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You are on the party reviews page for the Halloween Party 2014. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

Halloween Party
Average Rating: 4.2 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 13
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Rate3.5Stars.png Mediocre By Ninja Penguins

We can't get a Ghost Puffle on the first day? That sucks. The free item calendar is back, and it's not good at all. The Puffle Hotel and new items are pretty cool, but it still sucks.

Rate5Stars.png SUPER!! By MondayOfCP

I loved this party! The History Is Soooo...COOL! (and scary :P)

Rate5Stars.png Really good By Szton

It's better than last year. Decorations are cool, estetic and pretty scary, music is climatic and the quest is amazing! It's really good. :)

Rate3Stars.png That Time of Year Again By Sharkbate

Ahh, the Halloween Party. This party has happened every year since the launch of Club Penguin, making it one of their oldest parties. The early Halloween parties (such as the 2006 and 2008 editions) were definitely my favourite. The Halloween parties over the last few years, however, have been somewhat lack luster and didn't live well up to their expectations. Because of this, my expectations were already fairly low for this party. But, they went back up after some sneak peaks of the decorated Hotel Lobby surfaced. So, what are my thoughts on the 2014 Halloween Party?

Decorations: 4/10

The classic Night of the Living Sled theatre at the Lighthouse, pumpkin-Ice Berg, and Slime Pool at the Cave both returned. Seeing as they are recycled, I had to deduct points. BUT, since they are good decorations, points were added. Many of the other rooms were also recycled, leaving Club Penguin's focus on the Puffle Hotel. The decor recycled from last year wasn't good. They are, like most modern parties, complete overhauls of the rooms that remove the original shape and design. The Forest, Cove, Snow Forts, and Stadium look nothing like what they should be. The same can not be said for the Puffle Hotel. The main/original rooms of the Puffle Hotel had actual decorations in them, such as spider webs. I love what they did with these rooms. It's also worth mentioning that they added the classic scarecrow to the Ski Hill's new design. I'm glad they did that. Of course, they neglected the interior rooms, such as the Night Club. Aaaaghhh...

Member/Non-Member Fairness: 9/10

Non-members are able to participate in the quest to finish the ghost catcher device inside the Puffle Hotel. What does disappoint me is that Club Penguin couldn't make the Ghost Puffle available to all players. With all these puffles that have become available, still only 2 can be purchased by non-members. Plus, the Ghost Puffles are a huge part of the party, and non-members can't do anything with them.

Music: 8/10

Oh yes! The music was on point this year! Classic tracks returned with some new ones that aren't that bad. However, I don't like the Operation: Blackout music in the Sitting Room of the Puffle Hotel. It just doesn't fit in my opinion. BUT, Club Penguin just had to add their little sound effects to drown out the music...

Originality: 7/10

It's nice to see Club Penguin attempt on adding some new twists to the Halloween Party. The ghost puffles weren't really expected, but Club Penguin didn't really do well on explaining how exactly they got into the Puffle Hotel, which was only built like a year ago.

Party Rooms: 4/10

What? Where did these random rooms come from in the hotel? They just came out of nowehere, and they'll be gone once the party ends. Some door to the basement just appeared out of nowhere, too. A lot of these rooms are pretty pointless for a hotel designed for puffles, too. The party rooms were well designed, however.

Games: N/A

No exclusive mini-games were present at this party.

Transformations: N/A

No transformations were present at this party.

Items: 10/10

There are plenty of items at this party, separated by a time limit. Some items include bat wings, a Ghost Puffle costume, a witch hat, and more. All items fit the theme of the party.

Mascots: 10/10

Club Penguin has introduced us to a new character: Skip. Skip is a bellhop at the Puffle Hotel who offers assistance when trying to find the pieces to the ghost catcher. In my opinion, this new character is perfect for what he does. I'm glad they didn't reuse a random mascot like Rookie to help you out. Gary the Gadget Guy is also at the party (as usual).

Comparing to Past Editions: 3/10

The party was a bit of a step up from the previous year's edition, but it doesn't match up to the editions before that. It was a good try, but not quite good enough.

