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Holiday Party
Average Rating: 2.9 (Could be better)
Total Reviews: 14
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Rate4.5Stars.png Not bad By Penstubal

This party is great, but some things are missing or are just plain wrong. Where's the Santa Sled? I loved that game. It was a classic. What about the Advent Calender? It was one of my favorite classics which i believe that probably the entire island loved! And now: this is no longer a Holiday Party, but a Train Party. There are too many mentions of trains, but i will live with it. The decorations are epic, however some of the rooms are too close to the decorations last year. Otherwise, great party.

Rate5Stars.png CP: Back on TRACK! By Brookelas

Oooooh... the Holiday Party! I love this party every year, and this year is no excpetion.

  • Decorations - 5/5 - A nice blend of old and new decorations are perfect. I love that. And the Mine Shack and School are EPIC! (And we all thought the School would never be decorated lol), I miss the Night Club decorations tho :(
  • Storyline - 5/5 - For a Holiday Party, there is a nice storyline. Rookie tries to take all of Herbert's coins, and goes too fast on Gary's new invention, thus, finding a new way to donate for CFC.
  • Party Rooms - 3/5 - There have never been a lot of party rooms at Holiday Parties, but they did take out Santa's Sleigh and the Bakery... even though the train station and railway.
  • Transformations and Party Games - 5/5 - If the train game counts, it is EPIC! Members can drive non members around to donate Coins for Change! Oh, and thank goodness that there were no transformations... that would have ruined it.
  • Music - 5/5 - ITS PERFECT! A couple new TRACKS (awful pun) with a lot of old ones... and they spread them out too! YAY!
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 5/5 - YAY! Coins for Change items! And a catalog where you can dress as toys! WHOOPIE!
  • Quest - 5/5 - Working together to complete the Coins for Change metre is probably they best thing CP has done to the event. Now, everyone can help eachother and the world, which is exactly what the holidays are abotu!
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Its nice RH is visiting, and the party emotes are nice. The Dock and School have some interesting secrets too :)

I am rating this party 38/40, which rounds to 5/5! This party might just be the best party this year (I haven't calculated them all yet xD) But yeah, it rocks, CP seems to be back on TRACK (again... awful pun) after a bumpy year.

Rate3Stars.png An ok party By Kate7161

I wish there was more to it instead of just trains and holiday rooms though. I was looking forward to the rare items. I think the holiday party should be more about coins for change instead of trains. Also what happened to the Santa Game I loved that game last year. What Happened CP!!! I also wish there were more lights and more party rooms decorated. That really disappointing but I guess I still like the trains but I still think that the holidays are not about trains.

Rate2Stars.png Got bored in one try! By Sillybudz

Probably the worst party ever in 2013. How to end a busy year of fun? Make a WHOLE catalog for members (Which frustrated me since they did that earlier this year) and stuff. How It even says on the trivia in Wikia that members will do something for non-members. WHAT THE HECK IS THE THING? Anyway, the train game got boring in the first try. I can't believe that penguins have already got to 9 billion coins in just two days O_O. Club Penguin is like turning into Club Everything Exclusive Penguins.

Rate1.5Stars.png A true TRAIN WRECK. By Sharkbate

What a terrible way to end the year. This party is hardly a 'Holiday' Party anymore, as the entire thing is taken up by Coins for Change. This isn't to say I don't like CFC, but they are putting so much emphasis on donating virtual coins. I think CFC has a good message, but it just takes up too much of the party.

While continuing on the CFC topic, I find it ridiculous that you get a prize (a train of all things) for donating. Once you get a 'prize', it's NO LONGER A DONATION. It's now a purchasing. I guarantee half the penguins aren't donating for the sake of donating. They just want a silly train.

Also, how are trains relevant at all? I mean, yeah they have a Christmas theme to them, but what's the point? The trains are pretty glitchy as well. I would love to know who at the CP offices thought this was remotely close to a good idea. Now, onto decorations. More than half of them are rehashed from previous years. I mean, the same TOWN decor has been used for what, the last three years? Oh, and they, again, forgot to decorate the underground rooms, the Night Club, and they ditched "Santa's Sleigh". Oh no. Is the sleigh too offensive now? Maybe a Holiday Sleigh would fit more? No? Okay.

