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Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Average Rating: 3.2 (Good)
Total Reviews: 19
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Rate4Stars.png By Cooligan2

Club Penguin really out-did themselves this time! I love it! The music! The decorations! But here's a little in-depth look at the things that stand out.


-The decorations are everywhere! They made it seem like Hollywoood at night!

-The music is based off of Cadences hit single, The party starts now. The music even gets quiter on the iceberg!

-I was able to meet Cadence and the whole Penguin Band in the first two seconds I spent at this party. I wont explain how I did it, but I'll keep it a secret!

-The task's are pretty fun too. The tasks are basiclly how you get free items.


-CeCe & Rocky from the show Shake It Up visiting this party. WHY! WHY! WHY! THEY RUINED THE CHANCE FOR ME TO GIVE 5 STARS FOR THE PARTY!

-Not enough free items, you just get them from the tasks you do. I was expecting free item boxes everywhere.

The party may be a tad bad, but still I like just the same giving it 4 stars.

Rate4Stars.png By Broseph16

I love it! The decorations are cool (the night sky is awesome!), and you get stamps for the mascots when they perform in concert :D My takebacks are that I don't like the music, and Rocky n' CeCe don't have a stamp. Why is that?

Rate2Stars.png By Lm34gt45

Party would be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G without Shake it Up... I've made it a goal to avoid those two penguins throughout the party :P

Decorations: 8 (Lots of repetition, but love the new decorations. Some rooms got removed...)

"WOW"factor: 7 (The new Stage is amazing. TONS of stuff got removed though, like a bunch of catalogs, and the step-on-a-tile music thing that was in the place of the current stage at the Snow Forts...)

Live up to hype: 9.5 (Daily challenge is crisp, sweet, and simple.)

Lasting freshness: 7.5 (Daily Challenge. I don't know how long it will last... prolly only one week tho, since the Golden Microphone is the ultimate goal. Also, what's with the mega-stamp collection thing of Penguin Band and Cadence in the Snow Fort stage? It's dumb.)

Rate3Stars.png By Chill57181

I really liked the party, however I don't like that it is advertising for Shake It Up (even though Rocky and CeCe are kind of cool). This party would've been a lot better if it wasn't connected with the Music Jam, because they took away a lot of cool stuff (ex. Penguin Band performances at the Iceberg, most of the stages, original backstage). Also, the only free items are the ones you can get from the Daily Challenge. I would've liked it better if they had some in "FREE" boxes around the island as well. Nice that non-members can get some stuff other than head items once again tho.

Rate4Stars.png By NickelbackFan37

The party turned out to be awesome. I love how they let non-members get free items daily. :D Cadence countdown was pretty cool, except this doesn't really mean you actually met them. I really like the daily challenges they offer, like dancing on purple squares with a boombox in three different places. Not much has really changed about the Music Jam in decoration terms, but I wished they brought back the Orca-Straw... D: This party gets my seal of approval so far.

Rate4Stars.png By PenblooeR

Come on, the party's not bad. Yes, it has the participation of Shake It Up characters but Rocky and Cece aren't even the main aspect of the party. The decorations are mostly new, and are really good! The music is amazing, and The Party Starts Now isn't bad, considering that it's a Club Penguin music. Non-members can get cool free items, and there are many new items for members too! We have two new backgrounds, which will make the famous hunters busy during the party. I just think that there could be some new stamps, like a stamp for seeing Cadence's show. And I feel like the Penguin Band could have a bigger participation, but this party, the spotlight is on Cadence, so I think it's ok. For those who don't like Rocky and CeCe, just ignore them! You'll notice that the Music Jam is still a Music Jam without Rocky and CeCe, they're just an addition to attract more players.

Rate3Stars.png By Error504

This party could be just as good without Shake It Up, since it's only Rocky/Cece that has to do with it. Thank goodness Club Penguin left some stages from previous years alone. This rating would be much lower if they got rid of them. I'm disappointed by the fact that the Floor Piano 3000, Music Maker 3000, the original Backstage, PB performing at the Iceberg and Musical Icicles are gone. This year those rooms are blank and it would not have hurt to keep those classics. The new twilight scenery - it's integrated well into the party but it's just not my personal taste. I actually like broad daylight better. On the bright side, the new room designs look nice and there's some fine new music being played.

Rate1Star.png By Cp kid

One of the WORST parties EVER in my opinion. I'll do it the pro/con way. Pros:

  • I like the room design for the Snow Forts, Town and Plaza.
  • I like the fact that Rpcky and CeCe were mascots.
  • I like the idea of non-member items that aren't head items.
  • The idea of cadence performing is cool, but they didn't have to make such a big deal out of it...


