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You are on the party reviews page for the Music Jam 2014. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Music Jam
Average Rating: 0.7 (Disgusting)
Total Reviews: 33
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Rate0.5Stars.png Error 404: Music Jam Not Found By LordMaster96

I don't have anything good to say about this party. Whoever came up with the ideas for this year's Music Jam clearly doesn't know what music is. Tossing in a couple of treble clef decorations and trumpet shaped waterslides just doesn't do it. What happened to the vivid display of genres from 2008-2011? That was possibly some of the best ideas for a Music Jam there is. Oh, and parties really need to stop occurring outside of the main rooms. Doing this makes parties less memorable for years to come. Who decided to make this party on a cruise ship anyways? Is this a sequel to the Muppets World Tour or something? The only music that exists is on the deck of the ship. And perhaps the boiler in the ship's engine room making a couple of noises. It's a shame for this party to bear the name of an original CP party that was once loved by many.

Rate1Star.png This is Beyond Terrible... By Sharkbate

To start off, I'd like to say I am not hating on this part to jump on the "2014 Hate" bandwagon. I'm being completely honest when I say this party is a pile of garbage. I'm not even joking. In fact, calling this party garbage may be offensive to actual garbage. That's how bad this is. This party tarnished the name of the Music Jam. Once again, the staff completely hyped up this party to be something totally amazing, but in the end, it was just another billboard for Disney. This time, it was to promote Disney's music stars. Is there a reason for them to be on Club Penguin? Absolutely not. Here is my broken down review. Note: All scores are rounded DOWN.

Decorations: 1/10

How many rooms are decorated... two? They ignored the underground rooms, the interior rooms... pretty much everything except for the Dock and the Town. The Town is actually recycled from a previous party, and the Dock just has a tiny little pink stage and an entrance to the cruise ship. OH, and an entrance to the pointless tour bus igloos. Doesn't look like they put much thought into this one. The sky doesn't even change in the rooms... The team must have been real lazy during this creation process.

Member/Non-Member Fairness: 8/10

Non-members have access to many different items throughout the party. Points deducted, however, because members have access to over double the amount of items that non-members get. Back in the early 2005-2009 era of Club Penguin, parties were a great opportunity for non-members to stock up on items, since all free items were available to everyone. This boost in member-only items seems to be a scheme to get more penguins to pay for membership. That's a bit disappointing.

Music: 1/10

VERY disappointed with the music. Hard to "jam" to the classical music being played in Club Penguin's version of the Titanic. Also, what's with CP using real life modern day music tracks? Oh yeah, I forgot. Promoting Disney stars. These songs don't belong on Club Penguin. Compare the music at this party to the original Music Jam from 2008. It's depressing. Oh and that cruise ship Boiler Room music drives me insane. I can't stand it. No songs from the past Music Jam parties were present... also disappointing.

Originality: 7/10

I will give credit where credit is due. The theme of the party is original, with the cruise ship and the performances by multiple artists. I deducted points, however, because it seems like this party was only given the name "Music Jam" because the team couldn't come up with a better name for it. Bearing in mind, the name "Music Jam" likely hyped up a lot of hopeful penguins into thinking another (possibly) final great Music Jam was on the way... but no. Just Club Penguin's version of false marketing.

Party Rooms: 3/10

What was the point of this cruise ship? Could Club Penguin not have had the stage on the island? The rooms of this ship are pointless. There are some gems, like the water slide, but the rest is like... what? The party rooms were fairly pointless, which is the cause for the low score. An upside is the design of these rooms. They were well made, so they get points for that. Plus the transition from day to night is pretty cool. But hold on... why doesn't this "cruise" ship not cruise? It is stationary. They could have given it a cruise feel by having it leave and maybe go around the island? Similar to how Santa's Sleigh or the hot air balloon from the Festival of Flight worked.

Games: N/A

No exclusive mini-games were present at this party. SoundStudio does not count because it is a permanent addition.

Transformations: N/A

No transformation options were present at this party.

Items: 5/10

There are some cool looking items. Of course, the members get the best out of them, but the non-members have a pretty sweet deal here. I did take off points for the random, unneeded hard hats being given away in that ship boiler room. Especially since this item was FREE for everyone for a few years in the Cave Mine. Seems like more laziness here. Would it have been hard to make it a different colour at least? Points also lost for the fact that you have to wait a few days to get items.

