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StarWarsTakeoverLogo.PNG Star Wars Takeover
Average Rating: 2.9 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 16
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Rate1Star.png By Brookelas

Is this one sponsor party too many? I think so! Let's take a look why.

Once again, before I start, I would like to say, I dont care if CP is advertising companies. As long as great quality is in the party.


  • Decorations - 0/5 - There were no decorations. Except some construction space thing at the Dock. And while you may say: look at the party rooms, aren't they decorated? You counted them in the past. I am not counting them as they do not take place on Club Penguin Island. The island was terrible. I expect more for a PARTNERSHIP PARTY!
  • Storyline - 1/5 - No no no no no! While it was OK before with a star coming... it got lame. I mean... first you defeat random <censored> stormtroopers so a WEEK LATER you can go steal plans by playing an arcade game to go to a rebel base. AND THEN, one week later, you fly in some plane avoiding green bombs only to get a medal. EW! If they are gonna do a story like that... they should have done it ALL AT ONCE...
  • Party Rooms and Transformations - 3/5 - Nothing but ads. Though they do look cool. (Party Room)
  • Music - 5/5 - I love Star Wars music. Just LOVE IT. Especially the Cantina Band.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 1/5 - NO! NO! NO! Why aren't there ANY regular costumes? At every takeover so far, CP has some original costumes. Not at this one.
  • Quest - 1/5 - Read the storyline section.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 1/5 - Well, there is nothing to do in this category. Meet Herbert for ONE WEEK OUT OF 3 (BORING, AS MASCOT TRACKING IS THE ONLY GOOD PART OF THIS PARTY). Where is Princess Cadence and Obi-wan Sensei? They coulda had one come each week. Also, emotes are meh (I never watched Star Wars so I have no idea what they mean. At other takeovers they have more generic emotes). Also, they added music to the Night Club, but no decorations.

Sharkbate is right... if they are gonna do a takeover... make it GOOD! People already don't like takeovers... so PROVE US WRONG (Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam looks good SO FAR... let's see how they do)

Anyways, this is definitely one takeover too many. At first I hated the idea. I watched the movie, and I got excited. And then, there is NOTHING. This isn't a party. This is a quest. So, we will remember July 2013 as the month that never had a party. I mean, it would have been OK if they would have done more, included DECORATIONS ON CP, and stuff. Anyways, my total comes to 11/35, which is equivalent to 1.8/5, which rounds up to 2. The quest practically saved this so called 'quest'. Had the quest not have been there, this party would have deserved a 1. Partnership Parties are hard to please people, so either work harder and make people proud or simply STOP THEM. You aren't even making money off of them, CP! So for all those extra reasons... I am gonna bend the rules and make my score a 1/5! Psst... if you think I am giving it a bad score because it's Star Wars... you are wrong. I am giving it a low score because they quality of this party was AWFUL! I never watched or liked Marvel, but that was one of the best parties this year

Rate1Star.png By Bali

Boring ad party...

Rate3Stars.png By Penstubal

To be honest, this party was a disgrace.


  • Explore different planets. That's pretty much it.
  • Battle Storm Troopers


  • Non Members hardly get anything.
  • Only 1 room on the CP island is decorated (Dock).
  • You have to wait a week to explore a new planet. Can't wait that long!
  • First time town isn't decorated (WOAAAH)

Rate5Stars.png By Computer Spy

SUPER EPIC PARTY! Finally, I've been waiting all these long years for a Star Wars Party, and here it is! Pros

  • It's a Star Wars Takeover. What else can I say?
  • The Millennium Falcon is a pretty sweet deal!
  • Tatooine looks like it does in the movies!
  • There's another quest, but at least it's a GOOD one!
  • This is probably CP most violent party, with all the shooting and such.
  • The cantina is cool!
  • Princess Cadence, Obi Wan Sensei, R2-D2 puffle, it's all fantastic!


  • Uhhhh... hmmmmm... let's see... nothing.

LET ME SAY THIS IS AN EPIC PARTY! Until next time, agents.

Rate5Stars.png By Green Ninja

I only review parties if they deserve to be reviewed. And this one does.


  • Everyone knew this was coming soon after the Disney/Lucasfilm buyout. And I'm happy it did.
  • The lightsaber duels! Once you get the hang of it, it is easy, and the items you get from winning are spectacular.
  • THE ROOMS. They are all so fun and cool! I feel like I am in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. From the Trash Compactor to the Sand Crawler, movie accurate details are everywhere. I even spotted Buoy #4. Try and find it!
  • THE COSTUMES. We finally get a lightsaber, and can use them, too. Almost every character from Episode IV is present! Such amazing detail in the costumes.