Staff Hype/Sneak Peeks: 3/10

It was pretty obvious that this party would occur in October, but they still revealed it months and months prior. Before summer, I believe? Club Penguin's lack of security also failed them, when bloggers were able to leak information on mascots, mascot scripts, room backgrounds, and much more weeks before the party began.

Misc: 6/10

The emoticons are fitting for the party. The quest is interesting, but the time intervals between tasks are really, really annoying.

Sub-Score: 6.4/10

Final Score: 6/10 (3 Stars)

Rate3.5Stars.png Better than last year By Penstubal

It's way better than last year, and the entire island is decorated. Has lots of missions, and tons of new places to explore in Puffle Hotel. A downside is the stupid "wait 1 day to do it" thing.

Rate4.5Stars.png Finally By Chucker321

Love this year's Halloween party, and FINALLY MOST OF THE ROOMS ARE DECORATED LIKE C'MON I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Sure some of the rooms are recycled, but they are good rooms and bring back memories. Love the originality of the Haunted Puffle Hotel, and the Ghost Puffles. Sadly I lost my membership October 1st and cannot receive any of the Member items, but it is still a good party, therefore I am giving it a strong 4.5 :)

Rate4.5Stars.png The best party of 2014 By JucaSLP

After a year composed of poor parties, 2014's edition of Halloween appears to be an exception. The great majority of the rooms are decorated, there are tons of free items and a entertaining quest. The only bad thing about the event is the time interval between the tasks. Waiting one more day to continue the quest is pretty annoying.

Rate3.5Stars.png A (not so) Great Party! By Quackerpingu

Nothing to do out of Puffle Hotel. And the last part of the quest will be released on 2th november. That is next sunday, but today is my last day of the vacation, so i'll have to study instead of playing CP.

Rate4Stars.png Rebirth of CP good parties By Enb 11

This year's Halloween Party is here, and it's needless to say that this is the best party of 2014 so far. And following are the reasons why!