Mascots: 3/10

The Penguin Band is back roaming the island after a long hiatus from the island. Cadence is also around too. I am including the performers in this section because they count, right? Many points lost for the unneeded additions of Violetta, Cole Plante, Sabrina Carpenter, and Zendaya. The Penguin Band animation is top notch this time. That is one of the only areas that shows clear effort on the CP Team's part. More points lost for the musical guests not being meetable. Because of this, they have literally no purpose in the game of Club Penguin. Not saying I'd prefer them to be walking around, but come on now.

Comparing to Past Editions: 0/10

This party does not even touch the first four Music Jams. Even Ultimate Jam was better... and that party sucked! It was a terrible idea for them to call this a Music Jam. They should have just called it the "Music Cruise". There is hardly any "jamming" going on at all. Every Music Jam prior, even Ultimate Jam, had most of the island decorated. This has to be the smallest and worst Music Jam yet. Very disappointed.

Staff Hype/Sneak Peeks: 0/10

The staff hyped this party up to be something great... fantastic... AMAZING. It fell short... hard. This is like taking an anvil to the top of the highest mountain and dropping it to the ground. Points deducted for the party being revealed so early (also falls under the over-hype category).

Misc: 1/10

The tour bus igloos are so irrelevant. They literally have nothing to do with the party itself. It's just another way for Club Penguin to get penguins to pay for membership so they can boast about their decorated over-sized and irrelevant tour bus. The emotes were okay. Nothing special about them. This party honestly had nothing to offer...

Sub-Score: 2.9/10

Final Score: 2/10 (1 Star)

Rate1.5Stars.png What is this madness? By Snowstormer
  • Decorations (0/5) - Okay so let's see, what's even decorated...the Town and Dock? The Town is just recycled from the Teen Beach Takeover and the Dock, as original as it is, leaves me cold. And apparently, the sky doesn't even change in any of the other rooms. No,
  • Party Rooms (3/5) - I give them credit for their originality on the ship, the decorations on it are okay. But the ship isn't even really that big. (Anyone else get reminded of Titanic? e_e)
  • Mascots (2/5) - 5 out of 5 for the Penguin Band and Cadence, 3 stars deducted for the Disney Stars.
  • Music (1/5) - No proper music anywhere. How is this even a Music Jam without proper music... Oh, because of the Disney stars' performances...Alright, totally makes sense. On another note, none of these songs fit in to CP anyways.
  • Combined (1.5/5) - What? What? All this hype for this? I don't even know...

Rate1Star.png Piece of trash that doesn't deserve to be called a Music Jam By Chill57181

No. No no no no no. WHERE'S THE DECORATIONS? Only two rooms are decorated on the island, and the rest are party rooms. Also, the only free item starting off is the MINER'S HELMET. The item that EVERYBODY has because it's available LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. ...WHAT!?!? The "special" guests just ruin it, we don't need these random artists we've never heard of invading our Music Jam. At least they aren't mascots though... The only thing that is good about this party is the Penguin Band is finally waddling around again, after an entire two years. I agree with Shark - even the Ultimate Jam was way better than this! Why can't CP ever get a Music Jam RIGHT anymore? At this point, I don't even WANT another Music Jam at all.

Rate0.5Stars.png Complete and utter GARBAGE!! By Emmz33

Are you taking the mickey, Club Penguin? This so called party shouldn't even deserve the title of "Music Jam"! There are only two rooms decorated: The Dock with the cruise ship and the Town, which was recycled from the Teen Beach Summer Jam party. What happened to the array of decorated rooms from previous Music Jams? For being a Music Jam, there isn't much music anywhere as far as I can hear. Where are the music packs also? I thought there were going to be music packs and call me an idiot, but I can't find or see them.

However, I guess SoundStudio, Free Items and the Cruise Ship are decent enough, but I think the team has been really lazy with this party. All that hype and in return we get this tosh. Finally, I hope that the team buck up their ideas and improve in the future. They can do much better than this.

Rate0Stars.png Worst Music Jam ever By JucaSLP

It is a shame that Disney is using Club Penguin parties to advertise their products and movies. Anyway, it would be acceptable if Music Jam 2014 were good, but it is simply horrible. Only a SINGLE room of the island is decorated, and few free items are available, most of them not new, like the Miner's Helmet, which anybody can get anyday, because it is always available. A very disappointing party.

