to spoil with this party). There was really only one room sneak peak released, and it was just a sketch of the Stage decor.

Misc: 5/10

I like that Club Penguin let you throw dodgeballs instead of snowballs in the gym. The scavenger hunt is okay, but way too easy. Plus, we just did a scavenger hunt during the Frozen Party. Wait... wasn't this supposed to be intertwined with some charity? Like Coins for Change? What happened to that? I see nothing in the game that involves donations, charities... or anything like that at all.

Sub-Score: 5.88/10

Final Score: 5/10 (2.5 Stars)

Rate5Stars.png School's In! Time for Learnin'! By Chucker321

Not much to say. It's school and such. Love it! :P ;)


This is a nice party and now lets be excluding the mall be on the clothes shop WHAT DECORATIONS YOU WANT is a SCHOOL AND SKATE PARTY cp work hard and this party is a example way better than Frozen Party also cp now will do parties more sample since they will be on app too so please stop complaing if you dont like the party just say that you dont like it but is uneeded to say Quest easy or low decorations CP Works hard sorry if i was meab

Rate3.5Stars.png Just fine By Starfire 777

There's nothing very special about this party. They're fair to the members and non-members, and I absolutely love how the Forest and School are decorated. But as usual, only part of the island is decorated. The Skate Park gets boring after two minutes, although it's nicely designed and that's a plus. That aside, I really like how we're finally able to use skateboards. --Starfire 777 (talk) 17:24, 22 September 2014 (UTC)Starfire 777

Rate1.5Stars.png Really? By Mario Rk

School was enough to turn me away from this party. Also this party is basically the exact same thing as the Frozen Party but its for charity now? Um... Okay then

Rate1.5Stars.png What is there to learn? By Perapin

School & Skate Party Logo.png

The School & Skate Party had little potential. The CPU and the Skatepark were simply roleplay areas, but the problem was that these roleplay areas were limited, lacking being intertwined with storyline.

The plot is uncomplex

I don't care much for Rookie after the PSA died
— Sharkbate

In the plot, Rookie is excited to go back to school that he hosts a grand party. But he rushes and leaves a mess for you to clean up. This really sparked Rookie to continue as a cliché with little progression or interest in his character. In the PSA era, Rookie was a relatable companion in missions who you could inspire. But in the present day, we can't inspire him because we're quite distant to him, thus causing the Club Penguin Team to characterize him as the clichéd "clumsy" person he is, only being used "for goofy situations" like Sharkbate asserts.

The plot would be a lot more interest if we could LEARN information about characters instead of doing a "simple task" for them like a slave (e.g. cleaning up Rookie's mess). We therefore lack the reminiscent times of the PSA where the characters were "understandable", and rather we now have them one-dimensional where they're only there to "structure the plot without any real stuff in the middle", like Chillin43 supports.

It's unexciting

Schooling and Skating is of little interest in Club Penguin. There's little to explore in CPU because there's little you can actually do. You can't effectively teach, because of limitations (e.g. you can't write on the whiteboard). You can't effectively skate, because of limitations (e.g. you can't steer, rather, you have to go in fixed directions). It would be way better if everything in the school was "interconnected" that you could use it to influence what goes on in the school. When I logged on Club Penguin, I saw few interaction and roleplay going on. If it's only popular servers like Blizzard where the roleplay happens, that tells you something about the party's motivation for you to roleplay.

The Skatepark yielded full rooms for the first half of the party, but this quickly deteriorated and lost its lasting fun. To me, the ability to skate and do tricks is only a short term excitement because it's individual. It's way more fun if you had to depend on others (e.g. when riding a train at the Holiday Party 2013), because that leaves you to be with friends and causes more interaction. Psychologically, if you're in a "team" of people, you're more likely to make more action. When you're individually skating, what's the point?

Also to add, the "quest" to pick up school supplies for Rookie did not seem like a quest at all. Like Chillin43 says, it takes less than five seconds approximately to find every single school supply in each room since "A) they are so large, B) they have a striking white outline, and C) they aren't placed organically into the environment most of the time, but rather just wherever the designer feels like putting them." Yes, the scavenger hunt is an improvement from the Frozen Party's one, as the items to collect were unique, but still, there was still considerable "room for improvement". It'd be even better if we had a "list [which] would only tell you the name of the object; not what room it was in". But as the items were easy to collect causing the quest to be done in little time, after you've done the quest, "there is no reason to come back", like Riyita says.

The rooms were meandering

The School & Skate Party was focused into the east side of the island. Is this reasonable? Yes, as the school is based in that area. But were the rooms great enough? Not necessarily. The mall utilized a new feature of escalators for penguins to use, but this was definitely annoying. It caused a lot of lag, and sometimes I would accidentally go on it and once you're on an escalator, you can't do anything else. Also, you can't literally buy anything in the mall. What's up with that?