  • Rooms: The island is for our happiness with the majority of rooms DECORATED. Even some of the inside rooms. The bad side is, all of them are reused. And they picked the ones from last year, which as Sharkbate pointed out on his review resemble NOTHING the original rooms. But some were reused as always, such as the Pumpkinberg (<3), Night of The Living Sled in the Lighthouse, slime pool in... the pool, scarecrow in top of the mountain, and even some small things in the Lodge and Attic. As always, the whole island is dark which is always a cool thing to have. The new rooms this year were forgotten completely, with only nighttime in background. Our main spotlight this year thou, is the Puffle Hotel. A week prior to the party, the three normal rooms of the hotel already were with their decorations, something that doesn't make that much sense, but the decorations were good, because they were simple adding little things here and there to the normal outlook of the rooms. Of course, the next thing are the 11 new rooms, of which two are pretty much useless, and they remained locked until the date of their quests, October 26th being the date of the last one opening. Now to the rooms (to greater improvement of this review I am visiting the rooms as I type). Every room has an unique decoration, for the puzzle they hold. A quick oversee on them now. We have a Basement, with a blueish and orange-ish glow (This basement is a reusage of the Engine Room from the Crap Jam), the Sitting Room, which has an blue-green glow, the Dining Room, which has a red glow (and a tipped Iceberg picture O.o), the Ballroom that is really colorful, the Pool that has a green glow (and PUUUUUMPKINS), a Library with a green and purple glow, a Balcony that fetures an yellow glow, and a Sphinx in the outer side of the balcony, the Storage room, which features the enourmous ghost catcher and a orange glow, and finally the 13th Floor, which features and orange and green glow. These were the rooms of the hotel. Now to the music. A lot of them were reused, some new, but they give out the spooky theme of the party my personal favorites being the one that plays in the Town and Plaza, seemingly called "Nothing As It Seems", a fitting name :P and the one that plays in some Hotel rooms, "Spooky Jazz", also a igloo music. To give out the party feel that the Rooftop always had, but also give the Halloween feel, they amazingly chose the instrumental "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance", although a version with cadence singing would be better in my opinion. The "What the heck" part thou is, the EPF resistance song from Operation: Blackout in the Sitting Room. Although nice to hear, this music has NOTHING to do with that room, or the party itself. now let's go to the next part of the review.
  • Content: So, to the content. We have a quest this year, which basically consists of an storyline: Gariwald disappeared at the Puffle Hotel, and now you have to find him. In the hotel, you'll find Skip the bellhop. He will guide you throughout the quest to find pieces of Gariwald's ghost catcher, so you can use it to contain the Ghost Puffles that are haunting the place. There are 6 missing parts overall, and you'll have to find them. Use a walkthrough to beat the puzzles if you like. When all of the pieces are assembled go to the 12th floor, to trap the ghost puffles. What you didn't expect though is that SKIP ACTUALLY IS A GHOST AND WANTS TO USE THE GHOST PUFFLES ENERGY TO BECOME SUPERULTRASAIYAN POWERFUL AND HAUNT CP. Also, he TRAPS YOU IN A CAGE AND TAKES YOU AND THE PUFFLES TO THE 13TH FLOOR, ONLY TO SEE THAT GARIWALD (now in penguin sprite form) IS ALSO THERE TRAPPED IN A CAGE. Whew, what a plot twist. Then, after you release yourself using a classic EPF technique, you have an epic showdown with Super Powerful Ghost Skip (his sprite and ray is awesome), and finally frees both the ghost puffles and Gariwald, who thanks you. But Skip fleed. Will we see him again? Time will tell. So, now to overall review. Amazing quest. Although easy (looking at you, maze puzzle ಠ_ಠ) and the waiting times are annoying, it is original and fun to do and redo (each time you redo a puzzle it gives you 50 coins, so farm opportunity). But it could be better, here are some things that would make this quest better. Things could be harder, because come on CP we're not all kindergartners. We could use special items in each puzzle, instead of that bullcrap ghost luggage (worst part of the party) and the ghost luggage items could be compiled at one catalog, something not seen in quite a while now. And what about our buddy Skip? He could definetely be used again. He flew away, he was not destroyed nor captured, he flew. He is still out there. Halloween Parties could be used as a method of mission party, with each one of them with a participation of Skip. Even a team of villains can be used now. Herbert the genius, Protobot the cold, sociopathic, Ultron-like robot, Tusk the superpowerful ninja, and now Skip, the shapeshifting sobrenatural being. Ghost luggage is crap. Because you need to come back every amount of day to get two items. And it's used to hold public after the quest. This shows CP begun to understand how to make parties, but they are still refusing to let this practice go. Also, something that few people saw and/or cared about, is the addition of Halloween sounds to Soundstudio. This is something that could be used every party, even if it was limited time, just imagine nataline sounds in december! And this was content section :)
  • Items and Ghost Puffle: So to the items. The items are pretty generic with a bunch of hand items, and a hoodie. However they transmit a good Halloween vibe. In this instance I must say I missed the candy subject. Last year's failure of a party, featured a LOT of candy but this year candy wasn't even mentioned. So yeah. So, the Ghost Puffle. this puffle is another puffle creature, but it is the best one of 2014 to me. This puffle has a cool lavender color, and it's aura is something crazy. It features a new kind of particle, also used in the missing pieces of the catcher and Skip's ray, which is pretty cool. He has this new color of eye which is amazing. However, he has the con that every puffle creature has, we're not able to do anything with him, besides taking him for a walk and caring for them in the walk. (R.I.P Puffle Interface)
  • Veredict: This party showed that CP still has it's mojo, and while it could be better, this party could be the beggining of CP's uprise and the salvation to this letdown of a year.