Rate0Stars.png Anti Club Penguin. Operation Disney By CGaming99

This party was a disney party completely! Number 1. We have to wait for items again, no one wants to wait! Number 2. Whenever Sound Studio lets you listen to a song, its not yours and the penguin who made it is not in the room where the song is getting played. Number 3. Almost the whole island has not been decorated, why would you put all of your attention to a cruise ship, which has annoying modern songs. They also have a whole bunch of useless rooms with nothing interesting in them. The mascots: All the new people who were introduced aren't even mascots! They're all on a stage playing a song, what is the point!? They don't give you a background at all! I know there are some pros but not enough to make this one star. 2014 seems like one of the worst years for Club Penguin, due to the fact that disney ruins all the imagination and fun a lot of the time. I hope the Frozen party is better than this.

Rate0Stars.png Ouch. By Green Ninja

Cruise Ship Takeover. 'Nuff said.

Rate0Stars.png Not a Music Jam By Nando144

Only two decorated rooms on the island, no new backgrounds for Cadence and Penguin Band. Worst party of 2014. 2008-2011, it was a good party with various musical rhythms. They destroyed the Music Jam like they did with the Medieval Party.

Rate0Stars.png A Musical Mess By Brookelas

Um... when I first logged in to this party... I saw the lobby room. Okay... then I go to the Cove... not decorated... I go to the Plaza... not decorated... I then go to the Snow Forts... NOT DECORATED... then I go to the Town, decorated... but from the SUMMER PARTY LAST YEAR! This party SUCKS almost as bad as Star Wars Takeover.

  • Decorations - 0/5 - ... They are not even Music Jam related. AND THERE ARE ONLY 2 ROOMS DECORATED!!!!!!!!
  • Storyline - 0/5 - Hm? Musical Guests on a Musical Cruise from Disney? Hm? Hm? Hm?
  • Party Rooms - 2/5 - I don't mind the ship, but it still kind of bothers me that the whole party is on a boat. On top of that, it doesn't even fit a musical theme AT ALL! I am giving it a 2 because its designed nicely, but just not for this party.
  • Transformations and Party Games - 5/5 - Technically SoundStudio isn't part of the Music Jam, but they hyped it up more than anything else... so yeah... (and you can play it in the party rooms too)... Because I feel bad giving a party a SUPER LOW score... I am counting the EPIC SoundStudio.
  • Music - 0/5 - For a Music Jam, the music sucks. Sounds like they just downloaded the songs from Youtube, reused SUMMER songs (not the epic Music Jam ones)
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 1/5 - Just... NO! The only one I like is the puffle hat, and MAYBE the neon hat. BUT SERIOUSLY...
  • Quest - 0/5 -...
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 0/5 - Reused emotes, and meeting mascots is USELESS since you can get the BGs from the performance...
  • Party Hype - -2/5 - NEW CATEGORY! Anyways... this party was overhyped... but not only that... the team said they liked THE PERMANENT SOUNDSTUDIO more than the party. An overhyped party that even the CP team hates... That scores -2 for me... I am sorry!

Um... 6/45...! Congrats on scoring a 0.5/5 from me CP. But I am going to round it down because of the fact it is AWFUL compared to Music Jams in the past... ITS NOT EVEN A MUSIC JAM!!!!! Plus my awesome SoundStudio score technically isnt part if the party...

Rate1Star.png Okay, what? By Hat Pop

They definitely built up waaaay too much hype for this party and for SoundStudio. This new game is nothing to write home about, and while some of the sound effects I found pretty funny, it's DJ3K without the cool animations/interface. The Music Jam itself was what I'd like to call a lazy effort - even the selling feature of having special guests appear was rather boring (despite interesting in-game sprites). They "decorated" two rooms of the island, and one of those was from last year's Teen Beach! This is supposed to be a Music JAM, and in comparison to all of the previous years this falls pretty short. The cruise ship I surprisingly found a liking for, but for an event like this it just...doesn't really fit (this would've been better for a summer-type event I think). Could they have made it move or something, too? I know they're fully capable of features like that. I know they're fully capable of much better than this. Then why did this party fail to meet any expectations?

Rate4.5Stars.png A Great Party! By Apr108

It's a good party, I understand that only two rooms are decorated, but actually the Music Cruise is fun, and when I met the mascots, I fell that the party is better that what I thought before.

Rate0Stars.png . By Penstubal


Rate0Stars.png An excuse for the players By Lipe

I think this Music Jam is only an excuse for the players. Why? Polo Field said on January 30, 2014 that there would be a Music Jam, but Spike Hike denied the occurrence of the party saying "I don't know who said what but we haven't planned that. Do you guys want one and who would you like to see?" Perhaps the staff tried to do something hastily and made something horrible. I don't know. I have no words to describe this party. It is so terrible... However, I wish Club Penguin's staff can improve the party next year, because I love Music Jams.

