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Hollywood Party 2013.png Hollywood Party
Average Rating: 2.7 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 18
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Rate2Stars.png By Snowstormer

No, just no. It's horrible, most of the rooms are not decorated at all, they just have the dark sky in them. The High School set is stupid, just dance and get prizes? And you can't even access the stage, that's just stupid. The Police set sucks as well, and so does the Space set, they would be better, however, if they had scripts instead of stupid dancing and waving and sitting. The thing I like about the party, however, is the limousine. When I was smaller I used to dream about cars in CP. :P And it even moves around for everyone at the same time. Not just sitting in the three different rooms and then "moving" when you enter. Another thing I like is the fountain in the Town. I'm in love with fountains! :D I also love the Pizza Parlor decorations, even though they overloaded it with cream soda. :| The Award Show is not so bad, even though it's extremely complicated, I'm not even entirely sure how one wins an award?!? Anyways it's a horrible party that has only a few good sides to it.

And CP put the word "swag" in it. <sarcasm>Thanks for overusing an overused word CP. :)</sarcasm>

Rate2Stars.png By Chill57181

This party is no good, and lazy.


  • Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Gary, and Sensei are visiting
  • Aunt Arctic looks GREAT :3 She looks more like the old art style - hopefully that's how everything will be from now on.
  • A wide variety of items to buy
  • Cool decorations


  • Cadence and Sensei have old backgrounds
  • Gary's graphics were lazy... His player card was copied from the Prehistoric Party and set onto a Hollywood Party scene, and his backgrounds were his Halloween 2010 and Prehistoric ones merged together.
  • You can't truly act in the movies, there's nothing fun about them at all
  • Decorations are scarce besides the night sky.
  • There's way too many bugs. (i.e. the disappearing bug)
  • The director's quest is too tedious to be "fun".
  • Too much hype for this party.

So yeah. Honestly, this party could've been good, but there was way too much wasted potential.

Rate4Stars.png By Quackerpingu

4, because some rooms have not yet been opened. I like the car, but looks like you cant get out from the doors! That is same trademark as Spy Car furniture, there is a puffle made out of metal on the car(NOT THE DUBSTEP PUFFLE), the furniture has it too. The Coffee Shop truck is another trademark because this has a metal fish. But now go back to talk about the party. Cool items. Who is not a member and wants the Red Tracksuit, dont worry, there is the code DSKYRIDE for Blue Tracksuit, which only difference is the color. I like the Break a Leg cast. Other items are cool, too. I like the party. But i dont like the idea of SECOND Marvel Super Hero Takeover. UPDATE: I cant get some of the party items!

Rate4Stars.png By Dps04

I appreciate the decorations they made in this party. They did put a lot of effort into it, imo. Also, besides members-only items, there is also a catalog for everyone. So, this is even better than the Prehistoric Party and deserves a 4.

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

Personally, I like this more than the Prehistoric Party so far. I may edit the grade as the party continues, but here are my thoughts for the time being:


+ The limo is awesome.

+ The decorations are amazing in some places (like the Pizza Parlor), along with the music.

+ I like how you have to wait for the other two sets instead of throwing them all at once - it makes the party more long lasting.

+ The awards are cool - they aren't exactly how I imagined, but the prizes are nice.


- In terms of noises: The sparkling noise your camera makes when you take a picture of someone gets annoying, and the noise when you dance with the Space Squid costume can be annoying. I know I can easily mute, but they could be an issue to those who prefer to hear the music.

- The fact I had to spend over an hour taking pictures to get the director items was really tedious.

Overall, not a bad party - it does blend some nice elements from the Penguin Play Awards in, and it's more engaging than the Prehistoric Party, which I admit was a bit dull looking back.

Rate1Star.png By TheBroMaster

It's actually better than I expected. They decorated some rooms, there are cool items to buy, and some other small stuff. It's quaint, but it's not TOO big for an event. The music could have been more James Bond-like though. lol

Update: Once I heard they put the word "swag" in there... That just ruined my review.

Rate2Stars.png By Cp kid

Basically, it's just an "Ultimate Jam" for movies rather than music.


