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Underwater Expedition
Average Rating: 3.3 (Good)
Total Reviews: 14
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Rate3Stars.png By LordMaster96

The sneak peeks for this party were quite interesting, but when the actual party was released, it wasn't as great as expected. This party can be seen as a members-only party, although it really isn't, as the main feature (the maze), is only for members. The only thing non-members are able to do at this party are to search for Rookie and to check out the decorations (plus the free items). Judging by my knowledge, this expedition is not as exciting as the Wilderness Expedition last year, since that had a huge discovery, while this one gives you a submarine suit. Overall, I expected a little more from the Team.

Rate1Star.png By ShrimpPin

Seriously... what? "Hmm... Let's rotate the SWFs a few degrees... and maybe add a maze. And... trash on the dock. Perfect!" This is the worst party in the history of bad parties. The sneak peeks were interesting, but this is just terrible.

Rate2Stars.png By Cp kid

I agree with LordMaster and ShrimpPin about the sneak peeks. However I was hoping the team would be a little more creative in this party then they actually were. All you can do is solve a maze and look for rookie. In the end the Wilderness Expedition was much more enjoyable.

Rate4Stars.png By Feey1

Many bugs, not much to do, and un-members cannot do much. The previews looked much better than the actual party! However the items, and storyline that go with the party are pretty good.

Rate3Stars.png By Lego97

There are some things I do and don't like about this party. I'll just sum it up below.


+The Submarine Suit is nice.

+The tilting concept is pretty cool.

+It's nice to see Rookie again at a party.

+The Deep room is nice.

+I like they brought the water party theme back in a way.

+I do like the activity at the Dock.


-Too short to be an expedition! Even the Mountain Expedition was longer.

-Nothing big to discover. The older ones gave us new things (Cave Expedition gave us the new cave rooms, Mountain Expedition gave us the Toughest Mountain, and Wilderness Expedition gave us Brown Puffles), but the only thing we get out of this at the end is the Submarine Suit.

-They could have done a little more with the Maze. It was just a remake of the Great Snow Maze, but with a sea theme.

Rate3Stars.png By Lm34gt45

Hmm... pretty good. Apart from a few bugs I really didn't experience using Chrome, I think this is ok. The maze is cool, and there is some nasty damage done to the island on the EPF side, giving the party a story. Although the prize isn't that interesting, its okay...ish. Although this party itself isn't very much as a whole, the neat EPF story makes me wonder what'll happen next. Overall, I'd say this party was not as good as last year's Wilderness Expedition, it is nice and is VERY similar to last year's Mountain Race party. I wish this was a party instead of an expedition...

Decorations: 8.5 (I like the tilt for some reason, even though it just required a little angle change. You can tell that CP just tilted the rooms if you look at the Stadium, the rink itself, which would've not been part of the SWF, isn't tilted, though CP cleverly managed to fix that problem if you look at the bottom-left of the rink. Nevertheless, BUSTED!)

"WHOA"ness: 8 (EPF story was the main reason for the WHOA, but the concept is nice too. Also, no body item for non-members? Bummer. Oh well, that's ok, considering the other body items given to non-members over the last few months. Overall, though, there's nothing special about this party, neither will it be a one you'll remember for a loooooong time.)

Story (if any): 9.5 (The Herbert part was very predictable, but the rest of the EPF story about Rookie and the mess was cool. Concept is cool too. Overall, the story is awesome for a CP party.)

Live up to hype: 7.5 (Naw, the sneak peeks made the party look better, though you could expect less of the island to be decorated. I didn't expect the Ski Village or the Lighthouse to be fully decorated, and I expected CP to slack off on rooms such as the Dojo Courtyard or Mine Shack.)

Lasting freshness: 8 (If you're after Rookie, then it's gonna be a long party. Otherwise you'll get bored of it in an hour.)

Rate4Stars.png By 1998drpepper

I liked the Underwater Expedition but I wish they would have decorated more!

Rate3Stars.png By Welcome00

I do liked the party but I dont feel that this is going to be a great party because the indoor rooms aren't actually decorated (or a bit rotated). Well to navigate in Club Penguin is hard, because its been rotated and its just hard to go room by room. And for the main feature (the maze of course) I'm sad coz its only for members.Although the party isn't really much fun, I do enjoy it very much and so the party is kinda of a success. I would like more from the CP Team but this is just fine.

Rate4Stars.png By Brookelas

Maybe it is just because I am very lenient with CP's Parties, but I actually kinda liked this party! At least they decorated rooms, unlike past expeditions, where they just put a sign at the Plaza and Town. I was actually shocked how nicely the lighthouse was decorated. Now, about the maze, it reminded me so much of the Great Snow Maze in 2009, which I LOVED! Me and my friends playTag in the maze (LOL Chill and Mario) So, I give this party 4/5

Rate4Stars.png By Greeny50850

This was a party to remember. I loved the fact that Rookie came! Here let me spell it out for ya: Famous Penguins: 6| Rookie is a very rare penguin to meet so I thought this was a great oppurtunity to meet him. I love the BG WOW factor: 8| Sure its like rotating the the SWF's but I thougfht it was a very exciting tilt. Story: 9| WE ARE TIPPING! HEREBERT IS GONE! It is like 2 stories in 1. How good is that! Freshness: 8| After a while this party can be boring, If your on the hunt for Rookie, GOOD LUCK! Decorations: 9 EVERY SINGLE ROOM, Well basically. I think this party was well decorated. Bugs (rated opposite) 3| There were hardly any!

Rate2Stars.png By Mariocrossing1

The previews made the party look cool. However, the party alone was LAME. However, it was great that Rookie came. Plus, there should be more free items! I remembered more fun parties.

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

Possibly the bestest expedition yet! I loved the maze, the items were cool (except the Heavy Hat), the concept was interesting, and the EPF backstory was pretty cool too.

However, similar to the Wilderness Expedition (my other favorite expedition), the ONLY good parts about it were revealed if you used your imagination. For example, during the Wilderness one I played camping with friends, and we fished too. It is similar at this party - during it I ran around in the maze with my friend Mario Rk and hid from our friends like Brookelas and Broseph16 (loads of fun).

However, another thing that got my attention was the hidden features from past parties. In the Cove, one can see a pile of candy from Halloween, a lamp thingy from the Card-Jitsu Party, and the Santa Tiki from Christmas. And, in the Deep, one can see a rug from Halloween, a globe-ish thing with a fish in it from the Card-Jitsu Water celebration, a broken window from the Cave when the crab broke it, and a barrel of Cream Soda from when Rockhopper's ship crashed.

Also, Rookie being meetable was a nice touch, and it makes up for the lack of the excitement of a new puffle the Wilderness Expedition gave us.

Normally, I would give this a 5, but my reasons in the second paragraph give this a 4.

Rate4Stars.png By Cylly1512

Actually this party was OK, I loved that the island was rotated and many penguins went on the iceberg and threw snowballs at the island screaming: "WE ARE DOOMED!". I liked the dock and the beach. The Lighthouse was quite cool and teh activity at the dock ruled (but made my laptop lag! :/ The non-member part sucked and I only could look at the swf's of the member part, but at least the swf's were cool! :) Overall I liked the party, but there were a few down parts of it as well, mostly it was only for members ; I didn't find Rookie! :D

Rate5Stars.png By Benfll

Great party!