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Halloween Party
Average Rating: 4.1 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 13
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You are on the reviews page for the Halloween Party 2013. Review submissions for this event are now closed.

Rate3Stars.png Much better than the last party, despite the glitchy start By RockoRocks

A decent Halloween Party, much better than the previous "Medieval" atrocity. This is ten times better than that. Overall, the new rooms are the best things about the party. They're original and diverse and not just all recycled from last year. Like last party, the party catalog items do not look very good, which is one of the cons of this party. Sadly the party started very glitchy, meaning I couldn't do any of these things: -Open up the party catalog -Collect candy & claim the prize On the other hand, there was very good music, and again not 'just' recycled music. To sum it up:


  • Very nice, creative and diverse room design and not just reused/recycled rooms from last years parties
  • Decent music
  • Better than the last party
  • Cool Trick-or-Treating system involving various igloos


  • Very glitchy start at the party. I couldn't open the catalog, collect candy or claim the scavenger hunt prize and this very odd glitch occured:
  • Transformations are really getting old, and they often lag and slow down the game. Disney, please stop it.
  • The transformation sounds are over-the-top-annoying. It's definetely the biggest con about this party.

Rate4Stars.png Not bad. By Bali

Rate5Stars.png Club Penguin nailed it. By Green Ninja

This party... it's just amazing.


  • I'm glad to see Club Penguin gave candy a bigger role in this year's party. I mean, candy is a big part of the spirit of Halloween, right? The new room decorations are awesome and Club Penguin made a good balance of new and old rooms.
  • The transformations. Just great. You can actually wear clothes with them! The zombie dances make me laugh. The werewolf howl can get a little annoying, though.
  • Rookie! Rookie is my second favorite mascot, so I am glad that he got a chance to join in the fun. As always, he is hilarious. I think he was a good pick as a mascot for the party. After Gary went back to his lab, someone needed to take over, and why not a crazy character like Rookie? He even messed up the candy order, but in the end, we still get some awesome transformations.


  • No Haunted Mansion, Dark Chamber, and some room designs are missing.

Otherwise, this is a perfect party. Why couldn't it have been like this all year?

Rate5Stars.png Probably the best party of the year so far. By Computer Spy

Holy moly. After this long year of upsetting parties, we finally have a great party. Pros

  • Most of the rooms are decorated for once. Just the ski village isn't, but that's no downer.
  • The island is pretty spooky.
  • Oooh, a twist. Rookie is the mascot.
  • I like how you can go trick or treating in other penguin's igloos.
  • Great costumes. They even have three for non-members.
  • Night of the Living Sled!
  • Great new music, and some it's recycled.

And now for the dreaded CONS

  • Transformations.
  • Really glitchy.
  • Annoying transformation sounds!

Well, I say this was a really great party. It's so awesome... it's scary.

Rate4.5Stars.png This is a TREAT! Not a TRICK! By Brookelas

Well I can tell you right off the bat that this is way better than Medieval, and it has some fresh twists to it.

  • Decorations - 4/5 - The decorations are amazing this year! The only reason I am giving it a 4 is because they didnt decorate the Ski Village (they can decorate the Lodge and the Ski Mountain though???) But it was a nice mix of new and old.
  • Storyline - 5/5 - It was cool they TRIED to add in a Storyline, but it is Halloween, so that LITTLE bit was perfect!
  • Party Rooms - x/5 - There are no party rooms. HOWEVER, I feel like being nice, and not letting this affect the score this time. The reason is because they had a focus on other's igloos, which is something brand new, and I am willing to trade in for Party Rooms.
  • Transformations and Party Games - 4/5 - Sure, why not? We all saw this coming, so no use complaining about it. I mean, they could have made costumes, but whatever. That's all I gotta say about that! (+ trick or treating is fun)
  • Music - 4/5 - Halloween Music will NEVER get old. AND ZOMGZ ZEY BROUGHT BACK THE OLD MUSIC FROM 2006! Then there is some ok music. My only complaint is that the Iceberg, Cove, and a few other places dont have music.
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 3/5 - The catalog is super cool, and has an epic twist to it (candy points). But there are next to no free items! But who doesnt wanna wear a candy wrapper xD
  • Quest - 5/5 - WE LOVE TRICK OR TREATING! WHO DOESN'T!?!? I think CP nailed it with the 'quest' this time around! Great job CP!
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Well there aren't too many minor details I discovered, but they made some cool and epic transformation animations, and not only that, they didnt fully transform you! They just CHANGED you! Plus Rookie has a new epic tee, and background. And there are SIX party emotes.

