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Penguin Cup
Average Rating: 4.3 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 8
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Rate5Stars.png Club Penguin: I am impressed. By Penstubal

This is so far the best party of the entire year 2014. It's unique; it has nicely decorated rooms and almost all on the island are decorated, and the party doesn't have that stupid daily calender. We have an interesting new minigame we can play; the Penalties are a fun multiplayer game (i hope it's that new minigame that would come out CP talked about!). The party is simply nice and exciting and deserves a 5, considering how much failures we had this year.

Rate5Stars.png SCORE! By Brookelas

This is definitely one of the BEST parties of the year. If not, THE BEST! Let's hook up the ol' analysis machine to see why.

  • Decorations - 5/5 - YES! The rooms are NOT overhauled! I can actually tell what these rooms are! Awesome decor!
  • Storyline - 5/5 - The simplicity of the story is great! We have the rival teams competing, which is what we all wanted for quite a while now! YAY!
  • Party Rooms - x/5 - There are no party rooms, so this score will be exempt from the final
  • Transformations and Party Games - 5/5 - That party game is addicting! I love it so much!
  • Music - 5/5 - Some of the best music CP has composed in quite a while.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - FREE ITEM BOXES! YES! Also, the items look very epic! The only thing I COULD wish more of was team items, but that's not a big deal. The items still rock!
  • Quest - 5/5 - It is simple, and you can enjoy it! You dont have to play the game a thousand times, just 20 ish times will do. You also earn coins. I think this party is a much better version of the MU Takeover.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - The playercard touch of goals scored is nice, and I like how they added them to non-visiting mascots as well. Speaking of mascots

100%! I have wanted a Penguin Games forever, and while this isn't quite one, I will take it! Good job CP! One last note... JOIN TEAM SHARKS! This is also the only party I have 100%ed since Teen Beach! Whoop whoop!

Rate5Stars.png This is what we've been waiting for! By Lewleworange

The best party to come to CP this year, and perhaps it'll stay like that for quite a while! The Soccer theme is not something we have seen outside of Snow and Sports, and it has been the first sports party since 2010 when game day came out! The minigame although short is quite enjoyable, and the decorations are awesome! Overall 10/10, I am excited for what the CP Team have in store next!

Rate3Stars.png Pretty Good By CGaming90

This party was actually a lot of fun! It wasn't one of those parties where you log in for 1 minute and then log off because you got the new item for that day! This party was a party where you could actually put some hard work into it. This is my 2nd favorite party of this year, my first being the puffle party.

Pros: The soccer mini game was fun!

The igloo items for this party were awesome! So many old cp items!

The Club Penguin Sports Network was also helpful! You could challenge some of the best players on a server!

The rewards were cool! Especially the lightning shoes! Which were extremely op in the soccer mini game!

It had the nice feature which was if you played the soccer mini game alot of times, you could thousands of coins! I got to 40,000+ coins from this, and that feature hasn't happened since Operation Puffle for me.


The soccer mini game didn't have any teamwork what so ever.

It was too easy once you had a lot of soccer career total points: mine was 2187 i think.

The CPSN scoreboard was very buggy and some users who were on the leaderboard would be called undefined.

The Soccer Stadium and the Snow Forts had too many people, causing extreme lag.

If someone lost against you, a bug could happen where the person could make another goal on their side, while your side couldn't do anymore goals.

Overall, this party was fun! The 5 cons are why this party get 3 stars.

Rate4.5Stars.png A nice change By Hat Pop

This party was a pleasant surprise, considering most of their parties so far haven't lived up to expectations. It's not perfect, but the island is actually decorated and the minigame is actually enjoyable. Nice job Club Penguin.

Rate5Stars.png best of 2014 By benjamen531

best party of 2014

Rate2Stars.png Not satisfactory By Perapin
"Was the Penguin Cup really worthwhile?"

The Penguin Cup, one of the biggest sporting events in Club Penguin history. But did it live up to its image?