Rate0Stars.png It's awful. By Captain Pinkbeard

Would you ever guess that this party is supposed to be a Music Jam? No, you wouldn't! Even if we knew that this is what we would get, it still would have been terrible. Cruises are not fun.. they are for old people! Seriously, do the CP guys even know what kids do for fun? No decorations, silly cheesy items, tedious calendar thing and, once again, Disney advertising. This might be by far the worst CP party ever.

Rate0Stars.png By Super Miron

Rate0.5Stars.png The Cruise...Thats it By PotatoRacer1

Disney, remember when partys were only 4-6 days? This party is get this 13 FREAKING DAYS WOT? Listen Disney, having 2 main rooms decorated (one was recycled) does NOT count as a party. Technically the party has only 8 rooms counting party rooms. Even the past music jam's had MORE MAIN ROOMS DECORATED! What the hell Disney? The only redeeming feature of this party was SoundStudio, which usually cuts off your song when your sharing it. Its just basically DJ3K but you can share it with other people. The Cruise Ship is just boring! Theres nothing to do! This party was way to over hyped, I have a new rule for CP, NEVER USE HUMANS AS PENGUINS. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE HELL THIS DJ COLE PLATE PERSON IS, HE DOES NOT BELONG ON A PLACE I HAVE LOVED FOR 5 STRAIGHT YEARS! The tour bus is only there to hype members Igloo's so theres nothin' there. Over all this party is 0.5 stars, If SoundStudio had a Veto system (Ex: If there were 4 penguins in the room, 3 penguins could vote to veto and it would skip) MAYBE it would be a 1. Sound studio isn't even that great, its just a bunch of *toot* *toot* *YEARRHHH* *NaNaNaNahh* soundbites *bomb*.

So over all


Rate0Stars.png Seriously? Cruise ship takeover!! By Towerofyikk

Lets see. Whats wrong with this ..."party" if it can even be called that. The decorations are practically nonexistent. In fact... they reused them from a previous party. The music? What music? Previous Music Jams had many different rooms each with a different style of music. Rock. Jazz. Pop. Country. Orchestra. This? Its a pathetic excuse for actual music. Its like pre-pubescent kids singing their "hit sensations" from their new Disney channel shows or whatever just to get Disney more money they dont need. The items... When I first logged on I thought there werent any. What happened to the stands at the Snow Forts with music themed items they used to have? I always liked those. Now we have a bunch of palette-swaps of existing items and stuff that doesnt look good anyway. Not to mention the PB and Cadence dont have new backgrounds. In fact you dont even have to meet them to get their backgrounds. I remember spending several hours searching for mascots at parties so I could always get their new backgrounds. I feel cheated out of all the time I spent. The sky. What the heck is so cool about it? This is nothing new. All sorts of scenery in Club Penguin already does this and has been for years. In fact theres so gradual transitions between "times" of day. It just goes straight from being dusk to night. Its so unnatural and lazy too. SoundStudio..? Dont really care about it. Moving on.

Lastly the Music Cruise. In my opinion this is the only thing- only thing- good about this party even though its practically the reason why this so called party is garbage. I must say the cruise ship is pretty cool. But it absolutely should not be the core focus of the entire party. Party rooms are supposed to be nice additions to the party. Not. The. Core. Focus. The April Fools 2012 and the recent Fair have fallen victim to this and I have a feeling multiple other parties will fall victim too. This is the third party in the past year that has been completely ruined. Medieval Party last year? Only somewhat decent. Especially compared to the great previous Medieval Parties. The (Fall?) Fair earlier this year? Even worse. Not to mention all the items were really expensive too. I dont have time to waste getting dozens of thousands of tickets. The Music Jam? A lot worse. In my opinion this is the absolute worst party of all time. If three classic parties were ruined with each getting worse and worse I would really hate to see what they can ruin next that will even be worse than this pathetic excuse for a party. If they ruin the Christmas (Holiday) Party then so help me.

Dont even get me started on the guests. I dont even want to acknowledge their existence so I will do just that and finish up.

In short: This party is downright really really really horrible. Thats all. Im done. For the love of all things can you make an actually decent party for once Club Penguin? Even somewhat decent. I liked the Penguin Cup or whatever it was called and the Prehistoric Party too. And theres not much to look forward to. The Frozen Takeover is completely unnecessary and its going to be pretty hard to redeem the Medieval Party after last years bad blunder. The other parties this past year were all bad too or mediocre at least but this takes the cake. The old and rotten and stale cake no one wants to eat thats been sitting out for a long time.

