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PuffleParty2013Logo.PNG Puffle Party
Average Rating: 3.6 (Good)
Total Reviews: 27
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Rate3Stars.png By Yuri102212

Wow... This is ok...


  • PUFFY HOTEL! Been waiting for this!
  • New sounds (seriously, an eagle?!?)
  • Recycling rooms (I love the designs from last year)
  • Moving the BP domain to the Dock


  • Puffle Playzone and Transformation is only for members...again
  • Removal of Snowball fight in the Snow Forts
  • You need to wait for hours to get to the next chapter of the goal...

I should expect a better grade in the next days. The grade is: C+


Rate3Stars.png By Chill57181



  • Lots of decorations as usual
  • New clothing
  • PH is here
  • Transformations are back with the Puffle Spa
  • Puffle Hotel :3


  • You can't actually adopt the Rainbow Puffle until you do four tasks, and you aren't even allowed to do more than one until the next day.
  • All the old music seems to be slightly remixed, and I don't really like how it came out.
  • Night Club Rooftop is gone
  • Puffle Show is gone
  • The snowball fight at Snow Forts is gone
  • The Blue Puffle Domain is relocated to the Dock, which isn't that bad, but it leaves the Forest completely barren and abandons the epic decorations from the Forest last year, and also the Dock
  • Rainbow Puffle and the Puffle Hotel were way too overhyped. Usually new puffles are secrets before they come out.
  • The Puffle Hotel seems way too short imo
  • Very non-member unfriendly

So yeah, if I could I'd rate this a 3.5, but I can't, so I'll give it 3.

Rate4Stars.png By Dps04

Well, compared to last year's party, instead of reusing designs from the previous years, they added new and well-decorated party rooms, and also a new puffle! There are all kinds of activities your puffle can do, including exercises on the treadmill etc, so what else can you complain? They even added cool new emotes and coloured-snowballs. The only setback I can think of is probably the removal of the Puffle Show in the Ski Lodge and the Snowball fight in the Snow Forts, and also the fact that transformations are strictly confined to members only. Other than that, I think the party is even better than last year's. I gave last year's puffle party a rating of 4, so this time I don't think I can give a rating less than a 5 XD.

EDIT: I just realized non-members have no free items at all, so I cant give it a 5 :(

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

New style of rating. I will use this one always :P lol. (I will take the 7 main parts of a party and rate them, then average it out).

  • Decorations - 4/5 - They are simple, but amazing! I really love what they did to the Night Club especially. However, there is one point off because of rooms like the Forest or Coffee Shop that aren't decorated. There are many possibilities!
  • Storyline - 5/5 - I think the storyline was actually pretty good. PH was on another expedition, found a puffle in a cloud in the sky and investigated. It is simple, but the type of storyline Club Penguin players want.
  • Party Rooms and Transformations - 5/5 - Transformations may get boring, but I love being a puffle. Come to think of it, you aren't really transforming, you are just being your puffle. As for party rooms, I love the Feeding Area as always (I spend so much time in there!) and te Puffle Playzone is so much fun to hang out with friends in. The Puffle Hotel and Cloud Forest are very well detailed and a well done job!
  • Music = 5/5 - Nothing really new, but the music that brings back so many memories with a remix that makes it sound realistic! Not much more to say, except the fact that the Summer Party music should stay in the Pet Shop FOREVER!
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - The items are AMAZING! Especially in the catalog! The puffle costumes return, and some rainbow puffle items (I love the Puffle Mania shirt). They also didn't overload us with free items like at the Hollywood Party. There should only be a FEW items per party, not 20+.
  • Quest - 2.5/5 - Ewwww... just NO. I don't wanna wait 18 hours just to step on a platform. What kind of quest is this? This is the only negative on the party.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - There were a few. I am in love with the coloured snowballs. And of course, it is fun to throw pie at the Beacon and cookies at the Box Dimension. PH is visiting, which is great as she has only waddled once before, exactly one year ago. They also didn't change the old puffle designs to the 'Morris' puffle designs, as I call them. I like the old ones a little better as they look cuter, but they should change them back. It wont affect the score though.

All in all, I am rating the party 31.5/35. Out of 5 that is exactly 4.5/5 which will round up to 5/5. Great job CP! I am impressed!

Rate4Stars.png By Snowstormer

It's better than what I expected, I thought that it'd be only centered around the hotel, but luckily it's not! :D Anyways, it's pretty awesome and stuff. They should have kept the blue puffles in the forest though, since now it's like completely empty... But otherwise the party is better than what I expected :P

Rate1Star.png By IanBoy142

Okay, this isnt a bad party but, its overhyped again. The old rooms are back and various old ideas are ereased, like the Snow Forts Puffle Fight. The Rainbow Puffle is just a fake idea made by some kids and the team has heard about it. Its like wacky and WOW for those children. They get hyped and get autism and that stuff. But now the Pros and Cons.


