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You are on the party reviews page for the 9th Anniversary Party. Ratings for this even are now closed. However, you are free to join us on our wiki chat by clicking here!

9th anniversary cake.PNG
9th Anniversary Party
Average Rating: 1.8 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 14
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Rate0.5Stars.png The 7th Anniversary's Twin Sister By Sillybudz

Happy Anniversary CP! :D I think Gary accidentally shot the 7th Anniversary with his Clone gun. Why? Because this event is as horrible as the 7th! First off, it's the same as 7th Anniversary Party. We only have a single carpet leading to the [small] cake. Just like the 7th. But CP tried to be sneaky by adding a table next to the window. But the reason why it gets worse is because of the CAKE. There seems to be at least 4 cake slices, two of them eaten. But from the cake only one slice has been taken. WAT? And don't make me mention the crazy gravity laws of that cake.

And the yearbook, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? The pages only consist of one sentence, all of them having little or no descriptive explanations. And I feel ashamed that they called the Music Jam an awesome party.

EDIT: Turns out, you don't even get the stamp when you blow out the candles. REALLY CLUB PENGUIN? So, i'm dropping mine down by 1 star, making it half of a whole.

There isn't really anything to do except read the yearbook and get the hat. And what happened to the music? In the Coffee Shop, it's all happy, but when you go into the Book Room, it plays the regular music played. The same old catchy coffee music. I swear, CP is getting lazier every month.
In conclusion, this party was a total letdown for excited fans of an anniversary. They expected a huge party, but all they got was cake crumbs.

I just predicted the future. 10th Anniversary will be a single cake crumb, with a deflated balloon hanging over the table. The hat will be a smelly brown wet paper hat. True story.

Rate2Stars.png I'm Back To 2012? By MondayOfCP

Sorry, I thought it was 2014, I returned to the party of seven years of club penguin, so I'm in 2012

Rate2Stars.png Anniversary parties from 2006 - 2010 were much better. By Versinn

Decorations are poor, I don't like the music. The party isn't in "CP style". Anniversaries in 2008 or in 2010 were much better. They had their climat.

Rate2Stars.png 9 Years and Struggling By Sharkbate

Club Penguin's 9th year. That's a long time and a big accomplishment! Surely Club Penguin would have a huge celebration for this, right? Haha, nope.

Decorations: 4/10

Wow, they really took it down a notch compared to last year. This year's decor consists of a purple carpet and a table with a 9-shaped cake, lemonade, and a party hat on it. Some balloons hang from the ceiling, but that's about it.

Member/Non-Member Fairness: 10/10

Non-members have full access to this mini-party.

Music: 0/10

This music is annoying. I can't stand it. The sounds don't help either!

Originality: 2/10

Original? Nahh... not really. Nothing new and spectacular here.

Party Rooms: N/A

No party rooms were present at this party.

Games: N/A

No exclusive mini-games were present at this party.

Transformations: N/A

No transformations were present at this party.

Items: 5/10

The annual party hat! But... the colours? In my honest opinion, those two shades do not work well together.

Mascots: 10/10

Aunt Arctic is here to report on this big milestone. She's perfect for this.

Comparing to Past Editions: 2/10

Nice try, Club Penguin. This isn't even close to the prior parties, like the 3rd Anniversary Party.

Staff Hype/Sneak Peeks: 5/10

They revealed the party hat too early in the Club Penguin Times. Megg didn't even know about this and made a post asking for people to guess the colours. Awkward.

Misc: N/A

Nothing to be talked about here.

Sub-Score: 4.88/10

Final Score: 4/10 (2 Stars)

Rate1Star.png Ugh By Green Ninja

After the beautiful event that was the 8th Anniversary Party, we get a rehash of the terrible 7th Anniversary Party. Now, I hated that party, but I'm still giving the 9th Anniversary Party one star because it is somehow slightly better than that, for some odd reason.

I do like the color scheme of the decorations and hat, though. Even though red and purple are dark shades, they still look quite nice together. I don't know what they have to do with this year, though.

All I'm going to say is: they better step it up for the 10th year. We need something in between the awesomeness of the 3rd and 8th anniversaries. Get your act together, Club Penguin!