Rate0Stars.png Spike hike must be fired for this By dunkinit

It's a horrible party. I actually made this account just so I could give it a zero. Can someone compare 2008 and 2009 april fools, submarine party, festival of flight, christmas party, to the ones we are having today? Less rooms decorated, less music, less originality, less (and uglier) items, less fun. It's getting worse in every aspect.

Rate0Stars.png Is it a Music Jam? By Wolfgangs

I don't really think it is a Music Jam. It simply is a waste of time.

Rate0Stars.png WHAT By Panther

WHAT? THIS is the Music Jam? Are you kidding me?

Rate0Stars.png By Superalvi400

Rate1Star.png Music Jam? By Chucker321

This years Music Jam was a total let-down. Apparently it was supposed to be the biggest party of the year. Not. Only two rooms on the island were decorated, except, the Town looks like a Teen Beach Movie room... I thought that party was last year. Well apparently they brought it back. The Dock. Remember seeing that picture of a "sneak peek" of the Music Jam? That was the Dock, and it looked a lot better in the outline drawing.

To be honest, this years Music Jam isn't even a Music Jam. The party takes place on a cruise ship. ... How is that supposed to make sense? At the bridge, it looks like the Titanic with the boats on the side. ... I don't know what Club Penguin was thinking.

Okay, on to the new SoundStudio. First off, only Members can record and save songs so others can listen and "Like" it. Non-members are just left in the dust. Sure, they can make music with it, but it's not the same. As they pretend to eat in the Dining Room, they are forced to watch Member's songs obtain more and more likes by the minute. That seems fun. Also, the SoundStudio is here to stay, so Non-members will just keep watching people get hundreds of likes in the Dance Club for their song as the years go on.

The performers; Cadence and the Penguin Band, Violetta (...), Cole Plante, Sabrina Carpenter, and Zendaya. To begin with, you have to wait days just to watch their fat-looking penguins perform on the Main Stage to receive their background. It gets annoying after a while when they keep performing over and over again just because you're waiting for someone else to perform to get their background. BORING!

The items... Just like the performers, you have to wait to acquire them, which I don't really mind. Why? They look horrible! Club Penguin thinks they're improving the game when they really aren't. They are ruining clothing items. That one with the puffle drum hat? What the heck?!

The only thing I like about this years Music Jam is that the background changes from day to night and night to day. It looks cool, but it has nothing to do with the Music Jam, really.

Therefore, this years Music Jam is confusing, exclusive, and boring with awful giveaway items.

Rate1Star.png Utterly Horrible. By Sillybudz

I've never seen such laziness and failure on a large scale. They took a long time to make this- yet it's not even a party? I was so excited for this "new minigame", and I got so hyped up because I was a member. But no, it's another slave to Disney. 2014 has been known as the Year of Lies due to the large amount of lies given. And each party this year had at least one lie.

Polo Field even said there would be stages with "genres", which I absolutely LOVED, but no it's just the performers on one stage.

  • Decorations - 0.2/10 - What's with the surfing genre? ONE, IT'S A CRUISE. TWO, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE INVOLVING MUSIC. They had to just recycle one of the decorations and slap a surfing genre to it.
  • Storyline - 0/10 - Uhh, the music cruise was just a waste of time. 'Nuff said.
  • Transformations and Mini-Games - 4/10 - SoundStudio could be great, but it might get boring along the way.
  • Music - 0/10 - Summer songs. why.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 1/10 - Booooring. The items are just recolors of older items.
  • Quest - 0/10 - no. just no
  • Misc. (eg. Party Hype and more) - -20/10 - The sneak peeks are a failure. It's like climbing up Mount Everest and then when you go down, you are afraid of falling.

MusicJam2014SneakPeek.jpeg Club Penguin, does this look like a cruise to you?

  • Total effort: -∞/10 - Wow, they did NOT put any effort into this. Here's how: When you press the Hydro Hopper on the "Games" section of the map, the arrow is where the Music Cruise is. Wow. And, they did not bother to move the Hydro Hopper on the actual map.

Sub-Score: 2.4/10

Final Score: 1.1/10

Rate1Star.png Not as I expected By Historicalcp

I remember this wiki. I haven't used my account like since...forever. Back to the topic, here is my rating of the party with valid reasons to justify my answer.