  • Puffle Handler is back at the party!
  • Puffle Spa too, only its the same spa again. :(
  • Cool suits and rooms.
  • Catchy new music.


  • Old rooms are back
  • The Snow Forts Puffle thingy got ereased.
  • Wheres the White Puffle room? Hmm...
  • 4 days for only a quest that takes 10 seconds? To get the Rainbow Puffle? UGH
  • Old music
  • Blue Puffle domain has moved to the Dock and only those balloons hang out of there. Stupid.
  • All quest items are for members expect coins.

I don't like the new things that they do now, the Rainbow Puffle gets old and the idea sounds like crap... (sorry)

Try again, team. NOTE: More bad things are on this party. This blew my mind!

Rate2Stars.png By Cp kid



  • PH as a mascot like last year
  • Re-use of the old puffle rooms
  • Rainbow Puffle
  • Puffle Feeding Area


  • You have to complete a "quest" to get free items, AGAIN.
  • Changed Rooms
  • Took out Night Club rooftop
  • Took out Puffle Show
  • Moved Blue puffles to the dock for no apparent reason?
  • No Snow Fort snow battle
  • Puffle Hotel being permanent
  • CP used it as an excuse to get rid of April Fools and Easter...

Ok. I was afraid that CP was ONLY going to decorate the Plaza and town or something, so i'm glad they re-used the old rooms at least. Also, the Rainbow Puffle being available IS pretty cool. What makes it suck though is the total exposure from CP. I mean really, they released it CLEARLY a month ago. Puffles used to just "appear" in rooms until they were noticed weeks later. Now the puffle finding process is just ruined. Also, CP needs to stop with those stupid quests :S

One last thing. Isn't this supposed to be a party to celebrate all puffles? Because this party just seems like a "do a 4 day quest to get a rainbow puffle and hang out in a hotel! :D (Oh yeah, us CP staff don't care about other puffles any more)" party.

Rate1Star.png By Brijesh1

it is not so good.nothing to do

Rate3Stars.png By A11766

This party was over-hyped loads. The Puffle Hotel contains the lobby, a room and then the rooftop - not really a hotel then. To be honest it would make more sense to knock down the pet shop and replace it with a new puffle center with all these new things, that way the Pet Shop woulnd't be so over crowded! I think this party was overall quite lazy, most of the features were recycled and there was no effort to even update the look of the puffles from spiky to rounded fur. I like the idea of a rainbow puffle and the cloud forest, but why are we not allowed to discover new things anymore and are just told straight away, it takes away the magic Club Penguin used to have.

Rate5Stars.png By Pikalugia

I LOVE IT! Puffle Hotel (Yaay), Rainbow Puffles, Play Zone is back! I love it. But i don't like that most of the items and features is for member. That sucks. I will give a 5, for i am member. And when i am Member it bring very much fun! I like it :)

Rate5Stars.png By Batreeqah

It is pretty awesome. I can't wait to adopt the Rainbow Puffle.

Rate4Stars.png By Mario Rk

The party is nice, but could use some work. The party seemed to cycle around the Rainbow Puffle and Puffle Hotel. And the Puffle Hotel has no hotel-like rooms. The concept of the hotel is nice for the party, but to keep it permanent is a horrible idea. I like how Puffle Transformations are back, but they aren't such a big thing anymore. It's also disappointing the Puffle Show left and the lack of decoration in some rooms (Ski Village and Snow Forts). Rainbow Puffles are a nice concept but something I really want to see in the future are the Puffle Animal Hybrids.

Rate4Stars.png By Computer Spy

Review: Good job, CP, I'm impressed! Though there are one or two cons I have.

  • the decorations are pretty fantastic.
  • The puffle hotel is more than I expected. And the best part is, it stays forever! :D
  • Transforming into a puffle is back!
  • rainbow Puffle!!!
  • Puffle feeding is back! (I thought it wouldn't. what a relief!)
  • Meeting PH.


  • No non-member items.
  • Deserted forest.
  • Puffle snowball fight is gone! Well, I should at least be glad they even put decorations at the Snow Forts.

I'm glad they made this party good. This is one of my favorites!!!

Rate5Stars.png By Rainbow Puffles


  • It has the reason of my username.
  • Rainbow puffles also are cuter than brown puffles which was highly unlikely with how cute that breed is to me.


  • They fart sparkles when they dance (I know you think they are shooting out fireworks)

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

Another okay party. Not great (just like the other two parties this year), but it's decent. Going to do a slightly different format for Pros and Cons, just for this party.


+ Decorations: Nice decorations, as always, and I liked they did bring back some of the ones from last year.

