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Rockhopper's Quest
Average Rating: 3.6 (Good)
Total Reviews: 19
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Rate4Stars.png By LordMaster96

A great party. However, with the bugs at the beginning and the delay it took for it to begin, it won't be higher than 4. The free items are good, and the party was very enjoyable. However, there are two catalogs that sell items and none of them have items available for non-members, even if it's a head item. Also, I don't see a purpose in closing the Ship Hold and the Captain's Quarters. I'd prefer keeping them open still.

Rate3Stars.png By Wwe Vs Wwf

Its a cool party because we been away to a different islands its really cool! They should improve by adding a Free BG and a free item for non member too for each island for example in Trading Post there should be a free item like a Pirate hair. Then At Dinosaur Island there should be T Rex hat and at The Shipwreck there should be Scared pirate Shoes, wig and costume and a free pirate watch for non members. That annoyoys me that the items are head and body items and they should open the Ship Hold selling items like the Pirate hat, Pirate boots etc. And they should open the Captain Quarters and at the window there should be fishes andc sharks swimming. So that's my review

Rate3Stars.png By Broseph16

Again, the sneak peeks made it look more epic than it actually was. You spend 15 minutes sailing to shipwreck island and what is there to do? Assemble a 3 piece beacon and go into a little cave with no features and only 2 free items. What a ripoff! The music was good, but there was no CHALLENGE!

Rate3Stars.png By Cylly1512

Eh? I thought this was a party... :( I would like a party more than another expedition or something. At least non-members could attend this one more! :P (I changed my rating because my sister demanded me!)

Rate4Stars.png By Chill57181

I thought the party was pretty cool, as it allowed you to actually SAIL on the Migrator with Rockhopper, something penguins have been attempting to do since the rumors of Rockhopper Island began. But, like Broseph said, the sneak peeks looked a LOT cooler. The party also could've been bigger, for example add some extra islands or decorate CP.

The items also could've been better, like give out eyepatches on the Migrator. I also agree with LM96, why close up the Ship Hold and Captain's Quarters? Rockhopper's Rare Items is my favorite part of Rockhopper's visit. However, I suppose they make up for it by putting Treasure Hunt at the Beach, a free item at the Beach, and several items to be bought at the islands.

On another note, I really liked the Helm pin, due to the fact that there is no shading which makes it look like a very old pin.

In conclusion, what really disappointed me was how short the party was. But, it's better then some others. (cough)Fashion Show(cough)

UPDATE: Whoa, Life Vest? SWEET!

Rate4Stars.png By Lm34gt45

A nice party. Lemme sum it up below:

Decorations: 9 (Great artistic sense, however, it had a little more potential in terms of creating a more interactive experience)

"WHOA"ness: 9.5 (Sailing in Rockhopper's ship (a fantasy for many players before this) felt great, however, the islands were a tad underwhelming)

Story (if any): 8 (Rockhopper wantin' to conquer somethin' with his fellow mateys? Pretty basic, but it's what you can expect from an imagination-driven game. However, the dreams of many players turned into a reality with the sailing of the Migrator)

Live up to hype: 8 (Only one room for the Hall of the Viking Lords? Well, I kinda expected more. But sailing in the ship was epic)

Lasting freshness: 9 (Finding Rockhopper, and using your imagination to unlock more fun, unless if you're some person who plays CP only for what CP gives you)

UPDATE: Life vest from a senchury ago for NON-MEMBERS? Me gusta.

Rate4Stars.png By Brookelas

I like the party, but is it really acceptable for younger viewers? I mean the puzzle is easy to get there, but in my opinion, the Hall of the Viking Lords is scarier than the Dark Chamber on Halloween!

However, I like the items, so I will credit them for that!

Rate3Stars.png By Mixer2301

The party is good, but the problem is the music are repeated from the old parties. The free item looks similar to the Sailor Hat. And mostly, does a clipper ship use Nitro Oxide? And like the other parties in 2012, only few rooms are decorated. So I give 3 stars.

And all the islands have a store, but what?? It is overpriced and nothing is for nonmembers.