Rate1.5Stars.png 7 years of Club Penguin! Wait... By Chill57181

Unfortunately, the 9th Anniversary is a MAJOR step down from the 8th Anniversary which seemed to put things back on track from the 7th. It feels pretty much like a carbon copy of the 7th Anniversary, except with way more 9's and a lot less 7's. The party hat isn't that great either, and the yearbook doesn't feel like there was much effort put into it. That's really all there is to say.

Rate5Stars.png Nine years... By Enb 11

This review will be much shorter than the average, as this is a one-room party, but the format will be the same. There are two things to considerate. Design and the Hat.

  • Design: It looks pretty simple as a birthday party needs to be, the room itself is pretty much the Coffee Shop with the table in the middle which contains a giant "9" cake, The Yearbook and the Hat, there are purple carpets and the small table by the sofas, have cake on them. Pretty sweet decorations, albeit not as innovative and nostalgic as last year's.
  • Hat: This hat features a red and purple padron and features the slight change of design featured on last year's hat, which made it more round at the bottom, is not so special on it's own.

This year flied by... Club Penguin is now older and so are the majority of players. I am looking forward to see how and if Club Penguin will last for two, three, four or more decades to come. Every anniversary party pulls a string in my heart as I see that nothing stays the same, seeing the Yearbooks and CP's own evolution. Let's go for the big 10!

Note: My Halloween review will come out on October 25 or later depending on the quest!

Rate1Star.png no. By Penstubal

just no.

Rate1.5Stars.png The Ninth anniversary is as horrible as the 7th. By Green N Cool

It should be a celebration, not just a few decorations.

  • It seemed like the Club Penguin team decided they wanted to make a clone of the horrible 7th anniversary party, there's hardly any decorations, just a few balloons and banners, I'd of been happier if they'd just re-used but edited the 8th anniversary party coffee shop design to be honest. In old anniversary parties, take the 5th for example, Club Penguin changed the wall colours and certain aspects of the coffee shop, even doing that would have made the party better than just a bland room with a few colours and decorations.
  • They didn't add any banner in the town to advertise the event which is a bit of a shame.
  • The cake is large, and it has an animation when you hover over the candles! It was easy to tell in the Club Penguin times that the cake would be in the shape of a '9', It kind of spoilt the surprise element.
The Party Hat
  • The new party hat seems quite nice, the colours are okay and the design, even though its not the old one is okay as well I suppose. Although the party hat isn't in the old design. It just felt as if we knew too much about the party hat already and it wasn't a surprise because of the CP Times (again).
The Yearbook
  • The new yearbook is awesome, it'll be great to look back at it in the future.
  • The "It's Your Birthday" music track playing in the background is nice, although they could have used the vocals version instead of the instrumental. Why is the music so loud though, it's quite irritating.


Overall, it looks like the Club Penguin team put too much of their effort into making the Halloween Party 2014 good that they forgot about one of the most important parties, the Anniversary of Club Penguin. I'm going to have to rate this event a 1.5/5 stars.

Rate3Stars.png Not the best... By Shadows60

Unlike previous parties, all Disney did was slap on a cake, balloons and few decorations. Not too bad, but I felt like effort was minimal.

Rate2Stars.png Happy 9th CP? By Chucker321

Lets see, the cake is small, there's only 1 carpet leading to the cake, they added a table for some reason, they put in the "It's Your Birthday!" music to draw away from the devastation. Complete utter mess and let-down.

Rate4Stars.png Fair enough By Towerofyikk

I never really expect Anniversary Parties in Club Penguin to be all that much, they are usually just small events celebrating the anniversary of CPs launch. So I always feel okay with the amount of decorations, no matter how little. However, I think it suffered the same fate as the 7th Anniversary, just a cake and a few balloons. I thought the 8th Anniversary was pretty cool, with all the historic stuff on exhibit, although this anniversary didnt have much, not to mention it still has that awkward hat shape, and a color scheme that doesnt work well. Despite this, I had the most fun Ive had in a long time on Club Penguin the day of CPs true anniversary, so Im giving it a higher rating than I would have, a 3 to a 4. I mean heck, I got to battle Rsnail in Card-Jitsu... and I won. It was pretty fun times.

Rate0Stars.png Worst, anniversary, EVER! By Dave33333

Comic book guy.jpeg

Rate0Stars.png Worst than the 7th Anniversary Party. By Mariocart25

Lack of Decorations, The Party Hat stinks, 8th Anniversary is better than this.