It had an unfair competition

What was the point of being in the Green Team or the Yellow Team in the Penguin Cup when the Blue Team and the Red Team were far more popular? The "Red vs Blue" action dates back to 2006, while the Green Team and the Yellow Team action had only appeared 3 years later, in 2009. It was quite predictable that the teams with the most development overtime would be more popular, and thus caused the Blue Team and the Red Team to reap players in a whirlwind. The Blue Team's immense popularity led to the dominating and consistent lead on the leaderboard during the event, causing them to win in the end. To make the competition more fair, the Yellow Team and Green Team shouldn't have been included, and thus a more intense "Red vs Blue" competition would have emerged.

It wasn't extravagant

If the Penguin Cup was to be extravagant, the Penguin Cup would have to be MORE than a competition. It would have to create memorable experiences. This did not satisfy the majority by its low engagement with the players. The Shootouts mini-game is not really valuable for creating a powerful experience, nor would it help us in the future. Would you play such a game with never ending repetition? The only reason WHY people played it was arguably to earn the points they needed to get the items, not so much to get points for their teams. How could it have been described as "extravagant"?

Its "replay factor" was low

From a look into popular servers, not many players were talking at all during the event, indicating that they were quite bored with the event. Players knew they were not going to get something new other than earning items by putting that "play with me" icon with the Penguin Cup Ball. The lack of interaction between penguins greatly lessened the replay factor. Despite there being a leader-board in the CPSN, the leader-board was quite glitched at times, anyway. Who really cares if your name is on a leader-board for playing a tiresome game anyway?

Also noteworthy is the fact that the game of Soccer was not well received by everyone. Not everyone is a fan of sports, nor is everyone going to be fans of just "soccer". Why play "sports" online when you're supposed to do that in the real world, where you can actually get health from it? It was quite disappointing that in the Stadium, moving the ball was not easy. However, it was quite cool to see a working scoreboard, a feature that hasn't returned to the Stadium for a long while. It was also well received to see a confetti feature to run dependent on the winning team of the round. Although, while these features enhance the game, it did not still increase the "replay factor".

Its design was lacking

The decorations would have needed to really impress in order for the rating to boost up further. The Blue Team's base at the Beach was generally well received, thanks to its overall transformation of the area. It was cool to see that you had to have 2 players to lift that heavy weight labelled "200" there. However, things could have been improved to make the bases more realized, and even outstanding. A carefully crafted base would have to include attention to detail, something all of the bases were lacking. You couldn't even read the plans, explore secret areas in the base, or "do much interesting things" to show your training. Enclosing the bases into buildings, like in the Monsters University Takeover, could've given a more interesting "base" feel.

Also, it was not amazing to see that the grass had a more of a lime shade than a vibrant green shade. It was not amazing to see that the Snacks Station from the old Stadium was removed, either, which brought a loss to roleplay. On the whole, the event did not have an amazing aesthetic to it. Why add grass to most of the rooms? Why add roads if there's nothing really to drive on it? This is supposed to be Club Penguin, a snowy virtual world. It's not really a "Penguin Cup" if it doesn't have its own distinctive "Club Penguin" style to it.

Interactivity was at a low as well. The CPSN would've had more potential if you could actually do things with the computers or the cameras, for example. There's also no point sitting on the judge chairs or at the news reporter desk if you can't even "see" yourself on actual TV.

It had an "adequate" range of items

There was a bountiful amount of items at the event to earn. But all this meant that you had to score points in order to get them. This inevitably set the motivation for the players, but did it do so positively? Not at all. Having to do these "tasks" (by playing Shootouts) just kept the players coming back, but the "tasks" to get these items were not fun. Despite that, the range of furniture and clothing items themed for the party offered for more creativity for players, opting for more outfits and interesting igloo designs. While it was quite disappointing how players had to score points in order to get the "party items", the overall wide range of items available, including those in the Penguin Style Catalog, the Furniture & Igloo Catalog, and the Penguin Cup Interface, were well received as adequate, and significantly boosted the overall rating.