Rate4Stars.png By Cp kid

Honestly, I think this party is better than a few of CP's recent parties(Underwater Expedition, Fashion Show), however I would've liked to see a little more. I enjoyed the new idea for this party rather than having the same party schedule all year AGAIN.I also enjoyed the concept of sailing with Rockhopper(as many penguins do), and the items. The bad part of the party to me is that they closed the Ship Hold. I also would've like to see the island decorated, somewhat like they did for Rockhopper's Arrival Party in 2008.

Rate4Stars.png By Mariocrossing1

A good party indeed. I like the fact that you can actually explore islands outside of CP! The music seems to be recycled from other parties. Plus, some of the rooms are poor quality. Other than that, great!

Rate4Stars.png By Mario Rk

The Party was amazing honestly, yet it was short. The party reminded me about Club Penguin's Card Jitsu (Fire), Adventure (2009), Island Adventure (2010/2011) and Halloween Party (Dead Vikings). It may have not been much of a challenge yet I really liked it. They could have decorated more of a "Pirate Style" around the island however. It is better than the fashion show. Yet I don't understand all the machinery on it. People don't know what to do with the machinery. They don't notice activating everything makes the ship faster. Club Penguin could have put a note saying what to do about the squares and all that. Overall good party. I rate 4.

Rate3Stars.png By Hat Pop

Honestly, I thought they advertised this party better than it actually turned out; there wasn't much to do on the islands at all, and I couldn't even enjoy the whole "exciting quest" because I'm a non-member. I also expected the whole island to be decorated instead of just the member rooms (although those rooms were decorated with spectacular detail, I must say).

Rate5Stars.png By djf1107


Rate4Stars.png By 1998drpepper

I like this party sadly they barley decorated the island.. But It still is awesome they need more free items too and also The Viking items wern't that great either

Rate4Stars.png By Welcome00

Well about the sneak peeks, they just made it awesome like other parties. And well it is truly AWESOME!! (Except the members-only part). Plus the party is much more better than the last two parties namely Underwater Expedition and Fashion Show. All I can say to CP is well GOOD JOB FOR MAKING THIS PARTY!!!

Rate4Stars.png By Lego97

Not too bad of a party, an improvement over some other parties this year so far.


+It's nice to finally be able to sail on RH's ship.

+The islands had some nice artwork, and I hope they are permanent in the future.

+The Dinosaurus Rex outfit is cool!

+Everyone can sail to the islands.

+I really like the music on RH's ship, reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

+The Viking Hall is very spooky! I'm surprised they showed the remains of the dead vikings.


-Could have done some more with the islands, mainly Dinosaur Island. But hopefully they can be expanded upon in the future.

-A bit too easy of a quest, but given CP's target audience, I won't let it affect the grade too much.

Overall, hopefully CP can continue to make parties like this, and not things like the Fashion Show.

Rate2Stars.png By ShrimpPin

It seems like my reviews keep getting more negative, but that's because as time passes, CP's parties should be getting better. For one thing, Rockhopper's Quest seems just like one of the Knights' Quests from the Medieval Party. Take out all of the other medieval decorations and you have a completely boring party, only taking place on one room of the island. It would be nice if this were an event, but sadly it's a full-fledged party. Come on! The only thing to do is throw snowballs and click on clothing items. Woo hoo. I might be more enthusiastic if we actually went to Rockhopper Island, but seriously, who wants to go to Dinosaur Island?! Maybe the 6-year-olds that play, but CP must remember that it has older users as well. All in all, I think this is better than the Underwater Expedition but worse than every other party in Club Penguin-ever.

Rate4Stars.png By Greeny50850

A very cool party that is for a real adventurer, More islands would of been nice but the 3 are awesome. I can't wait to see whats install for the future, like the Puffle Party 2012...

Rate3Stars.png By PenblooeR

The concept of sailing in the Migrator is cool, but Shrimp has a point. This party is more like a party puzzle than an entire party. I hope that the future parties aren't like this and the Underwater Expedition.