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MarvelSuperHeroTakeover2013Logo.PNG Marvel Superhero Takeover
Average Rating: 4.5 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 18
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You are on the reviews page for the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

Lets see... This party was actually AMAZING. Let's break it down and see exactly why.

Before I start, I would like to say, I dont care if CP is advertising companies. As long as great quality is in the party.

  • Decorations - 5/5 - YES! YES! This is what I was hoping for last year. The WHOLE ISLAND as a city! This is PERFECT!
  • Storyline - 4/5 - The storyline was cool... better than last years... however it wasn't detailed enough. Magic crystals came to the island to power penguins up, but where did robots come from, and why were they there?
  • Party Rooms and Transformations - 5/5 - Transformations would have ruined this party, so thank goodness there are none. As for party rooms, I love the revamp they did to the Hero and Villain HQs. The Hero Lab is awesome as well!
  • Music = 5/5 - YES! I love the tracks from last year, but I really like the awesome song that plays in the Hero Lab and Hero HQ! It is AWESOME!
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - Once again, the Free Items are GREAT! YAY! Power Gloves! This year, they actually have powers! The Marvel catalog is also great as well! There are so many costumes! SO MANY!
  • Quest - 5/5 - YES! NO QUEST! Instead we get two FUN and ADDICTING minigames! The minigames are fun, and of course, I love having a robot and destroying others robots with power gloves!
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - There weren't too many, but they were still cool. Having a robot following you around is AWESOME! The limited time emotes were awesome this time and Aunt Arctic has a cool new BG. So, there are no bad minor details!

I love the City theme this party had. Not defeat protobot every 20 mins. I am rating the party 34/35. Out of 5 that is exactly 4.85/5 which will round up to 5/5. Great job CP! I am impressed again! My favourite party this year!

Rate5Stars.png By Chill57181

I wasn't expecting much... But I was wrong. CP blew me away with this party. So let's break it down, shall we?


  • There's tons of decorations, some of them are new, others are recycled from last year, overall it's a lot bigger than the last party.
  • The storyline is exactly the same, but fortunately they didn't do something stupid like "OMG THE METEOR FLEW BACK INTO THE SKY AND CRASHED AGAIN", instead using the crystals thing.
  • Aunt Arctic is here with a new background :3
  • There's no super annoying quest that takes a bajillion days to do. The power gloves and robots are day-limited but still cool.
  • Super Hero Bounce and Robot Factory are cool games. I'm glad that CP didn't force us to play tedious games or a quest (*cough*Hollywood Party*cough*) just to get items.
  • New non-member catalog items and the ones from last year too.
  • Protobot is back. He's kinda cool :3
  • It's not recycled from last year.


  • Unfortunately the Ski Village, Underground, and Dojo regions are forgotten about as usual...
  • There's not many new free items yet (besides the game ones).
  • It's a partnership/ad party, but frankly I don't care, so why did I include this? Hmmm...

To wrap up this review, it's epic. I wasn't really expecting much but... Yeah!

Rate4Stars.png By Rainbow Puffles

Well better than last years lame one room partys (I hated 2012 for that and the luck I had that year) but not as good as the last years marvel superhero takeover in a way Pros

  • The HQs are much better this year
  • No quest but two minigames below
  1. Robot build
  2. Crystal collect
  • The graphics are better


  • The iceberg

Rate5Stars.png By TheBroMaster


Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212

Best of the best! Pros:

  • A lot of rooms decorated
  • Epic new costumes
  • Super hero/villain are now for non-members
  • Games for each side
  • A lot more


  • 8/9 power gloves for members
  • Deploying robots for members
  • Few rooms not decorated

Thank you CP, I'm impressed! It's a five star, the grade is A!

