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SnowflakeCJP2013.png Card-Jitsu Party
Average Rating: 4.1 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 18
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Rate5Stars.png By Computer Spy

Last party, I wondered if this was gonna be as good as that. I was wrong... IT WAS BETTER!


♠Cool battle at the stadium


♠Cool Ninja Headquarters

♠The island is divided again!

♠New dojo! I thought I was gonna be sad that the place was gonna be renovated... But I'm not!

♠You can BUY power cards!


♠Sadly, no more hideout.

♠Ummmz... IDK!

Grand job CP... I have higher hopes for next month's party... hmm...

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

Greetings, grasshoppers! :P Here is what I think of this year's Card-Jitsu Party!

  • Decorations - 5/5 - Once again, Club Penguin has actually done a GREAT job with decorations. They haven't OVERHAULED the island with stuff that doesn't even make sense... but the DECORATED! (I just wish there was some more new things than 2011, but I liked 2011 so HA!)
  • Storyline - 5/5 - PERFECT! Snowstorm, Sensei's enemies, the walrus dood, the story was PERFECT! :D
  • Party Rooms and Transformations - 4/5 - Like the Superhero Party, transformations would have ruined this one, so GOOD THING THEY ARE ABSENT! I like the ONE party room there is, but the only reason I am making it lose a mark is because it is the SAME AS 2011, just with the addition of snow.
  • Music = 5/5 - Matches the party. What else can I say :P
  • Free Items and Catalogs - 4/5 - Good job, CP! While the catalog could have been better, I guess the items in Card-Jitsu Snow make up for it. But in the catalog, THEY SHOULD HAVE ADDED SOME ITEMS FOR WATER AND FIRE AS WELL! Not JUST snow. Also, I love buying Power Cards :3
  • Quest - x/5 - In my ratings, a quest is considered the little icon beside the M badge. There is no quest, therefore, there is no mark. (The total rating is out of 30, not 35)
  • Other (More Minor) Details - 5/5 - Pretty good. Sensei's new BG is awesome, as well as throwing BIG snowballs, water balloons and hot sauce xD! Also, THE STADIUM BATTLE RETURNS :D! And, Card-Jitsu Snow is out, so that counts here!

I loved this party a lot! However, a note about CJ Snow, it just doesn't feel the same as other CJ games :( I am rating the party 28/30. Out of 5 that is exactly 4.67/5 which will round up to 5/5. Great job CP! I am impressed once again! This one is my second fave this year xD

Rate1Star.png By Mario Rk

The party is pretty much 2011's Card-Jitsu Party sadly. The only major things was Card-Jitsu Snow, though I must admit the new Dojo Courtyard and Dojo is pretty sweet. Other than that the party is pretty much recycled. And I am quite upset that CP replaced the Medieval Party with this, but it's still good.

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212

OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG! TheSecondCardJitsuPartyWasBetterThan2011's


  1. CJ Snow! Fortunately the game is also for non-members...
  2. New Dojo
  3. TWENTY-TWO unlockables! Explaining this in the cons sections...
  5. Water and Fire is now for everyone
  6. YEP EVERYTHING except...


  1. ...for some things. One of them is Snow unlockables. Really? 22 unlockables? THIS WILL TAKE ME A FULL SUMMER TO EARN. Ok.
  2. Few free items
  • Nothing else...

Few cons and everything. A 4.8 which I'll round upto 5. GOOD JOB CP. I am impressed once again! B+!

Rate5Stars.png By Speed578

Awesome PROS

  • CJ battle at stadium back
  • New Dojo/Courtyard
  • CJ snow
  • Recycled 2011 decorations...this is a good thing
  • The party returing in general
  • Ninja games for non-members
  • Ninja HQ has snow side
  • Power cards! You can buy them!
  • Many unlockables


  • No scavenger hunt like most ninja game things? Dissappointed

Rate5Stars.png By Pikalugia


Amazing Things:

  • Card-Jitsu Snow finally on the island! W000T!
  • We can buy Powercards instead of buying the Trading Cards in real life!!
  • LOVE SENSEI! *hugs* <333
  • The new inferface for the progress in Card-Jitsu is also very good!!

Bad Things:

  • Ninja Hideout is removed..
  • Its like 2011. But this is better i think
  • Hmm idk??

As you can see this party is awesome! So i hope for the next party, maybe Shadow in November?

Rate3Stars.png By Snowstormer

Meh, just meh. Basically most elements from the 2011 party are combined with the new rooms. Also the new dojo looks horrible, it's old art style meets new art style, and it just looks... ehh... unprofessional is the nicest word to be said. There are good parts about the party though, CJS being released and all the Card-Jitsu games being available for non-members. The new dojo inside looks PRETTY good, although it's still weird and doesn't match the outside. If it was a standalone rooms or had a matching outside it would be good, I guess.

Rate4Stars.png By Amigopen

This was actually a great party, compared to most of the parties I have found on CP. It was a good birthday present, as well :)

Rate5Stars.png By Pengijoker

This party is probably the most interesting party I've ever interacted with, I got stuck here glued to get the Snow Suit. Well, here are the pros and cons.


  • The party is good, its decorations are spread widely and the entire island is completely decorated and split.
  • The music still is awesome and so is the Snow Dojo's
  • The entire dojo has been renovated and the ancient Sensei just stays there sitting...
  • Card-Jitsu Snow's gameplay is hardcore than all the other CJ Games. It has a final battle, perfectly random rounds, and bonus levels.
  • I liked Sensei's backstory of how his best friend became his enemy.
  • A decent amount of free items.
  • The fact that everyone including the non-members can now play all Card-Jitsu games and even wear them suits.
  • Tusk


  • Seriously, since when did a Card-Jitsu game break the unlockable barrier?
  • Not much free stuff.
  • Idk anything else to say.