Aunt Arctic was boring

I just couldn't picture Aunt Arctic being someone that "likes" soccer. Her role in the event was not too significant, and it was felt that her personality was going off the tangent. She did not seem really "friendly" in-game, therefore giving a sense of an unrealistic nature of her. What may spark interest in Aunt Arctic's character is to give her more of a "role". She could possibly interview penguins and include their opinions in the newspaper, gain a sense of humor, or get more interactive, friendly, or even simply "thankful" when interacting with players online (even if it is quite hard in the uncivilized online nature of mass communication in the crowds). "It was a pleasure meeting you" may seem nice to say in real life, but for Aunt Arctic, this is quite too formal, overused and typically used to say that to the whole crowd instead of personally and sincerely. Her choice of phrases should not stay the same all the time. "Catchphrases not cliche phrases".


Overall, I rate the Penguin Cup a 4.1 out of 10. There was some potential to move this party up to the 5-7/10 zone with some extra effort in the month of its making, but unfortunately this was not used. Although I don't recommend another sporting event in Club Penguin, I do wish Club Penguin would consider the comments in this review in order to make a more successful “party” in the future.

Rate4.5Stars.png Quite the party By A7XRev

This is probably one of the best parties this year has had so far. It did have a bunch of the "Old CP" feel to it. Plus I wasn't on the island when they had the Penguin Games so it was nice to go to a sports type-of party. Since I haven't done any reviews this year I'm gonna do a quick recap of the other 5 parties that happened so far.

  • Prehistoric Party: It had cool decorations but not a lot of replay-ability. The only reason people played the minigame was to get the Dino Puffle eggs. 2 stars.
  • The Fair: This party was my favorite this year. They didn't drastically change the minigames and they added cool smaller things like the rollercoaster. However I do prefer the way it spread out over the island and having Rockhopper being meetable instead. But it was still really good. 4.5 stars.
  • Muppets World Tour: No. Nothing can explain how horribly bland this party was. To think that "finale" they had was the big surprise really bothers me. The music was amazing but everything else was really bad. 1 star.
  • Puffle Party: Just like last year's, which was meh. Just feels like they're removing features at this point. But for the playability it had, 2.5 stars.
  • Future Party: 2nd worst. If that's Club Penguin in 4014 then we are doomed. I also don't like how in Club Penguin everything is electronic in the future. Music, people, trees...why? 1.5 stars.

Now on to the party I'm supposed to be talking about here.


  • The decorations were great. The Snow Forts took the cake for the best looking room.
  • Most of the time a party has one goal to it and then the rest doesn't matter. It makes the party feel rather off. An example would be the Puffle Party in 2013. It was all about getting a Rainbow Puffle, and that was all that was talked about. It got to the point that when you got one, that was it. There was no other reason to be on Club Penguin for the next two weeks. This party had a goal that lasted to the end which felt very fitting. It's also nice to have a quest/goal for once that isn't an easy objective that you can complete within a short amount of time only to be bored the next few weeks, or to have one that you have to visit every day to be a part of. (There was actually tons and tons of goals within the party. Get it? Cause it's Soccer? Cause it's the Penguin Cup...look I know I'm not funny.)
  • Having bases around the island for each of the teams were pretty neat. That another thing that reminded me of an older Club Penguin party.


  • Honestly I didn't really care for most of the music in this party. The only two I liked were the CPSN theme and the Space Squids theme, which was just a remix of one of the Future Party songs. They all seemed kinda goofy and silly. But my main problem was the song in the Stadium. It's just a 7 second loop of the same vocals over and over and over. But the worst thing is, sometimes they would overlap. Sometimes two of the three songs would play at the same time which gives me a really big headache every time it happens.
  • The team winning system was flawed from the start. Like the review above mine said, Team Blue and Team Red are the most popular teams. And usually in that case, Blue wins. If you were able to bet money on who would win, everyone would've bet on Team Blue. Which leads to me believe that the reason Polo got "traded" from Team Blue was to see how people respond, to see if a lot of people would leave the team just to be on the same one Polo was on, and guess what? It worked. As much as Blue still won, as soon as he was traded to to Team Yellow, they went to third place and didn't cross paths with Team Green again.
  • The minigame got pretty boring really fast. Once you got all of the items you could get, you were done. Nobody bothered to play the game after you got everything.

This party was pretty great overall though. This and The Fair have so far been the best parties of the year. But if you know me you know I love Music, so I'm really excited for the next Music Jam. I'll see you guys then. Bye!