Rate5Stars.png By Computer Spy

WOW. There are two types of WOWs. The ones you get when your really disappointed with something, and the other one is when you're super amazed. Mine is the second WOW. This is a great party. Only a couple cons... Pros: No transformations! Do ALL the parties have to have those? No quests! Quests a overused, too. Fun new games! The crystal and robo building games are totes epic! Best costumes of the year! Great hero costumes! And some pretty sweet non-member items, too. Epic lairs! The hero lair is awesome! It's in the sky and everything! The evil lair is cool, too. The huge shark that passes by the window ever few minutes sorta creeps me out. Cons The iceberg wasn't decorated like last year. Last year there was the map of CP with buildings you could knock over. Plus, you can't see the city from your view. There's a tiny little glitch. When I walk into some room, I hear a weird buzzing noise. It even comes into the games with you! That's it.

Great work CP, you really passed inspection this time! If next year's party is even better than this, Club Penguin may still have a chance. :D

Rate5Stars.png By Mario Rk

Amazing party. I was expecting it to be boring like last year, but it took a complete turn from the original design of the party. I'm somewhat impressed CP didn't put transformations in this party. The games are fun too. We also don't have a ridiculous quest we have to wait for like 12 hours to do the next assignment! I wished they varied the Marvel costumes a bit more though, why so many costumes of Iron Man that have been recolored? Overall for an ad party for Iron Man 3, it turned out good.

Rate5Stars.png By Star kirby12

This was great! Unlike the last one, Club Penguin did a LOT of work making new things and new heroes. (Honestly I was like "OMG SO MANY IRON MAN ITEMS IT'S BEAUTIFUL HOW DO I CHOOSE") But one thing, the Hero Bounce was a ripoff of Mega Jump.

Rate5Stars.png By Pikalugia

I love this party, its pretty amazing, with super many features for all penguins. Fun for Non-members too, also the Party Catalog is awesome. I like the games also! So i will gonna give 5 stars. Good job Club Penguin! :)

Rate5Stars.png By Speed578

Better than last years. WAY better. Tons of new power gloves and a bunch of new costumes, allot of rooms decorated, allot of party rooms, 2 new games, no quest or tedius games, and allot of fun!

Rate5Stars.png By Lego97

Wow, I'm impressed. Great job CP, definitely better than last year's! Yes, I know this party is another ad, but like Brookelas said, I think as long as the party itself is good, then it doesn't matter.


+ I really LOVE the decorations for the rooms this year - some elements are re-used from other parties (like the Lighthouse Hospital from Operation: Blackout), but they work very well here.

+ The Snow Forts, Dock, Cove, and Forest have amazing designs.

+ The robots and power gloves are really awesome, even though most of their actions are the same.

+ I also like the little reference to Tony Stark's mansion as the Hero Lab. Cool nod to the Iron Man films.

+ The new Villain and Hero bases are nice, even though it's a bit disappointing you can't destroy anything in them, but oh well.

+ Super Hero Bounce and Robot Factory are fun mini-games - too bad they won't be permanent.

+ Great music, and I like they brought the main theme back from last year.

+ Costumes are good as well, even though most of them are Iron Man related.


- The only minor issue I have is the sound effects get a bit annoying, but that's not a huge issue due to the mute button.

Rate3Stars.png By Bulletbill1

The Super Hero Bounce game was too slow. It didn't respond to my mouse.

Rate4Stars.png By Snowstormer

It's a pretty good party, but there's just so many things that could be changed. I don't find many things wrong with it, except the facts that so many rooms are left undecorated, the sounds are annoying, too much member stuff, and etc... Also the mini games are boring.

Rate4Stars.png By Batreeqah

It is a very cool party.

Rate5Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Much better than last year's version, but clothes shop should be decorated.

Rate4Stars.png By Penstubal

Pretty nice party, but the some decorations = nah.


  • Not the same as last year (phew).


  • Almost all is for members
  • Some rooms untouched.

Rate5Stars.png By Patti Poppy

Amazing Party Pros:

  • Tons of new costumes with all the costumes from last year along with new superheroes, new villains, and the cool Iron Man armor!
  • You got to build colored robots and have them follow you around
  • Awesome superpower gloves with a lot more abilities than last year
  • Fun games to play (Super Hero Bounce, Robot Factory)
  • Different decorations than from last year
  • No quests!!!
  • Aunt Arctic is meetable


  • No special actions for the hero costumes. I really want those!
  • Nothing much else to say here...

Rate2Stars.png By A7XRev

Meh. I thought 2012 was better.