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Muppets World Tour
Average Rating: 3.6 (Good)
Total Reviews: 7
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Rate5Stars.png Still a better party than The Fair. By Green Ninja

The first few months of 2014 were pretty lackluster on Club Penguin in terms of parties. Well, finally, we have something to scream about! This is clearly the first "Big Bang" event in the game in 2014. And, most interesting of all: it's a takeover! All I really care about is the quality of the party, and this delivers. Though, I adore the Muppets, so I may be a little biased.


  • Club Penguin decided to decorate actual rooms, and not include only rooms made specifically for the party. That makes me happy. The way they themed each room as a country is awesome, too. The designs are colorful and vibrant.
    • The Gift Shop as the Museum was a genius inclusion. I was not expecting that. The way they tied Constantine in is great, too. It definitely is true to the film in that way.
  • The items are great. Though few for regular players, members are in for a treat with many free items and Muppet costumes from a catalog.
  • Once again, igloo lists are used. Finally, penguins can make realistic looking airplanes!
  • The spirit of both Club Penguin and the Muppets is captured: zany and fun, with a little adventure. I couldn't have asked for anything better.


  • Club Penguin was hyping it up to make Cadence the mascot through articles in the Club Penguin Times, and then much later we heard that Kermit would be coming instead. Just a little false advertising, nothing much to complain about. However, I was looking forward to seeing her.

Bravo, Club Penguin. You've done it.

Rate4.5Stars.png Don't pack up juuuust yet... By Brookelas

When this party was first announced... I was having mixed feelings. YAY because World Tour, an idea I had sent to Club Penguin several times, but then... EW MUPPETS! I don't hate them, I just don't care for them that much.

  • Decorations - 5/5 -Even though the island has been overhauled, the rooms have captured the countries flawlessly. They look fantastic!
  • Storyline - 4/5 - I thought they were going to overdo the story and make it make no sense... *cough* a whole bunch of flags fell from the sky meaning Muppets appeared *cough* It was as simple as they are coming to visit on their big World Tour, and Cadence wanted to throw a party based on the locations of Club Penguin. Fair enough for me!
  • Party Rooms - 3/5 - The airport was nicely done, but it's a world tour, I am actually shocked that they didn't make a COUPLE other party rooms... such as the return of Casa Fiesta, or the Eiffel Tower in France. Or Big Ben woulda been cool as well.
  • Transformations and Party Games
  • Music - 5/5 - OMG THIS IS SOME OF THE BEST MUSIC IN THE CURRENT ERA OF CLUB PENGUIN... The only one I don't like is... The Plaza? It's kinda weird.....
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 4/5 - The Free Items are epic! But, I was kinda hoping for more dressup stuff from the countries, not just Muppets...
  • Quest - 5/5 - For once, the actual daily calendar MAKES SENSE. Why would you perform in every part of the world in one day?
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Kermit the Frog as a mascot is a nice touch... and the emotes are nicely done. So far only one animation is out, but pie throwing looks EPIC! And the whole Constantine stuff at the Museum was kinda funny too. There are some nice details, such as the dolls in the Ski Village (which is actually decorated for once) and the painting in the Beach. And, the emotes all look funny :P

All in all, this party is actually quite epic! I actually really liked this one (mind you, I like almost every party lol)

Rate3.5Stars.png It's not that bad, but a few issues. By Sillybudz

This party is great! - But sometimes it gets boring in about five minutes.

  • Decorations: 4.8/5 - The decorations have a lot of effort, like the trash bin at the Plaza, the food stations at Spain, and much more!
  • Story: 3/5 - Like GN said, I was expecting for Cadence to come. But she didn't come, which may be false advertising. On the other hand, everything else about the storyline is good.
  • Quest: 5/5 - Like Brook said.

This is good, somewhat as good as the Fair.

Rate3Stars.png Could be Better By Enricc1

Honetly the muppets for me its normal the party could be better but lets see Pros and Cons Pros Club Penguin Nicely Decorated Fun New Emotes Good Air Port Idea Map Decorated as well Cons - For No Members mostly items are Hats No Normal Mascot on the island i think that will be fun that Cadence or Aunt Artic where on this party I wish that the Planes were a Party Room so we can go on different places from there and NO members igloos Not much to do just the only things are the quest the museum and the party-decorated rooms I give this party a 6-10 that would be with the stars 3

Rate4.5Stars.png It is more than I expected By Gatuti789

I liked this party...

  • Pros:
  1. The decorated rooms are amazing!
  2. Funny dances!
  3. There are many free items!
  4. The music is awesome!
  5. BRAZIL! :D
  • Cons:
  1. Could have more decorated rooms.

Rate3Stars.png Could've been better... By Chill57181

I was dreading this party ever since they announced it, but it really wasn't that bad. It wasn't really that good, either.

The rooms feel kind of weird... there's a bunch of countries on the island. A lot of the music is pretty crummy. Also Pepe. I hate him. Get him out.

The acts are alright, although one big problem for non-members is that the acts die out pretty fast, so if you end up missing one, you probably won't get a chance to do it.

The items are alright, but could be better.

I didn't think much of Kermit at first, but once I met him and hung out with him in the English servers, he was actually pretty cool. I don't want to see another Muppets Party though, so yeah. Not worth it.

Also, the huge finale which the entire party had been building up to... it was TERRIBLE. All that happens is the Muppets have like three frames of animation while a song plays. And you have to wait 15 minutes to see it. NOT WORTH IT. Not to mention the bug that made it impossible to access the Stage for a while even when it was supposed to open.

I was hoping Club Penguin was off to a good start - but this and the Fair completely shredded that hope to bits.

Rate2Stars.png No... By Mario Rk

This party felt horrible... I get its a takeover and all, but at least the previous ones didn't spam the takeover's characters all over the place. Sure Teen Beach and Ultimate Jam used temporary mascots too but, there's something that stands out about this one evil takeover... MUPPETS ARE EVERYWHERE. Oh and Kermit is still a Muppet... It bothers me that Club Penguin took some time to make a special model for Kermit when there's other actual Club Penguin characters that are still yet to waddle around such as Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Protobot and maybe even the Test Bots. They all have prewritten Mascot data... why does Kermit get the pride of being a mascot? It also bothers me how the Muppets are REAL characters... And the party revolved ONLY around the Muppets complete with a quest and frequent mentions in the newspaper. I get it's a Muppets takeover and all but at least Teen Beach didn't throw any other characters other than Brady and McKenzie, Ultimate Jam didn't throw out any other Shake It Up characters other than CeCe and Rocky. And all the Marvel characters were just costumes and didn't exist at all in the universe. Also, most of the music is annoying and the grand Finale is purely awful... It's just all the characters doing a little 3 frame animation thing like Chill said. Also most of the soundtrack during the party is a little annoying. The party isn't that great and... It could have been a lot better...