  • Music: 2.2/10 - Too unrelated. If you hear closely, the main music of the party (Dock) sounds like a music which reminds me of St. Patrick's Day and the song Best Day Ever is too irrelevant as well. Hear it closely, and it sounds more of a Christmas-y song rather being a normal song.
  • Items: 1/10 - Most of the items do not call my attention. In fact, I think the non-member items are better than the member items in my opinion (Lol). Although I must admit the only member item that calls my attention is the hoodie that will be unlocked in July 22. Furthermore, CP is using the same disgusting method of obtaining items. If it wasn't because of the same method, then I would rate it a 4/10 but seriously, it keeps getting annoying how CP is encouraging players to come back later to achieve an item? What if the player's membership expires during the party? That player won't be able to claim the rest of the items. If you do not know what I am talking about, then I suggest reading Club Penguin Space/Riyita's blog post about the topic.
  • Mascots: 6/10 - I am glad Penguin Band and Cadence are back. However, if it wasn't because of the Disney stars, then I would've rate it a 10/10. Initially, I would rate it an 8/10, but points deducted for mascots only performing I mean, if they aren't waddling, then why do we need them in the first place?
  • Decorations (Quality and the decorations spread around the island during the party in general): 6/10 - The Music Cruise has been very well made and designed. However, it lacks many rooms. Initially, I was going to rate this a 6.5/10 for the Town Center, but points deducted for being recycled of another party. At least I appreciate how the Town Center was somehow decorated rather than being a boring room.
  • Background of the Party: 2/10 - The CP Staff over-hyped the party. I was glad there weren't that many of sneak peeks for the party but c'mon, it's a complete disappointment and this gets the oscar for most misleading party of 2014. Who remembers Polo Field's blog post from early June? Too misleading and exactly not as anticipated. Where does the image take place? Doesn't seem like a room from the Music Cruise, nor the stage from the Dock. That stage is too small for Cadence and the Penguin Band performing in it. Also, the Dock doesn't seem to take place in the image.
  • Misc: 5.7/10 - The emotes are pleasing enough, but not worthwile satisfactory. The Tour Bus Igloos are completely irrelevant and pointless. Although it does not harm anything, it is still something pointless. Initially rating the misc category up to a 6, but the Tour Bus Igloo does not fulfill the requirements of being an outstanding igloo. It lacks space and similar to the Airplane Igloo, it does not have full interaction in it and ruins the creativity of making your own vehicle igloo.
  • Improvement throughout past Music Jam Parties: 0.5/10 - I'm sorry but the Music Jam 2014 haven't improved more than the past Music Jam Parties. It is not even close of being better than the Ultimate Jam. Honestly, the Ultimate Jam was better than this incomplete raw food. Club Penguin has once again, ruined another great tradition with a good reputation to screw it up. Not only that but they're getting off-topic of the party's purpose but simply calling that party with the original name, to please players that it is theoretically the same party but "improved".

Overall, I think I will rate this party a 3.2/10. Lowest party I've rated so far in 2014. However, I must re-rate the Muppets World Tour and the Future Party to see who deserves the Oscar of worst party of 2014. Please note that this is not my final rating, however, I expect the final rating to be even lower than that.

Rate5Stars.png Quack By Quackerpingu

Great party!

Rate1.5Stars.png Yeah... no By Mario Rk

This party is just terrible. Let's begin with decorations, only the Dock and the Town are decorated... That was fast! Only the Dock has original decorations and the Town is just copied from the Teen Beach Summer Jam. The Music Cruise isn't that exciting and you run out of things to do in just a few minutes. One of the few good things about this Music Jam is that the Penguin Band FINALLY have returned in a group. I'm also glad that Zendaya, Cole Plant, Sabrina and Violetta are just performing, not actual mascots. Something disappointing is that sneak peek made the party look more interesting than it actually was. I had pretty high hopes for this party since the Penguin Cup was a lot better than the other parties this year. In the end, Club Penguin blew it and this party is nothing like the previous Music Jams we all know and love.

Also, if you were wondering why SoundStudio doesn't count for this review, it's because its a permanent feature and you can play it anytime.

Rate1.5Stars.png Worst Music Jam yet By Perapin
"What happened to Music Jam?"

