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MonstersUniversityTakeover.PNG Monsters University Takeover
Average Rating: 3.6 (Good)
Total Reviews: 15

You are on the reviews page for the Monsters University Takeover. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

This is THE BEST SPONSER PARTY YET! IT IS FANTASTIC! OMG! Probably my favourite this year too... let's take a look...

Once again, before I start, I would like to say, I dont care if CP is advertising companies. As long as great quality is in the party.

  • Decorations - 4.5/5 - While not ALL rooms were decorated, I am impressed by the overhaul on all the rooms decorated making the island look like a University Campus.
  • Storyline - 5/5 - WOOOW! Greek Council? Perfect! 'Nuff said!
  • Party Rooms and Transformations - 5/5 - Good thing there are no transformations, and just costumes! Once again, I love the University Campus! PERFECT!
  • Music = 5/5 - This is the best new music CP has played for a while... :D
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - YES! THE CATALOG! IT IS PERFECT! A DIFFERENT CURRENCY! And the items... 200% the best party catalog!
  • Quest - 5/5 - Once again, the minigame to get points, a trophy and items... best combination ever... :D
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 4.5/5 - NO MASCOT? Darn! Oh well, the decorations are interactive which is good. Emotes are awesome, and so is the fact that you can scare for points when you dance... :P

I don't know what else to say... this party is pretty much PERFECT! MY FAVOURITE PARTY THIS YEAR!!!! I am rating the party 34/35. Out of 5 that is exactly 4.85/5 which will round up to 5/5. Great job CP! I am impressed again! This beats Marvel Superhero Takeover... my now 2nd favourite 2013 party... :D

Rate2Stars.png By Amigopen

To be honest, this party is quite boring. The items are beautiful, of course, but the only item that Non-Members can have are head items. When they said "Scare Games", I thought there was going to be lots and lots of different games, but there was only one, which was quite boring if you play it over and over again. Shame. As a Non-Member myself, I would have really wanted one of the team uniforms at least. The 3D monster in the scare game also horrifies me. Don't forget, the screams are so annoying. This party also brings memories to one of my favourite games from the PSX, Monsters Inc. Scare Island :)

Rate4Stars.png By Computer Spy

I have to say, this is a pretty decent party! Pros ♦Cool new party rooms! ♦Members get something other than a head item! ♦The Scare Challenge is hard, but cool. I like how they made it all 3D like the movie itself! ♦Epic fraternities! Cons ♦Non-members get head items. ♦The only thing you can really do is participate in the Scare Games. As you can see, this was an interesting party. It was good, but there were some tiny little flaws. I hope to see you next time when I review the STAR WARS PARTY! :D

Rate3Stars.png By Yuri102212

Amazingly boringly good. Which I am neutral at. Pros:

  • Scare Games! (I joined Roar Omega Roar >:D)
  • Decorations
  • Fraternity Houses (My favorite is my team's)
  • Second Currency


  • Meh... Scare Games? More like scare GAME.
  • Non-members can only get points at the scare games *ehm* scare game.
  • Nothing else...

Ok CP. A solid 2.5 which I will round to 3 (Of course). Good try CP. Make sure the next party impresses me, I'm a huge Star Wars fan!

Rate3Stars.png By Penstubal


  • SCARE GAMES!!! Im on Oozma Kappa :D
  • Decorations: Sweet!
  • Houses
  • A new currency rather then spending coins.


  • Only one game for the "Scare Games.
  • Non-Members only get some ugly head items.
  • Not decorated alot.
  • Gets boring after a while.
  • Members are using the scaring program to bully non member or other member penguins.

Im not going to be harsh, i would've given the party a 2, but i decided to upgrade it to 3.

Rate4Stars.png By Mr Bp13

Well, the party has some great stuff:

  • Rooms,
  • Music,
  • Member costumes,
  • a brilliant mini-game,
  • I think they could have made more nonmember items, or maybe for it to be a full body suit with a head, face, neck, body item daily for nonmembers.
  • They also could have released the sweater for Team OK for all penguins, instead of it being part of a costume (with grey flippers).

Mr Bp13Talk Page 14:59, 28 June 2013 (UTC)

Rate3Stars.png By Lego97

Eh. Not going to lie, this party could've been a lot better.


+ Cool items.

+ The exclusive Scare Game is cool.

+ It's nice having another exclusive currency, even though it feels repetitive (see below for why).

+ For the most part, the decorations are good, but they do feel a bit un-Club Penguin like (again, see below).

Unfortunately, that is all I can give this party pro-wise. Now for the cons...


- A good quarter of the island isn't decorated. I normally wouldn't mind...but seriously, it feels barren. The ads made it seem like it'd be a larger party, considering all the sponsorship parties have been so far.