I will give them credit for using SOME new decorations. Oh, and 'decorations' must have an extremely broad definition, because the island is hardly 'decorated' at all. It's completely overhauled. They hardly look like the normal rooms anymore.

Now... the music. I'm so happy they put in some classic tracks from previous years, but why did they have to incorporate sounds into them? Like, clacking coffee mugs in the Coffee Shop... It takes away from the tracks, especially since you CAN'T MUTE JUST THE SOUNDS. There was ONE new track (played in the Town) that didn't bother me, so I will give them points for that.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed with this party. Club Penguin managed to destroy the CHRISTMAS parties that I loved way back. Here's a tip, CP: STOP SPENDING SO MUCH TIME DRAWING NEW ARTWORK FOR ONE ROOM TO BE DECORATED! The result is something that doesn't belong in Club Penguin, and ends up leaving half of the island neglected. Next time, really think a party through and actually DECORATE IT. Short, simple parties are better than long, complex parties. I give this party 1.5 stars.

Rate3Stars.png Where's Magic Sleigh Ride?! By Gatuti789


  1. The decoration.
  2. Coins for Change!
  3. Many free items for everybody!
  4. Rockhopper with an amazing new look.
  5. Christmas musics!


  1. The Dojo, the Mine and other rooms could de decorated.
  2. I prefer the cookies transformations.
  3. I'm bored about the trains.
  4. Where's Magic Sleigh Ride?!

Rate3Stars.png Meh By Yoshi11

Unlike the 2011 party, this year's party is all revolved around CFC. It's for a good cause, but really. There's big signs showing the coins donated and stuff. What's gone is the advent calendar. Geez. CP could have done a better job.

Rate2Stars.png Coins for Changing Club Penguin By LordMaster96

I think Santa replaced his reindeer with trains.

Rate3Stars.png Okay, I guess... By Mario Rk

This party is okay I guess. It's fun making long trains though! The rooms look good although I feel like Club Penguin is centering Coins For Change around the party TOO much. Now everything you do has to do with donating. Buy a train, donate. Shoot some presents down from the sky, donate. Donte, get items. Like, seriously? I'd like to see an ACTUAL Holiday Party instead of a Coins For Change party. I also miss Frost Bites, they were REALLY fun to transform into. Also, what is up with Rockhopper? He's gone insane this year. Decorating his beard with lights? Uhh... yeah... Overall, this doesn't seem such a Holiday Party and turned out to be more of a Coins for Change Party.

Rate2.5Stars.png Could be a lot better By Chill57181

Well the Holiday Party 2013 is okay. It's definitely not the worst party of the year, but it could use a LOT of improvement. The party feels more like a Coins for Change Party instead of a Holiday Party. There's barely any emphasis on Christmas anymore either. They even took away Santa's Magic Sleigh! Come on CP, it's the same thing every year. How hard is it to add a new free item or two to the sled?

The decorations are awesome however, although rooms from before such as the Night Club, Dance Lounge, Dojo Courtyard, and others are forgotten... again. The items are kind of weird... and caroling at the Dock sounds freaky. Just sayin'.

I just hate how EVERYTHING is Coins for Change now. All they talk about is Coins for Change. Ever since last year it hasn't even been DONATING. You buy trains or transformations and the coins go to CFC. And now there's an entire GAME to donate. I'm not playing the game to donate, I'm playing the game to have fun. I'm not buying trains to donate, I'm buying trains to have fun. Come on CP! Why can't we donate because we WANT to, not because we want prizes and to have fun?

Also Rockhopper is crazy now. He's been sorta 'insane' like Gary ever since his redesign. AND WHO PUTS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS IN THEIR BEARD?!?!

...Don't get ANY ideas Sensei.

Speaking of Sensei he must've gotten too old because he doesn't decorate the Dojo anymore... what a shame.

