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The Fair
Average Rating: 3.2 (Good)
Total Reviews: 16
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Rate4Stars.png By Cooligan2

This fair could have been perfect, but it wasn't!


- I like most of the prizes, & all the classic games.

- I think that having rookie handle the fair was a good idea, but they could have let Rockhopper stay!

- That Rookie hasn't make anything sink or explode yet.

- The puffle circus is avalible to everyone!


- Come on Club Penguin! NO Decorated buildings inside the Town & Plaza except the Night Club & Pizza Parlor! NO decorated Coffee Shop! NO New decorations!

- Why couldn't Rockhopper stay! Without him the party dosn't feel right =(

So that's why this party got a 4. Club Penguin: DON'T MESS UP THE NEXT 3 PARTIES! (I love the Halloween party, Holiday party & November is when my birthday is =)... CLUB PENGUIN SHOULD DO A CARD-JITSU PARTY AGAIN!)

Rate5Stars.png By Quackerpingu



- All things!


- Nothing

Rate3Stars.png By RainbowDash

Not bad, for a 2012 party. Pros:

- Rookie came back. Cool, for those new players who didn't had a chance to get his background by the April Fools' Party (which sucked)

- The new feature that doesn't forget you're tickets when you log off works great.


- What the hay..? In the first few days of the party there were only '''2''' new items. And these were simply recolors of the Clown Costume and Wig. And these were members-only too...

- No new games.. or nearly none.. what.

- Still the same artworks and .SWF files being used for the party mostly huh? Can't they just make some new rooms and games..

- Why another Fall Fair??? Can't Club Penguin come up with something new and more innovative ...

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

Possibly CP's best party this year since the Puffle Party!

<I've always loved The Fair, and I'm glad CP didn't mess it up. Unfortunately there are only three items I don't already have (the Candy Apple and the new Clown Suit and Wig) but I won't let that hurt my review until the rest of the items are released. Originally my review was a 5-star, but because of the prizes I'm downgrading it to a 4. There were only three new items, AND they were all recolors of past items. At least non-members got some non-head items though. And on the bright side, I didn't get Lollipop or Candy Apple yet so yay for me!

They also brought back a lot of the classic games and rooms. I'm also glad they gave The Fair a fresh new twist with having Rookie instead of Rockhopper. However, because of that it seems weird having the Migrator painted on the Lighthouse, or a big cardboard Rockhopper on the Coffee Shop.

Rate2Stars.png By A11766
  • sigh*

Okay so I was looking forward to the fair after the shocking Adventure Party, and bad promotional parties. Am I impressed by the fair? Not really! I think I have counted two things new that are different to last year. Everything else is EXACTLY THE SAME.


  • The Puffle Circus is SO out of date. I would have loved to see more tricks and an updated circus, but no
  • Only 2 new items so far, and I'm not sure any others will be that good
  • I think every room is pretty much the same as last years party.
  • The Coffee Shop design from last year (which was awesome) wasn't brought back
  • There's not really anything to do
  • Rookie will probably mess something up, and that sorta story line is getting boring.


  • Room decorations are good
  • New Prizes are nice
  • At least the party isnt promoting something like innocent
  • There's no bugs (No excuses for bugs this year, mainly because its last years party)

So basically, if Club Penguin updated something (eg, Puffle Circus) it would have been probably 5 stars, as I do like the rooms from last year, but for everything to be practically the same is pathetic.

Rate4Stars.png By Cylly1512

Why does the user above me think it was bad? I think it was great. (Not Awesome, but Great!)


  • The New Items are nice, but mostly the same as before years. (Current: 5)
  • The new clown costume looks awesome. (Current: 5)
  • No Promotion :D YAY! (Current: 5)
  • Rookie! (Current: 5)


  • Mostly the same as last year's. (Current: 4)
    • Except for the Coffee Shop :(

So the final is 4, :)

Rate2Stars.png By Aamelo

For the First time ever, this is my friest review in the Club Penguin English Wiki, as I have already done serevals one for the Portuguese Wiki. First off, I would like to make clear I am one of those guys that if he likes something, he tells you that he likes it, if he doesn't, he tells you that he didn't like it. As so, I am going to be honest about this same party, I really, didn't like it.

Although I have refered sereval times in the Community Features (mostly the IRC chat) that the partys are directed to children that don't have the meaning of "Change" and they simply want to have fun, I will contradict my self. For the first time, I really tell you that this party has way to lack of change, but simply, a LOT. There was till now, no change, not stetical, nor Items (excluding two for members) nor of anything else. This party simply felt like a reload of the last years one, as if we were still in 2011.

