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Operation Puffle
Average Rating: 3.3 (Good)
Total Reviews: 9
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Rate2.5Stars.png Meh By Penstubal

1st part was crap, 2nd part is ok i guess. So my rating is 2.5. Why was 1st part crap? Nothing to do for non members. Why was 2nd part ok? Nice decorations, however a bit boring. Golden puffle rumour is still ruined, so this is another reason.

Rate5Stars.png Best party this year By Rainbow Puffles

10/5 for the Epic music, lots for both members like me and non members to do. In fact it is a good apology for last years Operation:Blackout (I hated that party). it is just the best party since 2011's parties (2012 was a wasted year in the party sense (At least we had good parties this year)). I hope more parties like this will come in 2014 and that this years holiday party is fantastic.

Rate2.5Stars.png I prefer Operation: Blackout! By Gatuti789

It's a bit boring...

  • Pros:
  1. The EPF music is so cool!
  2. The new rooms are awesome!
  3. Boats and rivers!
  4. The members items are amazing!
  5. The new minigame is cool.
  • Cons:
  1. Everyday is the same minigame.
  2. There aren't many decorated rooms (only new rooms).
  3. I think the end is not going to be so EPIC like Operation: Blackout.

Rate3Stars.png Okay, I guess By Yoshi11

I'm not so sure about this one. The rooms aren't really decorated. The quests are okay. This could be better.

Rate3Stars.png Could be better... By Szron

Nice special rooms but poor decorations in other places. There's nothing to do. Just rescue some puffles and it's over. No fun with friends. :/ Operation: Blackout was much better.

Rate4.5Stars.png A Squeak of an Adventure By Green Ninja

This party is pretty cool. Not the caliber of Operation: Blackout, but still awesome. Herbert returns, we get night rooms, and we can explore the wilderness! The Puffle Chase minigame is fun. I just wish there were more non-member items, and that some of the regular rooms were more decorated. Nice job Club Penguin. Looking forward to more parties like this.

Rate3.5Stars.png It's not Operation Blackout! By Brookelas

The same old Herbert stuff, eh? Well how does it compare to Operation Blackout?

  • Decorations - 1/5 - Meh... does night count as a decoration? I am counting it, and that scored a point. Other than that, a HUGE disappointment! At least for Operation Blackout they put snow, Herbert statues and other things like that. This party was PURE lazy with decorations.
  • Storyline - 4/5 - The story was pretty good, but had some flaws. Like WHY IS IT NIGHT? And it was unclear why Herbert was actually capturing the gold, but from what I understand, it was to stay warm. Geez Herbert, sail away on an Iceberg to Hawaii, or throw a Winter Luau!
  • Party Rooms - 5/5 - The Party Rooms are AMAZING for this event! Club Penguin did a really good job designing the wilderness of Club Penguin at this event, and at past parties like the Wilderness Expedition. It's also awesome how they incorporated the Dojos into the wilderness, and didn't leave them out... and for me... that is a lot of effort
  • Transformations and Party Games - 4/5 - Puffle Chase is honestly soooo fun! The only thing is it is super repetitive... also is there a quicker way to climb up the hills?
  • Music - 3/5 - Its good, but not great. That's all I gotta say about that.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 2.5/5 - Meh. Nothing super awesome, since most of the catalog items are a return from last year. I don't like the catalog a lot. I think they should have at LEAST have brought a Gold Puffle Costume, and an I Heart My Gold Puffle Tee. The free items, however, are pretty cool, but why give away vehicles for free? SHouldn't those be in the catalog? I am giving free items and catalogs 2.5/5 for confusingness.
  • Quest - 4/5 - The quest is fun... nuff said.
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Party Emotes are everywhere! Herbert and PH dont' care! River Rafting is so much fun now... blah blah blah!

I am rating this party 28.5/40, which rounds to 3.5/5! I think it was OK, and I am hoping the reason they are making it kinda dumb is so they can focus on Christmas.

Rate2.5Stars.png Not the best By Mario Rk

Honestly, Operation: Puffle seemed a little boring, and I wasn't as excited for it as Operation: Blackout. It's nighttime all over which looks pretty cool, there was a fun mini-game to play that fed you a TON of coins but it lacked a cool plot like Operation: Blackout. It also didn't make much sense that Herbert would kidnap puffles to dig up coins for him, it was also never explained why he did it. Okay so he gets rich? What good does that do him? He's not going to go to the Penguin Style and go on a shopping spree, if he got all those coins he was probably buying parts for something but the question remains is what. I guess we'll never know since all those coins are going to Coins For Change 2013. It's really not the best and it lacked the epic excitement Operation: Blackout gave to me.

Rate3Stars.png Could have been better... By Dalmation564

This was a pretty good party. There were many pros and cons. Pros:

  • Love the nighttime!
  • I like the puffle chasing game.
  • Liked the new rooms except for the river one. So annoying!


  • Why is Herbert playing Solitaire when he could be taking over the island of Club Penguin (just saying)?
  • Did NOT like the room full of rivers! Boo!
  • The clothes were HORIBBLE!

Nice try, CP.