  • Apparently, Darth Herbert was a great Jedi who was apprentice to Obi-Wan Sensei. Then he fell to the Dark Side. WAT.
  • The island isn't decorated, except for the Dock (to board the Millenium Falcon). Really, Club Penguin? I guess it was because the Rebel Alliance didn't want Club Penguin to attract anymore attention. "Darth Herbert is gonna destroy it anyway. Why decorate it?" Oh well.

The pros really outway the cons. The storyline is probably non-canon anyway, and the large amount of detailed and fun party rooms make up for the fact that the island isn't decorated.

Great job once again, Club Penguin. I think I've found my new favorite party.

Rate4Stars.png By Mario Rk

I admit this party turned out better than I expected, better than Monsters University. First of all you can battle using light sabers which is pretty cool. Next, I love exploring other planets... its just... too long of a wait for the Death Egg. Battling storm troopers is pretty cool too. Again, this party came out way better than expected. I'll update this review when Death Star comes out.

Rate2Stars.png By Chill57181

The party is okay, but honestly it was really underwhelming.


  • Cool costumes and lightsabers
  • Finally a new puffle hat
  • AMAZING music


  • Wait a whole week to explore a new set of small, boring, confusing to navigate rooms
  • By the advertisements for the party, it would've been nice if Cadence, Sensei, and Jet Pack Guy visited as well with costumes
  • Besides the Dock, the island isn't even decorated! I was hoping we'd get an AWESOME space-like sky and the island would be moderately decorated
  • The Stormtrooper mini-game is dull and repetitive and next to impossible on the bonus level
  • The Death Star mini-game is boring and nothing we haven't seen before
  • The Yavin 4 minigame is insanely hard. Of course you can make it insanely easy by constantly pressing up and spacebar. Can't we meet somewhere in the middle?
  • I have no clue how you play the Jedi duel, how does it work? All they tell you is to click on a button to duel with other Jedis
  • Destroying the Death Star doesn't really feel like an accomplishment, it just happens

In my opinion they put more work into the advertisements rather than the party itself. Did the party manage to redeem itself with the Death Star and Yavin 4? NOPE! This was a bland, underwhelming party that they made look really exciting. Next time CP, just show us in-game footage...

Rate2Stars.png By Amigopen

Ha, GAAAYYYYYYY!!!! I'm still waiting for a Touhou party.

Rate4Stars.png By Antoo1

This is the party to bring back people who got bored of Club Penguin's parties.

Now I read other reviews, and I am beginning to wonder what all of you think. 2012 was what I considered CP's WORST year of parties. It was literally a disgrace. I started CP in December 2007, but I enjoyed other years than 2012. This year was mixed. It had good IDEAS, but the execution was poor or ok. My favorite ad party had to be this years Marvel Takeover. Still the only problem with it is how IT BARELY HAD ANY MARVEL. That was my complaint of the first, party. Tony Stark's mansion, and the costumes does not count. It could have been called Super Hero Party WITH MARVEL COSTUMES! Now CP is bringing out a HUGE franchise. Will they suceed?


-Decorations 8.5/10 My gosh, this is one of the best decorated parties. It makes a great roleplaying environment It blends masterful and iconic scenes to CP. I feel this is one of the best ad parties they did that actually weren't just a random party slapped with the ad. We haven't even seen all the rooms, and the party looks good!. -Music 9/10 What can you literally expect? Star Wars music. Nuff said. -Quest 8/10 Literally the best quest they literally had. AND DON'T SAY OPERATION BLACKOUT CAUSE IT STUNK. Slide puzzles.... So far it is one of the longer ones. The minigame is surprisingly a good one. It had a nice difficulty (nothing to hard), and the people who say the bonus level is hard have never played a real game. -_- My real problem is what I will get into later. The Jedi quest isn't amazing, but way better then the director game. -Costumes:


-Non Member Support I am a member. WHICH I AM GLAD TO BE. This party so far just slaps them in the face. Now when CP started making catalogs, and stuff for them I thought, hey they are giving them support. And they did. This party though, nope. The Jedi Quest is completely UNPLAYABLE. Nonmembers only get band member items. And they can only get a helmet (Stormtrooper) from Tatoonie. Sad. -Wait Now I know why they do this. I HATED THIS IN LITERALLY ALL THE PARTIES THIS HAPPENED TO. Wait 24 hours. WHY!?!?!??!?! They do this to make you play the game more. I get it. But 1 week IS INSANE. I will be nice to CP though because I understand this is a big party. Tatooine is HUGE for 1 party already. I wish it was 3-5 days, not 7 though. -Story I just don't feel it. I know it follows the story, but I wished they did more. More cutscenes. Not that I like them that much though (Operation Blackout....... Oh gosh).

Things I like to address:

CP itself: All of you are complaining it isn't decorated. WHAT COULD THEY ADD? I understand why they didn't mess with it. They can't do anything. Lots of parties like the Underwater Expedition (Worse than Operation Blackout) didn't really decorate... They are staying to the lore, and not messing up the story. I understand. Plus they are adding like 12 new rooms, so isn't that enough?