The Pizza Parlor drew even further away from its warm feel, and started to look more like a fast food joint, hence its temporary rename to "Pizza & Snacks". I'd rather have tables with cloth on them instead of hard-top tables any day. And I wish that food would be more interactive in there. For example, if a waiter did a special dance like serving coffee at a table, coffee would appear on the table for the customers. I don't see what's hard about making this feature happen, as the feature was available at the Puffle Party 2012 (at the Arcade) AND the Card-Jitsu Party 2013 (at the Pizza Parlor).

The Forest unfortunately made use of "grass", unrealistic to Club Penguin's nature. Like Sharkbate said, "There isn't supposed to be grass there". And as Chillin43 commented, "we've seen the Forest become a park so often in the past two years that it has kind of lost its appeal". Why not add in some interactive elements into there?

As for the new Classroom and the Gym, this added passion for the University's expansion. But there's no point in adding those rooms if penguins are not willing to do much there. The Classroom is quite colorful and well decorated, with moderately good composition, but when you can throw paint in the Classroom and throw balls that don't bounce in the Gym, the whole point of a school becomes ridiculed.

Other points

Enb 11 commented that the Schoolhouse Igloo is a "remake" of the Train Station Igloo. Similarly, the Sharks' Gym appears to be a remake of the Gymnasium Igloo. And as Saraapril pointed out, the Teacher's Desk appears to be a "remake of the Santa Desk in 2012". It's conclusive that the creative freedom in igloos and furniture themed for parties are lacking. Wouldn't it be cool if there was an ability to color igloos or furniture for our own creative twists?


Fail: 3.0/10

To conclude, I have given the School & Skate Party a 3.0 out of 10. It really needs that boost of interaction, excitement, creativity, and plot and characterization to be successful.

BluePuffle.pngPerapin (contact) 01:06, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

Rate3Stars.png Great Idea... By Green N Cool

Decorations and Party Rooms:

  • The School & Skate Party did lack decorations, for example, the Mine Shack, why not add a few more things instead of some banners and a stage, in my opinion the space seemed quite plain for the room that penguins were placed in when they logged in.
  • The Mall was quite amazing, the escalators were a great feature but the room did feel very out of place, why couldn't it have been in the Clothes Shop, malls are were people mainly go to 'shop'. Another thing I didn't like was the fact that the costume catalog was removed, couldn't the team have incorporated it into one of the little shops in the room? The return of "Fragile Things. Inc" from the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 was a nice touch though.
  • The Pizza Parlour was okay, it resembled a take-way restaurant and it seemed nice. The forest was okay as well, although the Club Penguin team felt the need to yet again make it into a park. The new Skate Park has been designed well and I like how penguins (Members) can perform special actions in it.
  • The gym and classroom were quite amazing, I loved the vibrant colours in the art science room, the gym was great as it gave penguins a chance to play a different sport other than the regular soccer at the stadium and the different things that could be thrown with the normal snowball actions were great. It's a shame the gym and classroom didn't stay, they made the Club Penguin University, more like a School/University.
  • What's with the changes to the exterior of the school building when the inside wasn't changed after the party?


  • So, because the Skarks won the Penguin Cup, the university is now based around them? Why did Rookie want us to clear up his own mess when he's pretty capable of doing it himself?

Party Items:

  • The new skate boards are very nice and I'm sure the Club Penguin team will add more in the future, there's tons of different designs they could put on a skate board.
  • The Pizza And Snacks job uniform (Slushie hat etc..) were good, it seemed great seen because if you're going to work at the Pizza And Snacks restaurant, you'd definitely need a uniform. right?
  • Most of the items were much related to the School and Skating theme and the school house igloo was a good item to give to players after completing the quest (or should I say the click three objects and you'll unlock two items thing).
  • How does cleaning up Rookie's mess help a charity?

Now onto... that quest:

  • As mentioned above in brackets, the quest wasn't really a quest at all, no puzzles, no clues to find things and no performing actions to get something, just the usual repetitive, "click these three things to unlock some (usually two) items".
  • Maybe the team could have at least not told us were the things we had to click were or given us some clues, it may have been a little better if that was the case.


  • I like how the Club Penguin Team tried to get the community together by cramming everyone into the east side of the island, but was it really necessary to decorate just six rooms (actually four, as the other two were party rooms) in order to do this?


Overall, I'd give the School and Skate Party a 3/5, the decorations were quite nice and I like how the team didn't totally redesign a room so it became unrecognisable (the stage is an exception), the items were quite fantastic in my opinion and fitted nicely with the party theme. The only things that let this party down was the storyline and quest, if Club Penguin had put more effort into making these better instead of putting all their effort into designing rooms (Mainly the Puffle Berry Mall), maybe the party would have been a lot better.