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Future Party
Average Rating: 2.4 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 7
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Rate3.5Stars.png Okay, i guess By Penstubal

It's an okay party. The games where you shoot at the robots or whatever they are are fun. There are a lot of items in the catalog, but it's the stupid daily calender again, which lets the party lose a star. A half a star is because the 2014 CP isn't decorated at all and only the Snow Forts is decorated, but just with the time machine thing. There is also a low amount of places to explore, which is another disadvantage.

Rate2Stars.png Could have been better.. By Captain Pinkbeard

The future party is not as great as I expected. Once again, the whole island is not decorated. Why can't we see how the futuristic Dojo is going to be? Why can't we play Astro-Soccer at the stadium? Why can't we see what the Ice Berg will look like in the future? They had tons of reasons to decorate the whole island, but instead, they focused on this whole Protobot Invasion. The items are, obviously, pretty cool, but other than that there's nothing else. This is a party that tries to be as epic as the Superhero Takeover but fails miserably. The meteor target game is tedious and boring, the futuristic EPF is unimpressive, and Protobot is.. just there. Seriously, why doesn't Gary just destroy it already? Also, do we really need a Gary 3000? It's ridiculous! Bottom line, a Superhero Takeover 2014 would have been better!

Rate0Stars.png What kind of future is this? By Perapin

As I rate more and more parties, they tend to become more critical, because Club Penguin is desperately in need to improve their parties. This party was not what I anticipated. It showed us a disastrous view of the future. I know it's 4014, but really? The stereotypical technological abundance, "robots taking over the world", the annoying electronic music, and holo-graphic trees? Really? And at the same time, there are aliens! What is this? And where are the puffles? What happened to the rest of Club Penguin Island? Why is there so little rooms to explore in? It all suggests that the future is wretched.

Time travel was another poor element. The "Time Portal" was just an excuse to make the Time Travel element seem boring with less effort put in. Quick transportation isn't one of the ideals in my book. It would be more fun to be able to pilot the Time Trekker to the future.

The clothing and furniture items themed for the party were fairly okay. While they take away from the essence of the "style" of the 2014 era, they can come in handy.

It was sad to not see much references to CP's past in the future. And it is also disappointing how when a penguin logs on, they end up in the future, rather than the right time period. Is this to say that they created their penguin in 4014? The Break Room (in space) was the only room to show elements of old CP, and it looks like they're treated like "rubbish" by thrusting them into a wide open "space" away from the beloved island full of penguins.

Overall, the plot was predictable. The typical "fully evil" Protobot planning to destroy the island. It was another "war story" in Club Penguin, something that is not very ethical. World domination is not my cup of tea. What would've made it interesting was if the plan of attack was unexpected, where players could take the call to save the future!

Part of the reason why CP is "dying off in numbers" is because players can't "be the stars" anymore. Why track for mascots when there are meetup times? Why post about pin locations if they're seen in The Spoiler Alert, and why go defend Protobot if YOU can't be the one to find out about Protobot's plans yourself? Furthermore, why defend at all if the meteors can't even hurt you, or other players, or the island one bit? It is becoming apparent that CP is downgrading us. Overall, the party gets a very low rating for the portrayal of a "dark future" and the "loss of excitement in the plot".

It's a 0.35 out of 10 for me, which rounds to 0 out of 5 stars.

Rate2.5Stars.png :/ By Gatuti789
  • Pros
  1. The decorated rooms are cool!
  2. The music is amazing!
  3. The items are incredible!
  4. Protobot rocks!
  • Cons
  1. After a time, the party gets boring
  2. Few future rooms.
  3. Nothing to do, only defend the island on the space.

Rate3Stars.png Hopefully an Alternate Timeline By Mario Rk

I hope this is Club Penguin in an alternate future. The music's pretty great and the items are pretty good. The storyline was decent but I don't understand why present penguins had to help stop Protobot... That's a little sad when you think about it. The what's left of the island looks pretty good, I like some of the small details they left here and there.

One of the parties's main features, the meteor game wasn't my favorite for various reasons. The game itself was okay, but it wasn't the best it could be. What's really boring about it is that NOTHING can even hurt you or the island. It would be nice if the meteors/robots did SOMETHING before they hit the Earth. Oh and the game loses its main point to earn you meteor points once you've obtained every item.

I get that it's the future and all, but some of this stuff isn't even right. One of the things that bothers me is the fact that we now know Protobot is STILL going to be around another 2000 years from now. That means we'll NEVER defeat him in our lifetime, and that's a depressing thought. Also in the future, we learn that almost HALF OF THE ENTIRE ISLAND is destroyed. We aren't told how they were destroyed, but we have the basic idea most of it's gone. In the end, Club Penguin's vision of the future is a little messed up, I don't wanna live there.

Overall, this was a decent party. Club Penguin could have done a LOT of things to make this party even better. It's almost a shame that they took the common approach of a robot apocalypse. There were plenty of other options to do that would have been more creative. In the end, it wasn't THAT bad, it was pretty decent but still could have been a lot better.

Rate3Stars.png Apparently in the future, parties still aren't all that great By Chill57181

The Future Party could've been a lot worse, but it could've been a lot better too. The future is pretty boring because there are only a few rooms, however the decorations and music are fantastic. The items are great too, but you have to wait for them.

The main focus of this party, the asteroid "game", is very boring because there aren't any consequences for getting hit or not destroying stuff in time. Even the giant meteor does nothing if you just let it slide. Protobot has no attacks that can damage you either, and once again, he's an overhyped finale.

This party could've had a lot of potential, but Club Penguin wasted it by only making a few rooms and wasting their time on a boring game.

Rate2.5Stars.png Back to the Future By Brookelas

This was definately an... interesting party for sure. It was nice that Club Penguin outdid themselves, but did they do a decent job? Let's see...

  • Decorations - 1/5 - Technically there are no decorations, but, they kinda made it look like CP... sooooo yeah...
  • Storyline - 0/5 - The story makes NO sense. They talk about all technology in the future, so why do they need penguins from 2,000 years ago to help them...? Makes no sense to me!!
  • Party Rooms - 4/5 - The party rooms look really nice! Very nice detail in all of the rooms, and it had a very space-y theme to it.
  • Transformations and Party Games - 3/5 - We got a fairly boring game. I earned enough points for all the prizes in like 5 minutes, so it definitely wasn't super satisfying... as for the robot transformations... they were cool... but it technically wasn't a transformation because you could see your penguin inside... ;) It was nice to change the colour schemes of them too!
  • Music - 5/5 - The music is where this party shines! I loved the music sooooo much :)
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - The catalog had a lot of cool, but the best item was DEFINITELY that jet pack. Reese and I had some good times with that animation... ;)
  • Quest - 3/5 - It was kinda cool to get meteor points like at the Fair, MU or Halloween... soooo it was cool. That Protobot battle is what dropped this score tho.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 0/5 - Is this really the cruddy future we have? Why is Gary dressed as his great x365 grandson, and just pretend that they were a single person....?

This is probably one of my least favourite parties in a while, scoring a total of 21/40... which rounds to 2.5/5, which is SLIGHTLY lower than The Fair this year...