  • No rocky and CeCe stamps.
  • The stamps for cadence and PB are earned automatically when you go in the "epic show"...
  • The pink sky sucks
  • Nothing at the iceberg?
  • The catalog sucks compared to last year
    • Also, no new all-access pass(which i really liked)
  • They removed all of the old party rooms except the Night Club rooftop
  • Shake it up theme other than rocky and cece... (Including the mine, cove, forest, etc)
  • Music jam decorations(I'll explain this later)
  • All of the free items are obtained through "daily challenges"

As I was saying about the music jam decorations. I LOVE the music jam, but when you mix both of the parties decorations it just doesn't work... I mean this year the new stuff totally removed the celebration of "music" overall, such as the different themed rooms. So still having the Pop stage(beach), blues stage or whatever(Coffee shop), and the dock stage WITHOUT having the other themed stages(Forest/Country, Cove/Reggae, etc) seems really horrible.

So even though it has some good stuff, the bad stuff outweighs it so much that I DO consider it the WORST party in CP history probably...

Rate1Star.png By Feey1

Boooo! One of the worst parties ever in Club Penguin history. I mean sure there are some good things, but overall it's just junk. This is a complete fail, and I mean it.

Rate5Stars.png By Greeny50850

The Party Starts Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back (cause I haven't wrote a review since Fashion Show) This is the best party in my whole time of Club Penguin (I started on July 2010)

Music: It is a Music Jam, So the music Rocks! 10/10

Decorations: Wonderful, especially the Night Club 9/10

Fresh Scent: All of the decorations feel new, even though I have seen the Coffee Shop, Dock and Beach like that 2 times before. This party is on a whole vibe.

Time Lasting: 20 Minutes (for 5 days) U would log on everyday for the party to get the new item. I always love dancing with my boombox at the Rooftop, Concert and more. Mentioning the concert, u would wanna see it once a day.

This party deserves 5 stars!

Greeny Out!

Rate5Stars.png By Brookelas

This is honestly one of the BEST PARTIES in CP History. Before I go through the pros and cons, I just wanna say one thing: It is nice they changed the decorations up. From 2008 - 2011 was too similar, so this adds a little extra on it that made it less boring.


  • Rocky is a mascot :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • Decorations are brand new, yet it still has a Music Jam Feeling
  • They kept SOME old parts, which is AWESOME!
  • The sunset sky adds a twist to the Music Jam. It makes it feel more like a concert!
  • The Party Starts Now is an awesome song.
  • Daily Music Challenge is fun.
  • Special dance on items are awesome!
  • The items are awesome: and non members can get better items.
  • IDK if you noticed, but since CP started partnering with companies - they have been adding more items for non members.
  • Shake it Up isn't even the main part of the party. Unlike the Superhero Takeover, where the whole party is MARVEL, at this party, there are only characters and one item called the Shake it Up Outfit. You guys always look at the worst from the name.
  • I Love the music, even if it does get a LITTLE annoying after a while.


  • No new All Access Pass? :(
  • They could've added more new instruments at the Merch Catalog
  • I hate the new Backstage. The instrument catalog is supposed to be there.
  • Where is Music Maker 3000? :'(

Suggestions for next Time

  • Put the Fashion Show with this party. It fits perfectly. Better than having a one room party.

Overall, I rate the party 5/5! The cons are vert little, and they don't make a HUGE deal. The pros are the fun parts!

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212


Cons: -NONE. It's soooo- wait, did I say that twice?

Plus, it's not 5 stars, it's 10 stars!

Rate3Stars.png By Boidoh


  • Night Setting
  • Non-Head Items for Free Items
  • Special Dances for each Item
  • Not all based upon Membership
  • 4 Free Stamps for watching the concert


  • Rocky and CeCe.. CURSE YOU DISNEY!
  • The Town was almost EMPTY unless you go into a high server there MIGHT be a few people. The only places I could really find people on a 2-3 icon server was the Snow Forts. And also I BARELY found anyone just passing by.
  • This is the SECOND partnership party!
  • Would it kill them to have Free Item Boxes instead..

Edit: After Reading below I realized somethings.

  • Cadences live performances - As said by Sharkbate blow you wait 20 minutes for quarter of a song. And you dont even HEAR the accordian in the song played by a member of the PB.
  • It could have easilly be replaced by a water/summer party.

It had been brought down to 3 stars.