Even though Club Penguin took the "Christmas" out of Christmas Party, it still felt like Christmas. But now it feels like they're trying way too hard to push Coins for Change. I mean seriously. ALL Club Penguin talked about after Operation: Puffle was "Coins for Change Coins for Change :D". While I like CFC, I think it should be a PART of the Holiday Party, not THE Holiday Party.

Rate1Star.png No, By Snowstormer

No, no, no. CP managed to wreck another great party. I mean, I didn't like some aspects of last year, but this year it's even worse. Where are the transformations? Reindeer Puffles? I mean, some people didn't like them, but I did. I miss them from last year. The overall feeling of the party has changed, probably not to discriminate people...Seriously, if you have the Holiday Party DURING Christmas, it doesn't discriminate Jewish people, Muslims? No? Right. I think that if CP wants to generalize Holidays, they must have the Holiday Party during the entire December. Until then, they could keep it Christmas. Coins for Change is too forced on this year, I don't like it. I mean CFC is for a good cause, but even last year it was too dominant, this year it's even worse. Trains make no sense, they are slightly related to holidays but not really, I guess it was just a cheap way of generalizing Holidays again. Also, if CP is generalizing the holidays, they shouldn't use the Christmas-melody songs, but rather have no music at all. Uff...this generalization just isn't working CP, give up on it.

Okay now to the decorations, overall it's pretty nice. They did recycle a lot of rooms, but I mean, the decorations for these rooms were never bad so yeah, I sort of like them. They forgot about the rooms that were once always decorated again, which sucks.

The items: What is this, the catalog includes almost no Holiday related items. Train conductor outfit? How is THAT related to the Holidays, yeah no. Some Yellow Plushie thing and Brown Puffle Toy...omg such Holiday, yeah no. There was as few Holiday items as there could be. Also, there was ZERO non-member items. FRICKEN ZERO. CP has always included something for Non-Members, but not this time. Oh my god it's ticking me off.

Errrr...yeah. Not a good party to be honest. Where's the Santa's Sleigh? Oh right... Also, they had an ITEM called Santa's Sleigh, if we're talking about generalization, then yeah, this does not comply.

Overall, the only aspect I liked was some of the decorations.

Here's a mid-rant-ending-rant: Dear CP,
If you're wishing to generalize the Holidays, it's not working out. Jews and Muslims do not celebrate during Christmas time, and if you want to make a HOLIDAY Party, you must include stuff from all Holidays. Maybe a Hannukah candelabra on the Coffee Shop window? I don't know, but having Christmas Party decorations and music, calling it Holiday Party and not including any Christmas features because of being afraid of discrimination and being politically correct, you're not. This is not generalized Holidays, this is Christmas-style tagged as Holidays and all good features removed.
Thank you.

Rate4Stars.png Just right! By Yuri102212

I read most of your rantings, but I found it just enough. Pros:

  • Free items: At least there are 10 items from the UPPER RIGHT ICON of the screen, I don't care about FREE items. +10
  • Recycling: At least they made four redecorations. Don't pressure CP on making new room designs always. +5
  • Music: Good enough. +5
  • Special things: They made up the sleigh with the trains. COME ON GUYS! Do you even earn coins in the sleigh? At least they did in the train. +12
  • Quest: None.
  • CFC: Rather than just three, they're helping 10 causes, but the FIs are optional, right? +3
  • Total: 35/40


  • Freshness and Ripeness: It is fresh only for one week. After that, you feel it's "expired". -5
  • FULL TOTAL: 30/40


  • It's good, bad and clean in one. B-! Good try though, just put enough love in your parties CP.

BTW: Why is Christmas celebrated anyway? For gifts and Santa Claus? NO!

Rate4Stars.png Good Party By Enricc1

Was a good party the only bad thing is the Santa Sled don´t return

Rate3Stars.png Good party, not the best By JucaSLP

The Holiday Party of 2013 was, as always, a good party. The rooms were well decorated, the Coins For Change was a success and the train system was very innovative. But when we are talking about the Holiday Party, we always expect something great, because it's one of the most traditional parties in the game. By the end of the event, there is a feel that something was missing. Nothing is perfect, but Holiday Parties always need to be memorable.