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Medieval Party
Average Rating: 1.5 (Rotten)
Total Reviews: 22
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You are on the reviews page for the Medieval Party 2013. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate2.5Stars.png By Penstubal

No free items (until the last day), only a few rooms decorated, unicorns... seriously? ... it's just a 3. Not really like i expected it CP.

Rate2Stars.png By Hat Pop

Being a veteran player around for the first Medieval Party, I've seen this party change over the course of its history; I thought they couldn't do worse when they sucked it dry in 2012. Trying to remain optimistic for 2013, the only thing I could say I admire about it is the new twist (transformations) they tried to add. Honestly, though, most of the interactive features are limited to members, the room overhauls for me were completely confusing and I couldn't tell where I was at first (not to mention the new art style hasn't quite won my affection), and I was especially let down by the fact classic rooms- and a lot of rooms in general- like the Lighthouse and Beacon were left out. You didn't impress me this time, Club Penguin.

Rate2Stars.png By Bali

I'm a bit disappointed. CON: Only a few decorated rooms. Where is the Knight's quest? PRO: Good old and new musics.

Rate1.5Stars.png Ye Olde OVERHAUL load 'o crud! By Brookelas

CP's first non-takeover for a while... let's see how they did, and if it beats takeovers. (Note: I will give out zeros if needed.)

  • Decorations - 2/5 - Whilst the decorations are nice and new... I have two complaints... the overhauls that dont even make SENSE and the logic on the decorations. I mean you have the Town, which is a slave town, then the Snow Forts which is all rich and fairy-ish, with a medieval joust next to it. Then beside the fairy place, you have a disgusting ogre place, which isnt even MEDIEVALY! Which brings me to point number 3... the decorations are not medievaly... they should have named the party Fairy Tale Party or Wizard Party. PLUS The Cove, Underground, Beach, Lighthouse, Ski Village, Mountain and Lodge are all not decorated... and I liked those rooms last year.
  • Storyline - 3/5 - Yay Rockhopper comes to give Gary a potion book... it is simple, but where did he find the potion book?
  • Party Rooms - 0/5 - Ugh the party rooms... WHERE IS THE TREE FORT AND THE KNIGHTS QUESTS? The two party rooms are pointless and reused DECORATIONS from previous years. Zero in this category.
  • Transformations and Party Games - 5/5 - Well, we haven't seen transformations in a while... and what I like this time is that they are spells that make sense... not just randomly turning into a dino from digging up eggs. And the party game is fun too! :P
  • Music - 2/5 - I like the Town music, and I like the old music... but the placement was awful. Every room... the music is different. That irritates me for so many reasons.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 3/5 - Just meh.
  • Quest - 3/5 - Scavenger Hunt takes two points off... but I do like the potions!
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 1/5 - Merp! Gary! Emotes! FUNNY Jokes. I took off points because it has no funny animations like 2012.

Okay so... I am really disappointed CP. I hope this is the last Medieval Party. While there were SOME good parts to this party, there were not many. Medieval has been totally sucked dry to the point where IT ISNT EVEN A MEDIEVAL PARTY!

Well... a total of 19/40 points which rounds to 1.5/5 I don't wanna talk about this party anymore.

Rate0.5Stars.png This is terrible. By Cp kid

Note: I haven't technically been on Club Penguin to see this party due to my terrible computer. However, I've seen enough on the CPW and through my own experience from past medieval parties (since the beginning, 2008) to rate this party as worse than a 1 and rant about how terrible it is.

So, the summary of this party is: It should've never happened.


  • ehh... a medieval catalog even though it has stupid items in it? :S
  • MAYBE Gary as a mascot, but it's kinda iffy considering Gary's been a "mad" scientist rather than a professional scientist since January.


