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8th Anniversary Party
Average Rating: 4.1 (Excellent)
Total Reviews: 12
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Rate4Stars.png Much better! By LordMaster96

Looks like Club Penguin made an improvement over last year's anniversary party. It's not the perfect party but for a small-scale event like the classic anniversary party, it's actually pretty good. Unlike last year, they actually decorated the entire Coffee Shop rather than just the back of the room.

Rate5Stars.png Marvelous! By Green Ninja

YES! After 2012's monstrosity of an Anniversary Party, 2013 is the time when Club Penguin noticed their slacking off and gave us a birthday celebration worthy of attention.


  • Really nice items. The Rainbow Puffle was the biggest discovery of the year, so it made sense why Club Penguin used these colors for the hat. Plus, the This Old Town Background brings back memories...
  • The Coffee Shop! Just great. The fact that it is a museum made it super nostalgic-feeling for me. Love the little details, like the Modern Art and the Festival of Flight portrait!
  • They really tried to make up for the terrible party last year, with moderator events, Aunt Arctic visiting, and a special music video.


  • Where's the Book Room?

That's all for now! Happy 8th Anniversary, Club Penguin!

Rate3.5Stars.png Wow! By Yuri102212

I wasn't expecting it will turn out like this... Since those Toontown, Piratey Sim and Fairylandia closed, things in CP got better.


  • 7-tier party hat! (25)
  • Coffee Shop- seriously when is the last time it was turned into a museum and fully transformed for an anniversary? (30)
  • Yearbook- classic! (5)
  • TOTAL: 60 pts


  • Wonder why is the cake small again? (10)
  • TOTAL: 60 - 20 = 40 pts!


Good overall. This party deserves a rating of B-! Congrats! Make sure the next party will be better!

Rate5Stars.png Woo-HOOO! By Computer Spy

Wow, CP! Fantastic! Marvelous! Pros

  • Awesome rainbow party hat!
  • Big cake, unlike last year.
  • Great yearbook!
  • The coffee shop transformed into a museum? Never thought of that!

And now for the dreaded CONS

  • The upstairs is not decorated, which doesn't surprise me. So that won't affect my score.

Yes CP, this is great. It feels like a genuine anniversary party. Keep up the good work.

Rate5Stars.png Awesome By Penstubal

Great job CP! Last year was terrible compared to this. The coffee shop = entirely decorated,

nice cake but too small :/

nice party hat = Related to rainbow puffles that come out this year!

Rate3.5Stars.png Way better than the 7th By Chill57181

This party was WAY better than Club Penguin's disappointing 7th anniversary from last year. The Town has some decorations, the Coffee Shop is fully decorated (it looks a little weird though), and the party hat is cool. I think rainbow is insanely overused and un-creative, but nonetheless it still looks good, especially on your penguin.

I also like the "This Old Town" Background. It's cool and very nostalgic.

Aunt Arctic is also visiting, which is nice, but she came like over nine thousand times this year already. Why couldn't we get the Penguin Band instead?

I also really wish they would've decorated the Book Room. I think making it the CP Times Office ruined the entire thing.

Also, thank goodness Club Penguin did NOT decorate the Coffee Shop for Halloween this year. Thanks to that we don't get an overshadowed anniversary party mashed with Halloween for no good reason.

On a side note... BLEH yearbook with new art style :

Rate3.5Stars.png Great! By Gatuti789

I like the party, but comparing with other Anniversary Parties, it isn't the best.


  • The awesome party hat and the first background that Club Penguin gave to players during an Anniversary Party.
  • The museum is cool.
  • After a year waiting, finnally the new Yearbook came!
  • The cake is big and beautiful!
  • Aunt Arctic's visits!
  • An incredible worldwide party with moderators.
  • The visit of many former moderators, like Billybob, Rsnail, Businesmoose, etc.


  • It isn't the best Anniversary Party if you compare with the 5th Anniversary (that I experienced) and with the 4th Anniversary Parties.(that I didn't experienced but I see many pictures of this party)
  • The Book Room is not decorated
  • The penguins on the Yearbook are with the new design...

Rate4Stars.png A "nostalgic" feeling By RockoRocks

This is an excellent Anniversary Party. It is much better than the last ones we've seen. Briefly:


-Old party hat showcase is back

-The "1st items" glass shows some very old 2006-2007 items which gives us all a nostalgic feeling, doesn't it?

-Nice cake and free hat as always

-The "This Old Town" background is awesome... that was pure gold, Disney!


-The first time ever I could not find any con for a Club Penguin party.

Rate4Stars.png Pretty Good By Kitten2


  1. The old town background
  2. The Coffee Shop's decorations were amazing
  3. The Yearbook
  4. The town was semi-decorated
  5. The hat had nice colors


  1. The hat had an ugly shape
  2. The book room wasn't decorated!

Rate2Stars.png Not interesting By Rainbow Puffles

Not interesting unlike 5th anniversary one (happened the year I joined)

Rate5Stars.png good party By Bali

Rate5Stars.png Wow. By A7XRev

This is SO much better than last year's. Everything was better. I loved the mini thing to show off the history of CP. I've been busy so I can't write a full Pros/Cons review but this was great. 5/5