I was hoping for something decently changed, I confess, with some new stuff, even if I already expected for some old stuff to be used, but I didn't expect for them to recycle everything old. I was hopping for some new decorations, some nome new items and other minor stuff. But no, they were simply not even able to update the Puffle's Design to look like the new one (excluding the Brown Puffle) on the Great Puffle Circus

Although this, I sill apreciate the Party Games, even if they are old, and thats why I give it a score of 2 on 5 stars on this Ranting, because you can still have some fun out of the base fun of Club Penguin, and that is something diferent to the classic daily routine. But sincerly, I once again tell you I am dissapointed, because this party looks like it was just put in this month to occupy time in the timetable and nothing more.

Rate3Stars.png By Ronnp09CP

The Fair is a common party/event in Club Penguin. But it is almost the same as the old fairs.... I'll rate it as 3..


- Club Penguin bought back the other old items from the past like the Paddle Ball.

- My 2 favorite Fair games are still here (Puffle Paddle and Feed-A-Puffle)


- Same old games....

- Rockhopper didn't came.... But the Lighthouse bulding view from the beach still has the Migrator painted on it

- Members are the always ones who gets rare items.. -.-

Rate3Stars.png By IanBoy142

The party looks the same like other parties, there are only some new items and old items returned.


- Also Rookie came back, i already met him on the 2nd day of the party.

- Cool items!

- Club Penguin added a feature that your ticket's dont go away when you log-off, the party will have more items when they are there.


- Most of the rooms and minigames are the same.

- Old games returned, and are the same again.

I think Club Penguin needs to be better without always the same party, please make the Halloween Party 2012 the best party ever!

Rate1Star.png By Imdill3


Pros: They didn't remove anything that was fun from last year.
Cons: They didn't add anything. 3 Recolored member's items don't count. Exact same party as last year and the year before.

Come on guys, do something new in your traditional parties. There's nothing to even review this year!

Rate1Star.png By Reeze


Rate3Stars.png By Lego97

Honestly, I don't know what to say about this party. There's nothing that makes me extremely hate it, but there's nothing that makes me adore it, either. It's just...there. I suppose this was a breath of fresh air after all of those ad parties, though.


+ Glad to see some of the 2011 decorations return.

+ Nice to see Rookie again.

+ Well, at least it's not promoting some Disney Channel show or a fruit brand.

+ We can finally save the tickets.


- I gotta be honest, I'm pretty disappointed with the prizes. The ones last year were MUCH better. Most of the items this time around are either old, and the ones that are new are just recolored. I was glad though that the Lollipop and Candy Apple items returned, but otherwise, that's it.

- I'd like it if CP finally gave us some new Fair games. Don't get me wrong, I love the Fair games, but it'd be nice to see some new ones. I guess I've gotten tired of seeing the same batch of games to get tickets.

Overall, this party was a mix bag for me. Not the best, but not the worst, either.

Rate4Stars.png By Cp kid

There are things I like about this party, although I dislike some things too...


  • It's not an "advertisment party"
  • They kept ALL of the decorations, rather than just for one side of the island
  • You can keep your tickets after you log off for the first time
  • It's a classic party that they didn't mess up(like Adventure party and music jam)


  • The coffee shop wasn't decorated :(
  • The only new items were old re-colored items
  • Rookie is the mascot instead of Rockhopper

Ok. I did enjoy this party, because it is the first non-advertisment party in a while... Although I think that they could've done more to make it better for us. They said "all new fair items", and yet there are only three new re-colored items. Also, they could've created a new game or two, and give the "puffle circus" new things to do rather than the same acts. In addition they could've had a free puffle hat in the circus like they did at the puffle party. So even though there are MANY things that CP could've done to make it better, i'm just glad that they didn't make it worse than it was last year by advertising.

Rate4Stars.png By 1998drpepper

Awwww I wish Club Penguin would have redecorated the rooms and stuff... Pros:

  • Rookie came to the Fair!
  • The new items were awesome
  • You could save your tickets this year


  • There could have been new a new background at the Ski Village
  • Rookie did not have a new giveaway background
  • They brought back too many old items

Rate3Stars.png By Wwe Vs Wwf

Umm its okay...

Well I loved the Fair. I was kinda happy that I want in the fair! On 2009, 2010, 2011 I missed the whole fair and it sucked but not for 2012! (I ALMOST did!) I just loving playing the games but I don't blame CP for making this bad. CP said they will make the last 3 months AMAZING so yeah. But its JUST like the Fair 2011 but with 3 main diffences. 1 of it is the Ticket Savings! (But if we could save tickets should the prizes should be like 5000 tickets?) The Puffle circus was for non members and I don't think they needed to change that! Also Rookie visited it and it was good that he never missed up. But having Rockhopper in the adventure party sucked and his catalog sucks and usually at the Fair he brings COOL and AWESOME stuff. I would give it a 4 or 5 if they BOTH came at the same time it would be cool! Also the main reason why I like the fair: The prizes. But I think CP did a preety bad job on it. Here is my pros and cons on the prizes:

Pros: -I kinda liked how CP return SOME good stuff that many people loved (Teddy Bear, Lollipop). -There was a secret item in the booth (Only 1 secret :

Rate5Stars.png By Yuri102212