  • How did this party go from 30-something party rooms (the most at the time of their release) to two, copied party rooms... The current rooms are a ripoff of the lighthouse's decorations from last year (now located in the school), and one of the Ye Knight's Quest rooms (now somewhere near the forest).
  • NO YE KNIGHT'S QUESTS. This ruins the party in and of itself, not to mention the extreme lack of "decorations" in critical medieval rooms.
  • The "decorations" are terrible. In the rooms that are decorated (except for the Night Club which is the same as it used to be) they are totally overdone, and rather than just "decorations", they have literally been transformed so much that some people don't even recognize the rooms. Plus, there are so many old rooms that aren't decorated, and they've all been critical medieval rooms in the past. No decorated underground, come on -_- Who didn't like the pin maker 3000 in the boiler room, the cave full of gold (and ye knight's quests) and the non-member dragon "battle" in the mine?! Plus, almost half of the island lacks decoration above-ground, because the beach, lighthouse and the entire ski village area lacks any decorations. Also to complain about party rooms more, what happened to the Tree Fort, the first ever party room that's been at every medieval party ever? Oh well, I guess it didn't qualify for CP's new art "standards"...
  • Music. I haven't heard all of the music, but Mario Rk gave me the link to the "main theme" of the party. It's similar to the original version in the beginning, but once you listen for a little while you realize it sound like something you'd hear in fantasy-land at Walt Disney World. Quite disappointed.
  • Transformations would've been fine at this party, honestly. However, the whole "magic and transform" idea took over the true medieval theme, thus eliminating the ye knight's quests and all of the original concepts of this party. So I would prefer to be a knight over being a unicorn or a chicken, thank you very much.
  • In my opinion, the whole magic theme in and of itself is totally overblown. I mean the party could have been cool if it had been wizards and knights at the same level of awesome-ness and recognition for this party, but it wasn't. It's just like the Halloween party 2012, Puffle Party 2013, and other parties where the parties are literally focused on one thing (halloween party focused on gariwald's mansion, puffle party focused on the rainbow puffle & hotel). Basically, this entire party is centered around wizards (now based in Pengwarts school of wizardry rather than the now-barren lighthouse), magical potions and transformations, which I think is utterly wrong.
  • And one final thing, timing. In May I was devastated to hear that this party was cancelled because I figured it would be the same as it's always been. At first when I heard that it was coming back in September, I wasn't sure what to think because I loved the Medieval PArty, but was also sad to see that it demolished another classic party, the fair. However, now I see the truth; Club Penguin took out a party that has happened every September since 2007 for some magical doped-up Harry Potter Takeover.

I'm quite disappointed Club Penguin, once again you've failed all of the people who loved you pre-2012 when you were actually good.

Rate1Star.png Thumbs down! By LordMaster96

This party simply changed too much from the previous Medieval Parties I've experienced. It's not meant to be a bad party, but the sudden change makes irrelevant to the theme "Medieval". Is this really a Medieval Party still? On top of all, the navigation and recognition of rooms is simply terrible. Rooms have been decorated to the point that they're no longer recognizable. I had no idea I was at the Mine Shack or the Forest until I used the map to go there.

Rate3Stars.png Smaller but still fun By Captain Pinkbeard

I've been playing since 2008 and one of the most anticipated parties every year is the Medieval one. Club Penguin always manages to bring something new to the table and I am glad they tried something new this time.

Pros: - New Music: You can hear many new themes and remixes throughout the island and they all manage to capture the whole epic-hero-magic feel of the party. - Decorations: There's so much detail in every single party room and there whole party is beautiful. I'm happy to see that they decorated the Coffee Shop and the University. - Role Playing: You can be a fairy, a knight, a magician, a villager, a smith, a puffle unicorn, a dragon.. so much to do and so many princesses to save! - Fun stuff: The CP team focused on wizards and spells this year and by playing a very fun mini-game you can make different potions and obtain a wizard outfit! Awesome!

Cons: - Not enough decorated rooms: Rooms like the ski village, the underground and the lighthouse are not decorated although they were in fact decorated during the past Medieval Parties. It is unfortunate that the party is solely focused in one set of rooms. - No Knight's Quests: These were the best part of the parties! They should have kept them!

Rating: 3/5 stars It may not be as grand as the previous ones, but it's still a fun party.

Rate0Stars.png Worst party of 2013 By RockoRocks

Let's get this straight. This party is absolutely terrible compared to the other Medieval Party. As I thought before it started, i did NOT want another medieval party. 5 medieval parties is absolutely more than enough. Brief review:


- Cool executable spells

- Some new rooms


- No new knight quest

- No dragon battle or similiar

- Awful party catalog with very dumb-looking costumes (except for some items)

- No Rockhopper

- Very few decorated rooms

- The spells can only be done by members (despite that I'm a member myself, i find this bad)

- No non-member items

- Overall almost no new content for non-members. I am a member and I dissaprove of this.