+Famous penguins I guess


+Items for everyone catalog (however that's turned into a natural party trait now)

+Sky. I actually like the blue-greenish sky. Thank god CP didn't use the horrible pink-orange sky from "Ultimate Jam".


-Party Rooms. I mean party rooms are good, but all of these just suck. The sets are too much like actual "behind-the-scenes Hollywood", so they're no fun. And why not just open the Night Club Rooftop, rather than have the "limo"?

-AA's new look. Plus, G's new BG sucks. Why not just give us his 2010 BG since we're only getting Sensei's 2009 BG anyways? lol

-The "quest". I mean almost every party since the "Ultimate Jam" has had a "quest" you have to complete to gain free items, and that SUCKS. I want to just be able to waddle around the island and pick up free items out of designated free item BOXES, not go on CP every day, do some stupid dance, and automatically get free items.

-Party idea in general. I mean in 2007/2008 CP'd just throw out any logical party that makes sense and would be FUN, such as the water party. Now, they're just poofing up real-world things that have never appeared in CP before, like entire parties based on dinosaurs, Marvel Super Heros, and even movies (even though movies had NEVER been seen before other than Night of the Living Sled and Best Seat in the House). CP needs to revert back to the 2007-2009 thought process in my opinion.

Overall, I gave the party 2 stars mainly for effort. I mean CP's TRYING to improve on stuff, and in some ways they are (like the non-member item catalogs). However, in most instances here they're just making things LESS enjoyable (like how to collect free items, actual PARTY ideas, etc.) in my opinion. Hopefully the Puffle Party is ok like last years.

Rate1Star.png By IanBoy142

This is like one of the worst parties of Club Penguin, i mean, there are flashing things everywhere, annoying sounds, incredible lag, too much mascots, and stolen ideas. The stage A that CP High 3 thing is just a parody of High School Musical 3, the stage B is just a weird police thing like the Marvel Super Hero Party, and the stage C is just a odd space adventure. The only thing i liked are the items. The items look really cool for this party. But, they are really impossible to get, how i even get those?!? Disney, Stop making rubbish ideas!

Rate1Star.png By RainbowDash

Look! More rubbish made by Disney!! Pros: - Cool items that i really like...


- ...but they were ridicolously frustrating and hard to get, i spent like 1 hours trying to get the Directors Clapboard and i still couldn't get it. I became hopeless and i just used Cheat Engine to hack them instantly. And i don't like doing that with available items!

- Extremely annoying noises and camera-flash sounds that make me go CRAZY.

- Dumb, stolen ideas. Lots of lag and the movies are cliché (especially Penguin High 3).

- Waiting for the limo tends to get a bit annoying. + i don't like dubstep music which kind of kills my ears (but not as much as these annoying camera flash sounds and noises do)...

- Non-members don't get a cool Hollywood star under their penguin. That's really, really pathetic.

- The ridicolously huge amount of online penguins makes the experience confusing and disables you from even trying to role-play on the so-called movie stages.

- Just look at the stupid things you can do as a non-member. OHHH, you can get some director items where you need to waste like 3 or 4 hours of taking flash photos with annoying sounds.OOHHH, you can do well ummmm.... nothing else.

Rate4Stars.png By AnnaTheShepherd

Not too bad. Could use a little bit more decorations but otherwise it's good. I like the limousine and the items. (:

Rate3Stars.png By Star kirby12

I guess it's okay, but the items take too long to get. And you have to wait for 1-2 days to get new items, which... are sorta okay. But this is too short for me to make an FSC on it, since I'm a bit busy now and I haven't even got a chance to get the Prehistoric Party episode down, and in the awards show it basically is just choosing a random penguin. So yeah.

...aaaaand let's not forget the crazy lags and glitches where the limo comes and goes instantly, your penguin disappears and you can't do anything and when you enter the limo in low quality high quality is immediately triggered which is annoying if there are a lot of people in it.

Rate1Star.png By Reeze

Haha no. This is a sad attempt for a party. What's up with CP? They change "Christmas Party" to "Holiday Party" so as not to be offensive. They change "Fall Fair" to "The Fair" because not everyone is in fall at the same time. So why are they using a city name for their party? Why not just the "Movie Party" or "Blockbuster Fiesta?" Seems kind of hypocritical for a company that's trying as hard as possible not to favor a certain place, race, or religion.