Rate4Stars.png By Quackerpingu

Cool, but CJ Snow needs a new flash player(same thing as testing), but it is NOT member-only! But where can we buy power cards?

Rate4Stars.png By Penstubal

This year was perfect!


  • Card Jitsu Snow is for non members too!
  • Awesome new Card Jitsu Snow items.
  • Renovated dojo is nice i guess. I have to give this one a 4 through.
  • Lots of things to do.
  • The Battle returned in the Stadium!


  • Not many free items for party.
  • Pretty much like same year.
  • I like how many free items they released in CJ Snow, but they a bit overreacted...

In other words, it was amazing!

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

Another good party.


+ Glad to see Card-Jitsu Snow is finally out.

+ The story with Tusk is also a great backstory for Sensei and definitely makes me waiting in excitement for what will happen next in the Card-Jitsu saga.

+ Great music and decorations, even though most of them are the same as the 2011 one.

+ I also really love the gameplay of Card-Jitsu Snow - it is different than the other three, yes, but it makes the game more unique.

+ The prizes for Card-Jitsu Snow are cool, and makes the game more long lasting. I like how you can earn the weapons used in game as actual items.


- A little disappointed the Ninja Hideout is gone, but I'll get over it.

- Card-Jitsu Snow was a little buggy at launch, so unfortunately it does slightly affect the score a bit for me.

Overall, another decent addition to 2013's Parties. Curious to see what next month's party brings.

Rate5Stars.png By Seaotter3256

It's so fun, but 22 unlockables? Holy Cow, I'll be working my whole life to get these! Anyway, great party. It's fun for non-members too!

Rate3Stars.png By Chill57181

The party was okay. Even though there was a lot of content you'll see why I only gave it three stars.


  • Card-Jitsu Snow launch!
  • The party is island-wide this time, which is nice. Also, we get a throwback to the old room designs because they're mostly recycled from 2011, with minor changes.
  • A Snow Headband and Training Plates (and Fire and Water ones for the penguins who didn't get them in 2011)
  • Sensei :3


  • Too much recycled stuff
  • Card-Jitsu Snow was WAY too buggy.

Now you may be thinking, "Chill why didn't you include Card-Jitsu Snow or the new Dojo design?!?" Well, the answer is simple. It's NOT part of the party. It's a permanent feature. These new features are nothing more of a feature than Smoothie Smash at the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.

So, it's an okay party, but it's too bland, recycled, and glitchy. The major things at this party are permanent features that were only added during the party.

Rate5Stars.png By IanBoy142

This was a pretty good party!! There was lots of fun and Card-Jitsu Snow!


  • A new (easy game)!
  • Sensei is back (with new clothes! maybe Sensei did bought them at the Clothes Shop XD)
  • You can play all Card Jitsu games now
  • Lots of cool items
  • Unlockable Videos
  • New Dojo
  • No STUPID Quest!!!


  • Old rooms for 2011. (not too bad, it looks fun :D)
  • No placemats in Card-Jitsu Snow. (why)
  • Old music (the recycling)

It was a pretty fun party with lots of cool stuff, not bad at all CP

Rate5Stars.png By Dave221

Ehhhhhhhhhhh,Ill give it a 5. This Party is so cool Plus,Next party after monsters unuversity takeover=Summer music jam!!!!! I Cant wait!!!!

Rate3Stars.png By Versinn

There is nothing new. The party looks pretty much like 2011 one.

Rate3Stars.png By Wwe Vs Wwf

Well the party is great and also Card Jitsu Snow!

Here is my pros and cons of the Card Jitsu Party 2013 and the Card Jitsu Snow opening. I will explain the cons but not the pros because I think you know why I think of the pros.

Pros: -Card Jitsu Snow is AWESOME! -Even nonmembers can have fun at the party -The decorations are awesome (and recycled! :( But oh well) -The items are amazing

Cons (Will be explained) -There was a thing but its hard to really say it but I can explain it. So when I was there when Card Jistu Fire and Water got opened it was announced in a special way, for example Card Jitsu Fire started when the volcano was about to explode (I think!) and the sky got orange and we needed to help Sensei find fire related items to help him make a Dojo and also the Ninja Hideout by having the scavenger hunt and the Water Dojo opened when the clouds stayed after the Halloween Party and it rained until the island got flooded and after the rain ended you can walk on walls on rooms because it was all water and it was cool and Sensei used the rain to make a water Dojo and had another scavenger hunt and also there was a trailer that had this person with a low voice talk which made it mysterious and it was awesome! But this Snow Dojo was well a random snowfall out of nowhere and it only snowed on the Dojo instead of the island and a week later it just transformed into Card Jitsu snow. -The party itself was bad because 80% of the party is recycled. Trust me, the only reason why we are having good ratings is because mostly of Card Jitsu Snow game because well its a awesome game! This is a PARTY REVIEW but most of us are talking about Card Jitsu Snow game

But anyways I love the game, got all of the items and the party itself can be improved. But I would say some cons about Card Jitsu Snow like that its not really Card Jitsu game if you compare it to the other 3 Card Jistu games but I do love the teamwork but there is some penguins that camp, never help, go AFK (Away From Keyboard) but oh well. Also Monsters University in a few days but honestly I'm not really excited.