See you in the next review, this is me, Enb, saying goodbye to you! :)

Rate4Stars.png Better than most of the 2014 parties. By Green N Cool
  • Most of the decorations are recycled from the Halloween party 2013, some of the rooms have been edited slightly to remove some of those trick-or-treat pumpkins, but for some reason the Club Penguin team must have forgotten about the Snow Forts, there were still three pumpkins and they've left the tombstone shaped catalog in the bottom right. It's as if Club Penguin had just rushed when editing the rooms.
  • Most of the rooms are decorated so they look nothing like they normally do, take the stadium for example, why did it suddenly disappear, couldn't they have just left the soccer pitch and placed the three houses around it?
  • The Club Penguin Team did try to decorate most rooms, I like how they added the old scarecrow to the Ski Hill, but they could have added something to the skate park, Puffle park, dojo courtyard and ski village. Maybe some lights or a pumpkin?

Party Rooms

  • The extra rooms in the Puffle Hotel were perfectly decorated, it definitely looked like the haunted hotel it should look like. However, some of the rooms felt like they weren't needed at all, the deluxe suite and luxury suite were basically just empty rooms to collect items in even though we could just click the party icon and get them.
  • A lot wasn't really explained about were the extra rooms came from, were they already in the hotel but just closed off to the public, or were they just built for the party. Why aren't any of the rooms puffle related even though it's a "Puffle Hotel".


  • The items are awesome, Non-members and Members could obtain a lot and they all fit the theme of the party. I especially like the Ghost Puffle Costume.
  • Update: Why were we given just a bellhop hat along with a Ghost Puffle at the end of the quest, we could've got the bellhop uniform too to match... It seems pretty useless without the full uniform.


  • The music at the party was great, classic and brand new tracks were played in all the different rooms. Why did 'Operation: Blackout' music play in the sitting room though?


  • It was nice to see Gariwald return to the island for the 2014 Halloween Party and we hadn't seen Gary in a while. The new character Skip was a nice addition to the party, it's great how we became friends with him and he helped us with the quest but later betrayed us and we find out he's actually an evil ghost masquerading as a penguin in order to steal the energy of the Ghost Puffles. It would be amazing if he returns in the future, maybe if he gets involved in an EPF mission instead of Herbert or Protobot for a change.


  • The storyline is what makes a party great and Club Penguin had a good one for this Halloween party.
  • Unexplained events happen at the Puffle Hotel, Gariwald returns to investigate the paranormal activity in the building, he goes missing and we believe Ghost Puffles have took him, we are asked by Skip to help finish the ghost catcher in the hope of saving him, once we finish the ghost catcher we are trapped, Skip reveals it was his evil plan all along and he's in fact the one that kidnapped Gariwald, we stop him, and then we save the ghost puffles and Gariwald!


  • The party emotes are quite nice and fit with the theme of the party
  • It's great that we were given a proper 'quest' with some puzzles. However, it wasn't really fun having to wait a day for the next Tasks. Maybe just an hour would have been better.


  • Overall, I think the Halloween Party 2014 is probably the best party of 2014, we got a great quest with puzzles instead of "click these three easy to spot things and get some items" and most of the island was decorated.

I'm going to rate this event a 4.

Rate4Stars.png Great By Glenn31

I'm enjoying this party, it's a huge improvement from last year's party. The story is really good, though I was able to see Skip was bad news from a mile away (I mean come on, his facial expression). I'm disappointed that once again, Non-Members are only getting a few useless hand and head items that you can't exactly wear all the time (A transparent suitcase isn't the ideal accessory for the Holiday Party, is it?) The rooms were well decorated, though of course the Night Club and Clothes Shop, as always, need some attention (Where's the giant pumpkin?) It's the first party I've enjoyed this much in a long time and I really wish it could go on for longer.

Rate5Stars.png Epic to me. By Dave33333

Well, from what I seen, its better then the anniversary and better then last year so.... that's why I'm giving it 5 stars.

Rate3Stars.png Almost the same as last year By Starfire 777

This year's Halloween party was almost exactly the same as last year's. All the .swf files from last year's party were reused and the only thing different is the Puffle Hotel. Other than that, the Puffle Hotel is nicely decorated and most of the quests are difficult to figure out for a sec, which is a plus. Okay party overall.