- Unicorns

Rate1Star.png What happened?! By Lego97

Wow. Uh. First of all, let me just say I didn't have the time to review the Teen Beach Movie Party last month, so I'll say I thought it was okay, regardless of it being an ad. That being said....what the heck is this. This seriously has to be the worst Medieval Party ever .I didn't think it was possible to make a bad one, but wow.


-Another transformation gimmick that I don't care for. (but I will admit the Chicken Puffle is kind of lulzy)

-Going back every day to make potions instead of doing a Knights Quest? Boring.

-No Knights Quests = No Medieval Party.

-The navigation of this party is awkward. I'm pretty much used to the new designs this year, but for this one it is just strange.

-There is only 13 rooms decorated. Remember when the whole island was decorated for these? Me too, CP.

-They not only got rid of the quests, but they got rid of other fun activities from past years like the battle at the Snow Forts, the Pin Maker in the Boiler Room, the dragon in the Mine, etc.

-Rockhopper's forced point into the potion story a week before the party. Let me ask: What does a pirate have to do with a Medieval Party in the slightest? I feel they just shoved him to remind us he exists.

-The thing I loved about the Medieval Parties is they all had a story to tell. Maybe not the 2008-2011 ones (but you could use your imagination), but the 2012 definitely had a huge story., making potions. That's it. Might as well just rename this the "Magic Potion Party".


+ The only thing I really appreciate is that they decorated the School for once and tried to give it a purpose.

Honestly, that's all I can give this party. I'm not going to bother with decorations because the decorations barely feel Medieval at all. I don't know what to say. I didn't think it was possible to make a bad Medieval Party...but I think the crew just gave up.

Rate3Stars.png A disappointment to all previous Medieval Parties. By Mario Rk


I expected something better than this, something more amazing. Something to kick off the era of non-takeovers. I was wrong. First off, we got the rooms, which I think are pretty good but it would have been nice if they decorated all the rooms on the island. Unlike previous medieval parties, the underground wasn't decorated AT ALL. So because the ground wasn't decorated, we didn't get any knight's quests unfortunately. Next, when you hear 'medieval times', what do you think about? Probably knights, kings, queens and dragons, but maybe the last thing you'd expect are wizards, unicorns, fairies and such. This party seems to focus around those more minor medieval legends than the typical knight and dragon battles. It just doesn't seem that right. Potions are nice, but it seems like CP is copying Pandanda. Its a sad thought because this party took away so many things it just doesn't seem right. Sure we have Knight Club bottom but at the top isn't the usual king-like area, instead the usual ol' dance lounge. The gift shop isn't even decorate at all! This party just took away so much. Also, I wanna ADOPT puffles not transform into them. I'd love a Chicken Puffle or a Dragon Puffle to add to my set! Non-members also barely get anything. Heck does this party even HAVE any free items that aren't available the final day? That's all I have to rant about for now it seems…


Its the first non-takeover party in what? 4 months or something? And I gotta admit the dock looks nice. and its kind of hard to think of anything else good about this party so that's all for now. The potions concept is neat but it could have been better. A LOT BETTER. This party is so bad I have to rant in the pros selection… yeah…


Worst Medieval Party ever. They might as well have renamed this party to "Mythical Wizard Party" instead of "Medieval Party". Where's the Medieval at? Sure, villages, battles and such but it just isn't good enough to me. Club Penguin could have done a better job if they kept the quests, they had some sort of Scorn sequel, or I would have even taken a new "Wizard's Quest". It would have been nice if they debuted the puffle knight hat for this event. Overall it stinks. They better make something better or go retro. It saddens me a little because I loved the medieval parties, and with this failure, they better go retro next time or screw the party in total.

Rate0Stars.png Disappointing By Mr Bp13

Well, where do I start? The Medieval Parties were always great and fun, but now? They went from good in 2011 to brilliant in 2012 to weird fairy thing in 2013. Umm, the potions are okay. There are some new room designs. That's about it. I hope it's just a warm-up like Rockhopper's visit. There's no dragon battles, no Knight's Quest. I will update the review at the end of the party (If the dragon potion does anything). But... just terrible.