Well, I don't think I am gonna get bored of this party. I am rating this party 30/35, which rounds to 4.5/5! Great job CP! I am totally impressed. I think it may be the second best party this year (Teen Beach is the best :S).

Rate4Stars.png Awesome party, but not many stuff for non-members By Penstubal

This party is nice. The decorations are just amazing. The only reason im giving it a 4 is because not many things are for non members. Like, today i just started playing the party (cause i forgot to log on CP these days) and i immediatelly got the candy hat and all the Items For Everyone in less then 10 minutes. So there is nothing much to do anymore after then for us non-members, yeah... and is this like the first/second/third party this year without those silly "Come back tommorow!" things? I think so, lol.

Rate4Stars.png Pretty good By Kitten2

I liked the decorations, and how a lot of rooms were decorated. The transformations looked cool and the trick or treating was great. I wish there was a new Night of the Living Sled.

Rate4.5Stars.png Bravura! By Yuri102212



  • New rooms- in fact every heavily decorated room got an overhaul (35)
  • Music- The music makes the party like a freaky-fantastic party (10)
  • Trick or Treating- A classic, now part of the party (10)
  • Transformations- Wow, those rule! Sadly, they're for members only... (25)
  • Total: 80!


  • Transformations- MEMBERS ONLY AGAIN?!? (20)
  • Nothing else...
  • Total: 60!

Conclusion: A terrific party. A B+ rating!

I hope the 8th Anniversary Party will be good! No, probably not.

Rate5Stars.png BEST PARTY EVER!!! By LaytenGirl

I experienced pretty much almost all of the parties this year but this is the best so far. I love how the candies match the outfits and anyone can have the candy head thing :) Keep it up Disney!

Rate4Stars.png An incredible Halloween Party! By Gatuti789

Rookie did a good work with this party! He should continue on Halloween!


  • Trick-or-Treat arrived on CP!
  • Werewolves, vampires and zombies!
  • Candies, candies and more candies (but if you are british: sweets, sweets and more sweets)!
  • Many decorated rooms
  • Cool new clothes from the catalog.
  • Rookie's visits


  • Transformations only for members... Again...
  • What to do with the candies (or sweets) if you aren't a member?

Rate5Stars.png EPIC!! By Rainbow Puffles

Everything except the fact that not every room is fully decorated are good things.

Rate2Stars.png Meh. By A7XRev

I didn't like this one. Sorry Club Penguin. This is where my 2009 nostalgia is kicking in. I guess I miss having parties where everything wasn't a mini-quest.

Rate3.5Stars.png Not too bad By Chill57181

Considering the disappointing parties we've had lately, this is pretty good. Not as good as Marvel or Teen Beach, but still pretty good. It stinks that Gary isn't here this time around, and it's really weird to have Rookie of all people.

The decorations are pretty nice, and I like the tracks Club Penguin used. I also don't usually praise Club Penguin for leaving rooms out, but, THANK YOU SO MUCH for not decorating the Coffee Shop!

The transformations are kinda weird... the only one I like is the werewolf. However ALL of the transformations are annoying - you thought the ghosts last year were bad? HA! That's nothing compared to this.

The lack of free items left a lot to be desired too.

Where's the candy hunts? The mansions? The party rooms? It's all missing!