+ Rooms: The Cloud Forest is cool, even though it is a bit empty. The Puffle Hotel is also nicely done, but the idea itself is unnecessary.

+ Items: The items are nice, and I'm glad to see the Puffle costumes from last year.

+ Misc: Even though I do find the idea of a Rainbow Puffle kind of ridiculous, I guess it's a good wish to long-time players who have been speculating about it. Good to see PH again, too.


- Rooms: The Puffle Hotel is nice, don't get me wrong, but it feels like a waste. The Plaza kind of feels awkward now that the room is permanent, and I don't know if another building dedicated to Puffles is really needed, IMO. Also, what is up with moving the Blue Puffle area to the Dock, and leaving the Forest abandoned? Seems kind of pointless.

- Activities: The daily tasks are getting really old. They were cool the first few parties, but now it seems like they are a chore to do. I'd rather have free items that require you to just walk up to again, kthx. There's not much to do after you get the Rainbow Puffle anyways. For example, there's no Puffle Show or Snow Fort fight, which kind of take out some of the fun. :/

- Misc: CP pretty much spoiled the entire party a month before with leaking the Rainbow Puffle out. Granted, I didn't get my expectations too high (which is something I've been doing for every party this year, which is why I enjoy them more), but it still felt like a huge spoiler. I liked it better when it was kept secret (example: The Brown Puffle discovery at the Wilderness Expedition - nobody saw it coming).

Overall, this party is alright, but just like the other parties this year, not amazing. I still have yet to see a truly "amazing" party this year so far, but hopefully they start to "wow" me more.

Rate3Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Some rooms removed and forest e m p t y. Rainbow puffle only for members. And puffle spa from last year is s t i l l member-only.

Rate4Stars.png By LordMaster96

Nicely done for the most part. Although, I would honestly have preferred the Dock to be the way it originally was and have a ball pit in the Forest for the blue puffle instead. The new puffle hotel and the rainbow puffle makes this another great party.

Rate5Stars.png By Mattgelo

The Puffle Hotel sounds great!

Rate5Stars.png By Green Ninja

My gosh, the parties so far this year have been very lackluster, and it is so refreshing to see a good party, especially one that introduces three new rooms, and a new puffle species.


  • The Puffle Hotel is just simply amazing, and wonderfully executed. I cannot say anything bad about it. I mean, these are the first new rooms since 2010's Water Dojo, and it completely makes up for the removal of the Night Club Rooftop and Puffle Show. You've outdone yourself, Club Penguin. I will be visitng these room a lot even after the party is over.
  • RAINBOW PUFFLE! And I thought the Brown Puffle was amazing. The Cloud Forest is pretty cool, too.
  • The free items are pretty nice. Now I can be an employee of the Puffle Hotel!
  • You can transform into a puffle again, which makes it even more awesome. The Play Zone was so awesome last year, returning it is only one of the reasons this party is amazing.


  • Club Penguin was lazy and didn't update the rooms with the 2011 puffle sprites.
  • The Puffle Show and Night Club Rooftop were removed.
  • The Blue Puffle domain was moved to the Dock, and the Forest was left barren. Why not keep it the way it was last year and the years before?

There is my review. The pros completely outweigh the cons. The party still gets five stars no matter what. Bravo, Club Penguin, bravo!

Rate5Stars.png By Orcawhale100

Puffle parties are BOSS! Rainbow puffles were awesome!

Rate3Stars.png By Pengijoker

This party is a pretty good party, but decent at the same time, I disagree with everyone else's high ratings. Pros:

  • The decorations, as always.
  • Having PH welcome, again.
  • Addition of more music and sounds.
  • The Rainbow Puffle


  • All the time I had to suffer to finish all quests. (Non-members get a decent prize)
  • Non-member unfriendly, pretty inconvenient.
  • Relocation
  • Taking the only fun non-members had on puffle parties.
  • More member items and less non-member items = BAD DECISION (Keep it in the balance!)
  • The Puffle Hotel's rooms looks less than a hotel and looks more like a pile of Puffle Spa's
  • What happened to non-member items in party catalogs?!?
  • Lazy CP Mode
By now the members, are clearly rating 5 stars. I expect further parties more better.

Rate4Stars.png By SuperStarCP

This was a great Rainbow Puffle Party! But it wasn't meant to be that. Sooo, it means it was a bad Puffle Party. Pros:

1. The Rainbow Puffle's here!

2. You can turn into a puffle again.

3. PH's here

4. A new Puffle Hotel!


1. You had to wait 18 hours between each task, but I guess that doesn't really matter as they changed it to 6 hours

2. Not really many decorations

3. WHY does the Puffle Hotel have to be permanent. That's just pointless.

4. The logo looks like last year's one.

I can't think of more at the moment. I would have done 3.5, but I'll just give it a 4. This may have been the best party of 2013.