A long awaited review, for the presumably hyped Music Jam 2014. I've noted that a lot of penguins felt that this party was downgraded big time, and I do agree. Can we even call it a party, or was it really just an event? Let's see what worked and what didn't:

In general, the music wasn't great

Arguably the most important point of the Music Jam is the music. I know we had music on the Cruise Ship, the Town and the Dock, but I didn't feel the "musical vibe" from it. Obviously it wasn't praised as a hit, nor did it greatly uplift the room's atmosphere to what it should be. The next important point is that music from real word artists was promoted. This is not at all fair with players. Our musical tastes are going to vary, so we will all like different artists. It's simply not fair for the Club Penguin Team to choose a selection of artists that seem to be a hit with the target audience. Not many players even understood what Violetta was singing. Why no subtitles? I was also extremely disappointed that "Replay" was played. Back in my day, lyrics to songs would be far less simplistic and repetitive. The repetitive chorus of the song "Replay" is so annoying, and undeniably relates to the title of the song "Replay" itself. It would have been far better to choose songs with a better meaning and more powerful lyrics.

I tell you that the performances of the guest stars and Cadence and the Penguin Band were creepy. The animations were obviously robotic, but also had weird movements, and even had the animations continue when the song had finished. The dance didn't flow in the nature of the song, and the beaks were hardly moving. All this just makes me want CPNext very soon.

It lacked scope

It was extremely disappointing to see that the core of the party's decorations took place on the Music Cruise. In a decent party, the decorations would be ideally island-wide. I feel that the spirit of parties have gone low due to parties taking place off the island's main rooms, and that the main room's role have deteriorated due to the fact that they're not being used often for parties anymore. What happened to the Casa Fiesta, the Backstage, and the many musical stages spread out on the island? It seems as though the powerful essence of "music" is absent in the island. We can't do much but go on a Music Cruise. It is a really bad idea to introduce party rooms when the island is not decorated, because more rooms spreads out the players. It's far more interesting when the whole island is decorated so there's no lack of boredom.

The Music Cruise

Okay, now for a positive point, although only a small point. I appreciated how the Music Cruise had a musically styled aesthetic to it. The music notes with the ends formed as lights looked pretty interesting and innovative. I liked how we could explore different areas of the Music Cruise, which opened the doors for roleplay. The Music Cruise did, however, draw the party out of the party's main focus, the Music Jam. For any title of a party, the party should have a clear relation to the party's title. It seemed that the Music Jam 2014 was nicknamed a "Titanic Takeover" because of this. It was disappointing though that the Cruise Ship felt stationary. In actual fact, it was stationary. What's the point of bringing a Cruise Ship and having a Music Cruise Pass if we can't cruise in it?

Item obtainment

The items for the party were okay. However, the main point I stress is that players weren't able to obtain all the items on the first day. This brings the point that if a player's membership expires during the party, the player might not be able to obtain all the items they wanted. But more importantly, this "calendar format" has been reused. Most penguins don't like this because it brings people back to the game unnaturally. If the party is great, we don't need to "come back online" to get the items. If the party is bad, we do. I greatly prefer items being obtainable in free item stands/boxes around the island.


SoundStudio replaced DJ3K during the party. Arguably, this was the best move Club Penguin made for the party. DJ3K gave less interesting musical sounds, unlike SoundStudio. What I found that SoundStudio handled well that was an improvement from DJ3K is the increased quality of music and the member to non-member fairness. Non-members are allowed to experiment with music of all genres, and members are allowed to save and record music and share them. This was a great compromise. I did enjoy most of the loops, especially the drum beats and some of the keyboard and piano ones. I did feel though that some of the loops were quite edgy and barely could be mixed with other loops. Also, it's disappointing that unneeded noises were included, that even members had their tracks play which only consisted of toots. Where's the fun in that? What should be the next step for SoundStudio is the addition of more genres. Not all of us are going to like the current modern mainstream genres of "Dubstep", "Pop", "Rock", and "Dance" on its own. Also, more instruments could be included. I was anticipating for more classic instruments. Where's the violins?

One other issue with SoundStudio is that the share feature was not fully satisfactory. Members would only have their mix played for approximately 30 seconds. Okay, I'll admit the attention span of players these days are short, and I know that we hate listening to "troll mixes" consisting of just one-shots for 3 minutes. But surely there could be another alternative? In Club Penguin, anything can be possible, so it would be neat if we could actually select which mix we wanted to hear.