Okay, what's up with Club Penguin lately? They think BIGGER is BETTER! And by bigger, I mean bigger for members. I don't care about cool items or dancing to get stars or taking pictures of celebrities. I want a fun party with neat (not "I-can't-see-anything-what-is-this-mess") decorations and some cool puzzles to solve. Add a mascot and that party is five stars. You see, I like the April Fools' parties because you get to explore new rooms and have completely weird experiences. This party is a Disney party. And that's bad.

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

Ok, maybe I am being too kind here to CP, however, I really did enjoy this party. It was simple, yet good. While some minor changes would have made the party perfect, they aren't too big. I really enjoyed the Director quest. It was actually kinda fun once I got into it. Plus it gave me a reason to log in, as I do not just randomly role play with random penguins on a large server. I do hope the limit those kinds of quests though. If this party returns, which I actually hope it does, they should try and decorate more though.

Rate3Stars.png By A11766

Not overly thrilling. I find it lazy that Gary's Background was just a remake. I liked the rooms, and I think the party had more purpose to it than the Prehistoric Party however I think more rooms should be decorated with maybe a news crew area. Limo was a great idea, so all in all it wasn't too bad!

Rate2Stars.png By YellowCrown

For the past years, Februarys definitely wasn't the month of big parties in Club Penguin - and this one isn't an exception. Though the party was widely advertised and had a lot of effort in it I still feel it isn't a huge party. Sure, this party might hold the record for the number of new items released but the free items were really, really hard to get and time-consuming. The biggest con of the party were the Directors' items was too time-consuming, it seriously takes more than an hour constantly taking photos with your camera to get all the items. The members-only items were okay. As of Decorations, only the Town, Snow Forts, Pizza Parlour and the Plaza were decorated for the party. As for the rest of the rooms the sky was only darker - though that really was a nice effect. Although the few decorations, I loved the decorations in the Town and the Plaza. The fountain at the Town and the lights on the buildings were a really cool addition. At least we do know that the Club Penguin team still has great ideas when it comes to decorations. The party rooms in this party weren't really impressive - which only included the sets. Perphaps the highlight of the party for me was the Limo featuring the Dubstep Puffle. I loved how the limo visited all the rooms and you can hop off when you arrive at the room you want or wait for and jump in the limo at the Town, Snow Forts or Plaza.


  • Free items were too hard to get
  • Few rooms decorated
  • Movie sets aren't good enough


  • The limo party room was a great idea
  • Decorations of the Town and Plaza were brilliant

Rate4Stars.png By Batreeqah

It was very fun. I would not rate it the best, but it was awesome.

Rate4Stars.png By Purple54688_cool

The Hollywood Party was not bad. I think that at the Award Show, you could get all of the awards while the Award Show was opened. I was only able to get the gold award (not that it was bad). I still liked the Hollywood Party!

Rate4Stars.png By A7XRev

This is a pretty good party I must say! Pros:

  • The limo is amazing. Hot tub, coffee bar, AND Dubstep music! Sounds like my type of place.
  • The decorations are pretty good. It isn't over decorated like another CP party *cough* Prehistoric Party *cough*.
  • The movie stages were pretty good (High Speed Getaway actually scared me because of a sound effect that was really loud.)
  • The awards were kinda nice.


  • I know they wanted everyone to have a chance at getting a trophy, but the fact that it just randomly picked people who were in the room was a little...IDK It didn't make your win feel special.
  • The main theme sounded annoying, repetitive and just weird in my opinion.
  • Some of the movie sets were not quite right to me. Club Penguin High 3 was pretty much High School Musical in CP form. High Speed Getaway has a minor complaint but that is one of the most cliché/worst names you could give an action movie. There was nothing really wrong with The Space Squid though. However all you needed to do in the movie was to do an emote/dance/just walk on it and you did it! You were in the movie. Also Club Penguin High 3? Return of the Space Squid? Why are those sequel names? Where is Club Penguin High 1 and 2? Where is the original Space Squid? I don't know just some random complaints.

The Puffle Party is near and I'm excited but they screwed up one thing, there is no April Fools' Party! REALLY?!? Okay whatever. I'm out.