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TBMSummerJamLogo.PNG Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
Average Rating: 3.4 (Good)
Total Reviews: 14
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Rate4Stars.png By Computer Spy

Okay, before we get to any of the details, let me just say I am DONE with takeovers. I've had enough! Plenty! This summer has been JUST takeovers. Finished! Well, anyways... The Summer Jam was quite awesome. but there are still a couple of cons. PROS

  • The water park is really cool, I love how you can actually ride it!
  • I like the motor bike thing!
  • The rooms give you that fresh, beachy feeling.
  • Brady and Mckenzie visit.

Now for the dreaded CONS

  • Some of the rooms that deserved to be decorated weren't decorated like the iceberg.
  • The quest is pathetic. "Oh, how 'bout this! Everyday we send the players to a random room to collect a prize you don't even need to work at all for!"
  • The mostly good stuff is for members only.

So this was a good party based off of a good movie. Some cons, but still pretty good.

Rate3Stars.png By Amigopen


Rate5Stars.png By Penstubal

Unlike most takeovers which sucked and were barely standing, this one is the best.

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

I know I review every party pretty easily, buuut, this party, I seriously think it is one of CP's best parties EVER!

Once again, before I start, I would like to say, I dont care if CP is advertising companies. As long as great quality is in the party. TBH... this party didn't even FEEL like a takeover. It feels like a classic summer party to me.

  • Decorations - 5/5 - Fresh and new! Every room that is decorated is perfection to me. They didn't even base anything off of the party other than the party room, which has the old Winter Luau music.
  • Storyline - x/5 - There was no storyline, but there was none needed, as it is a Summer Party. Just like the olden days! :D
  • Party Rooms - 5/5 - Those waves are EPIC! Same as the highway! And Big Momma's... wow, it has so many original things that WEREN'T in the movie... and Big Mommas was even the MAIN setting!
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - That is a huge catalog with some nice (Teen) Beach outfits. And the free items are AWESOME! There are even free item boxes huts! LIKE OLD SUMMER PARTIES <3
  • Quest - x/5 - No quest, no rating
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Yay! Mack and Brady! Interactive waterslides! The cool motercycle riding. Surfing waves party room. A highway. Epic emotes. And a whole lot more! This party is so much fun!

Last takeover I stated: "Sharkbate is right... if they are gonna do a takeover... make it GOOD! People already don't like takeovers... so PROVE US WRONG (Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam looks good SO FAR... let's see how they do)". They made it epic. I seriously love it!! Honestly, I think it would beat Water Party 2008 (it would have by a landslide if they decorated indoor rooms, but hey!)

Well... a total of 25/25 points! A perfect score! Wow! IDK what else to say... it just is perfect this party.

Rate1Star.png By TheBroMaster

No, just no. This is yet another poorly executed advertising scheme for Disney's cash cow. 'Nuff said.

Rate4Stars.png By dinodave12

This is my review
Everything is great and I like the shows every 20 min., the surfers and bikers locations, and finally I loved the movie

Rate3Stars.png By LordMaster96

It's not bad but it's not the best either. Bring back the original Music Jam!

Rate5Stars.png By Szron

This party is amazing! It has really summer climate! This is the best takeover yet!

Rate1Star.png By Cooligan2

THE WHOLE ENTIRE SUMMER HAS BEEN FLOODED WITH STUPID TAKEOVERS! ENOUGH! You'd think after the Marvel Takeover this year, they would do an original party but NO! They have Monsters University, then Star Wars, and now... this... I just watched Teen Beach Movie, and I'll say it wasn't horrible but it's nothing special. The decorations do in fact look a lot like they do from the movie, but I just wanted a music jam. Next month BETTER not be some Phineas and Ferb's Fair or something. If they're going to do a takeover they need more material, sort of like what they did with the Star Wars Takeover. I suggest if they're going to use a Disney show for another takeover, they should do Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls has such a vast world and story, the decorations, costumes, pins, and everything else would be PERFECTION. If I'm really going to buy a membership again, for my money I'll have another original Club Penguin party. (Fall Fair, Halloween, and Holiday Parties anyone!?)

Rate3Stars.png By Swiss Ninja

Decent party. It has nice ambiance and really gives that Summer vibe. But yeah, the constant takeovers are getting old and cliche. I am really impressed by the freeway that they made, but the sight of vehicleless penguins running on it ruins the ambiance. They should have at least provided some sort of vehicle for nonmembers so the freeway could look more like a freeway. Also, more member restricted rooms also is a turn down.

Rate4Stars.png By Gatuti789

I like it but I don't think that's the best party of the year.


  • The new rooms (Epic Wave and Highway) are awesome!
  • The old rooms (like the Snow Forts, the Beach, etc.) are incredible too!
  • The non-members and members items are amazing.
  • The music from the movie it's cool. I like "Surf's Up".


  • It could have a Summer Party and a Music Jam separated.
  • Only members can meet Brady and McKenzie at the Backstage

Rate5Stars.png By Snowstormer

It's a great party, but not quite perfect.


  • Party Rooms, the surfing room and the highway are both epic. Big Momma's...meh.
  • The overall summer-y feeling...although it's August and they should've done a Summer Party in July but, oh well.
  • Items.


  • Takeover.
  • Ad.
  • Too much for members.
  • Ski Village, Ski Hill, Iceberg, Coffee Shop, Night Club, Underground, Lighthouse...whatever happened to the whole CP being decorated.
    • Not to mention, the whole island is beachy, and then the Ski Village, Ski Hill and Iceberg aren't? Makes no sense.

So yeah, it's a good party, but not quite worth all the hype. Also Teen Beach Movie sucks and has an awful name.

Rate2Stars.png By Boston

They need to stop with these stupid disney movie themed parties, and switch back to their original ones. The ones that were actually good.

Rate3Stars.png By A7XRev

I couldn't except more or less. It was okay, but I think Club Penguin should just go back to the old Music Jams. Truth be told this isn't a Music Jam-like party but, I do want it back.

A thing I could have done without is that, when they first advertised the party they made it seem like it was a gonna be a mix-up of 3 great CP parties, but then they said it was a sponsor party. That's pretty jerky, Club Penguin. The performance was okay, the decorations were incredible and everything else was good. Nothing more to say that someone hasn't said already.