Rate2Stars.png By Sharkbate


Rate5Stars.png By dave211

cool party!

Rate3Stars.png By Wwe Vs Wwf

This year Puffle Party is not the best or the worst

Pros: -The Puffle Hotel is cool but it made the Pet Shop way too crowded. -The Cloud Forest is a great thing (Although I'm a nonmember) -You can still be a puffle at the play house -The Rainbow puffle is okay -Some decorations are great -Kept the original puffle rooms -I heard that there is colourful snowballs after the party ended but I never get to use it :( -The Hotel and the puffles and the quest is still available.

Cons: -The Party is hardy about Puffles but its about the Hotel and the Rainbow Puffle -This is not the party itself but I wish the rainbow puffles were secret. I remember the brown puffles being a surprise at 2011 -They removed the Puffle show or whatever that thing was -I wish the rainbow puffle was a rumour. I kinda liked it that way, I mean they should add a grey puffle or the hot pink puffle (Remember when many people thought they will be added?) -I think they sould kept the blue puffle decoration, CP had no reason to change it. -The snowball fight did not needed to be removed -The quests are boring

Honestly, in my opinion, CP should do a party where there is 1 members room, a box with a free item inside and make it like the old style parties again.

Rate4Stars.png By Shurow Club Penguin

I enjoyed the party, but I felt bad for non-members

  • Pros:

The party was AWESOME!
Rainbow Puffle, whoo hoo!
Puffle Hotel grand opening

  • Cons:

I felt bad for non-members, because there was only 1 free item for them.
The moved the Blue Puffle domain to the Dock, leaving the Forest empty.

Rate4Stars.png By A7XRev



  • As always the Puffle's Party decorations are just great.
  • I'm glad the Puffle Playzone/Spa came back. As I quote from my Puffle Party 2012 review, The Puffle Playzone/Spa is an awesome room for CP to add to the Puffle Party. Personally climbing around in the tubes is my favorite thing to do there.
  • Rainbow Puffle...finally but also...I'll explain the rest in the cons section.
  • The Puffle Hotel is pretty neat but this too I will talk about in the cons section.


  • The Rainbow Puffle is finally here which is great and everything but *sigh* two problems. The first problem is that Club Penguin didn't raise the puffle limit to 22 for some reason, so for me a guy with 20 puffles can't get a Rainbow Puffle. I DON'T WANT TO GET RID OF ONE OF MY PUFFLES JUST SO I CAN GET THE NEW ONE. grrrrrrrrrr. Anyways I won't get a Rainbow Puffle untill the limit is raised. The second problem is the fact that the Rainbow Puffle took over the entire party. This party could have easily been called the Rainbow Puffle Expedition-no scratch that, it wasn't even an expedition! "Walk your puffle to a treadmill, a spa chair, a bed, and a food bowl and there you go! You got a Rainbow Puffle!"
  • The Puffle Hotel is okay. I don't like it being permanent though. But this is a pretty much a Puffle hangout zone not a hotel! If it's a hotel then doesn't there need to be, oh gee, I don't know, maybe...HOTEL ROOMS? A spa, a gym, and rooftop isn't a hotel. That's another thing, spas, Club Penguin is obsessed with spas. There's one in The Puffle Playzone, When the Puffle Show was there. There was a a little mini spa in there, you can make your own little spas in your igloos!, "So what should we do for the Puffle Hotel? Hmm. I don't about ANOTHER STINKIN' SPA! Sounds great!" Also why is the spa in the workout area-oh nevermind.
  • This is a big problem here. I was walking through the island and went to the Ski Village. And was surprised to see that there was no Puffle Show. "Hmm, well that kinda sucks I had no big attachment to it but it was pretty cool. Oh well." Then I saw there wasn't a Rooftop Dance Party either. "Uh okay...didn't have a big attachment to that either but did they forget to add these rooms or something I don't really know." And then... "NO PUFFLE SNOWBALL FIGHT? REALLY? It was a classic!" Good job, Club Penguin.
  • The music it's all the same thing. The main there was remixed but really? Extra echo and...eagle sounds? What? And then the Puffle Hotel music. You got the nice soft piano version in the lobby, you got the disco/dance version in the gym/spa, and then you got the dance version with different drums.
  • The last one's a minor complaint but the blue puffle's domain getting moved to the Dock really? The Forest had awesome decorations and so did the Dock. All they did was just remove the stuff in the Forest and re-colored everything in the Dock blue.

This party wasn't terrible but it was no way even close to the awesomeness of the 2012 one. It also gut out the April Fool's Party...what were they thinking? *sigh* Well I'll see you in the next review. Peace.