Rate2.5Stars.png Something is missing By Gatuti789

I thought the party would be amazing, with lots of decorated rooms and incredible items... Here are my list of Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
  1. The decorated rooms are incredible!
  2. The members clothes are amazing!
  3. I like the transformations.
  4. The new minigame to create the potions is cool.
  • Cons:
  1. Few decorated rooms
  2. Few clothes to members
  3. Where's the free and non-members items?
  4. No YE KNIGHT'S QUESTS and battles with dragons. Where are the villains?
  5. The transformations are only available for members
  6. Where's the Tree Fort? IT'S A CLASSIC ROOM!
  7. Gary is look like crazy scientist.

Rate0.5Stars.png This junk is through the dumpster By Yuri102212

To be honest, I actually enjoyed the party, but not all of them.

UPDATE: Kaboom. Can't believe all of the potions were for members. And the alchemy thing made it worse.

(BTW, kudos to the one who made .5 ratings and this design!)


  • MUSIC! +27
  • The School (finally, the school got decorations for a party) +12
  • Cauldrony Bouncy Game +12
  • New decor (Plaza, Forest, Forts, Docks etc) + 12
  • =59 pts


  • Potions are for members only! -42
  • Unicorns, fairies -13
  • Only G came? -2
  • Where is the YKQ Quests (not including Scorn Battle yet I expected that) from last year? -4
  • =TOTAL: -1 pts.


Rate1Star.png One does not simply mix potions. By Amigopen


Rate2.5Stars.png k By Snowstormer

Meh, by the looks of it the design is not bad. And rooms like the School and Night Club and stuff are decorated. But even the Teen Beach Takeover was better. I mean, so many undecorated rooms that should be decorated. And err...potions? Not sure how that would work. Unicorn Puffles? errr...are they like kidding us or something. I don't know. But y'know the rooms that are decorated look cool.

Don't take this review too seriously, I have yet to go on CP. When I do however I'll edit this.

Rate0Stars.png Absolutely disgusting. By TheBroMaster

Ewww. This doesn't even have any medieval stuff in it; it's a wizard party now.



Rate3Stars.png An interesting party. By Computer Spy

Okay. This is not a bad party. But I wouldn't say it's very... exceptional. Pros

  • Gary
  • Nice Transformations
  • The potion game is fun
  • Great new music!
  • Good decor

Now for the dreaded CONS

  • No Knight's Quest?! OUTRAGE!
  • Why are there no decorations at the ski village, hill and beach?
  • Some of the transformations aren't really anything to get worked up about.
  • The Clothes Shop isn't decorated.

Not all I was expecting. Yeesh.

Rate3Stars.png Meh By Chill57181

This party isn't so great. Normally Medieval Parties are really awesome but this one wasn't. It's missing so many old rooms, the Knight's Quests, and of course the Tree Forts.

The potions are pretty cool but some of them are really stupid, like Potion of Hovering. Also I don't really see how Gary fits in here, and now he won't be at Halloween.

Rate2Stars.png It was alright By Kitten2

It was alright. The rooms that were decorated were cool, and the special party game was fun. It would've been better if more rooms were decorated and the free items were better. If you were a non-member you had to make potions you couldn't drink and after the long wait get only one free item. The main part of the party was members only, making it boring to non-members. It took a different approach at medieval times. Instead of knights and kings, it was ogres and wizards. Not my favourite party, but not the worst one either.

Rate1Star.png my complaints By FlipperKing

bad bad bad Well, I really dont know what to say... well for a start it is very bad! ITS SUPPOSED TO BE MEDIEVAL, NOT A FAIRY PARTY! Pros: Meeting Gary Cons: Rubbish formations (the only one that was good was the mega dragon) WHAT ARE POTIONS DOING IN A MEDIEVAL PARTY?! Gary looks insane! decorations are... absolute baloney WHAT THE HECK HAS A PIRATE GOT TO DO WITH POTIONS ANYWAY?! OVERALL: This is the worst medieval party ever! this is hopefully the last ever one (unless they change the party name to Magical Fairy Pary). Last time I even WANT a medieval party! OVERALL RATING: 1 star out of 5. Very dissappointing.

Rate1Star.png ... By A7XRev

No. Meh. Okay. Why would you cancel The Fair for this? No.