Rate1Star.png By Sharkbate

Where do I begin... Almost every room has the same annoying music loop! It's aggravating! So aggravating that I had to turn my volume off after about four minutes! Next, the underground rooms aren't decorated! What were they thinking? Now, there's the Cadence 'live performance'. There are a couple of issues with this. One, there's a long waiting time before she sings. Two, she doesn't sing the whole song! You wait 20 minutes only to hear a quarter of the song! Three, the band is there. Why is this an issue? Do you hear an accordion playing in the song? Then why is he playing an accordion? Four, you get stamps for seeing them perform. What's that? It completely gets rid of the challenge of finding them on the island! Alright. What else is wrong with this party? Hmm... the iceberg isn't decorated! Come on now! Another major issue with this party is... it's COMMERCIAL! It's advertising yet another Disney branch. Why? To make money. Like I said before, why waste time on these ridiculous parties when you can go back to the basics like the Water Party or Winter Luau! Maybe even a Summer Party! This party doesn't even seem "happy". The vibe I get off of this party is depression. It's depressing. The only reason it deserves 1 star is because they brought back some elements from Music Jam, like the sparkle jazz in the Coffee Shop. What's going on, Club Penguin?

Rate3Stars.png By A11766

Well, this party is better than I thought it might be, I was really worried that all the Shake It up nonsense would ruin it, it has partially but instead we've been bombarded with Cadence's new single. However, newly decorated rooms such as the Town and Plaza are great, and its still nice to see some old rooms. Im a little disappointed there wasn't something else at the iceberg though. The daily challenges are a great idea - I want more!

This party would have achieved 4 or 4.5 but I feel it would have needed to be a bigger party and not with constant promotion of Cadences new song.

Rate5Stars.png By A7XRev

Here are my Pros and Cons for this party. Pros:

  • They brought back some of the old decorations from Music Jam! Personally I thought the decorations were fine just the way they were.
  • Many other users didn't like this but I actually liked having Rocky and CeCe as mascots. I also like it how the entire party wasn't all filled up with Shake It UP stuff.
  • As much as I miss the old decorations the new ones are AWESOME! The Night Club looks AMAZING!
  • I like the Daily Music Challenge. I kinda wish there was still some FREE boxes or more stuff to get in the Music Challenge.
  • I like the idea of having the Penguin Band perform with Cadence but I'll get into this more in the cons section.
  • I like the new desings for the Forest, Cove and Mine Shack but I still miss the Country and Reggae stages.
  • I like having auditons at the Stage for a talent show. The second time the stage has had decorations for the rest of the party.
  • DUBSTEP there more I have to add to that?


  • As I said above I like the idea of the Penguin Band performing with Cadence but I rather have Cadence do her performence and PB do theirs. Here is another to add to that. They made a BIG deal about the Cadence show but they didn't even play the whole song. You wait 20 minutes to hear only 40 seconds of the song. Why do that if I can just go on YouTube and watch the whole song any time I want. It was a 30 minute wait to see PB play Better Days but even THAT was worth it.
  • I sorta like the new sunset mood but I prefer the normal daylight. This setting makes it seem like it's a walk through downtown Chicago whereas the previous Music Jam's made it feel like a summer music festival.

I just prefer the old Music Jam more. They tried but it wasn't as good as it was before and now they're doing it with the Adventure Party, pairing it with Innocent Drinks. As much as this isn't the same as last year I still think this is the best party of the year so far.

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

Sorry for the delay, here are my thoughts.


  • The decorations are nice as always.
  • I like the song performance at the Epic Stage.
  • The challenges were cool, despite being repetitive.
  • I like how the sky is, it fits the mood.


  • Shake It Up..
  • It's another ad party, but combined with the Music Jam.
  • I don't like how we only get half of the song at the Epic Stage.
  • This years' feels a little duller, maybe it's just me.

Overall, not a bad attempt, but some things are slightly missing, such as underground decorations.

Rate3Stars.png By Cap123

I thought it was alright but it could have been better.

Rate1Star.png By Oreo25892


1. Impressive selection of party items at the Snow Forts.


1. The Snow Forts were often full on popular servers so it was difficult to access the party catalog.

2. It was just a promotion for Cadence's song.

3. The room designs were awful specifically the Mine, Forest and Cove. The Town and the Plaza were far too dark.

4. The Penguin Band made only occasional appearances at the party. They were sidelined in favour of Rocky and CeCe.

5. Yet another commercial party.

6. The Daily Challenges were 100% STUPID! It felt like the team just got lazy and decided to just change the colour of one pin they designed.


Yet another poor party on Club Penguin. 2012 just isn't their year.