Verdict: Club Penguin had crappy parties. This isn't on of them. It blends in what ads should have. That is a good quest to go along. I am glad they didn't do a click this and then that and you win. Though they completely ignored non members, and I wish there was more adventure. I wished they used Operation Hibernation style more (Look it up. That is how quests should be. NO click this and wait 24 hours stuff) This is a GOOD party. It harkens back to some of the good parties.

8.3/10 Good. Excels in presentation, and gameplay. Lacks more story elements and connectivity to all players. Isn't too innovative.

Rate2Stars.png By LordMaster96

The overall concept is nice but really there isn't much on Club Penguin Island itself and the only main point of the party (apart from getting the items by dueling) is to defeat Stormtroopers and Darth Herbert. I expected more from this widely anticipated event.

Rate2Stars.png By Lego97

Okay, I have re-edited this review, and I honestly think it is my least favorite party this year so far.


In a sea of negatives, there are three good things:

+The costumes are nicely designed.

+Millennium Falcon, Death Star, Yavin 4, and Tatooine locations are cool.

+The mini-games are fun, even though one is just re-used from Operation: Blackout.


-Club Penguin itself not being decorated. Only the Dock was decorated...and they threw in the Death Star in the sky in some other rooms. Lame.

-The Jedi Duels are impossible to win and don't really make much sense. I'm not even probably going to get anywhere close to winning the special prizes for having 50 wins.

-The party is REALLY boring in some places, and that is the biggest crime you can commit here.

-Using Herbert as Darth Vader was wasted and pointless. In fact, I wish they'd just finish the Herbert EPF story already and just make a new villain, because in my honest opinion, he is getting a bit tiring.

-I agree with Sharkbate, the mini-games, as fun as they are, take WAY too long to finish.

EDIT: Yeah, I was being generous with my previous grade. This party is boring as sin, and somehow even worse than the Monsters University Takeover. At first I thought the party had some potential, but as the days progressed, I had no incentive whatsoever to continue it. I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I really am. But this party nearly put me to sleep. It didn't even try to be interesting in the slightest. Using Herbert again as Darth Vader? Yawn. Go on a quest for the millionth time to save Club Penguin in another ad party? Zzz. This is just the worst. At this point, the only saving grace CP has left for this summer is the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. Oh boy.

Also, for any Nostalgia Critic fans, here's a video to sum up my thoughts.

Rate1Star.png By Sharkbate

Ew. This 'party' is made up of only party rooms + the Dock. There was really no point in having this party. It's just terrible. If they are going to have an advertisement party/"takeover" (which I'm against), they might as well make it good. Darth Herbert? Who saw that one coming? This party is terrible for those 'unlucky' ones who have never seen any of the Star Wars films, including myself. They even included a temporary game to shoot Storm Troopers. I guess they switched from having penguin transformations at every party to temporary games at every party? Even the game is bad. It takes a very long time to win one level, and they used that cheap looking 3D penguin design. Egh. And finally, this party is so long for something that isn't so great.


-You can somehow duel penguins, which at least gives people something to do for this extremely long 'party'.


-Everything else.

Rate5Stars.png By Gatuti789

I love this party! For me, is one of the best parties on this year.


  • The new rooms in Tatooine, Death Star and Yavin 4 are amazing! I like the details!
  • The music is so EPIC! I love the "The Imperial March".
  • The clothes are incredible! They aren't originals but they're well done.
  • The three mini-games are cool.
  • Millenium Falcon is amazing too.
  • Cadence, Herbert and Sensei are funny as Princess Cadence, Darth Herbert and Obi-Wan Sensei respectively.


  • Only the Dock is decorated on the island.
  • It's very difficult to become a Jedi Master because it's impossible to win the duels.

Rate4Stars.png By Yuri102212

Better than average. Should I review now?


  • The Tatooine and Death Star +30
  • Costumes +10
  • Millennium Falcon +5
  • Jedi Masters +25
  • Battles +40


  • Lack of decor in CP -35
  • Needs more oomph costumes - 10

That concludes my review. Final score: 65 which results to a B! Congratulations CP! Make sure you also impress me soon!

(BTW, why did I review this seriously?)

Rate3Stars.png By jjwparke

I did a really short bad review by pressing the wrong button Great games but not one of the rooms are decorated! the only reason I didn't give it a 1 is because I LOVE si-fi. pros: Darth Herbert is updated Cool new puffle hat Good igloos cons NO DECORATING: Except the tiny thing at the dock WAITING: wait a week, a day is all I can handle I want a princess cadence costume not princess Leia only 12 things for non members club penguin is supposed to be non violent! they copied the death star game from operation blackout

Rate3Stars.png By Szron

Decorations are poor and i'ts takeover AGAIN! Nothing fun to do here. :(