- The decorations aren't terrible, but as I said above, they feel un-Club Penguin like. I guess that's the problem with ad parties - the concept they are advertising is so different that it makes the party itself feel much different. Not only that, but some of the rooms in general kind of feel out of place. It feels like they just threw in some of them at the last second, like the team headquarters between the Snow Forts and Plaza, and the Scare Hall, which is a pretty useless party room.

- The only free items are just four different hats, which is kind of cheap. :P

- Once again, it's another party where you have to "Complete Game X to get these items" or "Come back every day to get this item". I didn't mind at first when they were introduced, but now almost every party this year has been cookie cutter because of it. The party is kind of boring because of this, and there's not much else to do.

My expectations for this party were not high to begin with, but I was still disappointed either way. I don't even care it is an ad party, it just was not that great. Hopefully the Star Wars Takeover washes the taste of this party out of my mouth.

Rate5Stars.png By Dalmation564

My favorite Club Penguin party ever! Sorry about 5 stars, it is supposed to be 4.5... This is a very great party, so here are my pros and cons:

Cons: ~It is called the Scare GAMES, so why is there one game? I did see the movie, and there were many more competitions, like don't bother the librarian, hide and seek; but with a nice addition, a scare maze, and much more! ~Non members can only get 4 different hats. I mean, really? Pros: ~Very amazing decoration ~I love the new rooms: the Amphitheater, the fraternities and sororities houses! Don't forget the new snazzy-lookin' Snow Forts, or the scare arena ~Very fun mini-games *Ahem* game! ~Members can have many new and cool outfits; while matching the characters in the movie; Monsters University! (I especially live the Art costume, CP. Love It!

Rate4Stars.png By Mario Rk

This party turned out a lot better than I expected. Non-members don't get much, again, but it's something. First off, the scare game is really fun. It's a shame you get nothing for beating the game other than scare points. Overall great party (short review since I'm lazy). Something I never understood though was how do the penguins suddenly know who each character is from MU?

Rate3Stars.png By Chill57181

The party was okay, but it could've been better. Here's what I think.


  • Nice rooms and music
  • Fun minigame
  • Cool items (fraternity/sorority caps and jackets)


  • No mascot :/
  • There was only one minigame. In the actual movie there were several games the monsters participated in, why couldn't we have those too?
  • You HAVE to wear the costume of a MU character to be able to scare. Kinda lame.
  • The Scare Games was obviously rigged in Oozma Kappa's favor
  • The origin of the worst thing to set cement on CP, the University

So personally, CP could of improved this party a lot, especially by adding some more ROR, PNK, and JOX costumes to make it even with OK's monstrous (lol) amount of six.

Rate4Stars.png By Krustytowers

Monsters University Takeover

okays lets make it quick partys awesome may be better bye

Rate3Stars.png By Gatuti789

I was expecting more of the party.


  • Cool and amazing clothes.
  • The minigame is cool.
  • There are nice decorated rooms


  • There aren't many decorated rooms.
  • The ads show a incredible and big party, but it isn't.
  • There aren't many things to do after you win many Scare Points.

Rate3Stars.png By LordMaster96

This party is very much enjoyable at the beginning but as soon as we earn all of the free items, we realize that this is one of those parties that is not very enjoyable from beginning to end. Being a Takeover and Monsters University, maybe Club Penguin could have done the better job of transforming the whole island into a university campus instead of just a few rooms around the Snow Forts area.

Rate4Stars.png By Weegee32235


Ok, this party is aaawweessomeee!!!!
SCAAAREEE GAMEEES!!! I am in Oozma Kappa! =D
Good Decoration
Was based on a very nice movie
The unique game is awesooome
Has only one game
Non-Members has only 7 items

Rate4Stars.png By A7XRev

I gotta say. For a dumb party idea...this was pretty awesome. Pros:

  • The music. I always think music is important for parties because the people that make the Club Penguin music make it sound awesome...well...unless it's the exact same song but slightly remixed every time *cough Puffle Hotel cough*.
  • The dorms for the different houses were amazing. I thought JOX's was the best. The music fit in perfectly with the rooms, the decorations were awesome, my only problem was that you couldn't go upstairs.
  • The game was pretty fun however it has its cons. Nothing more than scaring the crap out of a bunch for robot penguins for "money".
  • The decorations. That's all that needs to be said.


  • Like most parties it takes about 5 minutes to discover everything and then you're bored for the next 2 weeks.
  • Back to the game. It got repetitive. They just changed around the obstacles and slightly changed the room color. No power-ups, no slight change in the gameplay just dodge things and scare penguins.

I seriously doubted this party at first. I thought it was stupid of them to this rather than a Music Jam or something but in the end it was actually pretty good. Congratulations Club Penguin you did it right.