Character progression & Best Day Ever

I loved the fact that the Penguin Band would be "meetable" at the party onboard the Music Cruise for an appearance since a very long time. I liked also how Cadence and the Penguin Band could be met together, and how the Penguin Band could be split up. The friendliness between members of the Penguin Band was well praised. I also enjoyed the hint that Cadence likes Franky, and this was also hinted in the Best Day Ever music video, which brings me to the next point! :)

I saw Best Day Ever as arguably the best song Cadence has sung yet. It's strongest part was the verses, with a pleasing flow and tone to it, which were much less "shaky" than the previous songs. I did feel the chorus could be improved, as it gave a sense of repetition and too much simplicity. But because of the thoughtful backing music, lyrics, I decided to give Best Day Ever some bonus points for its improvement from previous songs.


Overall, I give the Music Jam 2014 a 3.5 out of 10.

In case you're wondering why I gave it a rating higher than you thought it would be, it's because I take all factors around the party itself into account to influence the rating like I always do. This included the party themed July 2014 Furniture Catalog arrivals, the party themed July 2014 Penguin Style arrivals, and the introduction of SoundStudio.

Despite all that, the Music Jam 2014 still unfortunately fails to improve from former Music Jams.

Rate0Stars.png same as everyone else's reviews, AKA this is awful By Fla

What else is there to say? Everyone else has already said everything. There is hardly any decorations, Disney still likes to make everyone come back over and over for free items, the guests are easy promotion from Disney's teenage money making tools, all in all this party is a huge disappointment and I could go on and on. My new term for when someone messes up very bad is that they "pulled a Disney" because that is the worst level of failure you can achieve. I have pretty low expectations for Club Penguin these days. I'm being shown its impossible for them to do good anymore.

Rate0.5Stars.png Sucks By Djf1107


Rate0Stars.png 10/10 By Amigopen

it's okay

Rate1Star.png Sad Excuse For a Music Jam By MinorEdits

This party was pretty bad.

Decorations - 1.5/10 The decorations were very poor this time around. Club Penguin didn't even bother to create a new town, so they recycled the Teen Beach Summer Jam's Town design, which is pretty inexcusable imo. Admittedly the Dock's decorations were nice, but they were not very fitting at all for a Music Jam. It was very lazy on CP's part to only decorate two rooms on the actual island, let alone only have four off-island party rooms, which in no way make up for that. All of the party rooms were very boring and similar in style, and did not in any way embrace the diversity of music, which is what all the other Music Jams were built on. At least the waterslides are fun.

Items - 6.5/10 As a user who's been playing since 2007, I'm still willing to take off the rose-colored glasses and hop off the hate bandwagon, and that's what I did here. The items were decent, although I wanted to see some more 'Free Item' boxes, as opposed to the schedule, which feels like CP is forcing playing the game on their users. The non-members were able to pick up 5 free new items, including a playable instrument and a nice throwback to the VIP passes. There were also 4 member-exclusive penguin items and a cool members-only puffle hat, giving the members a little boost and a respectable but not ridiculous incentive for membership. However, I had to take a half-point off this score for no new Cadence or PB backgrounds. I guess they had new backgrounds coming from the Disney stars, but nobody has or will care about them.

Entertanment Value - 2/10 The party disappointed in this category. There were only 6 decorated rooms, the schedule made the party feel forced, hunting a mascot is effectively pointless, and the few rooms that did exist were very boring. SoundStudio is pretty fun, but it's not actually a minigame.

Improvement on Past Parties - 0/10 This was a slander to the name Music Jam. Even the Ultimate Jam was leaps and bounds ahead of this party. Everything charming, unique, and cool about past Music Jams was absent from this one, especially the embracement of multiple types of music - all this one did was embrace partying on a poorly-drawn boat. It was more like a Cruise Ship Takeover.

Total: 10/40, which rounds down to 1/5.

Rate2Stars.png Could've been worse. By A7XRev

Erm...uh..hmm. It's confusing to say how I feel about this party. It wasn't good by any means but to say it was the worst party ever I think is a bit of an exaggeration. In my mind, these 5 parties were worse.


  • The Penguin Band came back. Finally.
  • Best Day Ever is the best song Club Penguin has made since Ghosts Just Wanna Dance. It's also the first song Cadence is in where she doesn't rap.


  • I can't think of anymore pros.
  • No more takeovers or Disney stars, please? What's even worse is when there's takeovers for stuff that is WAY too over-hyped. I'm talking to you Frozen.
  • Why a ship? I know that it's "music themed" but I'll ask again. Why a ship?

I'd keep going but pretty much everyone else above has said everything that needs to be said. This is definitely within the realm of the top 10 worst parties in the game, but it's not the worst ever. And in regards to the Frozen Party as much as I can't stand Frozen anymore, it looks promising. The decorations are awesome and some of the ideas are great but...I'm just really tired of the movie.