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PhPLogo.png Prehistoric Party
Average Rating: 2.6 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 13
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You are on the reviews page for the Prehistoric Party 2013. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate1Star.png By RainbowDash


- Well, um, i have to think about this... um, the items, maybe? Not sure, though.


- Extremely annoying dinosaur sounds that KILL my ears..

- Extremely annoying dinosaur barf that is disguisting and a terrible idea..


- Even though I am a member, i approve of the fact too much features are members-only, especially transforming into a dinosaur, which should not have been members-only.

- Dino Dig is just a dumb Treasure-Hunt clone, and the black Pteranandon egg was terribly hard to find and wrecked my nerves.

Rate4Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Why ALL transformations are member-only?

Rate2Stars.png By IanBoy142

The party looks boring, but i don't really have options to talk about this party, you just turn into a dinosaur or anything, and you must find the eggs by playing a Treasure Hunt clone. I don't like this party, make a better party, Club Penguin ;(

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

The party was a LOT better than I expected. I was thinking it would just be kind of, blah.


  • Dino transformations, even though I'm getting tired of the transformation gimmick it's still cool
  • The Gadget Guy himself is here!
  • You can go back to Present-Day CP which is cool
  • New game (even though it's basically a rehashed Treasure Hunt)


  • The Prehistoric CP is confusing to navigate :/
  • Where was all the stuff in Gary's mascot files? The future dome? Traveling to other parties? I think CP had a lot more in store for this party, or maybe Gary will use the Time Trekker again soon.

In conclusion, I think CP did a good job, it's a small party, but it's GOOD.

Rate3Stars.png By A11766

I don't think this party was bad enough to deserve a 3 but not good enough for a 4, so I would really put it as a 3.5 but as I can't its a 3. I think it would definitely have been a 4 if things were a surprise, instead we knew at LEAST half the party from the ridiculous amount of sneak peeks released! In addition, once you have spent ages finding all the dino eggs in a rip off of Treasure Hunt there isn't really anything to do. I see this more of an event than anything, especially considering that main Club Penguin isn't decorated. I do think the room decorations are good though!

Rate1Star.png By TheBroMaster

CP should just fire their employees and replace them with monkeys. At least THEY wouldn't leak the entire party half a month before it comes out. The "Dino Dig" is just a major ripoff of Treasure Hunt, and the dinosaurs make super annoying sounds. Also, as much as I love barfing on n00bs, it's kinda gross. This party had no potential from the beginning, anyways. I'm just glad we can go back to 2013 for this party.

Rate5Stars.png By Thiagato

This party is soo cool!

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

This party is alright, but it's not as good as some of the past few parties.


+ The concept of time traveling is pretty cool.

+ The dinosaur transformation are nice too.

+ I know some people complained about the prehistoric CP being confusing, but I kind of like it - it makes the party more unique.

+ Nice to see a new game (even though it is mostly a different version of Treasure Hunt).


- Digging for eggs gets tiresome after a while. :/

- The puke snowballs seems odd for CP.

Still though, a decent start to 2013.

Rate3Stars.png By moochfloatjr

This is my first time reviewing a party here. So, let's dig into the so-soness of the Prehistoric Party.


+I like the idea of a party in the past.

+It's cool that the prehistoric CP is completely optional, and you can roam normally.

+Some of the prehistoric rooms are done pretty well, actually.


+Some of the free igloo items are pretty nice to look out, like the waterfall.


-Seriously, CP, what's with the dependence on transformations for the last few parties? Why can't we do it old-school and use imagination and items to try and convey a story, rather than being handed the tools to actually roar or stomp or whatever.

-The whole pukeball thing is gross- CP never had to rely on grossouts in the past, so why now?

-The map for the prehistoric CP is a bit confusing.

All in all, while the Prehistoric Party has a good basic concept and a lot of good stuff, its flaws are just too big for me to give it any higher than 3 stars.

Rate2Stars.png By Snowstormer

It's not horrible, but I'm not really a fan...


+ Room designs are cool. (I mean, they're decorated, compared to some other parties.)

+ You can go from the Prehistoric Era to 2013.

+ Dino Dig is pretty cool, although eggs are REALLY hard to find. You usually get the eggs you already have.


- Dino transformations, as much as I like being able to be something else, this transformation just sucks. The dinos make annoying sounds and also, did anyone notice how similar their "ROAR" animation is with Herbert?

- Barfing? Yuck.

- Members can only be dinos. At least in the Holiday Party non-members could be something too, but this party is plainly a huge member party. I mean, non-members can't do anything else except buy a few ugly clothes, play dino dig and search for eggs and feed dinosaurs.

I give it a 2.

Rate2Stars.png By Sharkbate

Club Penguin is clearly spending too much time on making the art look nice, but not making the party make as much sense. There wasn't really any storyline other than Gary making a time machine a week or two prior to the party. Now, the party isn't horrible... but it's not good.


  1. The dinosaur animations are nice and smooth.
  2. Players have the option to remain in 'normal' Club Penguin.
  3. More items for non-members (even though they're somewhat lame).
  4. Non-members can feed the dinosaurs.
  5. Fairly nice artwork.


  1. Transforming into dinosaurs. I don't understand WHY Club Penguin thinks this is a good idea. Club Penguin. Are they suggesting penguins could become dinosaurs in prehistoric times? It's pointless.
  2. The roars are very annoying.
  3. Throwing up... that's just nasty.
  4. Not much of a plot line.
  5. Super hard to navigate. It's very confusing and almost impossible to tell which room you're in.
  6. So much stuff going on = lots of lag...
  7. The party... it's too long. Shorten it up a bit. It's bound to get boring after a while.
  8. Recycled Treasure Hunt game. They should have come up with something a little... newer? Does that word work?
  9. With the Dino Dig game, it takes a very long time to find all the eggs. It gets extremely frustrating.

So yeah. It's not horrible, but it's definitely not good. Look back at 2008. Those were great parties. This... meh... I don't find it to be a very good start to 2013. 2 stars out of 5.

Rate1Star.png By Imcool9786

The artwork is really nice, but the party is not so good. All you do is collect eggs and if your a member, use them to turn into dinosaurs. If your a non-member like me, you can't really do anything.

Rate3Stars.png By A7XRev

Nothing much to say that hasn't been said. But it was pretty lame. Why does the Dino Egg Hunt game have to be a single player Treasure Hunt? Why do the Dinosaurs throw pukeballs? Why did the rooms have to be SO overdecorated that you can't tell which room you're in? WHY? WHAT? WHY? 3 stars for the parts that were good -_-. I am looking forward to seeing how the Hollywood Party will turn out. The first party I've been looking forward to since the Ultimate Jam.