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Puffle Party
Average Rating: 4.3 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 7
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You are on the party reviews page for the Puffle Party 2014. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate5Stars.png Mind blown. By Sillybudz


Rate4.5Stars.png Very good By Enricc1

Very good party CP , the first party that they fixed the bugs very quicly also Puffle Transformations for Everyone YAY,The only bad thing is that will be very cool that they add the Puffle rooms again for win the stamps for me this party gets a 4.5

Rate4Stars.png Kewl party By Computer Spy

I always love the puffle party, and this one was very, let's just say... different. There are things I like and dislike. Let's go. Pros

  • Puffle park
  • Dog and cat puffles!
  • Transformations for EVERYONE!
  • Puffle tricks
  • New and old music
  • Amazing decor

And now for the dreaded CONS

  • No puffle domains
  • No puffle playzone
  • Some of the regular rooms un-decorated.
  • Some rooms don't really give me that puffle party feel.

So yes, this party is kinda fun. But there are some tiny things that the team should work on. Other than that, nice party!

Rate5Stars.png I can't think of a pun meow... By Brookelas

YAY CATS! I love cats... and right of the bat, I will say this Puffle Party is nice. It is better than 2009, 2010 and 2013, but not quite as good as 2011 and 2012. But, let's see how it stacks up on the Ol' Brookelas Reviewer...

  • Decorations - 5/5 - They took out the Puffle Domains, but they did put really nice decorations. It gives it more of a LOVE YOUR PUFFLE feel instead of a CHOOSE A PUFFLE feel.
  • Storyline - 5/5 - This section is really biased, as I love cat puffles, but hey, IT'S MY REVIEW xDDDD! But yeah, new puffles, so we have a party :P
  • Party Rooms
  • Transformations and Party Games - 4/5 - We get to transform into our puffles again... YAY? There is just one confusion... how can you transform AND walk the SAME puffle? But it's also for everyone!
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - I really like the items! I really do! Most Puffle Parties put almost no effort into Free Items, but this one did. And there is no catalog, so that won't affect the score. PLUS LAVENDER BUNNY EARS???? :D
  • Quest - 5/5 - Yeah, daily items! Similar to Teen Beach. I didn't give Teen Beach a score, but I will here. I think last year, a quest totally RUINED THE PUFFLE PARTY! So I am glad that it is just looking for Puffle Treasure and free items! If it was any more, this score would actually drop.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Yay! Puffle Care Zones around the island! PH is waddling, without a new BG though, but there are lots of cool twists to this party.

Like every other party, I love it...! Yay? :P... I think CP has been pretty decent this year, with the exception of the Fair... :P

Rate3.5Stars.png Not the best Puffle Party... By Mario Rk

Yeah... This Puffle Party stands out from the other Puffle Parties. Not because of Dog and Cat Puffles, but the sudden change in the party's style. The previous years used the same old, each room has a different theme per puffle, this year, they eliminated that. I'll admit it's an improvement from last year's party, that one only existed to introduce Rainbow Puffles and the Puffle Hotel... This year is to introduce the Puffle Park and the new puffles, which at this point, I'd say Club Penguin's done enough for puffles and that they should stop pretty soon. Puffles have their own hotel now they get their own park... The items are nice and original. There's something missing about this party though but I can't put my flipper on it... Anyways it's a decent party, a lot better than earlier two parties of this year. I hope they continue to improve and make all parties enjoyable again.

Rate4Stars.png Cool Party, I think. By ClubPenguinCritic

I guess this is a pretty cool party! Well I wanted to have a dog puffle, but I found out it was for members only. :( I wish I could be a member for once. Just to get a dog puffle and some cool clothes. :( 4 for effort, Club Penguin.

Rate4Stars.png A good party By Gatuti789
  • Pros
  1. The member and non-member items (including the Lavanda Bunny Ears!).
  2. The decorated rooms are amazing!
  3. Cat Puffles and Dog Puffles are cute!
  • Cons
  1. There are no specific rooms for each puffle.